Andy Murray: I’m Very Proud Of Making My Fourth Australian Open Final!
by Staff | January 29th, 2015, 9:29 am

Playing in what was one of his best matches since his triumphant 2013 Wimbledon title, Andy Murray ousted Tomas Berdych in four sets 6-7(6), 6-0, 6-3, 7-5 earlier today in the semifinals at the Australian Open.

Murray advances to his eighth career Grand Slam final, fourth at the Australian Open where he came up just short in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

But early in the match there was tension. During the off season Murray parted on unfriendly terms with longtime assistant coach Dani Vallverdu who was upset with Murray’s allegiance to Amelie Mauresmo.

Shunned by Ivan Lendl, Tomas Berdych scooped up Vallverdu, and tonight Murray got some payback. And Berdych, Murray alleges said some words to him on the changeover at the end of the first set.

Murray, who underwent back surgery 16 months ago, has only lost two sets en route to the Sunday final where he will await the Novak Djokovic-Stan Wawrinka winner.

Ranked No. 6, he will now move back into the Top 4 with a peak of No. 3 if he wins on Sunday. Murray met the press after the impressive win to talk about the match.

Q. Tell us what it means to be in your fourth Australian Open final, eighth of your career Grand Slam final?
ANDY MURRAY: It’s great. I played very, very well tonight. Very happy with the way that I played the match. And, yeah, to be in the final four times here, I mean, because I’m surrounded by guys like Roger, Novak and Rafa, doesn’t look like much, but that doesn’t happen that often. So I’m very proud of that.

Q. Talk us through what changed between the first and second sets, so different.
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I thought the beginning of the match he started out well. I was a little bit tentative at the beginning and getting used to his ball. He hits the ball extremely hard and flat. At the start I felt like I was on the back foot a little bit. Towards the end of the first set I started to come into it more, be more aggressive. Then second set I just picked up from how I was playing at the end of the first. I felt like I could have won the first set. Obviously had some chances there. I was extremely aggressive in the second set. Managed to run away with it.

Q. When did you last break a string?
ANDY MURRAY: No, I mean, it happens to me occasionally. I mean, sometimes when you don’t hit the ball in the right spot, you know, the string can break up at the top of the racquet. And on that shot it broke actually quite high up on the racquet. And, yeah, it was just bad timing, bad luck for that to happen.

Q. What was the issue with the balls in the first set?
ANDY MURRAY: I don’t know. He was the one that had the issue with the balls. It wasn’t me.

Q. That was one of sort of several incidents. Felt like a very incident-packed first set. What happened at the change after the end of the first set? You said to the umpire that he said something to you as he walked past.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I don’t know what he said, but he said something literally as we were walking right past each other change of ends. I don’t know exactly what he said. I just told the umpire that he said something to me and that was it.

Q. You mentioned in the on-court interview there was a lot of extra tension related to Dani.
ANDY MURRAY: Guys wanted there to be. You wanted there to be tension. It’s completely normal for that to happen. I sat in here the other day and got asked more questions about Dani than I did about the match I just played. So you wanted there to be tension. Yeah, because of everything that’s gone on it’s kind of a natural thing to happen. If you learn how the brain works, it’s completely natural for that. So kind of expected, and, yeah, had planned for that to be the case as well.

Q. You handled it a bit better than he did. He seemed to get a bit distracted.
ANDY MURRAY: No, it was only in the first set was there tension, like right at the beginning of the match. Then obviously like even at the end of that, like during the tiebreak, there was nothing. It wasn’t like there was loads going on there. Then, yeah, obviously at the end of the set, yeah, when he said something, that was really the last thing in the entire match where there was any tension. It was fine after that.

Q. In cricket there’s sledging all the time. Comments between players when they change over, is that rare in tennis?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I think the thing is because there’s cameras and microphones everywhere players don’t say stuff to the opponents. And then, yeah, we have to come in here after every match, and then if we said something you end up speaking about it the whole time. Whereas in cricket, I wouldn’t imagine all the players that say stuff to each other, everything gets picked up. They don’t broadcast everything players say to each other. Obviously players aren’t going to say stuff because it causes them — or they end up having to spend a lot of time explaining themselves. The reality is that when you have two people competing against each other and there’s a bit of tension there, it’s very natural for things to happen.

