After 3 Years Novak Djokovic And Boris Becker Have Split
by Staff | December 6th, 2016, 3:42 pm

It’s over for the Novak Djokovic-Boris Becker coaching relationship, Djokovic announced today on Facebook.

“After three very successful years, Boris Becker and I have jointly decided to end our cooperation,” Djokovic posted. “The goals we set when we started working together have been completely fulfilled, and I want to thank him for the cooperation, teamwork, dedication and commitment. On the other hand, my professional plans are now directed primarily to maintain a good level of play, and also to make a good schedule and new goals for the next season. In this regard I will make all future decisions.”

Djokovic hired Becker three years ago and after a slow start under the German, Djokovic won six Grand Slams and a total of 25 titles. He also won 90% of his matches, or a 208-23 win-loss record.

But with no firm commitment on the future and the eye-raising addition of “guru” Pepe Imaz, who Becker publicly denounced, the writing seemed to be on the wall that Djokovic and Becker would part.

For the time being, Djokovic will continue under longtime coach Marian Vajda and apparently he’ll keep Imaz. No new coaching announcements were made.

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72 Comments for After 3 Years Novak Djokovic And Boris Becker Have Split

Giles Says:

Sooo, joker chose the guru over BB. He might regret it.

Temple Says:

I’m afraid Novak Djokovic is going to pull a Nico Rosberg after grass season 2017.

It’s a shame someone as intelligent as this guy seems to be self destructing from “ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” of all possible causes, would you believe it.

Dennis Says:

The beginning of the end of Djokovic. He’d rather have a new age guru in his box instead of a proven tennis coach. Enough said.

Willow Says:

Cute picture of Novak and little Stefan ;-)) ….

Wog Boy Says:

“The beginning of the end of Djokovic.”

Wrong, this the end of Djokovic.

Thanks for the ride Nole, it was good while lasted, prematurely finished. Now you can make your missus happy by eating seeds and grass and meditating together with Ilmaz…she won the battle, but you lost. You’ll find that out later, but it will be too late for any regret, that’s how it works.

Van Persie Says:

Am not worried, that he did break up with Boris, am worried about what made him do this.

WB, I am hoping now, he will wake up soon enough…and hope you are wrong this time..about the end.

Van Persie Says:

Hat off to Boris, for not accepting a shity deal!

Wog Boy Says:


He opted easy way out of his problems, he caved in to them instead of solving them, I am afraid his fighting spirit is all but gone, look at his matches he lost specially WTF, he looks like someone who resigned to rather accepting the things than trying to change them. That is his body language for the last six months and you don’t change that by sacking the coach (whether his name is Boris or Tom is irrelevant) who is pushing you to try harder and fight harder. Maybe he had enough and just can’t fight anymore, to be fair to him he had to fight all his life, he wasn’t given anything on the plate, so it is understandable that you get tired of fighting.

Just try to read this part of his statement between the lines”

” On the other hand, my professional plans are now directed primarily to maintain a good level of play, and also to make a good schedule and new goals for the next season. In this regard I will make all future decisions.”

Wog Boy Says:


Absolutely agree on that one, at least Boris has shown that he has a balls and is not after money and spotlight by sitting in Nole’s box and cohabitating with the people that he disagree with.

Van Persie Says:


Agree. He needs to rest mentally, more than phisically….but perhaps he will not shut down for good. We’ll see. I expect him to come back. Perhaps he will do that when we expect less. If not, yep, it was a great ride :)

Van Persie Says:

P.S. for WB

He only loses the 4 set now. He’s good at 5 seter matches ;)

BBB Says:

Eh, people didn’t think the Becker relationship would last beyond the first year. I’d wait and see how Djokovic does after a bit of a break.

AndyMira Says:

I knew this will happen as soon TX put a thread about the ultimatum that BB gave to Novak the other day..The reason?…

1]Novak is THE EMPLOYER..and BB is the EMPLOYEE…How many employer in this world who likes to be told what to do?By giving Novak an ultimatum,at the same time it shows that BB don’t respect Novak and i don’t think it sits well with Novak..He’s the one who paid BB after all,is he?

2]I think,it’s hard for Novak to get rid of Pepe[at least atm]..He’s the one who saved Marco from deep depression,bring him back to the almost old brother that Novak love..get rid of Pepe that means hurt his brother deeply,a brother who just came out from the biggest battle in his life…and i don’t think Novak as a big and loving brother would want to sacrifice Marco’s this case…a brother gotta do what a brother gotta do..simple as that..

