Federer Routs Roddick at Tennis Masters Cup, Nadal Awaits
by Staff | November 16th, 2007, 10:19 am

World No. 1 Roger Federer punked Andy Roddick 6-4, 6-2 in the final round-robin match of the Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup. With Federer securing a semifinal berth earlier in the day after Nikolay Davydenko lashed Fernando Gonzalez 6-4, 6-3, the match against Roddick determined the final Red Group seedings. ADHEREL

Roddick would have been the top seed, and would have faced Rafael Nadal in the Saturday semifinals with a win over a Federer. But the loss means Roddick now faces the surprising David Ferrer, while Federer must tangle with his chief rival, Nadal.

Did Roddick dump the match to play Ferrer (he’s 2-2 against) and avoid Nadal (he’s 1-2 against)? Did he decide to save his energy for the semifinals after losing the first set?

“Let’s not overrate today’s match, because we both qualified, both could play freely,” said Federer. “I know that my game matches up well with his, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to beat him all the time. Look what happened with González. You think you have a guy under control. It turns around.”

Federer hit 33 winners with just 13 unforced errors, and the five-time Wimbledon champion put an alarming 83 percent of first serves into playing while never facing a break point. The Swiss equaled Roddick’s ace total with seven.

Fed broke Roddick in the third game of the opening set, and in back-to-back games in the second set en route to a 4-0 lead.

“It seems like most times we play he’s on top of his game, which is a little annoying,” Roddick said. “I guess I just have to figure out what about my game brings out the best in him and try to adjust. You see some of the guys who beat him are quick, Nalbandian types who can run a little bit more. Unfortunately, that’s not my strength.”

Federer has now won 15 of 16 against the American, and the victory earns him his sixth consecutive Masters Cup semifinal, where he’ll play Nadal in a rematch of his win over the Spaniard a year ago. It will be their first meeting since the Wimbledon final. Nadal leads the head-to-head 8-5.

“I’m very excited to actually play against him (Nadal). It’s always nice for the best two to be playing against each other in the last tournament of the season,” said Federer. “It’s a nice thing for everybody here. Of course, there’s the final after, so you definitely have me or Rafa in the finals, which I think is a good thing, too.”

While Roddick suffered first loss at the Masters Cup, Davydenko picked up his first win. The embattled Russian denied Gonzalez, who failed to win a set after shocking Federer in the opener on Monday, a semifinal berth. Gonzalez would have made the Final Four with a win and a Federer loss.

“For me always is tough to play against Davydenko,” Gonzo said. “He play really fast and both sides are really good, have really good return. But today I give my best, and I think wasn’t enough. I was really excited because I still having chances to go to the semis, but it was really tough. I didn’t feel like on the first day.”

Davydenko will now prepare for the upcoming Davis Cup final against the U.S.

In the semifinals, Roddick will face Ferrer at 5pm local time followed by Nadal vs. Federer.

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41 Comments for Federer Routs Roddick at Tennis Masters Cup, Nadal Awaits

andrea Says:

i was hoping for a federer/ferrer US Open final if only for the amusement of listenting to the commentators trip over their names….maybe we’ll get it on sunday!

Tom Says:

I really want Nadal to win the tournament……
What are the chances of him beating Federer tomorrow evening?

rafafan Says:

its a hard surface for rafa to win. however if he plays ultra aggressive like we know he can i think he can do it. rafa plays best wen he is the underdog now he actually is the underdog.

nas Says:

I hope Nadal will win!!!!!!!!I think he is much more exiting to watch that federer. Federer is just boring…..

Leo Says:

I hope Fed wins. He is by far the most exciting tennis player to watch – he can hit any shot and play from anywhere.

That said, as rafafan pointed out, Nadal will have no pressure and can swing away. He plays very gutsy tennis when he is the underdog.

Rog should be on high-alert.

