January X-Reader Mail
by Richard Vach | January 11th, 2007, 9:19 pm
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January X-Reader Mail

This isn’t your father’s mailbag, I can’t imagine Jon L. Wertheim taking abuse like this. Some early-season reader discussion messages and e-mail:

From federated concerning comments on Serena Williams’ physical readiness entering Australia:
“Hi Richard! Love the column. Just an FYI, scarily pasty, fugly bald men like yourself really should step away from the dissing of anyone’s physical appearance. I mean, is that photo on the Tennis-X homepage REALLY the most flattering photo you have of yourself? I throw up a little in my mouth each time I have the misfortune of seeing it.”

Honey, you and me both. Was that picture Photoshopped by the X-webmaster to make me look extra pasty and bald? It’s not like in pre-life I was given a choice and I mistakenly pulled the Nikolay Davydenko lever instead of the Marat Safin. The Lord apparently has a plan, and it isn’t for me to walk the runway. Ugly can’t be fixed, but fat can.

Point is, if Nike was paying me a reported $40-55 million to wear their clothes (as they are Serena), and I was serious about my livelihood and competing on the pro tour, I wouldn’t be showing up at the beginning of the year in Australia, again, overweight and out of shape. How good could Serena be if she trained like a professional and didn’t stress her knee and ankle with all that extra weight?

From Robert on the blog headline: “Week 1 Review; Henin in Relationship Turmoil:”
“How can you go with a headline like that and then just have a one liner about it right at the end of the article? Oh ok, a one and a half line ref at the end of the article.”

Sorry Robert, just one explanation for that — sucker! But seriously, there wasn’t/isn’t a lot there — since the Belgian newspaper La Meuse announced Henin-Hardenne is separating from her husband Pierre-Yves Hardenne, details have been scarce — no surprise. On her website H-H says she is missing the Aussie Open for personal reasons, and that fans need to respect her privacy, and that she will be back on tour when things are sorted out. Don’t expect much outside of that.

From carl on Martina Hingis’ chances of winning the Aussie Open:
“hello?!?!?! i believe martina CAN still win the autralian open. she might not win against the hard hitters reguarly, but still, her intellligence and shot making will be her weapon against them. and besides, even she’s against those hard hitters, she still finds a way to get through with them!!”

Carl, good luck to you and Martina both. That’s about as likely as Florida beating Ohio State in the…well, perhaps anything can happen. Martina Hingis in the Aussie Open final would be a huge boost for the sport.

From Lovefifteen on Tennis Week magazine putting Maria Sharapova on the cover of their year-end magazine instead of year-end No. 1 Justine Henin-Hardenne:
“They used Maria because it was announced that IMG has purchased TENNIS WEEK. There’s the connection. Henin believe it or not is with SFX home to Agassi and Andy.”

Sharapova and Roger Federer are part of the IMG flagship, along with the Miami tour stop and many other events. That first issue of the re-designed Tennis Week later this year will certainly be scrutinized for its objectivity. The U.S. needs more tennis magazines rather than less, so hopefully Tennis Week (“Week?”) can return to a monthly publication rather than the planned six a year, and as it says keep its “editorial purpose to provide timely tennis news and opinion with independence and balance to urge reform and improvements when and where needed, not taking politically safe positions.”

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