Murray, Djokovic Bashed; Moscow News Says Sharapova Done?
by Staff | April 21st, 2009, 10:28 am

Andy Roddick was married to SI swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker on Friday near Austin, Texas…

FRENCH TENNIS ALL IN THE KNEES — Gael Monfils is out for a month to rest tendonitis in both knees, and is now iffy for the French Open. Another French hope, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, has not played since Miami and pulled from Barcelona this week with his own knee problem…
AUSSIES HAVE TO GO TO INDIA — India’s Davis Cup tie against Australia next month will be held in Chennai as planned, as the ITF has brushed off a request from Tennis Australia to move the tie, citing security reasons. “The ITF has confirmed that the Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Zone Group I second round tie between India and Australia will take place at the Tennis Stadium in Chennai on 8-10 May,” said an ITF statement. “The location and venue was approved by the Davis Cup Committee following a positive report from the ITF’s security consultants.”…

Dinara Safina is the new first-time No. 1-ranked player on the WTA Tour, replacing Serena Williams, and has yet to win a Slam title…

Vince Spadea at the Tallahassee Challenger, speaking to the Tallahassee Democrat on rapping and tennis: “I think it’s an extension of my career. The longevity that I’ve had has been supplied with some other factors that I enjoy. It keeps me motivated to do something off the court and to know that my job is still on the court.”…

Also at the Tallahassee Challenger, Florida State’s Maciek Sykut and Vahid Mirzadeh upended No. 2 seeds Carsten Ball and David Martin 6-2, 0-6, 10-7…

Carl Maes resigned as the Lawn Tennis Association’s head of women’s tennis, citing personal and family reasons…

MURRAY BASH — writer and Tennis Channel commentator Brian Webber on Andy Murray: “Given his history on clay, don’t look for Murray to do much in the run-up to Roland Garros.” — Great commentary, very insightful. History = will always stay the same? Given Murray’s improved skill level and his hiring of Alex Corretja to help with his clay game, we’ll stay opposedly optimistic. Another Webber gem on Novak Djokovic: “Any time he’s in the draw on clay or grass, Djokovic is a primary threat to win the tournament.” — Uhhh, ok. We thought he was a hardcourt threat, winning the Australian Open and four Masters events on fast court…

The injured Maria Sharapova fell out of the Top 50 last week on the WTA Tour Rankings. The Moscow News says, “Sharapova has been suffering from a torn rotator cuff since April 2008 and has not played a tournament in singles since the Rogers Cup in Montreal in the summer of 2008. Sharapova is unsure where or when she will play again.”…

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178 Comments for Murray, Djokovic Bashed; Moscow News Says Sharapova Done?

Duro Says:

Yes, yes! True about Djokovic! Exactly! He can play almost on every surface his top play! Hard courts – perfect, clay courts, well you all saw it how, grass will be his next surprise! Murray-Djoković finals at this year Wimbledon! All-round super talented player!

Milan Says:

That’s true Duro, when Novak gets serious and down to business, hey he can beat anyone no doubt. It seems he has just started to get serious again. Also he needs to improve his physique and put on few pounds like Murray did. How’s everything in Bar, Milo the Tzar still rules?

Duro Says:

Ha ha ha, to brate Milane! Vlada do smrti (nažalost)! Zbog vladanja naravno!

Long Live the King Says:

Has Nadal or Djokovic ever defended a title on hardcourt? I know Nadala does all these 5peats on clay but on hardcourt, as he won a title where he was the defending champion?

For novak, has he ever defended a title on any surface? If these guys are all-surface players, then how come they dont have repeat titles like Roger had at Wimbledon (5) and halle(5) (grass) USOpen(5), Indian Wells (3), Ausopen and miami (2) [hardcourts] and on Hamburg clay (had 20+ win streak, including his sole victory over Rafa on clay).

Hope to hear from wiser people who post here and not Rafa/Novak poster girls. Please dont get your panties into a bunch.

Duro Says:

Long… You should be called short, like short fuse… Take it easy, man. Don’t get so angry. Mind your own business, and support your dieing king. May be you might revive him. Well, I think not, ha ha ha!

zola Says:

How come Murray is “in te trunk”? the guy played semis in Monte Carlo and played a great second set against Rafa. I would put him in the “funk”.

Stephen Tignor has a different opinion than Webber on Murray. He thinks Murray can challenge Rafa on clay.

and Rafa agrees with him.

All in all I think MC was a great start for Rafa, Djoko and Murray.

I would put ATP in the trunk for trying to eliminate a tournoment as strong as Monte Carlo, with nine of top ten players were there.

Congrats to Safina for the number one spot.

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

I feel so happy every time Federina loses, and she loses every single time because she is the ultimate loser. When Federina cried out after losing to the GOAT at the Australian Open final, that was the happiest moment of my life.

Another strange discovery I have recently made is that whenever someone plays against Federina, I start supporting him just like Rafa. I was horrified to find out that during the Miami Semifinal between Federina and Djoker, I was praying for Djoker to win. If anyone ever told me I would ever “pray” for Djoker, I would have been left in no doubt about that person’s insanity. But that’s how much me and most other people hate Federina the ultimate loser.

zola Says:

Nadal is the GOAT,
You are not a Nadal fan. Stop with it. You want to provoke fans of other players against Rafa with your rude and hurtful comments. don’t you have anything better to do?

margot Says:

Cheeky monkey at Fox! What does he know? Andy’ll show him!
Also Jko on song is a threat on any surface so there!

Shan Says:

Re Australia / India : What security concerns in Chennai?

Dinara : Congrats, hopefully you can live up to the number 1 ranking by proving yourself in a slam final

Sharapova & Ivanovic : The eye candy was great while it lasted

Cindy_Brady Says:


“Nadal is the GOAT” has the right to his opinions just like you do. I like feisty posters who are not afraid to speak their minds. They spice things up!

Felipe Says:

How about some comments on the absurd rudeness of women tennis grunting and shrieking. The thoughtful fan today must only root for the quiet player against the grunter and if both players are shriekers turn the TV off or walk out on that match. One wonders which tourney will have the fortitude to be the first to ban such obnoxiousness which is unrelated to skill, velocity, and achievement. We also wonder which WTA player will have the guts to tell a major grunting opponent to knock it off and refuse to continue with such constant noise pollution.

Cindy_Brady Says:


You can blame Monica Seles for that. She created an army of modern day screamers.

Loved Monica Seles’s game and personality but the screaming every point was beyond annoying.

The Williams sisters and company have followed suit. So unnecessary.

zola Says:

I am not surprised that you like Nadal is the GOAT’s comments.

Insulting players only to hurt their fans is not being feisty. It is most cowardly. Does Federer read these posts? When people have nothing of substance to say, the resort to insult.

S/he can go post something like this on federer’s website and get back some “proper” responses. Then we will see if it is fiesty or not.

Debra Gardner Says:

Congrats to Dinara! Has there ever been another brother and sister who have been number one. I also think people shouldn’t be put down for making number one without having won a slam. they can’t help it if their point totals add up to number one. Winning a slam would solidify things, but there have been people who won slams and never made number one, too.

vared Says:

I am afraid of what will Federer do to himself next time he loses to Nadal at RG or Wim?

Will Federer ever allow anyone to celebrate a win?

jane Says:

ditto margot at 2:17 – you tell em!

jane Says:

Debra Gardner – that’s a great question about Safin/Safina! I don’t think there has ever been another sister/brother numero uno combination. I also agree with your comment about points & slams; it’s not the players’ faults if their points add up to make them number 1, and as you say, some who have slams have never been able to achieve number 1. So it’s relative.

Congrats to Safina!

jane Says:

Re: the screaming comments. Many of the men grunt/make noise when they play also. Not all, but certainly some do. So why single out the women? Maybe it’s the octave?

Cindy_Brady Says:


So your opinion is all that counts and everyone else should be silent. Those who put an opinion which differs from your are deemed “cowardly” and “without substance”. You and only you are capable of posting with substance.

Diversity of opinions is what makes for a better discussion. I’m big enough to accept opposing views.

Are you?

Probably not.

Oh wait….That would require tolerance.

zola Says:

insulting a player is not a view. it is an insult.

I think that’s where we differ.

write all you want about their games, life , whatever, but why insults?

zola Says:

I read somewhere that Dinara and Marat are the first siblings to reach number one.

And I agree. It is not Dinara or Jelena’s fault. What should they do? Do not accept to be number one? Rankings are relative. It shows where they are relative to their peers and right now Safina is the best.

I think shrieking and grunting if done as a tactic is objectionable but I think most people use it to excert more power on their strokes. Then unfortunately we are stuck!

tennisontherocks Says:

‘jane Says:

Re: the screaming comments. Many of the men grunt/make noise when they play also. Not all, but certainly some do. So why single out the women? Maybe it’s the octave?’

you are right about guys grunting and is equally annoying. But usually I see that late in the match and as the rallies get longer. In many women’s matches, it starts on the first shot and just gets worse from there on. That does make me wonder how much is it ‘true effort’ vs ‘annoying habit’.

Daniel Says:

When you start playing tennis they always tell you: “release the air when you hit the ball”, almost like a sigh!

Some add a little noise to help it out, something Kuerten used to do (athough his gru grunts were also loud), but the problem with the laddies is that the sound goes up as the amount of effort they put in a particular stroke, or every stroke. It’s too much sometimes, unnecessary!

Agree with some regarding n. 1, you may not even be the besr in the moment (Fed last year during RG – Wimby), but it shows consistancy, and that is the key for a n. 1 player in todays condition, you can even have a Slam, but you won’t be n. 1 if you are not a complete player duing a whole season.

club pro Says:

Roger Federer will win the French Open and Wimbeldon this year and break the record….His son will be born in July or August I believe, so he will more than likely pull out of the US Open and give somebody else a chance to win it and than come back in 2010 and win Wimbeldon and the US open again along with Australia 2010 which will give him 18 slams and than he will retire and let these other scrubs duke it out for his left overs!…..How do you like that nadal fans!!!

zola Says:

club pro
I think you should go have a drink with Nadal is a GOAT.