Skorocel Says:

Well, today’s match maybe wasn’t as “important” as it might have been, but still, 100 Entry points were at stake for Fed, so I guess he must be pretty happy about the win. As for facing Nadal in the semifinals, well, it virtually doesn’t matter… If he had tanked the match in order to face Ferrer in the semis (instead of Nadal), Andy’s chances of beating Rafa would still be only 50:50… Of course, Nadal beat Roddick in that IW semi earlier this year, but the surface in Shanghai is certainly quicker than that in California (which would’ve given a slight edge to Andy), but still, I guess the odds would be 50:50…

Of course, Fed has another chance to reduce his H2H deficit vs Nadal after today’s win, but their match tomorrow will be important mainly because of one particular reason – Fed’s No. 1 position in the Entry ranking. Should Roger win this match, he should “survive” at least the AO, but if he loses, then Nadal has a great chance to overtake him (assumed he plays well in Australia)…

Though today’s match vs Andy wasn’t as important as their other meetings, what really surprised me was Fed’s highly positive ratio of winners vs UEs (33-13, an unusally high number for him this season), but even more his percentage of 1st serves in. I’ve never seen him serving so well, so if he plays like this tomorrow, he has a great chance to advance. Can’t wait for that match!

jane Says:

Yes, Fed served really well and seems to have a good read on Andy’s serve as well. I still think Andy’ gets nervous against Fed, where he doesn’t so much against others, and then he doesn’t make the best choices (not that he’s always the smartest player anyhow).

So now the semis are Fed/Rafa and Roddick/Ferrer right? So the winners of those matches play in the finals which means Fed and Roddick could potentially meet in the final again? Weird.

On the other hand, should Rafa and Ferrer win, it could be an all-Spanish final. That would be suiting, in a way, since the Spaniards played so consistently all year, on both clay and hard. They weren’t too shabby on the grass either, with Juan Carlos in the Qs (taking a set from Fed) and Rafa, of course, getting close in the finals.

I don’t know if Rafa can beat Fed on this surface; he was convincing against Djokovic, but Djok clearly didn’t have a great tournament; Roger was convincing against Andy, who did have a great tournament. So…maybe should Roger and David get through, Ferrer will be Roger’s greatest test?

Tough to say.

John (1) Says:

It’s hard to believe that no one mentioned ESPN2’s (lack of) coverage of Federer/Roddick.

At the time of this match, ESPN2 went live with “Mike and Mike in the morning” mainly talking about Barry Bonds.

I watched the match on “ESPN deportes” (“deportes” is “sports” in Spanish).

Since, most of the time I turn the sound off during a match that I care about, this match in Spanish was no hardship.

By the way, Andy looked like he wanted to win this, especially when he pounded his foot over and over with his tennis racquet in the second set. It looked like he could have broken his foot.

sensationalsafin Says:

Just so that people know I don’t only criticize Federer when he loses, I still think he needs a coach. Sure he played a great match today, but his isn’t the first time he’s blitzed Roddick. They match up too well for Federer not to be able to step up his game. Federer used to be able to shut down any player, hot or not, and steal the moment. Sure it’s nice to see some new faces in the game but if Federer wants to keep up his dominant ways, he should get a coach.

Dr. Death Says:

Now that Gilbert and Murray have parted ways, perhaps a coaching grad slam is possible for Brad.

I have only seen ESPN 2 a couple of times, but I am now in Tokyo on biz and even the Japanese sports channel is broadcasting this tournament live.

Let us enjoy this tennis weekend. What to expect in 2008 will unwind by Sunday in Shanghai.

Jeremy Says:

I doubt Roddick played with full effort today, I wrote the following in my own blog…He was already in the semi’s, and beating Federer would have landed him Nadal instead of Ferrer. I know Ferrer is on a tear right now, but I would find it hard to believe anyone would rather play Nadal. I’m not saying Roddick tanked, but here is a perfect example of a time when it simply doesn’t make sense for a player to go all out. Think of it like when a football team has clinched home field advantage before the last game, would they play their starters for a full 60 minutes?

