Roger Federer Reveals Racquet Switch, Future Coaching Plans, His Grand Slam Chances And More
by Tom Gainey | December 31st, 2013, 10:36 am

Speaking during a presser in Brisbane on Monday, Roger Federer explained why he’s made a recent switch to a larger, 98sq inch, racquet, moving up from his customary 90sq inch.

“They sent me one round of racquets after the US Open, and now another one after the World Tour Finals I tested again a couple and chose the one I’m playing with now, that I’ve been practicing with two and a half straight weeks in Dubai with it.

“I feel very comfortable, more comfortable than I did with the one after Wimbledon, which felt very different but very good as well. This one feels more of an extension that I had before, but it’s more futuristic form, I guess. I’m actually very eager to see how it’s going to react in the matches now.”

Federer toiled with a larger racquet over the summer but the results were poor, partly he earlier said because of an ongoing back issue.

The Swiss also spoke about the hiring of former great Stefan Edberg, but hinted that he won’t follow the trend of becoming a celebrity coach.

“Who knows what happens in five, ten, twenty years,” Federer said. “My experience I have as a tennis player, that will never go away. That’s why it’ll probably always be interesting to some degree to work with someone who achieved being world No. 1 or winning Grand Slams and winning so many tournaments and going on winning streaks and facing the media and doing all these things. I learned by doing, and that can always be interesting for someone. But I don’t see myself as a coach, no.”

Federer didn’t win a Slam in 2013, however he’s hopeful that he can win No. 18 in the new season, perhaps at Wimbledon which he says gives him his best chance.

“I mean, depends on how well I’m playing in particular periods,” he said. “Let’s say I play my best ‑‑ probably I always feel at Wimbledon is going to be my best chance. US Open, Australian Open, and then the French Open. But then again, who cares? It’s up to me to show it, to prove it, and give it a try and give myself opportunities like I have in previous years.”

Federer also previewed who he thought are the players to beat on the season.

“I think Murray, we hope he’s going to come back strong,” Federer said. “I’m eager to see him again. It’s been since probably US Open I haven’t seen him, so I’m hopeful for him that it’s going to be fine for the Australian Open, which is going to be a huge test for him now because it’s a best‑of‑five‑set matches and so forth.

“I think Rafa and Novak are going to be the ones who are going to be the ones to beat this season, particularly in the beginning. Then as we move forward, you have to see if they stay injury‑free and keep on winning. I kind of expect them to go deep in most of the tournaments they’ll enter, of course.”

After a doubles win with Nicolas Mahut today, Federer opens his 2014 singles season against Jarkko Nieminen.

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20 Comments for Roger Federer Reveals Racquet Switch, Future Coaching Plans, His Grand Slam Chances And More

dr snuggles Says:

Go Fed

ines Says:

All the best Roger ,the new year your year!!!

dari Says:

Let’s bring the goods this year Rog. Show em what you can do!

John Says:

The most loved tennis player on the planet!

Bring it Fed!

One more Year, make your fans happy.

Respect for giving us fans some more time to watch you play. AT 32 most players would retire. Not Roger.

Fed has transcended the sport to the point where even if he wins nothing he is still the most loved player to walk the planet. A man like no other…

Queen Says:

Keep up ur spirit Fed! Very impressive.

Humble Rafa Says:

Fed has transcended the sport to the point where even if he wins nothing he is still the most loved player to walk the planet. A man like no other

Wow. Can I get a bit of whatever you drink? Arrojuice, perhaps.

John Says:

No surprise that jealousy will show its face.


“Wow. Can I get a bit of whatever you drink? Arrojuice, perhaps.”

What do you drink? Rafa personality juice?

Deal with it. Bring your h2h all day long. Fed will always be more beloved than you.

Maybe you should have a whiskey.

I Love Tennis Says:

Goodluck Roger .. may 2014 be a great year for you.

sheila Says:

i hope the larger racquet head gives federer some extra pop on his ground strokes. obviously, federer is trying to change things up w/new racquet head & stefan edberg joining his family. i would love 2c roger win another major & have a better season than 2013. kudos to mirka, who lovingly supports federer & congratulations on their 3rd child. the twins are adorable.

Slice Tennis Says:

No use changing the racquet head at this stage of his career. He should have changed his head long back. His head has too much of empty space which allowed Rafa to stay inside. LOL.

the DA Says:

Just tuned into the the Fed/Nieminen match. Wow, that court is fast!! Fed looks like he’s thriving on it. Very short points. I’m having 80’s/90’s flashbacks.

Perfect fan Says:

Keep going fed….allez!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:


Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fan glad you enjoyed the match,i dont get the Brisbane tourney where i am,but by the score it seemed like he played a solid match though,hope it bodes well for the year.

Perfect fan Says:

Hippy, same here….I too unfortunately couldn’t watch the match but managed to find out a live commentary site. It said, the courts are playing lightning fast which assisted fed’s game and it was quite vintage fed, the way he played.

I m not getting too excited though, as nieminen had never been a threat to roger….perhaps if he reaches the finals, nishikori (probably) could be a real test in these conditions.

Frankly, I m not having any high ambitions for fed in 2014….all I want is he shud stay healthy thruout, play a full season and play aggressive tennis giving out everything while playing top players….result is secondary to me. LETS SEE :)

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fan i hope for an injury free year for all the players,no more knee talk(im choosing to stay away from that topic,on the other thread),no more back talk,the only talk i want to talk is tennis talk :))..

Perfect fan Says:

hippy I think, TX and hate talks go hand-in-hand and they r like food for each other….so its never gonna stop for sure.

I jus try my bit to stay away from these talks….honestly, these talks gives me headache n I feel nauseated scrolling thru such stuff.

sometimes I wonder, is it that difficult to say a few encouraging n positive things abt ur fav’s rivals, is it?? What p!sses me off most is the thought that these players work so hard, sweating it out day in-day out to carve a niche for themselves….and it doesn’t take a sec for people like us (sitting inside air-conditioned rooms on a comfy sofa) to make all that sound utter rubbish by giving some childish, no-logic comments :(

I understand its a public forum and everybody is entitled to have an opinion….but then, thr shud be at least some tennis talk, which unfortunately isn’t happening. It all boils down to FEDAL GOAT WAR….and how to prove the other one is just a joke, just a fake. PITY PITY, really!!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fan DITTO i have to say over the past few weeks the joy has in fact started to go out of posting for me,fans used to come and talk tennis,these days all they seem to do is bicker,thankfully there is still some good stuff,although it seems few and far between now sad really :((..

Michael Says:

Roger is doing everything he can to become the dreaded player he was in his prime. But so far things are not panning out as he would like it to be. It is evident that he is investing himself with lot of hard work and is keenly focussed to get back to the top. However, he is not able to compensate the loss of speed in his foot work and raw power which are the sins he has reaped due to his advanced age. Nevertheless, he is striving a fine balance and wants to play to his strengths. It will be really tough for Roger from hereon what with Novak, Rafa and Andy playing in their prime. Let us hope that Roger surprises us and defeats History may be with another Wimbledon title this year.

Michael Says:

Alison, Heartily reciprocate your New Year wishes. Thanks.

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