MMT Says:

I’m old school, so I think this grunting business is ridiculous and totally unnecessary. People have let it go because it makes for nice commercials and adds to the perception of exertion by the fans. Case in point; I’m sure I’ll get a couple of posts saying the players “need” to grunt because they’re “really” exerting themselves, but if players 30 years ago didn’t have to grunt, then why do modern players?
They don’t and there should be a rule against it – a code violation for unsporting conduct.

They can ban it altogether in the juniors – kids are just imitating the pros as it is, so if you tell them they’ll lose a point for this excessive grunting business it will be a thing of the past within a generation.

Personally I find it extremely annoying.

MMT Says:

Felipe and Cyndi (Cyndi, CYNDI!) Brady:

Interesting, the first player I can think of that audibly grunted on every shot was Jimmy Connors. It would start with his serve and continue on all his shots. But that was more of a coughing sound than grunting and it didn’t reach the level of absurdity that we experience today…but it did start there.

Nobody liked Connors much when he first started playing professionally, so any complaints about it were likely wrapped up in collection a general objections to the man from East St. Louis.

But where I think the grunting started to get ridiculous was with McEnroe. Play this clip ( and listen to the grunting – it’s almost multi syllabic: “Huh-UH!”, “Hu-ah-UH!”


Cindy_Brady Says:

This is a classic example of two great players, one who grunts and the other who does not utter a peep.

Seles Vs Graf

Jimmy Connors grunting was no where near the pitch level of seles’s shrieks. She was such a successful player and role model that all the little girl tennis players around the world wanted to be just like her.

Unfortunately, many don’t realize grunting is unnecessary. It doesn’t channel energy somewhere to make a tennis player strike the ball with more accuracy and ferocity. It’s simply a bad habit like biting your nails. More a mental thing than any thing else.

I like tennis bullies Says:

princess federina to lose before the quarters at french, write it down.

Kroll Says:

“Murray-Djoković finals at this year Wimbledon!”

Of course! Obviously! Nadal clearly doesnt have a chance of making the final, especially considering how rubbish he has been playing in recent times….

“You are not a Nadal fan.”

Are you kidding? And we should take your word for this because….? This is a forum and it has rules which if people follow they get to post on and as far as I can see, these “insulting” people are well under. You are not the Voice of Truth or the Voice of Rafa or the one we all need to listen to. So please stop taking others and rather more importantly, yourself so seriously.

I respect Federer and obviously think he is one of the GOATs but I still find the “Federina” comment mildly funny, even though its obviously lame and sexist. I know girls who are vastly stronger than I am so its ridiculous to take refuge in the “girly” stereotype but it can be on occasion funny. Take Fed for example, he has been lauded immensely for his on-court equanimity and control so why shouldnt he be criticized for his recent over the top-emotional behavior? Thats not really inconsistent is it?

And “cowardice”? We are posting on an Anonymous forum. Why on earth does this require any form of “bravery”?

Cindy_Brady Says:

I like tennis bullies,

I predicted this weeks ago. Don’t take my thunder away…bullie(rina)!

It will be even more shocking when Fed goes down early at Wimbledon.

zola Says:

nice to see you posting again.

I think he wrote something and I wrote my opinion and you and others can comment too. It depends on what you expect from a forum.

zola Says:

oops, I forgot about this:

**This is a forum and it has rules **

really? where are the rules? never seen them.

zola Says:


I don’t know if grunting/shrieking is a habit or if it channels the energy. They do it in martial arts too. But I remember I could not watch Seles just because of that. Serena and Venus were not too bad but Sharapova was too loud and now Azarenka is the same.

Some men grunt but not as high pitched as women, which makes it a little bit more tolerable.

Kroll Says:

“really? where are the rules? never seen them.”

Good question. I have no idea. I was hoping you’d ignore the problem there. Anyway, I imagine it involves not being abusive. And I am sorry I was strong there, I am generally against righteousness based on personal sensibilities…. And I am not a fan of being a fan. (Which reminds me, I should probably find Von and pick at her, for kicks)

zola Says:

I am sorry of that post came off as “righteousness ” . didn’t mean that at all. I guess you should come and post more often and then you might understand why i wrote that.

**I am not a fan of being a fan**
It is good to be able to concentrate on the sport rather than a person. Hopefully I will get there someday, but I think it will be after Rafa!

zola Says:

why Sharapova’s come back is so uncertain? Is it because the injury was very severe or is it bacuse it was her shoulder?
who else had shoulder surgery? Hewitt and Tsonga ( and Haas?) came back to play a few months after their surgeries, but perhaps a shoulder injury is more debiliating. too bad for Sharapova. Hope she can come back soon.

Von Says:

Cindy Brady:

I’m so glad you’re here. You’re exactly what this site needs as opposed to the a**k*ssers. I grease your palm, you grease mine. I won’t talk about your player, because I don’t want to hurt you. Let’s have some honest to goodness honesty here folks.


“Nadal is the GOAT” has the right to his opinions just like you do. I like feisty posters who are not afraid to speak their minds. They spice things up!”

Mazeltov!!!. I love the spicy posters. Those who don’t like to read their comments can hit the page ‘down’ button, but they won’t because they are nosey and cannot resist a good read. Then they emerge with the criticisms and chiding. I left Mother Superior’s office a long time ago, back in my late teens, so I don’t need to be chided, but I come here and get blasted for even writing something from memory.

We have a “one who is righteous with a “halo” around its head here and who directs the traffic, to its liking. I’m a lover of humor and love the posts which are funny. Anyway, you’d be hitting your head against a brick wall against the righteous one. Considering the righteous one has done its share of criticizing ad nauseam, it should be the last one to talk, but unfortunately is the first to ladle out the baloney, snow cones, and reprimands to others with respect to its “unwritten rules”, which I might add, change according to the topic, and moods of the “perfect” one, contradictions galore.

What we have here is not a democratic forum, but one ruled by some idiots who feel that they can pick on another poster for their opinion, without any idea of what it means to be on a forum. This is a situation of where ‘might is right’, and the weakest goes to the wall’.

Unbeknownst to them, because intelligence is limited, when they stifle the posters, they shut down comments and the forum suffers.

I’ve just hit a sour chord so watch out for the imbecile posts coming my way.

Von Says:

Kroll, dahling, how I’ve missed you!

Thanks for rising up again with the voice of reason. I love it. So you want to pick on me, eh? Well, here I am. I’ve been cutting down on my humor/posts because I’ve been placed in a strait jacket by the ankle biters — the internet voyeurs, who just read, don’t post much, but are ready to pounce. Lord help us all.

Von Says:


“You are not the Voice of Truth” — the one and only.

“or the Voice of Rafa” — he is her personal property. She owns him, lock stock, pant picking et al. Immediately his name is mentioned, an antenna goes up and she right there picking away like woody the woodpecker.

“or the one we all need to listen to.” Do we have a choice, hers is the first word in and the last word out.

Watch out, Von, you’re in for some nice tongue lashing from the ‘righteous one’. Let’s get it on.

Von Says:

I think some of the men’s incessant groaning is absolutely distracting. I can’t stand Nadal’s and David Ferrer’s lamentations — they sound as though they are in the throes of passion. If I were a player I’d freak out from the sounds emanating from those two.

jane Says:

margot – did you see this story about Murray & Bend it Like…?

Kimmi Says:

Ha ha ha ! Regarding the groaning, what about Guga..I think Guga’s was horrible. I remember when i used to watch him my family would make fun at me by imitating Guga. Nadal I think is also horrible, unfortunately he is winning so much so I kind of don’t have a choice, Ferrer, i can’t even remember the last time I watch him.

Von Says:

Tipsy has a most deep in the nerve type of groan/grunt, like the dentist hitting the last nerve with his drill. Not only that, it’s when he chooses to use it. That grunt upset Roddick big time at Wimby. Tipsy groans during the server’s wind-up when he is doing the ball toss, and that’s unnecessary, unethical and just plain gamesmanship to throw off the server.

zola Says:

don’t tire yourself out. write all you want. You have to find someone to bite every time. One day it is Ra. One day Kimmi. But I am not as nice as them and can put you where you belong. Just leave me alone.

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

Nadal will win 12 straight French Open titles, 7 straight Wimbledons, 5 straight Australian Opens and 3 straight US Opens. He will win calendar slams in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He will remain the world no. 1 until 2016. I think even after he retires from tennis in his mid-thirties he can come back every year just to play the clay court season, and he will be able to win the French Open until he is 45.

The next 10 years of tennis will be sheer torture for Von and other Nadal haters. The Latin champion will become the greatest sportsman of all time.

Von Says:


I shouldn’t even dignify your drivel by answering but what the heck. Last word in, again, toot, toot! Nice that you can find allies. You talk about Ra, who picked on whom? Show me where I picked on Ra? It was the other way around. He decided to reprimand me for my comment on Fed’s baby — he didn’t like my stand on morals, even though many others were writing similar thoughts. I let him do his thing, answered him once, and ignored the rest. He next picked on my comments equating me to a plagiarizer, a fraud and a thief of language, because God forbid I have a good memory and something was to be found in Wiki equating to my text book knowledge. And what of Kimmi? Nearly every time I write something, even though others would write the same thing, she’d pick on my comments, with an ankle-biting, chiding post. The last time 2 men wrote on the same topic as I did, but she chose to pick on me. Why, because I’m easy target, or is it because she’s afraid to tangle with the men, and then she proceeded to lecture me about how difficult my life will be on this board. At least when I pointed out she was doing similar, she had the good sense to let it go, but not you, you just keep harping on and on. Get a life woman, you repulse me.