Shawn Says:

A coach is not going to automatically going make Federer invincible again. It’s been almost four years running now that Fed has kept up this incredible pace. There are new players, improved player on tour that have different weapons, different strengths. Nobody expected (even the most loyal Fed fans) Federer to go 90-0 throughout any given year. He’s going to lose, but he’s surely going to win more than he loses. He lost 9 matches this year and if he wins the TMC, he will have taken 3 Slams and the Year-End Championship. Dominant? By my standards, yes!!

cms Says:

John — I, too, have been very upset about the ESPN coverage. They’ve only been showing the first match of the day live. And get this — they won’t even be showing the FINAL live. And only one of the two semis will be live (the first, I believe). I really don’t understand why the ATP agreed to give them the contract under those conditions.

beerme Says:

yeah give the contract to the tennis channel. even if they dont have as much money they will show it live and it will be better for the sport. they would sell it to the WE network if thye put up the most cash.

JCF Says:

“i was hoping for a federer/ferrer US Open final if only for the amusement of listenting to the commentators trip over their names….maybe we’ll get it on sunday!”

Ferrer vs Ferrero would have been nicer. I’ve actually seen that match, and the commentators emphasized the O.

John (1) Says:

IMO, the TV contracts should consider the amount of “live” time and “rerun” time.

When the Tennis Channel gets the matches, they show them live and then they replay them over and over and over. If you miss a live match, just wait a little bit to see the replay.

ESPN2 is the worst. Versus is better, but not great. Other than the TC, USA is probably to best.

On the other hand, I want to see the day when my cable provider can get me Eurosport and Eurosport2. And maybe do Tennis “On Demand”.

sensationalsafin Says:

Eurosport is GREAT! Tennis Channel isn’t that bad either. When there are major tournaments like the Masters Cup and even the Masters Series, they show the matches live and then over and over again like John said, and that’s pretty great. If they were a basic cable channel it’d be perfect. But I have never been more pissed at ESPN2. This is ridiculous. One semi at 4 and then the second at midnight??? WTF IS THAT SH*T??? Seriously! Roddick making the semis didn’t sparkle with them apparently. F*cking douche bags.

Wade Says:

Look i’m a Rafa fan because his the only one that can take some challenge to Federer. Enough is enough with Federer i’m sick of seeing him in finals. His good and all but my god ever since i started watching tennis 4 years ago it’s been federer. So go Rafa and win the masters cup and Hewitt pick up your game your the last hope for Australia!

Irene Says:

It’s unlikely that Roddick tanked the match to avoid Nadal on a fast court or save his energy for tomorrow. Besides, the same logic applies to Federer (avoid Nadal, save energy). Roddick and Federer know that right now David Ferrer is more dangerous than Nadal. Past matches are meaningless because today’s Ferrer plays much better, just like Nalbandian did recently.

It’s clear that Roddick tried his best and was upset at being outplayed, at least before the final game of the second set. He played as well or better on many points than at the Australian and US Opens, but was up against a Federer playing even better than the last time they met at the US Open. The match followed a familiar pattern: Federer gradually increased his control of the match and gave Roddick the opportunity to crack and lose.

Even Nadal recognized that Federer played incredible tennis that would have also overwhelmed him. ‘Crisis, what crisis? In the true mantle of somebody who is truly comfortable with his own greatness, Roger Federer shrugged off question marks that arose when he lost his opening match of the Tennis Masters Cup to qualify for the semi-finals with a sublime performance. Now Federer walks out to face his great rival Rafael Nadal to register a final place in his bid to win this calendar-ending prize for the fourth time in five years. Nodding in honest admiration of what excellence he witnessed, the Spaniard could only admit: “If he plays like that, then I have no chance.” ‘

Federer wakes up for players like Roddick and Nadal, and he certainly wants to play Nadal more on non-clay courts. Between Federer and Nadal playing at their best, let’s not fool ourselves who is the better and more exciting player to watch. At least one of them doesn’t have to work himself into a hyperactive frenzy to excite us.

jane Says:

“Between Federer and Nadal playing at their best, let’s not fool ourselves who is the better and more exciting player to watch.”