Q. You pointed to your camp at the end of the match. Do you credit them with a bigger role in this victory more than others?
ANDY MURRAY: No. I said the other day, I got asked all the time about my ex-coach working with Tomas and no one was interested in anything I was doing with Amélie or the way I was playing or anything. A lot of people were also criticizing her at the end of last year, like the way I was playing was her fault when I’d spent two weeks training with her up to the end of the year, until the training block. You can’t change things during tournaments. There was very little time to spend with each other. Yeah, there’s no reason for her to be criticized for anything, because she —

Q. Vindication?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I don’t know if that’s what it is, but I just very happy for her that I won the match tonight.

Q. Kim inadvertently cost you a time violation at one point. She was caught on camera using some Anglo-Saxon adjectives. Is that something you were aware of?
ANDY MURRAY: I was told about that.

Q. What’s your reaction to that?
ANDY MURRAY: Again, when there’s a lot of tension surrounding something, which you created, then it’s completely normal that, yeah, the whole first set everyone was tight. My physical trainer, physio, I’m sure for Dani it was uncomfortable. Even Tomas, who very rarely says anything on the court, there was tension there for him, as well. Yeah, in the heat of the moment you can say stuff that you regret. And, yeah, that’s it.

Q. Tomas called it a battle from the baseline. Given that you’ve won that, how well are you positioned going into Sunday?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, obviously feel good because I thought I played well tonight. And, yeah, the most important thing in tennis matches, you need to be able to make adjustments and change when things aren’t going well. That’s one of the things that we didn’t really speak about the other day. Everyone can go into a match with game plans and ideas of how they want to play. I was trying to explain that if someone thinks that I’m going to come out and look at the court and do something, if I do something completely different, if I start serving and volleying, then you have to change and adjust your tactics based on what your opponent’s doing. I felt like tonight I made some big adjustments in the match from how things were going at the start. I’ll need to do the same thing again on the Sunday against Novak or Stan, because things that you think will work doesn’t always work out that way. You need to be able to make adjustments in the middle of the match. That’s where it doesn’t necessarily always come down to the coach. It has to come down to the individual as well, because we can’t get coaching during the match. We have to be able to make adjustments ourselves, and that’s one of the things I was most pleased about tonight, because I thought after that first set I changed the way I was playing and turned the match in my favor.

Q. In the wake of all that attention, you lose a tiebreak. To come out and win the second set, that kind of for, is that what you’ve been looking for all this time to reach that level?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I mean, I said after spending the off-season with Amelie and working on a bunch of things, having a sustained sort of period together, I did a great training block. I worked extremely hard physically in the off-season. Obviously a couple of the guys that were there with me spoke to you about that. Yeah, I worked well to give myself the opportunity to play like this. The way that I feel today compared with how I felt after losing in four sets last year, I could barely move at the end of the match because I was so sore and stiff. I felt strong at the end today.

Q. How much, if any, do the last three finals come into your thinking ahead of Sunday?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, like I said, obviously losing in the finals is disappointing. But making four finals is a very, very difficult thing to do. It’s not easy to do. And, yeah, I’m proud of my record here. I’ll try my best on Sunday. I’ll go in with best tactics possible, prepare well, couple days’ rest, recover as best as I can. And, yeah, all I can do is give my best. If it’s enough, great. If not, I literally couldn’t have done anything more to put myself in a better position come Sunday.

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58 Comments for Andy Murray: I’m Very Proud Of Making My Fourth Australian Open Final!

jane Says:

why is amelie written as “Amélie ” in that interview? is that correct?! also what are “anglo-saxon adjectives”?

congrats to andy and fans – esp the da and margot, long timers here. i really knew he’d win this one, although i couldn’t watch because of timing.

he’s got a great shot to win his third slam now methinks. am really not as sure who will come through nole/stan after watching stan versus kei. but hopefully nole. :)

Emily Says:

@jane, I mentioned this in the other thread, but apparently the “anglo-saxon adjectives” she used was the f-word a few times. I heard rumors that she has a bit of a dirty mouth, but never witnessed it before. Sweet of Andy to claim he had no idea when he received a warning b/c of it. I know everyone loves the WAGS, but yelling and insulting the opponent is crossing the line IMHO.