Nice strategy, Zola, looking to engage my ankle-biting adversaries in your fight. Can’t you ever just for once, argue reasonably without trying to demonize anyone? Learn to fight fair not gutter dirty, it’s not necessary. But then again, you just don’t have the wherewithal to do that, because you’re lacking in consistency, class, intelligence and adult thinking. You don’t like my posts now, because I don’t suck up to you, keep me under your thumbs or in submission, and laud praises on Nadal anymore. I point out his mistakes, so I’m now your enemy, and you can’t handle that. anyone who speaks even the truth about Nadal is immediately a marked target. I’m surprised you didn’t knock giner over last night when he said someone should kick the bottles down. But, let me guess, he’s not one to tangle with, and you’re a coward and a bully, even though you like to hang that name on others.

I’ve yet to come across someone with such a voracious appetite for the histrionics and semantics, and nonsensical arguments. Not to mention the vacillation and the brusque tone. You LIE consistently and without any scruples. You come up with these ridiculously stupid and unintelligent answers, not to mention how much you harp on every player’s behavior except for Nadal. everything bothers you with respect to the players. I’m so sick and tired of your garbage whenever Nadal wins a title. We’re treated to non-stop revisions of his curriculum vitae, look up the word, I used it on purpose. It’s sickening. You persist in drumming into every one’s head how fantastic he is — let his record speak for itself, you can take a rest from that because there a many Nadal fans who do the same — the redundancy is stifling! You pick up on lines written by ‘fed is afraid’ and “Nadal is the Goat’, with the pretext of making yourself appear to be fair to other players, when i’m damned sure inside you’re just enjoying, but you indulge in this farcity just to ingratiate yourself with FoT and others. However, you sometimes let dolwn the guard and it all comes spilling out.

Maybe now would be a good time for me to list the many, many posters you have upset and picked on, but I won’t do that, because I don’t need to reinforce my arguments using other people, I can do that all by myself. That’s my job, I can fight my own battles without finding allies.

Anyway, now that you’ve succeeded in getting a rise out of me, which I’ve tried very hard not to do, well, there’s no stopping me now, and I’m not going to turn the other cheek. Enjoy your new friends, Ra and, Kimmi. You say you’re not as nice as them, do you even know the meaning of the word “nice”? I’d gladly leave you alone, but you CAN’T leave me alone, and therein the the problem lies. What’s the matter luv, you lonesome for some intelligent discussions? Too bad babe, my heart bleeds for you — try some honey it always works.

Now be a good girl, take a sip of wine or something, a deep breaths of air, and then you can come back at me with one of your beauties. I’ll leave you with some of Shakespeare’s quotes:

“Done to death by slanderous tonge”; “asses are made to bear, and so are you”, and the last “the milk olf human kindness does not run in your veins”.

If you think that by your constant drip, drip venom, I’m going to stop posting again, guess what it’s not gonna happen this time, so dream on.

Von Says:

Footnote to my 11:04 pm post — I’m looking forward to one of your troll posts tonight or tomorrow stating what a “bad” person I am, jst like you done in times past. Carry on and don’t let this disarm you, and I mean you Zola. Or was that you @ 10:43 pm?

Kroll Says:

“Kroll, dahling, how I’ve missed you!”

Now, now, people might get the wrong idea…But ditto(it takes considerable effort admitting that…!).

“I shouldn’t even dignify your drivel by answering”

Good thing you kept it short then! :)

And BTW I saw you and Jane fussing about Brookly Decker’s Dress. I mean, Really…? Thanks for reinforcing the ‘girly’ stereotype (rolling my eyes…)

Regarding the groaning and shrieking, (And yes Rafa does sound like he’s getting some on court..!) I think its easier to tolerate it in the face of obvious brilliance. Thats probably the case for all idiosyncracies and annoyances that players have, I guess. Think of the crap that McEnroe used to pull, and people always thought he was funny.

zola Says:

I don’t know what your problem is. You are always in search of attention. positive or negative and you have ways to do both and when you don’t get it you have to start something, anything! why do you always have to start a fight? what is wrong with you?

Ra exposed your plagiarism. You copy/paste material from wikipedia just to show how smart you are!

life is too short to waste on you. Go find another pray.

Kroll Says:

Nadal is the GOAT
“Nadal will win 12 straight French Open titles, 7 straight Wimbledons, 5 straight Australian Opens and 3 straight US Opens.”

You bet he’s gonna…! While he’s at it, I fully expect him to learn to fly like a bird and breathe underwater. I m sure you agree….

Von Says:


“Now, now, people might get the wrong idea…But ditto(it takes considerable effort admitting that…!).”

Finally, our romantic internet interlude has come to light. Where there is darkness, let there be light. Ha, ha. “But ditto”. What did it take out of you to admit that you missed me too? I was doing an Eva/Zsa Zsa Gabor on you, dahling. Why did you disappear for so long? Don’t you know I pine away, and am only a smidgen of myself when you aren’t around? Ha, ha, ha, x 10. Glad you dropped by to liven up things though, and I hope you’ll stick around a bit longer.

“Good thing you kept it short then! :)”

I had to bite my tongue from saying more. LOL

About Decker’s dress, well you know we girls have to fuss about something. Mine is still in my closet, very protected from the elements. Once in a while I try it on to judge if I’ve gained any weight since then.

“Regarding the groaning and shrieking, (And yes Rafa does sound like he’s getting some on court..!”

I think David Ferrer’s is even worse. Giner, once described it very aptly.

“Think of the crap that McEnroe used to pull, and people always thought he was funny.”

Never cared much for Johnnie Mc, but he was in a different era, and I suppose he felt entitled. Celebrity entitlement.

Catch ya later, I have to watch Star Trek with Mr. Data. I miss Mr. Spock!

Von Says:


“Ra exposed your plagiarism. You copy/paste material from wikipedia just to show how smart you are!”

You are now plagiarising, because those are Ra’s words “to show how smart you are”. You and Ra can shake hands — he can’t handle someone being smart so he has to find ways to discredit them. Why the hell should Ra care what I write, if he weren’t out to prove how ‘smart’ he thinks he is? For your information and possibly Ra’s too, Wiki is a collection of people’s ideas and can be edited by anyone. I know you didn’t know that, did you? There isn’t anyone’s name to cite. If Ra or you were that smart as to understand the reason and existence of Wiki you would know that, and it’s the reason I DON’T use it, because I like ORIGINALITY in my writing. I acknowledged the Wiki info as “cite: wikipedia”. I wonder if you both understood that. I did it to humor Ra.

On the other hand, to be more accurate, your posts are the work of cut and paste from Bodo’s articles, some other tennis writers and posters too, to show us on this board you know about the game since 2006. too bad.

“life is too short to waste on you.” Go find another pray.”

I wonder if you realize this, or maybe it’s the reason you are such a vampire, sucking at everybody’s blood whenever they talk about Nadal. You’re so besotted with him — methinks you have a bad, over the board crush on the guy — cradle snatching.

“Go find another pray.” The word is “PREY”. GOSH YOU CAN’T EVEN COPY AND PASTE CORRECTLY. Buy a dictionary, because spell check can’t help if you don’t know the right word.

You’ve told me many times over, that you don’t have ‘time to waste on me’, and yet … you persist in so doing. Anyway, have fun, because I know you can’t resist the urge to have the last word, so please be my guest, I’m begging you. Write some more so we can all see how utterly limited you are in your writing skills. and, don’t forget the troll posts. This will be my last answer to any more drivel you write.

I just have one question for you, is there any time you post that you feel happy and carefree come here just to have fun instead of just the usual snarling? Sheesh.

life is too short to waste on you. Go find another pray.

Von Says:

correction: the last line should be delete from my 1:29 am post.

zola Says:

go take your pills and chill out!

Von Says:

Sory for the addendum:

“why do you always have to start a fight? what is wrong with you?”

I think you were doing this since 2:55pm today when you were disciplining Cindy Brady and others, Mother Superior. I think that name is too classy for you though, because my Mother Superior had class and tact not street brusqueness. Now, I have to ask you your own question: “why do you always have to start a fight? what is wrong with you?”

Yeah, what is wrong with you? Maybe someone can give you a free diagnosis?

zola Says:

I didn’t start a fight. You jumped in today with your post. I stayed away from anything concerning you even when Ra was showing with evidence what a cheater you are.

As I said, you just die for attention, but you are not going to get it from me. Jump up and down and much as you want, bang your head to the wall and type type type until you drop. It is your problem.

Von Says:


Per Ra, the Wiki expert and Zola, the demon, I’m a cheater, a fraud and a plagiarizer. Even though I’ve substantiated my source of the quote, from memory, which I used from “Human Development – a LifeSpan Approach”, I’m still a cheater. Well so be it. I think Zola, you’d learn a little if you were to read and COMPREHEND those books. Then you’d understand more fully why Ra did what he did and my substantiation of my source. Ra was just on a witch hunt because I dared to cross him. I’m still waiting for him to show me where I attacked him, as he has grossly exaggerated his claims to such an action. I can proffer evidence of my claims to his behavior which has angered him to become so vindictive. I can supply the link to that thread.

This is now kid’s stuff and i’m now tired of it. Anyay, Ra, i hope you’ve enjoyed the fruits of your witch-hunt which was unwarranted. Good luck.

Ra you can thank Zola for including you to press home her point as to how terrible a person you BOTH think I am.

Anyway, Zoloft, per Cindy Brady, go take your pills.

zola Says:


you can’t even write one sentence of your own. you have to use my own sentences.perhaps didn’t have time to find something in a wiki post.