“Better” and “more exciting” don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, at least not for everyone. And better on one surface may not be better on another.

jane Says:

Exciting “to rouse to feeling; to kindle to passionate emotion; to stir up to combined or general activity; as, to excite a person, the spirits, the passions.”

Exciting is clearly relative Irene; what rouses feeling in one fan might not rouse it in another. It may be intellectual appreciation of talent for some or passionate appreciation of competition and drama for others. Really just depends on the fan/viewer.

Tom Says:

Look, you guys who are suffering with ESPN, just pay $10 on http://www.atpmastersseries.tv, and then you can watch matches live on your computer, and see highlights and interviews and all that shit.
There was good coverage of the tournament here in Australia on NBN in 2005/06, but this year, they’re not showing anything, so I took action, and reaped the rewards.
Fast broadband recommended. Tennis-viewing screen is only 11cm x 17cm, but it’s ok.

cms Says:

Tom – you’re probably right. It just bugs me to pay more than I already am for cable+TC to watch the most important tennis match of the year after the GS’s.

sensationalsafin Says:

I think it’ll suck if Ferrer and Nadal win, but I think it’s very likely. Ferrer is playing much better than Roddick, and he’s had hard court wins over him before so it’s very possible. And Nadal vs Federer, well, Federer still lacks balls, as the wise Mats Wilander likes to say, and during a time where he’s lost 3 matches in 4 weeks, make it 4 matches.

Tom Says:

That’s good that you’re positive sensationalsafin, it gives me more hope and reassurance that both of the Spaniards will make the final.

Irene Says:

jane, possibly for the sake of argument, you’re creating issues that are not relevant to my original comment.

” “Better” and “more exciting” don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, at least not for everyone.”

It’s irrelevant whether better and more exciting go hand in hand, or not. hand-in-hand: means ‘closely associated; concurrently; conjointly: Doctors and nurses work hand in hand to save lives.’ This was obviously not how I used those terms.

“And better on one surface may not be better on another”.

Your point is irrelevant. I was not generalizing based on performances on different surfaces. I was referring to Federer-Nadal’s upcoming Masters Cup match on indoor courts. As well, they met indoors twice last year, in Shanghai and Korea. The stats and reviews consistently indicate Federer was the better player.

At most, you might have assumed non-clay surfaces since I did write ‘(Federer) certainly wants to play Nadal more on non-clay courts. Between Federer and Nadal playing at their best, let’s not fool ourselves who is the better and more exciting player to watch. But non-clay surfaces is where Federer generally remains the better player.

“Exciting “to rouse to feeling; to kindle to passionate emotion; to stir up to combined or general activity; as, to excite a person, the spirits, the passions.” ”

I’ve run out of time to discuss irrelevant or secondary issues. But I suppose all your arguments could be used to discredit anyone who irresponsibly claims that Federer is a better and more exciting player than someone like Werner Eschauer.

johnnhoj Says:

Wow, sensationalsafin, I thought your faith in Federer was incorruptible!!! I must say I too get pissed off with him when I know he can play so much better than he has been playng this year, but someone with so much natural talent doesn’t simply fade away, certainly not yet. The King of Unforced Errors seems to not have been putting in the necessary practice, and instead been getting distracted by too much extracurricular publicity in ’07. He should focus on his tennis again, and soon.

lulu Says:

of course
I want nadal to whip federer
thou it may be tough
but i still think rafa has a good chance
I would have liked to see federer play ferrer in semi
I want to see how he would fair against roger
a spanish final
nadal vd . ferrer

rafafan Says:


d Says:

Not sure about Roddick ‘tanking’ but surely his mind is more on Davis Cup than this tournament. To come close to beating Federer I think he needs to be really fired up for the match not with half his mind somewhere else. He got a win over Davydenko and I would think 4 matches against top class opposition is enough preparation.