The funny thing is that I hear that word from many players whose first language is not English, so calling it Anglo-Saxon is a bit strange.

jane Says:

thanks for the clarification emily.

RZ Says:

Congrats Andy! So excited for him to be back in the final.

Also, important to note that Andy’s return to the final moves him to #4 (#3 if he wins it). So the big 4 is reunited at the top of the rankings!

Yolita Says:

@jane @Emily
My problem is not with the use of the f-word, but with the use of the word ‘Czech’ among all the swear words.
I wonder whether Esther would be getting the same understanding treatment if she had yelled the same words…

Emily Says:

I agree that saying Czech was unnecessary, but I think Andy could have won w/o Kim swearing from the sidelines.

skeezer Says:

Congrats Andy and his fans. His form is back. Lets hope he surprises Nole / Wawa with a BIG second serve in thr final :-)

skeezer Says:

Btw Andy handled that interview excellant. It was the type of interview that could have caused controversy if answered wrong in any way, But Andy went the high road whilst being still honest about the situations that were amiss off court. Well done and best if luck in the finals.

Nusi Says:

No competition for the top players, the youngsters suck, the generation in-between is even worse – mostly slaves of the top players. And then look at the top: 70% Federer easily schooling Murray recently, half of the top guys are missing half or complete seasons.

Utter clowns like Murray are benefiting from the absence/ injuries of their masters and taking advantage of the joke fields.
An era where a player of Murray’s quality makes finals of slams, is the worst, ever.

Margot Says:

OMG sour little troll has come out to sprinkle spite on the celebrations. Always backfires.
So you should be proud Andy! Very well played indeed.
Come on! Says:

Congrats to Andy and his fans. Hope I can stay up for the slobbernocker tonight!

skeezer Says:

I want one of those.

RZ Says:

@Margot – my take is that I can always use a good laugh. :-)

brando Says:

Lmao at whinners! Does the record book give a care who you face? Last I heard it cares not. I rather have my guy facing oliver Rochus level players with the world belittling his win if it means getting the slam win. Lol: well done Andy on the win! Thanks for bagelling Tomas too, us Rafael fans of yours needed that. Take care of the 2nd serve and you can do yourself justice.

brando Says:

Lmao at whinners! Does the record book give a care who you face? Last I heard it cares not. I rather have my guy facing oliver Rochus level players with the world belittling his win if it means getting the slam win. Lol: well done Andy on the win! Thanks for bagelling Tomas too, us Rafael fans of yours needed that. Take care of the 2nd serve and you can do yourself justice.

Jack Lewis Says:

Who knew that being called ‘Czech’ when being Czech was an insult…. Who cares about the F words, it’s being told your nationality that is troubling….

Carolyn Says:

Think Andy acts like a spoiled brat.

brando Says:

@jack: completely agree. Saying the f word is nothing to be honest. Unless your one of the few who do not utter foul words at all many say it and it’s not a big deal. But saying the nationality and then the f word is bothersome. Some might denote that saying that implies she was thinking the Czech are something secondary, inferior which obviously problematic, worrying thinking. And obviously a colossal load of BS to think. Really should not have said that.

Giles Says:
Lol. Kim has hit the press already. They don’t waste any time do they?

Colin Says:

The term “Anglo-Saxon” has long been used to describe plain unvarnished English, but this is of course completely mistaken, as Anglo-Saxon was a different language from English, and would be incomprehensible to present day Britons.

Regarding Kim’s behaviour, don’t forget that Mirka Federer, who has always seemed very dignified, was guilty (or at least accused) of shouting abuse at one of her husband’s opponents.

Finally, whether we like it or not (and I don’t), young people today, even quite “posh” ones, swear routinely.

Humble Rafa Says:

They need to take all these wives and girlfriends and put them though training on proper manners. It’s getting out of control. Xisca is such a doll compared to the so-called ladies that the other players have.