I repeat:

Jump up and down and much as you want, bang your head to the wall and type type type until you drop. It is your problem.

zola Says:

Let’s get back to tennis. Is there a thread about Barcelona?

the draw:

sorry if it has been posted before.

It is interesting. Rafa can have Gasquet and then Nalby in the quarters, Davydenko or Wawrinka in the semis and Verdasco or Ferrer in the final.

Also Fognini lost in the first round. He played was so good against Murray up to 5-0 the first set and then choked and faded away.

The match between Kunitsyn ( who beat Ferrero ) and Nalby should be interesting. Also there is Stepanek-Tipsy and of course Rafa-Gil.

Tj Says:

I think Zola is right, let’s get back to tennis. I can’t believe a lot of people are full of anger these days.

Check out Nadal against Gil. Should be interesting.

Rsutherland Says:

Von –
Thank you once again for the entertainment. As an enthusiastic Rafa admirerer who has previously engaged with you, I find your rants in this blog particularly entertaining (albiet not so much as the plethora of Rafa’s victories which trump all of our meager opinions). You may want to consider keeping your tirades more concise however.
Nadal is the GOAT –
I am hot, are you? Maybe we should meet…

Tj Says:

Congratulation to Safina for No. 1 spot.

Tj Says:

Totally agree with comment about Djoko. He is remain BIG threat to win tournament on clay as well as hardcourt. Remember Rome last year!

Von Says:

“I think Zola is right, let’s get back to tennis.”

Maybe if Zola didn’t take it upon herself to become involved in other posters’ posts, making it her job to be this site’s disciplinarian, judging who should write what and when, no one would become angry. Also, if she’d do some research before mud-slinging, she’d see that the assertions of the person or persons whose cause she’s championing for labeling another poster, myself, as a “cheater” is unfounded, but lack of knowledge is pitiful, and Zola is indeed to be pitied.

The following attests to Wikipedia’s credibility and would probably furnish Zola with some insight/knowledge which she’s desperately lacking — a learning process, courtesy of Von.

Zola read and be informed, and when you’re done send it to Ra:

I’m angry yes, because Zola has deemed fit to latch onto something she is ignorant about, but finds some sort of sadistic satisfaction in so doing just for the sake of being vituperative and perpetuating a vendetta.

I’m even more aghast and utterly disgusted that someone who claims to be so intelligent, Ra, would stoop so low as to accuse me, without absolute proof and mere coincidence, that I plagiarized a sentence from Wikipedia, a site where anyone can edit information. This is offensive to me because I NEVER use Wikipedia And, what’s even worse, now we have Zola, who in my opinion, is sadly lacking in grammatical and comprehension skills, is deriving great pleasure from that situation, repeating it to the point of ad nauseam several times, but that’s the ‘jaws of life’ for you. Once she gets her teeth into something, she never lets go.

“I can’t believe a lot of people are full of anger these days.”

Which world do you live in? Surely it’s not this one. What’s even more pitiful is the fact that you are blinded as to what has transpired, but let me guess you’re a Nadal fan, and there’s a sort of brotherhood loyalty in the gang, and considering she’s the chief director of operations for Nadal’s activities on this site, you’ve got to side with her.

Duro Says:

Von, I don’t like to see you angry…

Von Says:


Can’t say I enjoy your poor attempts to discredit Murray.

I see you’re back for your semi-annual and annual visit. If memory serves me correctly, it was last year on the MC thread, where you blasted me for defending Djokovic due to Federer’s “be quiet” uttered to Djokovic’s parents. At that time you also mentioned Nadal’s butt picking and alluded to the fact that you’d be in “heaven” to be the one who could be the “butt-picker” (not verbatim but you get my drift). You also mentioned that you had to reprimand someone earlier on another thread for their unkind remarks towards Federer, to which i replied, if that’s your job going from site to site reprimanding other posters, but you didn’t answer. (All of this is not verbatim as I’m constructing same from memory).

Now your love is narrowed down to only Nadal, claiming he’s the only classy top 4 guy. Why am I not surprised? Your love for the butt-picking trumps everything. LOL.

“Nadal is the GOAT –
I am hot, are you? Maybe we should meet…”

So you are now picking up people on this site? LOL I couldn’t resist that one. sorry i can’t comply with your request to be con cise, I’m sure by now you know that I’m overly verbose. Are you having fun? I hope so, but please don’t bother to answer, I don’t need to know. The way I see it, I don’t know any of you people, so why would I care what you think of me. In my personal life i care, but here it’s UNIMPORTANT what you or anyone thinks about me, because I’m not running for the Ms. Congeniality award, nor do i need a job, or a husband. Thanks for the comedic relief through, it’s appreciated.

Fedex Says:

Long Live the King!

That is one heck of an ID you have got. Dont bother about the facts. The fact is that Roger is already established as a GOAT on grass (5slams, longest winning streak), hardcourt(8 slams, longest winning streak) and clay (3FO finals and a semi-final and 5hamburg finals, 3 monte carlo finals, 2 rome finals with 4 titles in hamburg and all but one of the above losses coming to the Greatest player on clay!)

Rafa on the other hand has done enough to be the GOAT on clay and has good results on hardcourts and grass (definitely comparable to 3rd tier champions on hardcourt/grass like safin/hewitt or maybe even roddick. He still has a long way to enter the league where Roger, Pete, Andre, Jmac, Becker/Edberg and other 5 + slam winners on hardcourts reside. Ofcourse nadal is not done yet. At this time however he is superior to Roger only on clay. On Grass it is 2-1 in Rogers favor and it is 3-3 on hardcourts.

Djokovic and Murray are still cheap fish. Who knows if they will end up like roddick/safin/hewitt or becker/edberg? They sure as hell wont enter the league where Roger/Pete/Laver/Borg exist now. Nadal is the only guy who has a shot at it. He will enter the league if he can crush djokovic and murray on hardcourts like Roger crushed roddick/hewitt/safin. If he fails to do so he will just remain a Clay goat who also has credible hardcourt/ grass achievements (compared to (Roger/Pete/Andre/Becker/Edberg/Lendl/Jmac/Borg/Connors) I for one think murray at the least will do considerable damage to Nadal’s goals/plans on hardcourt. Djokovic has turned out a real joker who actually started off strong and once the expectations rose, fell flat on his face. He better stop his WTA level romances with the ATP trainers and actually concentrate on becoming physically fit like real men (Read Rafa/Roger. heck i will even throw andy roddick a bone there! Murray is much better than him, but he still has to win a GS like joker did last year) Interesting times ahead :) I felt the same in 2000 with hewitt/safin on the move and roger/andy in the wings. I thought safin will kill the others in that group, but boy o boy! did federer take full control of that generation :)

Nadal has a huge headstart over murray/joker due to his out-of-the-world clay expertise. On hardcourts and grass however murray and djokovic have their chances. If not for the crazy Wimbledon schedule in 07, joker might have made a huge dent on Rafa’s grass resume. He was totally out of gas by the time he finished his consecutive marathon matches against hewitt and baghdatis. That is one retirement where I think joker was actually genuine. Also, if gasquet undergoes a brain/”wilanders” transplant, who knows? He is actually more talented than nadal, even perhaps on clay, but absolutely no brain/heart of a champion.

Anyways, what 2008 and 2009 have shown is that things can change fast, especially in a young man’s game like tennis. Lets hope Roger can fight Father Time as well as Agassi/Connors and not give up like Sampras/Borg/Becker/Jmac!

Last but not the least – Von is a MEGA-phony character. Her only agenda is to keep throwing darts at great champions like Roger and Rafa (she has done that to Novak as well (check USopen threads where Novak thrashed Andy, but tries her best not to, as she needs sympathy from jokers like duro and other ignorant novak fans) with the hope of making them look mediocre so she can feel good about Andy. I just started respecting Andy last year and posters like her and Tam or another stupid roddick fan kill any respect I might have for him. I respect Rafa because he has a lot of reasonable fans like Zola. Novak seems to be a victim of unnecessary serbian nationalistic pride – attracting his share of stupid fans. I still try to cut him slack because of Jane, but there is no other respectable Novak fan.

I am yet to see a reasonable Roddick fan on this site. You see posters like Von who are in the delusion that Roddick is the Next Pete Sampras. I guess that is what happens when you refuse to rise above the jingoistic national media and actually see how others view the World. If roddick was not an american, no one would be even suggesting he is in the same level as Roger/Rafa. but hey, what do you expect from people who voted a sub-par IQ oil-baron for their leader not once, but twice? :)

Rsutherland Says:

Truth be told, I have a sense of humor and fun regarding this whole site.
I do not know any of these tennis players personally nor will I ever. What I find remarkable above all is exactly how hot and bothered you (and anyone else for that matter) can get regarding people who are complete strangers, particularly since they do all the work while we sit on our bums and watch.
I mean really, think about it; You get so angry, yet exactly how much does any of this have to do with your life?
Perhaps some professional help may be in order for you. I am selfish however, and would hate to miss out on your rants; those which prompt me to make my occasional visits on here.

Fedex Says:

“Perhaps some professional help may be in order for you. ”

Truer words have not been spoken in this forum. Good luck to the shrink who dares to accept that job. He can gather a lot of information on how to tame the shrew right on this forum, browsing through all the comments Von has made. It wont take a Freud to see what her problem is. She lives her life through andy roddick. His failure(which any objective person will tell you that most people on the world will happily take as unparalleled success) gets to her so much that she has to smear other top-notch athletes who are a league above Roddick. Roger and Rafa being the targets right now. I am sure Novak and Murray will get their fair share of smear if they were to ever thrash Andy on the court like Roger does or if they become a bigger star than Roddick like Rafa has become.

Anyways, we can only advise. God bless the people who have to put up with this on a daily basis.