3]Novak is very very rich person,player…as much as BB is a good coach to him,i believe he can find 100 or 1000 other coaches who’s as good as BB if not better…

4]Novak is a very very good player,very talented..his success already proved that..and IMO..even without BB,he will keep winning,the great champion will always find a way to’s in their blood..he just needs time to settle whatever that’s going on in his life..i’m not kidding,i still believe that Novak still got 2 or 3 slams left in him[at least]…

I wish Novak all the best in the future and 2017 season…C’mon champ!!

Ronn Says:

Wow, wow, wow! I’m stunned. Djoko’s finished. I’m a huge fan of his but this is the worst mistake he could possibly make. After that big 2011, Djoko was going nowhere and going there fast, but when Boris came in he resurrected Djoko’s career. This is a horrible mistake. Now any of the top players can snap Boris up and Boris is gonna tell them how to play against Djoko and tell them his weaknesses. This is horrible. I’d be surprised if Djoko even wins one more MAJOR at this point.

Ronn Says:

Another thing is that even if Djoko wins the lottery and manages to land a top-notch coach, it will take at least half a year to gel together and by then Djoko will be 30+. What Djoko is essentially doing is remarrying at the age of 65. How well does that work out? A stupid, stupid move by Djoko.

Ronn Says:

AndyMira, Djoko may be the employee but when you lay off or fire your most valuable worker the business can suffer. Anyone who owns a business knows that there are always a few workers who you just don’t let go of unless you absolutely have to a Boris is one of these guys. I’m starting to think that the real problem is that Djoko’s emotionally immature because he just can’t seem to handle his emotions. Rafa’s mentally tough as a nail, Roger’s had his crying spells and emotional moments but he let’s it all out, regroups, and comes back fresh mentally. As for Djoko, something’s not right about him and maybe he’s been this way all along but was able to mask it up and fool us kinda like cats do when they’re really sick. As for this Pepe clown, I admit I don’t know a thing about him or what’s really going on here, but IMO if your mantal state is so fragile that you need a total CLOWN like this to get you through things then you really need to just retire or at least take a year break from tennis and then decide what you will do from there.

Daniel Says:

Sad news. WhenI read the title tag felt a bad taste in my mouth and a got myself cringing my face. Hope we are wrong and this is not the end for him. He is too good of a player and just going through the motion he is good enough to beat 80% of his matches. But the thing is if he doesn’t keep the same 90% standard he got under Becker it will prevent him from reaching further greatness.

More dram to start 2017 and if he doesn’t win AO, yellow alarm specially with this news.

Just play your best Djoko! But even so, whatever happens, it was amazing see him coming of age and dethrone Fedal. He was part of most of the greatest matches I have ever watched in last 10 years.

Daniel Says:

OTOH, maybe he needs to fall to find that inner fighting spirit again. Federal were able to achieve some comebacks and even Murray;-) this year after 11 Slams without a title.

So, yeah, Djoko can comeback, he’s being making at least 2 Slams finals per season since 2011, 6 straight years, and finals since 2010. Bar 2009 he made at least 1 Slam final ever year since 2007 USO. He still has time.

We’ll know more in a month and a half, AO is just around the corner.

AndyMira Says:

Ronn…I know BB is very precious to Novak and Novak knows that too..why,he won 6 slams and 25 masters under BB’s guidance but i understand novak’s dilemma as well..on one side,there’s Pepe and Marco and on the other side,there’s BB and Marian..I’m very sure that he don’t want to sack BB but BB gave him no choice by gave him an ultimatum..I think BB is very uncomfortable and don’t like it very much Pepe was there at an important place alongside coaching team..BB don’t understand that Pepe is important to Novak and he made a mistake by gave Novak an ultimatum..If this happen 4,5 years ago,there is no way he’s going to sack BB but now,he’s got everything that he’s ever dreamed of as a tennis player EXCEPT surpass Rafa’s 14 and Roger’s 17,i think deep down he wants to let go a little bit..don’t want to think a record or slam for a while,and i think he’s tired mentally..the last 2 years drained him completely..He just wants to find peace in himself after the hard and glorious 5 years and BB makes it harder by keep on the pressure on Novak continuosly..Honestly,i think if BB just shown a little bit tolerance and understanding towards his relationship with Pepe..BB still in Novak’s corner come new season..But..yeah..

