Serena Williams Officially Ends 2015 Season Withdrawing From Beijing And WTA Finals
by Tom Gainey | October 1st, 2015, 9:18 am

Serena Williams made it official earlier today pulling out from her remaining two events in Beijing and at the WTA Finals.

The World No. 1 cited injuries and a broken heart which she suffered when she was stunned by Roberta Vinci at the US Open ending the hopes of an historic Calendar Slam.

“It’s no secret I’ve played injured most of the year — whether it was my elbow, my knee, or, in the finals moments after a certain match in Flushing, my heart,” Serena said in a statement.

“I’m a fierce competitor,” she added. “And I want to compete as well as I can, for as long as I can. So I am taking a proactive step and withdrawing from tournaments in Beijing and Singapore to properly address my health and take the time to heal.

“This is a very difficult decision, but one ultimately made because of the love of the game. I plan to return to practicing and participating in exhibition matches later this year. And when I do, l will focus and focus and focus so I can continue my journey in this beautiful game.

“Arthur Ashe once said, ‘Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. My journey in tennis this year has been at times exhilarating, at times disappointing, but in every case, in victory and defeat, it has been extremely rewarding,” Serena explained, adding that five titles, including three of the four Grand Slams, are a testament to both her development and the support that boosts her success.

“I’ve grown more this year than perhaps at any other point in my career. The tennis family, and our fans, have embraced and supported me in ways I never imagined. I am grateful beyond words.

“I love this game more than ever. I hold deep respect for all those who have graced our courts. I’ve been privileged to be one of the few to understand their struggles and their triumphs.”

Serena finishes the season ranked No. 1 with three Grand Slam title, a 53-3 record and five total WTA titles.

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27 Comments for Serena Williams Officially Ends 2015 Season Withdrawing From Beijing And WTA Finals

Ben Pronin Says:

Not sure what the point of such a long message is. You lost in the semis of a slam. Not saying I understand the heart break, but like, I don’t know. No need to quote Ashe, imo.

I’m also confused as to how she only has 5 titles this year, but whatever. She had a monster year and is the most dominant player in any sport right now. I just can’t find any sympathy for her.

But I get the injuries part. This is definitely the best time to heal up for next year.

Will Serena Williams Be Punished For Skipping The WTA Finals? Says:

[…] Serena Williams has announced her 2015 season is over. And that means she won’t play one of the biggest WTA events on the year, the WTA Finals in Singapore scheduled for the end of this month. […]

RZ Says:

@Ben – probably means 5 titles in addition to the 3 GS.

Ben Pronin Says:

Nope, she has 5 titles total. Miami and Cincy are her only 2 non-slam wins. She lost to Kvitova in Madrid, Bencic in Canada, and Vinci in New York.

She withdrew from Indian Wells and Rome after a few rounds. And she hasn’t played anything else. Weird year.

chris ford1 Says:

It should not be lost that her “crushing disappointment” was in not winning a 5th Slam in a row. Simply to get a Calendar Year Grand Slam on top of the Non-calendar Year Grand Slam she won by winning Wimbledon 2015, her 4th in a row. (Williams now has 2 Grand Slams, Martina 1, Steffi Graf 1 1992-93 on top of her 1 year Golden Slam in 1988).

I find a bit of arrogance and presumption in Williams thinking that she is so good that she owns each Slam by right.

What is significant in her season declared over – is the difficulty the WTA has with it’s stars bailing out yet again for the year after the last Slam. If the women collectively don’t want to play after the USO, they should tell the WTA to drop the season so the women can relax, recuperate, devote their time to modelling shoots and working with their endorsers. Equal work for equal pay? Nope.

While over in the men’s game – the ATP has its players out to have as good a showing as they can in the fall, and by and large, really want to earn a spot in the ATP Finals. Unless Davis Cup scheduling complicates things. As Djoker in 2013, Fed in 2014, and now Andy – deal with that extra obligation.
It gives the ATP more credibility than the WTA.