Von Says:


Sorry, but I can’t let this opportunity pass of not answering you. I agree with you that these players are strangers to us so why should we become angry. You can also ask the same question of Zola and the guy who posted before you, Fed Ex, who’s not only a mega phoney, but has several aliases.

Let’s take Zola for instance, why is she so cantankerous and bellicose? The woman becomes totally blown away when anyone even mentions Nadal’s name. Look at her posts yesterday, she was jumping at everyone left and right with her vicious attacks. Do you think Nadal would even say hello to her if he were to see her? I think not. Yet, the woman loses every once of reason and perspective the minute anyone even mentions his name. Perhaps you could ask her the same question you’ve asked me, but I doubt you would, because she is a Nadal fan, and since you love him so much, especially your fondness for picking out his wedgie, I doubt you will.

If I need professional help, what do you and Zola need? Believe me, I think I’m a lot more sane than both of you. And, why should it matter to you how angry or unhappy anyone becomes? Read the posts by all means, have fun, but it’s not within your purview to pass judgment on me or anyone for that matter. Why should you care what Murray does or doesn’t do, or who’s bothered or not? I’m lost here. To me you are a bundle of contradictions and opinions and can’t seem to find a clear path. Anyway, carry on, and do as you seem fit.

One thing that has become very clear to me, is that I’m a Roddick fan, who has absolutely no reason whatsoever posting on these threads. I’m in a very bad place here and there won’t be anything positive to gain from posting here. It’s a waste of time. I received two invitations to post on two sites I posted on recently, and I think that’s exactly what I’ll do, because it’s abundantly clear to me that I don’t belong here.

I used to communicate with a poster on this who led me to believe he was a Roddick fan, however, he jumped ship, is now a Nadal fan and posts under another name. I suppose he thinks I’m very stupid that I haven’t been able to correlate the change, but guess what, I steer clear of his posts and laugh when I see how much he tries to cover his tracks. That said, you can see how much fun I also derive. Sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t be around to give you the comedic relief you don’t want to miss out on. Tah, tah, and bye. bye. The next time you happen to visit this site it will be minus me. Let the celebrations begin.

Von Says:

FedEx, Latent Talent, et al.:

You’ve done a good job of disguising your identity — retrieving one of your old names and now talking to Long live as though he is a different poster. You’re both one and the same, as Roddick is a Donkey, Latent Talent, Jack, Joker, et al., same words, and nothing new. You call me a phoney and you also mention TD, while complimenting Zola because she’s a Nadal fan. Got to give credit though to you Nadal/Fed fans, you stick together. If there’s anyone who’s a Mega phoney, it’s Zola. She plays both sides of the coin. One time she’s knocking Federer down and next time she’s championing his cause. But, she’ll always fool fools like you. You are consistent with your posts though, you always use the word “Anyways”, and include God Bless. I can’t believe someone as mentally messed up as you know God. A dead give away. Kudos for trying.

Since when did you champion Djokovic’s cause, but are doing so now to throw off people to show them that that you are a different person.

In your post as Federer Rules, you’ve done the same, you’ve given credit to jane, because she was ‘restoring respect to women’ for saying Fed’s baby news was wonderful. So now you’re cutting Djoko some slack because of her? I remember last year she had to beg you to stop calling him the awful names you called him and you agreed to do so, but stated but she (jane) should know that some sites pay people to be controversial and keep the posts flowing. Now you’re behaving like you never did anything, LOL. I’m laughing, because it’s all so funny.

One of your favourite sayings is “absolute power corrupts”. I remember when you stomped on SGreen who was one of your regular targets and Kroll, when you were posting as Latent Talent. Your harassment of SGreen was absolutely pathetic. You also have a penchant for human excrement.

“Von is a MEGA-phony character. Her only agenda is to keep throwing darts at great champions like Roger and Rafa.”

I think you’re describing your friend Zola here. When does Zola ever say anything good about any other player? However, she gets away with her garbage because you nadal fans fans have to show solidarity. Zola is one of the most shallow-minded, dense people I’ve ever encountered on a blog or in my dealings with people. to say she is a mess is putting it mildly. She’s vicious and vituperative, just like you. Birds of a feather stick together.

“Check US open threads where Novak thrashed Andy, but tries her best not to, as she needs sympathy from jokers like duro and other ignorant novak fans) with the hope of making them look mediocre so she can feel good about Andy.”

Show me where I trashed Djoko at the US Open. The only thing I said was that those who were complimenting Novak for his comments, I hope they’ll be around to help him when the press starts pouncing on him.

I’ve got to say you are really something else and then some. You guys are really funny and don’t like it when people are hip to what you do. I can show posts where jane had to plead with you to lighten up on Djoko because of the slamming you did to him, and now you’re behaving like you’ve never done anything. Show me in the US open posts where I said anything derogatory about Novak. I know what you’re trying to do, you’re trying to turn the Djoko posters against me while ingratiating yourself with them. Get this through your sick mind, I don’t care, you and others like you are just blanks, I don’t know you, so why would I care. I expected this would happen, you could be Zola’s troll for all I know.

You see FedEx, I have a good memory and I can show hard evidence where you are not what you’re claiming to be. When I’m finished with this post I’ll find the threads to support my claims. I’m a factual person and I deal with facts.

The whole crux of this matter is that you and people like you, some Fed and Nadal fans don’t like Roddick, and naturally because TD and I are Roddick fans, we’ll be the target of your sick posts. And, the only reason you don’t like Roddick is because he’s American per your last paragraph. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. what i don’t understand is how you could live in this country and hate its citizens so much. This is where you and Zola are so alike.

At least I’m a loyal Roddick fan. I don’t switch around like some people here. One time they are a Federer fan, then they become a Nadal fan because Fed is losing and/or a Djoko fan. I remain loyal because I don’t need to back a Top 5 player. I don’t like a player solely for the tennis he plays or because he’s in the top 5; there are other things that are relevant and make up the whole picture. Some of you only like to know that you support the best player, e.g., Zola with nadal, and it’s the reason why she has to continuously recite his achievements, because it makes her feel good that her player is the best. The same with the ex-Federer fans, now that he’s not the best, they’ve switched allegiance. Lord help such turn-coats.

As far as Roddick fans being on this site, I believe TD and myself is all that’s left now due to idiots like yourself and Zola who have beaten him to death by your criticisms, and his fans have left. Both you and Zola are like two peas in a pod and can find nothing good to say about him. Are you sure you’re not one and the same person also? I won’t be surprised because you are both head cases and think everyone else is crazy except the two of you.

I will post the links and then I’d like to hear your comments denying each one.

I have a gift for you, Zola and all those of you who hate me so much, I’ve decided to call it quits here and ost on two other sites who’ve asked me to do so.

To my ex-friend the guy who was once killing off everyone but is now concerned with the environment, I’ve known all along that you are a nadal fan, and it’s the reason why I steer clear of your posts. I think the new earth conscious name is better than the doom and gloom name. Enjoy.

Last but not least, to the few friends I made while posting, it’s time for me to move on, but it was a pleasure knowing you. Thanks for the memories.

Von Says:


Here’s some of your hypocrisy, more to come.

Fedex Says:
woohoo! Rafa gets one set across jokebich. Just cannot root against a player who gives it his all like Rafa!

Vamos Rafa!

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 10:58 am

jane Says:

You’re right; I thought that Djoko might even things up at the end of the first set. He got so close, to 30-40 in the last game, but the insurance break Rafa had saved him. Djoko just started to slowly imo; he looked like he wasn’t awake (but that’s probably just me…). And then he got negative as he can sometimes do.

I actually like players that show their emotions on the court; makes me identify with them more. But I don’t like when their emotions hurt their games, as can be the case with some of my faves – Murray, Safin, Djoko. It’s best when they can use the anger to fire them up – like when Djoko tossed his racquet yesterday and got back on track. Otherwise they need to focus!

Which Novak seems to have done in this second. He’s definitely seeing the ball better.

I respect that you’re a loyal Fed fan, and a Rafa fan too, and of course you’re entitled to say whatever you want about Novak on these boards. However, it’d be nice if you used his real name once and a while! He is a pretty decent player after all.

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 11:14 am

jane Says:

I guess most of those who I don’t bother to plead to aren’t regulars, like you, but are sock puppets.

But I have defended Rafa many a time, and I even piped up against “Fed is afraid” when he first showed up here too, by asking him if he could actually comment on matches instead of castigating Fed repeatedly.

But okay – we can leave it to the moderators; I just thought I’d ask…

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 1:14 pm

zola Says:
I saw Jane’s plea. I guess I would ask the same. I am no Djoko fan, you know, but he played great and he lost. why the name calling?
There are a few on this board who like to take tennis to personal levels. Somehow I don’t see you in that mix.

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Fedex Says:
Ok, Jane – Djokovic played a good match. There you go I said it.

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 1:59 pm

Fedex Says:
Zola – done! you guys are going to reduce the hits on this blog if you dissuade people from name-calling. Most sites actually hire people to post provocative comments.

Peace guys.

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 2:04 pm

zola Says:
I saw Jane’s plea. I guess I would ask the same. I am no Djoko fan, you know, but he played great and he lost. why the name calling?
There are a few on this board who like to take tennis to personal levels. Somehow I don’t see you in that mix.

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Fedex Says:
Ok, Jane – Djokovic played a good match. There you go I said it.

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 1:59 pm

Fedex Says:
Zola – done! you guys are going to reduce the hits on this blog if you dissuade people from name-calling. Most sites actually hire people to post provocative comments.

Peace guys.

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 2:04 pm

zola Says:
you are great just like your man!
Hope he wins that gold. The same for Rafa!

jane Says:
Fedex – hallelujah. And peace.

Leave the name-calling to sock-puppets.