RZ Says:

My issue is why do they keep showing the girlfriends/wives, friends, parents, etc., so much? It’s fine to show them once or twice when giving background information about the players. But the number of reaction shots has gotten ridiculously high.

Adam Says:

For Andy the rankings are clear.
If he wins n Sunday he goes t no.3
If he loses he will be 4 in world.
He goes ahead of Stan even if Stan retains Oz. This is because even if he wins his points are unchanged.
Andy must win Sunday to overtake Nadal.

RZ Says:

@Adam – yep, the Big 4 will be reunited in the rankings as of Monday.

the DA Says:

For crying out loud, this is getting out of hand. Who knew calling someone by their nationality was pejorative? Most players’ boxes are animated and has WAGs and coach staff yelling stuff – and we wouldn’t have a clue about it but for the cameras trained on their faces.

And this Kim moment has become a controversy because she speaks English. The media can’t lip read Czech – who knows what Ester says? We all know the Spaniards (and some Germans – hello Tommy Haas) swear like troopers in their own language because many of my twitter friends have translated for me.

And I don’t like what I’ve seen from some Nole fans on twitter today calling Mirka and Kim classless “bitches” while elevating Jelena to sainthood. The players are fair game but stay away from the family and WAGs IMHO. ° rant over °

Yolita Says:

@Jack Lewis
I don’t know how old youvare or whether you are pretending not to see the nuance of the situation or not.
But in these days of rampant xenophobia, sexism, racism… In what context you use certain words makes all the diference.
Just imagine Esther or Jelena saying those words to an American or Canadian player, using their nationality in the middle of the swearing. It may help you understand what was grating about it.
Not that the swearing wasn’t offensive. But there are levels.

Daniel Says:

Raonic will get a career high of #6, if Wawrinka doesn’t defend his title. He is guarantee to pass Berdych for #7.
If Wawrinka loses to Djoko he will drop to #9 and Ferrer to #10. Kei, Cilic and Berych remains the same and Nadal depend if Murray wins or not to stay #3 or drop to #4.

This year seems the top 10 will change a lot. as from #3 to #10 the difference is 1600 pts.

During clay season depending on how Djoko and Fed perform it may shift at the top. But seems the level of top 10 will get tight with no major distances from the top.

Wog Boy Says:


Spot on Yolita, and we can see double standards here as usual:(
I don’t wan’t even to think what kind of comments we would have here if Jelena said to Roddick “F…ing American”.
Andy’ fans and others, that was completely uncalled for and unacceptable, don’t try to find exuse, there is none.

brando Says:

Andy’ fans and others, that was completely uncalled for and unacceptable, don’t try to find exuse, there is none.”: spot on and completely agree. The silence from some thoughts is completely defeaning as usually they are quick with the lecture when others commit the sin. Surprised to say the least. Kim fd up to say the least and Andy would be well advised to say to her if that’s what you have to offer during a match then best keep it schtum since that kind of support/reaction is not welcome. Period.

jane Says:

“f-bombs” and such don’t really bother me. nor does racquet smashing. i’ve always seen it as being done in “the heat of the moment” and generally forgivable/understandable.

the exception is when someone yells during a point or when someone is about to serve. the way i understood it, that’s why stan was so angry with mirka, because she was hollering when he was about to serve. i loathe when fans do that too. it’s rude.

kim yelling her support for andy isn’t a big deal to me; in fact it’s awesome. however, using his nationality with a curse word could have negative implications. that i don’t like. i wouldn’t want someone’s girlfriend calling nole an “effing serb” or whatever. it’s … discomforting.

also agree that there are a lot of invasive cameras these days – for injury timeouts, on team’s reactions, etc. why not cut to commentators at that point? instead, some of the dumb TV channels cut to commentators DURING points. doh.

Ruby Says:

“Andy would be well advised to say to her if that’s what you have to offer during a match then best keep it schtum since that kind of support/reaction is not welcome. Period.”