Wog Boy Says:


With hiring Boris Nole progressed, with firing Boris Nole regressed, last six months is a proof, Boris was hardly with Nole in that period, but he’s got his guru so all is good..

Just for the record, I was in the minority of Nole fans that accepted Boris immediately, I got into trouble becouse of that on Nole forum and stop posting and visiting the forum all together, I hope those who didn’t like Boris are happy with his replacement, with “guru Pepe”.

Also for the record, this is result of three years Boris/Nole cooperation:

25 titles:

6 GS
14 masters
2 WTFs
2 YE #1

Thank you BORIS

Wog Boy Says:


Boris did not make mistake, he is professional and doesn’t need that spritual BS in the box alingside him. I respect him for standing his ground and deciding not to put up with that nonsense anymore.


Every person has a breaking point, it is not about falling down, standing up, dusting yourself off and keep going. This is about breaking point when one is not making rational decision, and this is very irrational decision, unfortunately I don’t see the way back for Nole…but maybe he doesn’t want it, maybe he is happy and just wants to finish it, but to many contractual commitments are stopping him in doing so now, we’ll see.

AndyMira Says:


skeezer Says:

Pepe Le Pew!

Okiegal Says:

Who’s to say Novak wouldn’t have won all he’s won anyway……regardless of who was sitting in his box?? I have always thought Marian was the driving force of his team……not Boris. Regarding the guru…….I’m speechless……

Okiegal Says:

Novak isn’t going anywhere……just in a funk, he will bounce back. Great champions always do…….

AndyMira Says:

Agree Okie!!!That’s what i’m trying to say..He needs a time out atm but he’ll win again soon..just don’t quick blame him for everything that happens Novak least give him some space and time to sort everything out..He’ll come back…Trust him and keep on believe in him..he’s worth it guys!!

chrisford1 Says:

Employer – Employee relationships?
More complicated.
Becker is a broadcaster, Legend, coach , with an industry wide reputation to protect.
The Advisor.
Becker’s job is to coach and if Novak no longer listens – his job is to communicate he will resign from that advisor position unless Djokovic recommits to winning.
I guess Djokovic had different ideas, would not follow Becker’s way to go back to being the Djuggernaut,
So bye, Boris..It was great while it lasted..really great.

nits Says:

Djokovic leaving Becker
Nadal continuing with Toni

Both decisions are self destructive

jane Says:

i am personally very sad about this decision: i loved the BB-Nole partnership because it was so obviously fun for them and productive at once. however, in any case, i wish Boris the best and hope Novak moves forward with renewed focus and interest. (hugs for any sad novak fans around…))

Van Persie Says:


Am also a bit sad but also a bit relieved, because after the FO this partnership was in agony and it was hard to watch all this and it seams that Nole needs more time. He once said, if I remember well, that winning the FO would be like a dessert for him…
Let’s us let him enjoy his well earned dessert properly and hopefully he will get hungry for first and main dishes again.:)

Margot Says:

I was surprised by this news, I thought they’d iron out their difficulties, but no. However, it looks as if there’s been conflict in the camp for about 6 months, I heard an interview with Boris saying as much, and I do know that when there was conflict in Andy’s camp, his play really suffered.
I remember when Dani was booted out all us fans were in agonies, but Jamie Delgardo has been immense.
MV is still with Nole, so I wouldn’t be giving up on him any time soon.

Giles Says:
In short, Peepee won. He seems to have quite a hold on joker.

Giles Says:

After all that success with BB, which I didn’t expect BTW, the fool decides to self destruct.
Fans must be devastated, especially Yolita. Sad in a way.

Willow Says:

Im sure Novak will bounce back, and be absolutely fine, hes had a bit of a slump lately, but hes still ranked number 2, still making finals of GS and Masters etc, aside from W and Sam having a Soderling type of GS moment, its not like Novak loses in the early rounds of these tournies, hes still been there or there abouts at the end ….

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Pretty shocking news, to consider someone who had shown such immense dedication to the sport, would choose a guru over the coach who has brought him so much success.

I don’t know anything about Pepe or the Marco story that AndyMira relates; if that’s true, that would certainly go a long way to explaining it.