Posted August 15th, 2008 at 2:09 pm

Fedex Says:
“That puts yet another dent in the anachronistic view that South Americans are all clay court specialists.”

huh? did i miss a south american winning a non-clay GS in the last 15-20 years? Nothing anachronistic about it.

Spannish/south american players prefer the dirt. Aussies/Americans prefer the grass/faster hardcourts. Tell me such a view is anachronistic when spannish/south americans host aus/us on a faster surface or americans/aus host spannish/south americans on clay.

Till such a thing happens, it is the rule rather than the exception. A nadal or an agassi or a nalbandian (though not as successful as the other two, he is an exception) is too little to change the rule.

Nevertheless del potro is playing some good tennis right now. It is too bad he cant serve better considering his height. With his height and his ground strokes, he should have had some big results already. last year he played rafa at RG, roger at wimbledon and novak (happy jane?) at US open and failed to win a set in all 3 matches. He should really be able to crank that serve up. He could get even more impressive results then.

Posted August 16th, 2008 at 3:23 pm

Sean Randall Says:

Von, enough. Do I need to elaborate?

margot Says:

Cheers jane, had not seen that reference.
von, von, have you really gone?

margot Says:

jane: just read it, Andy looked very smart I must say! Of course he and Bex share the same agent now which explains why they’re 2gether. They must be working on Andy’s image.

jane Says:

margot: “Of course he and Bex share the same agent now which explains why they’re 2gether. They must be working on Andy’s image.” Oh, I had no idea Beckham and Andy had the same agent; well that explains it to a degree – good cause anyhow.

Von – you shouldn’t leave altogether. Take a break if need be (sometimes I need to) but don’t vanish.

Leftykick Says:

I am afraid Margot that Von sounded pretty final.

So I don’t think we will be hearing from her again on this forum – shame really. This should be a place with room for lots of different points of view.

I for one wish her well…

Hey Margot, Colin are you planning to be at the season ending Masters Cup (or whatever they call it now) this year since it’s in London? Good chance of seeing Murray lift the trophy live.

Cindy_Brady Says:


Posters getting mad and claiming to never post on a website message board again “UNTIL” the next time they post on the same message board again.


Heard this song and dance all before. Pops corn and waits til’ Rome begins!

Guy who is not on a witch-hunt and is not at all pleased by this mess only Says:

Hi jane,

Sorry Djokovic lost; I was rooting for him.

Duro Says:

Jane, what’s going on with Von? She’s an expert in human behavior, it’s inexcusable to lose control like this. She is passionate which I adore, but angry and control losing, which disappoints me. I like her very much, she’s clever endlessly and it’s a shame that she gives up and surrender. Try to do something and bring her back, please. Without her the posts are getting shorter and shorter…

blah Says:

Someone missed the don’t feed the troll(s) sign =|

anyway, this whole page is quite humorous, and the rants are classic. I agree that discussing top four over and over again can get a bit tiring, though they deserve most of the attention. Having a different voice is often refreshing, so the most verbose and frequent poster here would be missed by me as well, for even though she may be a bit of a hypocrite as even she is guilty of some of the accusations, her accusations are nevertheless truthful, and losing a voice of dissent leads to losing another element needed for insightful discussions, since most are likely to discuss subjects that have been discussed umpteenth times, and the conclusions will be similar to all other conclusions before it.

And um… hopefully Gasquet does something in clay/grass seasons. kthxbai

Duro Says:

Jane, here’s a little present for you and for other Nole’s fans: Enjoy!

FoT Says:

Hey I’m a strong strong Federer fan but I like Zola too! She’s fair. So you guys need to lay off her!

Also to that fan who predicted Nadal would dominate for the next 100 years or so… hey, enjoy Nadal’s rise so far because it can be taken away by someone in a snap. Two years ago Roger was still winning 3 of 4 slams – seems like…yet now some are predicting he won’t win another (not me though). I bring this up to show how fast things in tennis can change. So while you’re predicting that Nadal can still win the French when he’s 45 years old… I will say that was a pretty good joke (or at least I hope you meant it as a joke).

Kroll Says:

I think I told you this a long time ago – You Need to stop being defensive. We are on an anonymous forum (e.g. “I like tennis classies…” I mean, Really…?) where anyone can say Whatever they want. So you dont need to leave…thats ridiculous, just take it easy (in most cases thats a very condescending remark but Here its the only way)

Kroll Says:

Rafaeli, the Queen of Clay..! And Federina earlier! Haha!

jane Says:

Yes Von – just come back already.

Duro – LOL! That is ONE hilarious dance by Djokovic. This is why, in part, I love the guy. When he’s done with tennis, he can get a job in theatre. I mean how many players can you *truly* say that about?

Von Says:


Thanks for the advice, but I don’t think I’m wanted here. I don’t understand how some could say whatever and when ever they want, but for me, It doesn’t work the same. I was exceptionally hurt being accused of cheating on wikipedia of all sites, and they way it was latched onto and mad into a crime. If I had done it, I would have remained quiet but I didn’t, and considering this site has moderators the remarks shoudl not have been allowed. Also, the post by FedEx calling me all those names was a bit much. Anyway, who said life was fair.

Von Says:


I thought about what Duro said, now Kroll and yourself, but it’s obvious I’m not wanted here because my comments are being erased. The powers that be have placed a moratorium on my comments.

Kroll Says:

I agree, the Djoker is easily the most colorful of the top players. And that is a cool thing. Too bad he balances that with oodles of distasteful behavior(y’know the retirements, the ridiculous racket deal and so on).

Kimmi Says:

Nalbandian vs Almagro tomorrow in Barcelona, this is a tough match for Nalbandian especially he is known for his hot and cold. I hope he pass the test so that he can meet nadal on friday. Always big drama when these two meet.

jane Says:

Kroll: “Too bad he balances that with oodles of distasteful behavior(y’know the retirements, the ridiculous racket deal and so on).” I think it comes with the drama – lol. But yeah, definitely could do without the retirements; the racket.. well what can ya do? Others have done the same, so I won’t hold that too much against him so long as it doesn’t harm his game long term.

gordon Says:

Von, come back. We are already missing you!

gordon Says:

Duro, thanks for the link! Is this before or after the final match?

zola Says:

***I have a gift for you, Zola and all those of you who hate me so much, I’ve decided to call it quits here and ost on two other sites who’ve asked me to do so.***

Your mood has highs and lows. You either attack or quit. what about somewhere in the middle? what about commenting about tennis instead of going on a rage?

Remember, all this started because I wrote back in summer that Roddick’s attitude on courts started to become irritating. You just went crazy! It was shocking to me. I was not going to take the abuse and still will not.

Roddick, Rafa, Federer, …they are multi-millionaires having the time of their lives. They even don’t know someone named Zola or Von exists in the cyberworld and are having virtual catfights over a word! It is silly!

I offered you to e-mail me before. Whatever bone you need to pick with me, don’t use this forum. Just e-mail me and we can talk or swear or whatever. Let’s keep this forum for tennis discussions. my offer is still valid and I will write you my e-mail if you want.

you don’t need to leave. this is a forum and anyone, including you and me can post here. So it is not a gift to me. that’s for sure. You enjoy being here and socializing with people and I do too. What about just looking beyond Roddick and Rafa for a second?

zola Says:

nice to see you again. where were you? Congrats to your man! already married and a father to be!

I just saw that Gasquet lost to Rochus? I was thinking this morning that among the young guns Gasquet and Berdych and perhaps Monfils have remained underachievers. Monfils has many injuries, but what about Gasquet and Berdych? two years ago they were in Shanghai and both are great players, especially Gasquet. Hard to see him lose like this.

One other note. Why the French players are not strong on clay? They have the only clay GS. It is like Australians or Americans not having good results on hard!

Kimmi Says:

Gasquet still with a lot of talent, has been plugged with a lot of injuries and that does not help his course. One needs to consistently play on the tour for a while to build that confidence. He is now losing to people like Rochus,(without taking it away from rochus) gasquet should win.

I think he should now concentrate on winning the matches he should win and then with good luck to stay out of injuries he can get back to the top .

I also think Monfils game can give him success on clay, good defence and patience. But he also needs to be aggressive. I thought he started the year with lot of promise , he even got a good win against Nadal.. but then I don’t know what happened, he went back to be very passive and now he is struggling against everybody. Ok, maybe his knee was giving him problems but I feel with a good mix of aggressiveness and patience he is great to watch and can go up the ranking. I hear he might not play in the FO…true or not true..don’t know. But that will be big loss, he reach semi last year, a lot of points to defend.

sar Says:

Whatever is going on around this forum? I am just logging in, email me if you decide not to stay. You have my email.

blah Says:

So Gasquet is eliminated already. ugh.

They are replaying Federer Nadal in Rome Masters Finals (I think it’s 06 or 07) and the difference in Federer’s play from then and now is astonishing. His backhand wasn’t attacked, his footwork is much better, mobility around the court, and his forehand was a true weapon. He served well and came in and volleyed great and dictated more points than Nadal. He’s taken Nadal to the fifth set and got to a break up. It’s hard to beat Nadal on clay, but the formula is there for Murray and Djokovic. Consistently and persistently attack, serve well, and I would add come in and volley a bit. It would be great to see Djokovic or Murray overtake the number two spot before FO and to see Nadal have to face both of them. Maybe FO wouldn’t be as much of a sure thing for Nadal if both Murray and Djokovic hits top form.

blah Says:

Also regarding Gasquet- even though I am a fan of his game and how he handles himself on court and off court, if he doesn’t make some noise at this year’s wimbledon, his best slam, I don’t think he’ll ever amount to anything great. Too physically and mentally fragile and his forehand is too weak on every surface other than grass. Murray’s career and Gasquet’s have gone in opposite directions since Gasquet’s choke job last year at wimbledon. One has now went from 7 to 25 and one has went from 8 to top four.

blah Says:

How can one lose so much in two years- Federer’s form in the final was truly great. Now he has a weaker second serve, weaker volleys, weaker backhand, his forehand has gone from weapon to liability and one could also see he was much stronger mentally. As soon as he stop getting lucky in his draws in slams, his time on the big stage is over.