Um, no, he would NOT be well-advised to say that to her, at least not if he intends to have a good marriage with her. She is her own person and she can stand for her own actions. It’s absurd in this day and age to suggest she needs a talking to and a good lesson from her man. It was simply unfortunate for her that a camera caught that. But let’s be clear that it’s induced a bevy of lip-reading BECAUSE no one actually heard what she said. Quite different from an outburst heard on the court.

skeezer Says:

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!
This thread belongs on TMZ.

brando Says:

@Ruby: lmfao,with that post I can tell you are certainly not a diamond! Yes I do think he needs to give her a good telling off. She’s certainly been mighty naughty with that utterence coming from her mouth, hiding behind the ‘oh I was only rooting for my man’facade. complete BS. She fully well knew what she was saying and I bet she loved it at the time she said it. But getting caught with the cameras probably makes her feel like she’s been caught with her pants down now I bet! And we all know what happens to naughty girls who get caught with running their mouth? Their fella usually has to cop the BS and deal with it just like their daddy would have to in earlier years: as Andy is with the media right now. So yeah Andy should tell her off: support me all you want, say whatever that flies in support of me but if it’s that kinda crap then:stfu, since I’m the one who gets the microphone put my way to deal with this unnecessary crap. She’ll understand, anyone with sense would. And if telling her like it is would lead to issues: well I doubt Andy would struggle for long for before he can find another one, one who’ll be ALOT smarter with what she has to say when offering her “support” during his matches. Muzza ain’t no wimp, so he’ll do the right thing and tell her to pipe down with that kind of drivel.

the DA Says:

@Brando – Right, put the woman in her place. I thought better of you. tsk

brando Says:

@the DA: women, man, your pet: you should put anyone in their place if they act up.Period. to me the matters clear as is to anyone who get the gender, who Kim is associated with out of the backside: she said a clearly mean remark. She more than likely knew what she was saying. Probably would have loved saying it had she not got caught. But caught she did get and who’s coping the crap? Andy. So he’s got every right to speak to her about this, deal with it in a forthright manner and let her know: you don’t say that rubbish and certainly when its supposedly meant to be supportive of me since it sure as hell ain’t. Period.if she’s got any self respect like a reasonable adult she’ll take it onboard and understand. If she’s got character she’ll offer a public apology and tend one to team berdych who likely won’t be too pleased with the Czech —- comment. Anyone with a crumb of self respect would not. Nor should they with a comment that can imply some form of inferiority which is complete BS to get leveled at anyone. So yeah Andy has a right to tell her off about this. And yes he ought to be stern about it since that kind of crap should receive zero tolerance. If Toni Nadal or Vajda said Serb/Spanish —- we all know what would happen: there would be a instant issue since that kinda crap is intolerable for a great many out there. Understandably. And the whole telling woman off thing: please DA, knock it off. It’s like this: my girlfriend is fully aware of how certain comments, behavior, whatever would set Brando off as it pisses him off, hence she doesn’t go there. Ditto with her: I don’t try any crap that would set her off. It’s called respect, knowing of one’s personal space that we all ought to aware of and should respect. If I were to err she’d tell me off, ditto as I would. You admit you fd up and move on. So yes he should tell her off about this. She ain’t precious. And he has every right to since- after all-if this was said by one fella to another DA I think we both fully well know it would be ALOT more than a telling off. Likely a lot more.

Ruby Says:

“lmfao,with that post I can tell you are certainly not a diamond!”

“Yes I do think he needs to give her a good telling off. She’s certainly been mighty naughty”

“She fully well knew what she was saying and I bet she loved it at the time she said it. But getting caught with the cameras probably makes her feel like she’s been caught with her pants down now I bet!”

@brando, this post speaks volumes about you. Sadly, this is what passes for discourse in this day and age. Given up on this board for intelligent tennis discussion.

brando Says:

@Ruby: good if it does. All i see is someone saying it as they see it, without apology and bluntly without pussyfooting around the matter because their precious favourite is involved. I’ll take naked honesty any day of weeks over the charade you may call as discourse. And the dismay from whom? Someone who thinks Andy would be ‘ill advised” to address this and that Kim was “unfortunate” to get caught. Well if that’s the kind of crowd I offend then as our precious, above being held responsible for such disgusting comments that have caused a stir Kim would surely say : f— em!

the DA Says:

Here’s news for you Brando: it’s 2015. She doesn’t have to answer to him. Nor any self-respecting woman have to answer to their man.