Without getting too much into the psychology of the decision, which I don’t know that we’ll ever understand, the thing we can see is a trend of Novak seeming less driven, less competitive. Just to pick a few examples, the quotes after the WTF loss, how he knew he was going to lose from the start, the quotes here about his goal being to “maintain a good level of tennis”, and now, this decision. None of these things seem like something we’d see from Novak 2 years ago.

On the positive side for Novak: he achieved the great year of 2011 before Boris. While Boris brought him to an incredible sustained level for three years, Novak without Boris was pretty amazing too. It will come down to, not whether or not Boris is there, but whether or not the drive is there.

nits Says:

@ Tennis Vagabond ” but whether or not the drive is there”


Markus Says:

Interesting development. So much gloom and doom predictions. Suddenly Djokovic does not know how to play tennis?

Willow Says:

Markus, Novak the mini series part one lol !
And before im attacked by his fan base, its a joke ….

sinha71 Says:

Djoko is the new Rafa.

Both now have identical goals of happiness and playing at a good level.

Federer’s unwavering drive by comparison continues to amaze. Speaks to his greatness.

jane Says:

hey novak fans, chris oddo (at tennis now), one of the few fair tennis journos out there (actually tennis now is a good site in general), wrote a reassuring take on the partnership ending, so i thought i’d share it with you.

we must remember that novak could hold a racquet and had 6 slam before BB came on board, so if he can find his motivation / focus, etc, then who knows? he could still win a couple more slams. :)

funches Says:

Coaches in tennis are overrated.

If Djokovic wants to win more grand slams, he will. His game is still there.

Motivation is the big question mark.

Tennis Vagabond Says:


Magnus Norman.
Ivan Lendl.
Not overrated.
Meal tickets.

skeezer Says:

“…can see is a trend of Novak seeming less driven, less competitive.”
We do know BB’s history of playing and he was driven and competitive throughout his career, which obviously transcended into his coaching abilities. Seeing that Novak didn’t wan to be driven and competitive, BB obviously wanted out. Now he has the Pepe Le Guru to teach him the ways of the Tennis.

jane Says:

to clarify misinformation

1. pepe is NOT novak’s coach. pepe has been around novak’s team since 2013. pepe is marko’s business partner. all talk of pepe has been overblown and overhyped and misreported to the NTH degree. it’s rather astonishing.

but then again, it isn’t –> fake news

2. boris did not want out. if you have followed him and his interviews, i.e., read HIS words, which i have, boris seemed, if anything, very keen to stay on the term, and has since said he will be novak’s fan to re-achieve number 1 next year.

3. novak’s coach is vajda, with whom he won 6 of his 12 slams, i.e., 50%. whether he’ll replace boris is up in the air, the reason being that vajda doesn’t travel so much anymore because of his family (wife/health issues; daughter’s tennis).

facts really do matter people.

sinha71 Says:

I mostly agree with jane.

However it is not clear that Becker clearly wanted to stay with Pepe on the team and even less clear that he wanted to continue if Djoko was less committed given his comment about being frustrated that his commitment to practice was waning.

jane Says:

that’s the “negative” spin on the story; almost ALL news outlets have emphasized that one quote in their headlines. however, if you read boris’ comments also he says things like

“Decisions like this doesn’t have arguments. I think the last six months have been challenging on many levels. The fact that he won the French Open, held four grand slams in a row . It hasn’t been done since 1969. People forgets sometimes the achievement that he has done. . Naturally, he wanted to spend more time with his family. And I was the first one to say, yes – family comes first. ”

“…when you are 28-29 and you have a wife, a son, other family members and other business interests then they all come second or third. So, he needed time to reflect on them, he needed time to be with his loved ones because that’s what is going to be left behind. Being there in the same situation twenty years ago, I said of course”

he also said…

“He didn’t spent as much time on the practice courts in the last six months as he should have. He knows that. Success like this doesn’t happen by pushing a button, by just showing up at a tournament. You have to work your buttons [sic] off and I’m sure he will.”

note he said … “i’m sure he will”
and he also pointed out first WHY novak wasn’t on the practice courts, i.e., that he needed time to reflect

becker seems to understand that novak is going through changes; of course he wants to coach a guy who’s full on focused on tennis, as any coach would really, so i can see that maybe he started to doubt his role, which is exactly what he said.

but i think if novak had recommitted to tennis over the break, becker would’ve been happy to be there next year too. he seemed to relish his coaching experience. he says is was amazing.

that said, he, too, has many other commitments: he just signed on at eurosport; he has the new academy in china; and he’s going to india soon to introduce a footwear line.

so maybe the decision was taken mutually with all of these extenuating circumstances. but i do not think – based on his words – that he wanted out.

