Roger Federer: I Couldn’t Be Happier, The Boys And Mirka Are Healthy, It’s A Great Time In Our Lives
by Tom Gainey | May 13th, 2014, 11:16 am

Just a week after the birth of his second set of twins, boys Lenny and Leo, Roger Federer was all smiles at the Rome Masters 1000 on Tuesday. The 2013 finalist fielded questions from the interested press and Federer obliged.

“To be honest being back on the tour is the least important thing,” said Federer who arrived in Rome on Monday. “I couldn’t be happier – for those who have kids it’s the best thing – they know what I am talking about. It’s hard to leave all the family, but I’ll see them soon, shortly. The boys are healthy and Mirka is good too. It’s a great time in our lives.

“The plan is that they can come on tour. At least we know how to handle with kids on the road, and that’s quite a challenge early on especially when they are about 12 months old.”

So soon after the birth, Federer wasn’t expected in Rome, but made the decision to play after consulting with his family.

“I spoke to the team, I spoke to Mirka, asked all of them what they think I should do and they told me to come here and play,” said Federer. “So I said ok, if you don’t want me around, I’ll go away! I miss them a lot already, it’s a different type of week, but I’ll get through it and I hope I can play some good tennis here.”

“Father Federer” is a 3-time runner-up in Rome in 2003, 2006 and 2013. He’ll play Jeremy Chardy in his first match.

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26 Comments for Roger Federer: I Couldn’t Be Happier, The Boys And Mirka Are Healthy, It’s A Great Time In Our Lives

Humble Rafa Says:

I talked to Xisca and she told me I should play also. Just so you know.

So did Uncle Toni and the rest of my team.

SG1 Says:

Happy for Roger and Mirka. Nice story.

SG1 Says:

Twins twice. Wow. Apparently, Roger is potent in places other than on a tennis court.

Perfect fan Says:

Good to see roger decided playing in rome. but the one thing that is rly concerning me here is the nature of his presser. he seems too relaxed to me, he may be rusty I dnt know….may be I m getting too cynical. hope, he plays well.

go roger :)

lylenubbins Says:

Mirka told with him the way Rafa is playing, he should take a serious crack at Roland Garros!!!

tramlines Says:

Great to see Roger back on court so fast.

Congrats to Roger and Mirka.

Mel Says:

Xisca? Is she even still in the picture? No matter. It’s good to see Roger in Rome and the family all,healthy.


Hippy Chic Says:

Congrats again to Roger,Mirka the twins and the twins,and although he could be rusty im sure he will have a great week in Rome this week,best of luck Roger….

Colin Says:

SG1, as I recently pointed out, it’s not the father who determines the number of babies in a birth. Keep up!

Humble Rafa Says:

SG1, as I recently pointed out, it’s not the father who determines the number of babies in a birth.


You may also want to remind them that Grandslams alone don’t determine who is a goat?

Other things like Davis Cup, Olympics, patriotism, Humbleness also matter.

Colin Says:

“Humble Rafa” I never respond to, or usually even read, posts by weird fantasists who think they’re somebody else.

Klaas Says:

Humble, sadly you are lacking in one area the true Rafa excels in: courtesy.

Federer will either play lousy or fantastic, no middle way, be interesting to see which.

Humble Rafa Says:

Now, this technology will tell me more about my forehand than my beloved Uncle.–ten.html

Thanks Babolat. Helping Humble Geniuses everywhere.

skeezer Says:

^ old news. You just found out? LMAO!
Apparently you’ve spent too much time in the 3rd person playing with your Fishies. Quit the bad comedy, get a job.

Michael Says:

Roger should be the happiest man in earth in the sense he is a real success in both his personal and professional life. Not many personalities so lucky to have such a startling personal and professional career such as Roger who has so far managed to lead a complete life and therey recreated a heaven in his earthly life. Ofcourse, we need to appreciate all the hard work behind his success. “No pain, no gain” and Roger lives by it and is a living example to any young aspirational sports person.

tramlines Says:

Speaking of heaven on earth, check out Sampras’ version…

tennismonger Says:

Does Pete really live there? Does anyone live there?

SG1 Says:

Colin Says:
SG1, as I recently pointed out, it’s not the father who determines the number of babies in a birth. Keep up!


Take it easy Colin. I was just a little kidding around. Apparently, humour is a difficult concept for some to comprehend. Is there a doctor in the house? It appear Colin has lost his funny bone.

Purcell Says:

Excellent post Michael. Thank you.

Nadal Struggles Continue In Rome As Father Federer Falls; 7 Thoughts On The Clay Season Says:

[…] Roger now goes into Paris on a 2-match losing streak but thanks to Lenny, Leo and co. who be by his side at the French, he’ll get over those losses quickly. […]

Michael Says:

Thanks Purcell !!

Hippy Chic Says:

Roger says i couldnt be happier,the boys and Mirka are healthy,shouldnt it be the boys,girls and Mirka are healthy?

Hippy Chic Says:

Haas is recieving coaching looking to his box,and Stan is making his feelings to the umpire,clarly not happy,up and break and in danger of throwing it straight back,its clearly upset his concentration hmm….

Hippy Chic Says:

Hmm Haas breaks back just as i sent that post….

Giles Says:

Wot? Wawawewo whining again? C’mon Haas!

Giles Says:

Well, well, well. Haas causes the upset again.
No Sui’s left in the tourney. What a shame!

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