“So yeah Andy has a right to tell her off about this”

Guess what, he supported her and understood that anything can be said in the heat of the moment. He’s progressive not a caveman. As I said earlier, it was a private moment caught on camera. She was muttering to herself not saying it to anyone’s face. Get real.

If she feels like apologizing, she will. Not because Andy should force her to. Period.

Now let’s drop this storm in a teacup and get back to tennis.

Humble Rafa Says:

It’s almost like “you call him Cry Baby”, look what I got from the wives and girlfriends gallery.
Don’t stir up these women. Tennis is a good place. This is not boxing.

Brando Says:

@the DA:

– ‘Here’s news for you Brando: it’s 2015’:

Really? I’ll dial my calendar forward from 10 BC then if that’s the case.

– ‘She doesn’t have to answer to him. Nor any self-respecting woman have to answer to their man.’:

That’s a gender issue you to upon and voice an opinion in regards to.

Any human being-matter not their gender- is accountable for their actions. And any self respecting human being-matter not their gender- would answer to someone- who pay’s for their miss-step- if questioned.

And they certainly can be questioned if someone else is copping the flack for their error. In this case it’s Andy, and he has every right to do so should he wish it to be the case.


-‘Guess what, he supported her’:

Damn! And here I was thinking he was going to publicly chastise, lambast her for the comments. Even placed good money on him to do so. Sure did not see that one coming at all!

-‘He’s progressive not a caveman’:

Good to know he’s not a caveman. And that he’s progessive. Maybe he’ll ‘progress’ into questioning her as to what on earth possessed her to say what she did, and telling her that best put a lid on it since it ain’t wise, pleasant or anything one wants to hear. And more selfishly: sure as hell does not help him: he who has to answer to the media about it!

– ‘it was a private moment caught on camera’:

Aw, poor kim! Poor girl got caught passionately uttering a offensive remark. Excuse me while I go shed a tear for her!

-‘If she feels like apologizing, she will. Not because Andy should force her to.’:

Great. I find that agreeable. Nor have I said Andy should ask her to do so.

Her conscious should be the one informing, nay dictating her to do so:

That Kim you ought to apologize for such a foul, offensive remark seen by millions which is deemed, interpreted as hurtful to some and especially if it causes issues to Andy.

Might be a wise move no?

-‘Now let’s drop this storm in a teacup and get back to tennis.’:

Finally a agreeable comment I can say hear, hear to!

Look DA:

You know I like you as a poster.

I rate you highly so this kind of exchange is not one I wish for with you at all. Others? Sure I am game for. But not with I poster I rate highly, enjoy his contributions and root for the same player with.

It’s senseless to do so!

I think we both consider one another reasonable, can see what the other is getting at, but maybe agree on some level, but we ain’t going to agree to it at this moment for a variety of intangible reasons.

Let’s put this in the ‘agree to disagree’ cabinet, ram it shut and move onto what you say we ought to:

The Tennis.

PS: If you found offense in my comments towards I apologize unreservedly. The rest I stand by, aside for some (I admit) condescending comments which served no purpose but cheap amusement for myself.

An interesting exchange, but one that’s at an end for me, and I hope you also with no hard feelings.

skeezer Says:

” …(I admit) condescending comments which served no purpose but cheap amusement for myself.”

Ain’t that the truth!

Humble Rafa Says:


Whatever you say. Take care of your cats. Things happen in life, so take care of them.

skeezer Says:

HR, addressing me again? Flattered.
Read 10:07 post, its applicable.

Michael Says:

Making four Australian Open finals is not child’s play in such competitive environment and it surely be ranked as one of his greatest achievement. But the sad part is that Andy is yet to win this tournament and it is an apt case of so near and yet so far. Will this year prove to be any different ? I hope so !? Andy would certainly have learnt from his past defeats in the finals and surely would try to turn in a new leaf. The good thing for him this year is that he is already a Grand slam champion twice and therefore the monkey is off his back and he can approach the finals in an aggressive way with his foot on the pedal. I think he will fancy his chances more against Wawarinka than Novak who has beaten him here twice in the past. Nevertheless, Andy has once again proved to the World that he is still a player in reckoning for the top slot and this year he has had a good beginning based on which he can work his way up.