Kimmi Says:

“As soon as he [Federer]stop getting lucky in his draws in slams”

C’mon.. you don’t mean that. 13 GS lucky ? C’mon now..

Can’t tell if you are kidding or serious

jane Says:

blah, I am convinced there is something “anti-tennis” in the French water: Gasquet, Simon, Monfils, Tsonga, Mathieu – ALL of them have loads of potential but NONE of them can be consistently consistent or at their best. There are head problems or injuries or somethings thwarting their success on a regularly basis. It has to be the water right? Or the crepes? I dunno.

sensationalsafin Says:

Gasquet: Headcase. So much talent. No ambition. No fire in the belly. He’s worse than Safin because he really doesn’t appreciate what he’s doing… at a young age.

Simon: Mentally tough. Ambitious. Overachiever, though. His game is based on his speed which allows him to counter punch. On a bad day, he can lose to pretty much anyone (as we’ve seen). I like the guy. He pushes himself, at least. He just doesn’t have the game to be a legit slam contender.

Monfils: He doesn’t understand what tactics are. He’s got a great game, loads of talent. Explosive, fast, powerful, finesse, he’s got everything. Except a brain. How many times do you hear him say “I had no strategy, I just sliced” or some other bs. Until he becomes a SMART player, he’ll never be great. But he has the game and has shown the ambition.

Tsonga: Too big and prone to injury. It’s unfortunate because, imo, he’s the best of the frenchmen. Loads of talent. Mentally tough. Ambitious and hungry. But too prone to injury due to his size. Wouldn’t be surprised if he still managed to squeeze in a slam or 2 before he’s retired. He just needs an injury-free 2 weeks here and there and he’s set.

Mathieu: I gave up on him long ago. Fun to watch. Great game. Just doesn’t seem to believe in himself. Typical frenchman it seems, like Gasquet and Monfils (although Monfils has improved in the last year).

It’s because they’re french and it’s in their nature to surrender. That’s why they’re so weak mentally. Are we sure Simon’s french? He beat Federer after being down a set and a break TWICE. Doesn’t sound very french to me.

blah Says:

Kimmi- I am not saying Federer won those slams because of the draw, not the first 12 or so anyway, he won those based on sheer dominance, but I think if he were to run into to a tough draw today, his chance to get into a final would greatly decrease, and when his ranking starts to go his draws will become more challenging, and with how fast his game is declining, I don’t see him lasting much longer at the top on the tour. What I meant was favorable draws I suppose, which the top two players are almost guaranteed to get in the sport nowadays.

Frenchmen- I don’t think Monfils has peaked yet, they only start to fall when they have made some noise. I think Tsonga is the best of the bunch as well, and agree that he’ll win a slam or two before it’s done. Would like to see him drop some weight though so fitness doesn’t become an issue in the future.

Simon, who I had high hopes for after last year, is starting to drop too. He absolutely lost it in the first round of Monte Carlo. His ability to break is countered by his inability to hold when up a break, plus he still hasn’t gotten deep in slams (I guess ao if you count QFs but nadal handled him pretty easily) and I am still not sure which slam he’ll have his best shot at. He’s also not that young. Besides, he has the perfect game to beat the post dominance Federer, who is error prone and yet doesn’t adjust his game.

blah Says:

Last sentence from my last post might seem to contradict my assessment of Simon. What I meant was that while Simon’s game can beat Federer, he may not have the game to win a slam. Simon struggles when his opponent plays/switches to a defensive game, even when they are not ranked that high. I might be overreacting based on his performance so far this year, but with the history of frenchmen I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t recover.

sensationalsafin Says:

I just don’t get what’s going on with Federer. There are some factors that are clear but some things just don’t make sense with the guy.

As for Simon, exactly right. He can notch a great win here and there, especially against a fading Federer, but he doesn’t have the game to be a real threat when it comes to the slams. He hasn’t even made much noise in masters events besides beating old Roger.

Duro Says:

Gordon, I think it was before, cause after the finals only Nole and Rafa were in Monte-Carlo. I expect the others left earlier, after their defeats…

zola Says:

that was a very funny clip. I loved the wifg! and liked the first part when they talk and the end with the roar! He really can pursue a career in performing.
My guess is this is the players’ party right before the matches start. I think he did something similar last year too. Good to see players having fun.

zola Says:

oops, wifg=wig !

jane Says:

Not the most eloquently written article but an interesting take on the top four players’ forthcoming schedules nonetheless:

Kroll Says:

“How can one lose so much in two years-”

I dont know, how could he maintain that level for four years? When Fed became so incredibly dominant and was being declared the GOAT long before his double digit slams, we all watched in awe and wondered how anyone could be that good. Now we wonder how He can be this bad? I dont know if this is entirely consistent. I think its amazing that Fed was so good for this long. Playing at that high level clearly involves a comlex set of mental processes, you know hitting those lines and brilliant shots – which we call talent. And the level that Fed was at, it always seemed fragile to me. I guess his ridiculous dominance for such a long period of time just meant that we got used to seeing it and hence expected it. That, however is unnatural, IMHO.

It seems to me that one of the most important differences between those who are great and those who are “talented” is consistency. Safin was great in spots, Krajicek had a spectacular run once and he beat Sampras at his peak on grass, hell even Nalbandian is amazing once in a blue moon. Fed kept it up the longest and he is one of the GOATs. But it should be the least bit surprising that he is now relatively rubbish. Its not like he can flip a switch and make it happen. Rafa’s game is however not built on a singular level of talent like Fed so he is not going to disappear in the same fashion as Fed. His game, which I think is vastly less prone to loss of “form”, but should start unravelling with the decline in his physical prowess. Of course no surprise there.

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

Nadal will start losing very soon!
He’ll most likely lose his No.1 ranking by the end of this year!

Duro Says:

I would bet my life on it that Von was here saying that Nadal will win like 24 slams or something, ironically, of course, but the admin erased it! I can’t believe they did it! What did she do so wrong to deserve this? I must have missed something…

gordon Says:

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zola Says:

***how could he maintain that level for four years? When Fed became so incredibly dominant and was being declared the GOAT long before his double digit slams, we all watched in awe and wondered how anyone could be that good. Now we wonder how He can be this bad?***

this is a very good point. Who can play at the highest level, losing 3-6 matches per year winnin 3 Gs titles every year? who did it before Federer?

To me it is no surprise that Federer’s level started going down. It was going to happen one day. It will happen to Rafa and Murray and Djoko and anyone playing tennis. For me the difficult and sometimes sad part is to see Federer struggling mentally in the face of inevitable.

perhaps he could extend his stay at the top of mens tennis with some good decisions. he may not be No 1, but still can win GS titles. Sampras and Agassi did it. Agassi took some years off and came back as a different player. Federer right now is too stubborn. He does not make improvements to his game and does not hire a coach. Maybe THAT is what disappoints people.

Not a comparison, but Rafa knows he needs to improve to stay at the top because those below him have talent too. Federer forgot that. He thinks he should win with what he has and with todays field, that is not going to happen.

Federer is struggling mentally with what has happened to men’s tennis in the past year. Once things are settles and he has accepted the situation, I think he will be able to make better decisions. Right now seems he is doing anything and everything to distract himself from tennis.

so, back to the point, he played tennis at the highest level for 4 years. that is probably a record in itself. There is no shame in slowing down a bit. But now Fed needs to be aware of the fact that if he does not make some changes, there is no guarantee for him to stay where he is now.

MMT Says:

Duro: that “Thriller” clip is pretty damn funny.

zola Says:

I saw that message too. I don’t think it was Von. there were too many messages like that with different names.

Unfortunately anyone can post here with any name. Only the site admin can spot who the poster is looking at their IP.

zola Says:

Robredo came back from one set down and won Andreev.
Andreev has a new haircut. no bandana and no sleeves!

I miss Rafa’a sleeveless outfit!

Duro Says:

Thanks MMT. So many talents Nole has… Full of life, unbelievably fresh and young. Doesn’t stop amazing me…

Duro Says:

Zola, this is exactly why I think that it was her. They wouldn’t erase it otherwise.

zola Says:

I don’t think they erase “any” post from her. look at all that are here with whatever tone she has written and the one at “April 22nd, 2009 at 9:21 pm”, where she says her comments were erased. They are all here.

I guess the admin saw that last post you are mentioning, was “not” from her and deleted it, not because it WAS from her.

zola Says:

Jason Goodall is just saying how bad it is for someone dominating all the time and that clay court tennis can be boring! I don’t remember him complaining about dominance when Fed was winning! Seems Rafa cannot win everyone!
but I like his “inch perfect” commenting.

jane Says:

Daniel daniel wherever you are! I think we’ll finally get to see Nalbandian and Rafa on clay. Nalby beat Almagro in straights, and Nadal should have no problem with Rochus. I wonder if Nalbandian can trouble Rafa on clay like he has on hard courts? It impossible to predict anything with him anyhow. We’ll just have to wait and see.

jane Says:

post scriptum – I see Step is finding his clay feet – he defeated Wawrinka in singles and him and Troicki won in doubles as well. Remember that Step beat Fed on clay in Rome with S & V last year.

Duro Says:

Zola, that post was around 6 in the morning or even earlier! Like as she was trying to post that early knowing they will erase it otherwise. I don’t know, may be you’re right…

Duro Says:

Hi Jane.

zola Says:

It will be a very tough ask fro Djoko to go from MC final to Belgrade and then to defend in Rome. This gives Murray a very good chance.