Giles Says:

Jane. Pardon my ignorance but if Boris ” did not want out” why is he out? Truth is he gave joker an ultimatum and joker chose Pepe. Is that not the truth of the matter?

Yolita Says:

I’m sad to see Boris go. He was a very important part of #TeamDjokovic. But what a ride it was! Second to none.
Now Novak has to find the answers he’s looking for. He’s a smart man, I trust he will. :)
In the meantime, we nolefans will continue to support Novak. With less stress, knowing that winning is not a priority anymore.
Personally, Nole is very welcome to join my stable of flopping faves: Bellucci, Almagro, Tomic, Young, Gulbis, Rublev and many others. :D

jane Says:

giles there is no proof of the ultimatum. at least it hasn’t been quoted in english media that i have seen. as boris said, it was a mutual decision. they had accomplished all they set out to do.

prao Says:

Finches, not overrated. Look at Wawrinka, Murray and tell me what they would have won without Norman and lendl. Also, look at Djokovic’s second serve speed, accuracy, slices, volleys, transition attacking play and mindset on big points in the last 3 years. Sure, Novak played well in 2011 but playing long rallies on every point drained him big time. Becker made a huge impact since nole’s game became impenetrable on both offense and defense.

skeezer Says:

I based my post of the “all knowing” tennis x :-).
I admit I did not scour the internet for everything Novak to look for other interpretations.
So if none of this is true then I digress.

However, what results say from Novak this last 6 mos and BB leaving ( fired, quit or mutual agreement does it really matter? ) is very telling and correlates with what has been going on. He has lost something, or gained something that is not helping in his tennis game. Either way BB is gone and the Guru remains.

chrisford1 Says:

Yolita – “Personally, Nole is very welcome to join my stable of flopping faves: Bellucci, Almagro, Tomic, Young, Gulbis, Rublev and many others…”

Except Novak does not belong in your stable of talented losers that never amounted to anything.

jane Says:

skeezer, epic fail. ;)

chrisford1 Says:

Jane – [To clarify misinformation]

“1. pepe is NOT novak’s coach. pepe has been around novak’s team since 2013. pepe is marko’s business partner. all talk of pepe has been overblown and overhyped and misreported to the NTH degree. it’s rather astonishing.”

You did not clarify. Maybe the Love Guru does not have the level of influence of Rasputin – but – manifestation’s of Pepe’s influence are now at the forefront of Novaks oddball behavior after the French Open. And got bigger as time went on.
Strange stuff in his press conferences about LOVE being the answer as a reporter questioned his bad play in Shanghai in early rounds. The new “my heart, my non-breasts to you”!! celebs. Asking people to group hug one another at stadiums.

Inaz may have been in the entourage for 3 years, but without visible impact on Djokovic’s play or conduct. That has changed based on the visual evidence. common sighting of him him now at Djoker’s right hand, and what Boris said. evidence .

jane Says:

the heart celebration was from uniqlo, who started the whole “bring the love” hashtag. it wasn’t pepe. and he is still NOT novak’s coach, even if novak does meditate or whatever. as i said, overblown/exaggerated.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…….TX ain’t for sissies…….hang in there girl! Lol 🍻 Cheers!

jane Says:

hi okie, i hope you’re well.

prao Says:

@skeezer, Boris went thru similar issues as Novak this year for example he lost to Agassi in the ATP championships semi finals in 1990 where a win could have made him no 1, but he went on to do just that at the 1991 Aussie open. He lost motivation after winning 5 slams and becoming no 1 @ 23, so i suspect it is not the lack of motivation from Novak that caused the breakup but something else as in was the situation rectifiable? Maybe Boris saw something more chronic long term. Time will tell.

AndyMira Says:

It’s a shame that BB already got a new job…I was about to send Clark to notify Rafa to hire BB…Nole bagged 6 slams and 25 masters under him..My message to Rafa would be…”Rafa,you don’t have to hire him 3 years full..just 11/2 to 2 years is enough…

1 year…2 slams 6 masters…

2 years…4 slams,12 masters..

Hey…this is already ahead of The Great Roger Federer number!

What are you waiting for Giles?Go snatch BB ASAP!!That’s an order!!