Margot Says:

@ the DA 8.48pm
You said it for me, cheers.
What she said was wrong, of course, but God almighty what that poor woman goes through day after day in Andy’s box, she deserves some slack.
We live in an age of highly intrusive media with flashy close up cameras and now lip reading skills apparently. The media pinpoint, magnify and blow up every incident in a disgusting feeding frenzy. Fueled by the morally unfettered, unregulated, maelstrom that is twitter.
These cameras are trained in a totally intrusive and voyeuristic way on the players’ boxes all the time.
BTW in the “good old days” Connors used to spit at Mac’s box….. amongst other things.

Margot Says:

And thus we stop talking about Andy’s amazing achievement.

metan Says:

Don’t worry Margot, your man is going all the way up to the title . DETERMINATION is a key point here.

Margot Says:

Cheers metan :)
Yep, he certainly looks like a man on a mission.
Fingers and everything else crossed.
Back at No 4 now too :)

metan Says:

Yes, no. Four for sure.

Eric Says:

Is there anything worse in the human condition than being a famous person of interest to the UK “press”?

jane Says:

margot, agree re: intrusive media, judgement pouring down from all quarters, pure chaos that mistakes itself as order on high… etc. that’s why i stick up for the “nick the kids” of the world. i think we need to recognize nuance, accept faults, not expect perfection and be a little more charitable, generally speaking. it’s good to be vigilant, sure, but not overly so. it’s gets slightly totalitarian when we judge every look, gesture, or word. what about a wider view, zooming out, looking at context?

anyhow… i am waxing philosophical when nole-stan will be starting any minute.

and it’s already past the witching hour here. scary!

Colin Says:

The greatest interest in the WAGS is not, as some suggest, on the part of salacious men, it’s women who are obsessed with the clothes and the looks. If you doubt this, and you live in the UK, just look at the women’ magazines in the newsagents or the supermarket.

As for the swearing, everybody’s ignoring what I said (as usual). Young people today, of all social classes, DO swear. I don’t like it, but, as Jimmy Durante said, them’s the conditions that prevail.

Time for tennis! Only minutes to go.

Honfleuraise Says:

So pleased Muzz is back where he belongs ranking wise.
Late last year Koenig riled me by opining he no longer ‘belonged’ in the top 4. As for the fracas over Kim, pleeeze. Talk about a storm in a teacup. Berdy did his best to get under Andy’s skin during the first set and got truly walloped for his pains I’m pleased to say.

Steve27 Says:

Gossips again?
Tennis is the only thin that should matter.

Wog Boy Says:

If Mirka told Rafa:
“F… take that, you f… Spaniard f…f…”
You wouldn’t be talking like that. That was racist ( or at least chauvinistic), plain and simply, but Berdych is “only” Czech…who cares..
Ones you include nationality in you swear, it is what it is, can you imagine if Berdych was a Jew?

Wog Boy Says:

For your information, it was Andy who started it by giving, unnecessarily, long and nasty look towards Berdych box and Dani. Berdych took offence and took a bite and that was start of his downfall. He should stay out of whatever is between Andy and Dani.

chris ford1 Says:

I believe some are a little too PC. To me, it’s a little funny because Berdych appeared to do nothing that would set Sears off like that. Andy overreacted and Kim overreacted seeing Andy miffed, not having a clue what Tomas said.
I don’t think it’s the end of the world to use nationality insults and jibes. Muzz got no end of it when the Scottish Independence vote came up, and in the UK, and yes THE UK!!!! – use of the “C Word” is a lot more accepted than in USA or Home of PC, Canada.
I thought Rogers plump wife stirring the pot was hilarious. Next time Mirka gets on Stan calling him a crybaby, Stan ought to give Roger an apple from his racquet bag and tell him to stick it in Mirka’s mouth.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ :))
nice way to look at it.

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