Also, have to disagree with Pronin on sports. You cannot conflate womens sports with the guys game in various sports. Within the much smaller world of women’s international sports, there are typically a few dominant “Queens” at any time scattered about. As dominant as Williams, but save for Rhonda Rousey, in more obscure sports.

Truthsquad Says:

“I’m Serena Williams, and I can do whatever I want, because I AM all the WTA has right now. If you don’t like it, then enjoy the scintillating matches while I’m gone, where Halep, Kvitova, Wozniacki, et al, fall apart and lose to qualifiers who lose in the next round, and journey women over 30 like Panetta, Vinci, and Jankovic fill the void! See you in my various fashion shoots, commercials, home shopping appearances, and several lucrative exhibitions later this year. Love ya! Bye!”

RZ Says:

@Ben – oh wow. I knew she had a few withdrawals but didn’t realize she had only 2 titles outside of the slams. I only remember her losing to Kvitova and Bencic (and Vinci of course). I guess she really has been injured most of the year.

Ben Pronin Says:

CF1, dude what is your deal? Do you not see most of the top 10 women playing in several events already? Why are you generalizing and lumping the entire tour with 1 player? Serena has always cherry picked what she plays. Even 10 years ago. Also it’s not like they get paid for not playing tournaments. So if they play the same tournaments as the men, why wouldn’t they get equal pay?

What other sports do you have someone as dominant as Serena? And not for nothing, but Rhonda Rousey, a woman, is the best fighter in the world. You really need to take your caveman bull shit attitude towards women somewhere else. You spew the same type of no-facts BS as every anti-woman conservative. I said this a few months ago and I’ll say it again, go tell the same story to your mom and tell me how she reacts.

Margot Says:

If Serena can, Andy can :)
Outstanding female athletes? Jessica Ennis Hill, just for starters.

chris ford1 Says:

Pronin – I guess we will have to disagree for the time being and pick up on who shows up, or feels like showing up for the WTA Finals in Singapore. My guess is a lot of no shows.

As for cave man bull shit – you would have more credibility if you realized that Miss Rousey is not the “best fighter in the world”. She is for females in her weight class, in the fighting sport of MMA. But only there. Not in other martial arts Not in other fighting sports women participate in. And Rousey is certainly not a person with an iota of a chance against top male fighters in any weight class. Just as Serena has little chance against an 80th ranked ATP player.
I accept feminist cant if it has some truth to it. Or the person citing the glory of a Serena was not ignorant of other sports or the dissimilarities in the level men vs. women vs. kids vs. handicapped athletes in the same sport play at. But you seem ignorant of such differences, Pronin.

That is why it is important to qualify remarks on sports. The kid in America who is undefeated as a pitcher on a star team of high schoolers and who had 5 no hitters in 2014 is not The Best Pitcher In Baseball. He is the best pitcher in a regional high school league, possibly better than the best pitchers in other regional baseball leagues he didn’t compete with. And in America only.

Serena is the best FEMALE player in pro tennis at the moment. Nothing more, nothing less.

And I am hardly the 1st to write about the problems the WTA is having with commitment of it’s players after the USO, or the amount of injuries that crop up with the women by fall.

FedExpress Says:

serena is still mentally shattered from her loss to vinci. couldnt believe that vinci saved tennis.

jalep Says:

More outstanding female athletes:
Marianne Voss
Emma Pooley
Kristin Armstrong
Anna Fenninger
Tina Maze
Lindsey Vonn
Micheala Shiffrin

And that list is only representative of a couple sports – we could go on…

Wta is alive and well. Again, if Serena or Maria S. doesn’t show up, as a WTA fan I could care less. There are so many great matches happening right now, so many new and rising stars, and new interest in tennis is absolutely booming in Asia thanks to Li Na.

Hoping Serena takes a page out of Li Na’s book to grow the sport in America when she’s done breaking records and hangs up the racket.