Truth Says:

It looks now like 2012 when his grandpa died. He was even sick of autographing on the camera lens in Monte Carlo. He unravels every time he lacks interest.
He soon lost his #1 in 2013 and he obviously didn’t think he deserved #1 at the end of 2013.
He certainly didn’t act like he positively wanted to beat Nadal in the US Open.
Not even similar to Aussie Open 2012.
Contrary to what fedal fans say, Novak doesn’t like to be robotic.

Boris is not a longevity player himself. He melted down after the early 1990s.
How could he say Fedal was the reason for Novak’s emotional issues?
The only times Novak was affected by Fed were when he was ridiculed in 2006 & 2008. The bitter, threatened players desired to see him go away to make Fed look good with Nadal.
Fed was sure that Nadal was #1 or #2 next to him in 2011.
Nadal was absent for 7+ months but Fed still couldn’t crush Nadal.
The usual biased suspects like Roddick tried to convince everybody that Nadal didn’t beat Fed enough, yet Roddick had no issue with losing to Fed, besides Miami. Fake players defined 2002-2006 era.

Giles Says:

AM. 10 45 pm. Wish I could! 😎

funches Says:

Tennis Vagabond,

You picked the two best examples about how important coaches are, but they are incredibly overrated in general. They’re not really even coaches since they are hired by the players and have to do their bidding to be retained.

It is ludicrous to suggest Becker is the reason Djokovic won all those slams. He has the game to with with no coach and already had won six with Vajda. Becker helped nudge him over the finish line after a minor slump, but nothing more. If Djokovic is properly motivated, he can win another six slams without Becker again.

Van Persie Says:

For Djoko fans,

Have found an interesting article, sorry it is in Romanian. Just wanted to share the awesome clip with Djoko winning the FO, if you scroll down a bit in article. See below

sinha71 Says:

Djoko hires Becker to help him be mentally strong in big match situations after winning single slams in 2012 and 2013. Just one slam in 2014 with Becker in first year while they learn.

After that Djoko wins five of six slams in a row (with all finals).

Just coincidence LOL.

Danica Says:

“In December 2013, Novak Djokovic announced on his website that Boris Becker will become his Head Coach for the 2014 season. ”

The contract was on a yearly basis. December to December.
Nole said: “The goals we set when we started working together have been completely fulfilled”.

I remember similar outcry on Serbian forums when Dr. Cetojevic was told that his advice was no longer needed. Remember, that was the guy who asked Novak to get tested for gluten intolerance.

I believe in Novak. He makes good decisions and rarely fails. People were also questioning him when Becker was announced as his new coach. On this site as well. So, time will tell.

Danica Says:

Nice video indeed. ;)

rognadfan Says:

Change is always refreshing. Especially when you are not sure what’s causing the stagnation in your achievements, a change like this will definitely be motivating for him.

Danica Says:

There are rumors that Nenad Zimonjic would be the new coach. Now, that would be interesting.

J-Kath Says:


I know (I think I know) he was a doubles specialist. What do you think he can bring to Nole?

lakie Says:

Maybe improve Djok’s volleying skills?

Danica Says:

J-Kath and Lakie,
Yes, Zimonjic was(is) doubles specialist. At one point, he was Yugoslavia’s Davis Cup captain. He also has some decent results in singles like a win over Andre Agassi. But, what can he bring to Nole’s game if indeed he is to be his new (co)coach?

I think that Novak already improved immensely at the net under Becker. Most of the times he chanced to approach the net, he won the point. His serve is not strong and fast but quite accurate. The thing he would need to work on, in MHO, is recognizing when to approach the net. He was painfully passive during the USO final. There were numerous chances that presented themselves, begged to be taken, only to be let go with a stubborn, tiresome baseline play.

On the other side, both Nikola Pilic and former Yugoslavia’s DC captain (from the 80ies), Radmilo Armenulic, think that if Vajda can be present full time, Novak does not need another coach. The coach’s role, they say, is primarily to watch the opponents and prepare tactics. They cannot teach a great player many new tricks.

So, we’ll see. The new season starts in about three weeks and I cannot wait!

lakie Says:

I agree that a great player who has been on the circuit for about a decade cannot really learn new tricks, just tweak something here and there. A coach is needed for strategy and tactics and maybe for keeping the player motivated to stay in the hunt. Is Vajda available full time? I thought his wife was suffering from some serious ailment ( cancer?).

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