I’ll be interested to see his semi as I’m not convinced he wants to play 3 days in a row – especially with one of them being a 5 setter. Although if that’s against Fed it’ll probably be over in 3!!

naresh Says:

Nadal will no doubt be a tough test for the mighty Fed. the reason i think Fed beat Roddick so easily is not because A-rod didnt put up a fight{ if breaking your racket on your own foot,when u lose a point, then u gotta be disappointed..which means u want to win !}. but his mostly flat ground strokes could never really hurt fed. the same goes for davydenko, {only that he can run down a lot more balls, than A-rod}.these guys dont put that much spin on their balls, and that works in Fed’s favour. but the way gonzalez played in the 1st round robin match with Fed, mixing it up with slices,huge top spin and then blazing flat shots..that really hurt Fed. Nadal has that ability..nalbandian did that even better in madrid & paris.
Great as Fed played against A-rod, players like Nalbandian & Nadal can induce a lot more errors out of Fed’s racket. it’s gonna be a hell of a match, but if u ask my gut feeling, i’ll give Fed the edge in this one !

naresh Says:

hey just saw the Roddick-Ferrer match..man..Ferrer gave A-ROD a worse banging than Fed did ! so u see its just not Fed, all the “in form” players can really whip him off court, cause he’s so predictible. Ferrer was reading him like a billboard on times square! Roddick did say that he doesnt move as well as some of the guys who beat Fed..well he better work on that and the other aspects of his game, cause his serve is beggining to be more of a liability than a weapon !

Tom Says:

That was so ridiculous!!! 6-4, 6-1
Ferrer had better give him what he deserves in the final……

max619 Says:

Define stupid: Tom’s post.

naresh Says:

shit man..i have’nt seen Fed sertve that well in a while..shit even nalbandian would’ve had a tough time ! although nadal made too many unforced errors. todays match was between an inform Fed & a li’l out of sorts Nadal !

Skorocel Says:

“Ferrer was reading him like a billboard on times square!” Ha ha, that was pretty good, naresh!

Anyway, what a superb match from Fed today! He outplayed Nadal virtually in every department… Rafa could be only happy he didn’t get bagelled… To be honest, I’ve NEVER seen Fed serving like this! 83 % of his 1st serves in, 10:0 ratio of aces vs double faults – simply fantastic! Those 4 aces in a row – even mighty Pistol Pete would’ve been proud of that! If the guy serves like this tomorrow, I have no doubts it will be in three… Go Roger!

nozzzzzzs Says:

Jane, you ignorant s…!

sensationalsafin Says:

Wow. All I can say is wow. Just as my faith in Roger was almost completely gone, he goes into hyper mode and puts on this kind of performance. Does anyone think he went on these blogs and read how he needs to play more aggressive? Haha. Seriously though maybe I was wrong and he doesn’t need a coach. It seems like he figured it out himself that he’s been playing like a wimp and he needs to start attacking. Right now, Roddick should be proud, atleast he didn’t lose 13 straight points AND he got one more game than Nadal did. Lol. I hope the final is good. If Federer plays like this I predict he wins in 4 tight sets. As great as Ferrer’s been playing and as great of a returner as he is, a HOT Ferrer vs. and ON Federer? Well, I gotta go with Federer on this one. To think his serve was damn near gone during the clay season. If only he was playing Nalbandian in the final!! He would definetly beat him playing like this. Nalbandian’s biggest edge over Federer is that he crushes his second serves, but how can you crush something that’s not there? 2008 just got a lot more interesting. It seems like Federer still has the ability to raise his game to God level. I hope the final is high quality.

max619 Says:

After watching the Fed-Nadal match one can only agree with Irene’s post except if you are, of course, Jane.

Fed is simply on a league of his own.

jane Says:

Irene, max19 – apologies, no offense; I was just saying to each his/her own in terms of preferences.

senstationalsafin – I agree that Federer should win it. Even though Ferrer is returning so well, Fed’s serve is just smokin so he has the upper hand. Plus he’s attacking…so, he will, in all likelihood, win it.

jane Says:


mea maximas culpa – would not want to offend such an intelligent person as yourself. Durrr.

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