Shocker as Sharapova Withdraws from Miami, Fine on the Way?
by Staff | March 22nd, 2008, 4:12 pm

Hot on the heels of world No. 1 Justine Henin, Maria Sharapova shocked the tennis world over the weekend by withdrawing from next week’s Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, complaining of fatigue.
Sharapova lost in the semifinals of the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells on Friday against fellow Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova, snapping an unbeaten 18-0 win-loss record in 2008.

The player-mandatory Sony Ericsson Open is perhaps the WTA Tour’s highest-profile event on the calendar outside the Grand Slams, begging the question how the tour will fine the Russian.

“This year is so young, and I still have so many big tournaments ahead of me and so many goals that I want to achieve this year,” Sharapova said before pulling out of Miami.

“My body is kind of hurting a little bit,” Sharapova said. “At this point of the year I can’t really be putting any pressure to myself and saying, ‘You’ve got to go out there and play next week.’ If I’m not going to be ready, I’m not going to be ready. No one’s forcing me to go out there and play.”

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9 Comments for Shocker as Sharapova Withdraws from Miami, Fine on the Way?

jane Says:

I read elsewhere that Maria’s shoulder is the reason for her withdrawal, not simple fatigue. And if that is true, and it is her shoulder, then it makes sense for her to withdraw and take care of it now as it plagued her last year and she’s been playing so well thus far this year.

Guy Says:

If Maria really does have the same shoulder problem, then her days as No. 1 are over. She’s way too young to have that kind of chronic injury and since she relies on her serve so much … well, she can only expect patchy performances and hope to hit a good streak during a Grand Slam tournament.

MariaP Says:

Eisenbud says she has a loose shoulder, like Pedro Martinez. It hurt her to lift her arm above the shoulder level. They want to be safe because Maria played with pain last year and it got worse. She’s going to go to Miami to sell phones for S/E. She might ask for a green clay WC.

Raul Says:

These injuries are a strange issue. The only solution I can think of is the ATP having a panel of extra-ordinary sports-injury-medical team who work together with the players’ doctors and work out how “genuine” each of these claims is.

That is not a finished idea, but either we trust the players or work on some idea like that to keep the game growing. I personally will trust the players. If they pull out like this, their stock will fall, ultimately they will pay the price. I believe in a capital world, no free-lunches and all that bull-crap, so maybe things are different for more wise people!

Ebony Says:

Let Maria sit down somewhere and rest, she needs to rest. She urks me…She does not represent the entire tennis world,she’s been lucky thus far but she will never be a Stefi Graf, Lindsey Davenport, Martina Hingis, or a Williams Sister.. Let them both (her and her father) go rest. She needs to let those deformed shoulders rest.

Barbara Says:

Maria – If you have an injury then rest – you’e the best.

Colin Says:

The writer of this article, like half the population of the English speaking world nowadays, does not know the correct use of the phrase “begging the question”. “Begs the question” does NOT mean “poses the following question”. Look it up, or go back to school.

rogers twin sister Says:

Colin: You’re wasting your breath.

Von Says:


It is wise NOT to correct another person’s writing skills/grammar unless we are that much more perfect. Case in point, you stated: like half the population of the English speaking world nowadays,”. Just for the sake of argument, shouldn’t your statement be: ‘like one-half of the population of the English speaking world nowadays’?

These articles are not written as editorials, wherein we have to cross our ‘Ts’ and dot our ‘Is’. Too much time would have to be expended and would take away from the fun or purpose of the blogs. Let’s just try to be a little more forgiving and accepting. “This is the short and the long of it”. :)

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