Li Na and the new 2015 Year End Trophy and prizes for those making #’s 9-19 WTA.

Just because certain fans don’t like or pay attention to WTA doesn’t mean it’s not doing well. It’s a rather blinkered opinion of those not caring enough to see it.

Also about Serena, she is the best in best of 3 set matches, however, I’d like to see WTA have GS’s go to best of 5 sets…that would change the skill and fitness level and add more meaning and dimension to “the best.”

Ben Pronin Says:

But you pick on the WTA for no shows even though the men have been crying about their long and “grueling” season for years now. You rarely see the top guys play more than a handful of events at the end of the year. Whereas several of the top 10 women’s players are on their second tournaments already.

Wog Boy Says:

““It’s no secret I’ve played injured most of the year — whether it was my elbow, my knee, or, in the finals moments after a certain match in Flushing, my heart,”

If she played injured most of the year one has to wonder how good is she when she is not injured.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy yeah completely agree,god help everybody else if she really was playing well*ROLLS EYES,SHAKES HEAD*….

Okiegal Says:

@Chris Ford1 Ronda Rowsey and my husband share 4th great grandfathers. We spell ours Rowsey however. She can whoop up on folks….so could Okieguy in his day. But I don’t believe he’ll be able to whip cancer…’s far advanced. He also has bile duct cancer…..very rare form. We’re going home tomorrow and I’m gonna learn how to flush drain tubes. Wish me luck!!

VAMOS Rafa and Serena!! (Serena won’t mind if I make mention of Rafa on her thread. She commented one time that they both had big bootys) l

FedExpress Says:

Once has to wonder how many injuries she just faked

J-Kath Says:

Okiegal – You are wished all the luck in the world.

J-Kath Says:

Margo – “If Serena can, Andy can..”

Assume you are referring to her withdrawal from WTA Year End Finals..
….I thought the same, however, she is withdrawing on the basis that she needs to recover from a number of injuries – so unfortunately it isn’t quite the same (despite her “exhibition” plans).

Okiegal Says:

Thanks, J-Kath…I’m gonna need it!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Hiya Okie thinking of you my dear,i remember you once saying your name was Janis am i right,is that spelt right??so if its OK with you id like to call you by your first name?….

Gypsy Gal Says:

^But if its not ill stick to Okiegal^….

FedExpress Says:

vinci giving the williams family nightmares

VW couldnt serve the match out at 5-3

chris ford1 Says:

Okiegal – Great when you stumble across a relative that is well known, especially an interesting badass character people have a strong impression of. ShRousey might be in the Top 20 or so well known people in America that people would most like to be a relative of.

As for the tough times you and your husband face, my heart is with you. He will lean on you. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and relatives to do some of the this and that you normally do…because your time is often obligated to this struggle and making times as good for Okieguy as they can be. Many of those friends and relatives are hoping you will ask if they can help in a little way – rake leaves, pick up groceries, visit if your husband is in the mood and would like company.

elina Says:

Take care okie. You and your husband are in my prayers.

Benny-P, not really that weird of year for Serena. Her focus is on slams. She has the same number of career slams as WTA Premiere events. In 18 years on tour, she has only won more than two WTA premier titles twice; in 2013 (5) and 2014 (3).

cf1, in MMA, RR would take down many male boxers in her weight class. They wouldn’t know what hit them.

RZ Says:

All the best to you and your husband Okie. Remember to also take care of yourself while taking care of your husband.

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy Gal…..Yes my first name is JANIS….You spelled it correctly and you can call me whatever suits your fancy!

@Elena…..Thanks a bunch….appreciate it! Can’t get too many prayers!

@RZ….You are right…..I do need to take care of myself…Byron is a very sick man and seems like he turned so old overnight…..breaks my heart. Speaking about taking care of myself ….need to get to bed. Afraid to go to sleep , he might call me and I want hear him……Thanks for your concern…..

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