I thought Belgrade was this week. But I can’t see any live scores. If it is not, then it will give Djoko some time to rest before Rome and perhaps improve his chances.

Rochus and Rafa each held to love.Now Rafa breaks.

We always talk about the draw being tough for the top 4 or 8. But what about the qualifiers or lower ranked players, when they have to play all these top players early in a tournament?

Rafa/Nalby on clay, in Spain? Oh man!
Rafa needs to serve well. It will be a good challenge for him. The fact that Rafa won him in IW is very encouraging, but Nalby is a very very good player and gets motivated when playing top payers.So, it will not be an easy match (assuming it happens).

But if Rafa can win him ahead of RG on other clay courts, it should give him confidence. I guess their only clay match was an exhibition in Malaga in 2007 and Rafa won it. But here things can be very different.

sar Says:

Troicki and Step, before Troicki and Djok. Maybe Troicki is cut out to be a doubles player like Zimonjic.

jane Says:

Hi Duro! *_*

zola: Belgrade is next week; why will it be such a tough ask do you think? Besides Murray already has an excellent chance given he has nothing to defend.

sar, I was thinking the same, although Troicki has had some good wins in singles too.

jane Says:

zola, “The fact that Rafa won him in IW is very encouraging” Perhaps, though that was a huge choke from Nalbandian. Wow.

I’d give the edge to Rafa because it’s clay and his home tournament but I still think Nalbandian can beat Rafa on hard court.

zola Says:

I thought it was MC-Barcerlona/Belgrade-Rome.
Now I see belgrade is after Rome.

The reason I said it is a tough ask, is the physical demand. He was in the final in MC. Then he would probably play another week in Belgrade and another one in Rome. not to mention the travel.

the fact that he has a week to rest before Rome, no reason for him not to be able to defend his points.

Why would Nalbandian “choke”? He had won Rafa very comfortably in their two previous meetings.why a sudden choke in IW?

zola Says:

Rochus had some great points, but Rafa is through. Now comes the real test against Nalby tomorrow.

Duro Says:

It’s demanding for Nole to have tournament by tournament, but there’s a 250 almost sure points for him in Belgrade, plus it’s his home so he can rest well in his one house with his mom cooking for him… Anyway, this week is the only to properly rest and the one before RG.
About Nalby-Rafa, I’m rooting for Rafa and I suggest Jane you should too. I don’t want anybody to steal a glory of beating Rafa on clay but Nole! He deserved it, and he’ll be the one!

jane Says:

zola, “Why would Nalbandian “choke”? ” You watched the match right? Well, to me that was a classic choke. He had 5 match points. The 4 on Rafa’s serve, okay, but the one on his racquet serving at 5-4? That should’ve finished the match in straight sets. He double faulted in that service game and hit at least one unforced error; he was clearly nervous.

Here’s the definition of choke: “(in sports) fail to perform at a crucial point of a game or contest owing to a failure of nerve ”

To me, that’s what sums up Nalbandian’s loss at IW.

I know you probably won’t see it that way as you’re such a devoted Rafa fan, but that’s how it looked from my end. So maybe we could agree to disagree on this one.

jane Says:

Duro – I probably won’t root in the Rafa vs. Nalbandian match as I’ll just enjoy the great tennis. I do have a slight soft spot for Nalby though as he can produce some sparkling tennis at times and I’d love to see him win something of note. On the other hand, I totally admire Rafa’s prowess and tenacity. So as I say, this will be a neutral encounter for me: let the best man on the day win!

zola Says:

Jane, sure we can disagree. I am not saying he did or did not choke, but why suddenly in IW ? why didn’t he choke in Madrid or Paris?

Do you think if Rafa played the level he played in Paris or Madrid, Nalby would have still choked? To me it was the confidence on Rafa’s part and the fight he put had a major part in what happened.

Goodall saying that all the players will be tested for skin cancer in Wimbledon after Matilla’s ordeal. What a great idea.

zola Says:

I like the “open” tournaments. It has the sun, wind, shade, ….but with everything happening with the ozone layer and the number of tournaments the players have to play, it is good to have some strategies to protect the players against dangers of skin cancer and sun damage. They spend hours under the sun. I can’t imagine how they play in Australia.

Some “open” tournaments have semi-roofs with open sides just to provide shade. Maybe that is the way to go.

Duro Says:

I like Nalbandian too, but I’ll leave it to hard surface to do the job. Clay is reserved for Nole! I want that scalp!!!

Duro Says:

This is why Nole retired! Clever boy!

jane Says:

zola, who knows why players choke when they choke? It’s not like a player will ALWAYS choke or NEVER choke against certain players. Just look at Federer vs. Rafa – sometimes he has choked badly against Rafa (last year at Monte Carlo comes to mind) but other times he hasn’t. Some days a player more be more nervous than others.

Maybe, and this is purely a guess, Nalbandian realized what a big win it would be given that Rafa had just won the AO and is now number 1. In the previous wins, Rafa was known as “beatable” on hard courts, had never won a hard court slam, and was not number 1. Now you might ask why Nalby wouldn’t’ve choked against Fed in those past wins. Well, again, this is pure speculation, but I’d say it’s because Nalby has a different relationship with Fed; he had his number for a long time, they are roughly peers in age, and so he plays him confidently.

Anyhow, that’s my opinion.

zola Says:

be careful. Djoko might be scalped himself by others even before he gets to Rafa! There is always Murray and Federer.

jane Says:

BTW, I agree that with the changing environment, it’s a good idea to keep watch on skin cancers; most can be dealt with quite readily but some are very dangerous.

zola Says:

So you think it had nothing to do with the way Rafa played?

Remember The H2H was 2-0 in favor of Nalby. He had rafa’s number as well.

zola Says:

Anyway, I better get some work done. See you all later.

jane Says:

A 2-0 H2H is not having someone’s number, imo. It takes a few more wins than that.

I just think Nalby had the match on his racquet at 5-4 but then he choked. After that, of course it was entirely how Rafa played and toughed it out in the tiebreak. I knew he’d win then, as it was obvious that Nalby’s spirit would’ve been broken knowing he blew it. That’s my view.

That match was Nalby’s to win but he blew it and Rafa stayed the course, and fought, like he always does.

But it was Nalby who let him back in by not slamming the door.

Duro Says:

Zola, with these two around, everyone can be scalped easily, but the way that Nole plays now on clay I doubt it. He can be scalped by Rafa too, but if anyone can scalp him is Nole in my opinion. Jane thinks it’s got to be in two strait sets, but I think he can do it even in 3. In MC finals, back problems cost him first set, and first game of the third cost him the rest. Most of the match he was better, but many unfortunate circumstances, many tip of the net misfortunes, line girl shouting “out” when it wasn’t, on the crucial moment and point of the match… He can do it, I just fell it!

Duro Says:

Feel it, of course. Typo.

Von Says:


Thanks for your concern — you’re very sweet. You are correct, there was a post this morning from “Von”, however, it wasn’t me, the authenticated Von, but a troll. I asked staff to remove it, which they apparently did. However, I think the confusion lies because my post requesting Staff to remove that post was also deleted. Apparently now that I’m not posting on Tennis-x, some are taking the liberty of using my post name for their troll posts. so sad. Also, my postas are in the moderation queue. This has happenend before and I’m going to change my email address, because I don’t like the troll posts.

I don’t know if you’ll see this message immediately, since my comments are now in the queue “awaiting moderation queue.” However, when it does appear, you’ll understand.

Kroll, jane, margot, sar, gordon, et al. thanks for your concern.

I’m embarrassed, for some reason I lost some of my email contacts which were erased and yours was among one of them. If it’s not too much trouble, could you please give it to me again? Thanks. Von.

Duro Says:

Von, I’m glad to see you here. Don’t take everything to the hart so much. Be cool… See ya later!

Von Says:

Dang it all! Nalby has pulled out of Barcelona citing a hip injury. Here’s the article:

jane Says:

Hi Von…come back when you feel like it but don’t vanish, as I said before. And if you are taking a break, enjoy the Floridian sunshine! :)

No one needs to leave. Tennis X is a “dysfunctional” blog, so it needs all types so it can continue to dysfunction! LOL.

margot Says:

leftykick: have tried 2 get tickets 4 London but last 2 days sold out almost straightaway then tickets for those days appeared for sale elsewhere! That kind of thing makes me so mad I stopped trying for a bit but you’ve reminded me to have another go for earlier matches. The same thing happens at Wimbledon, corporates get loads of tickets,while on the tv we see empty seats while the nobs stuff strawberries and champers.
anyone: is Andy m playing in Barcelona, can’t see
anything about him?
Von: u take care and don’t let the b——- get you down. Tennis forums should have space for many different views. Life would be very boring if we all thought the same.

Duro Says:

Nalby out? I told you Jane. There’s only Nole left to do the job…

zola Says:


who is the b——- ? just curious!

FoT Says:

Hey Zola. Yes, I’m extremely happy that Roger and Mirka finally ‘tied the knot’ and I can’t wait for the baby either.

Some people are really down on Roger, but I look at it this way – for over 4 years Roger has given me so much joy to watch in tennis that even if doesn’t ever win another tournament – he’s still done so much that I’m thankful to have been able to watch the master in action during my life time.

So…here’s to whatever awaits me in the future with Roger. Whether he’s won his last tournament, or whether he has more to win. I’ll still be rooting and cheering for him and he’ll always be my favorite.

jane Says:

Duro – Nalby isn’t out. He plays Rafa in the quarters next. (zola and I were talking about the IW loss)

Margot – Andy M is not playing Barcelona, but will be playing next week in Rome, and then he’ll play Madrid b/4 the French Open. Don’t give up on getting tickets.

zola Says:

funny, I wrote it here or perhaps in the other thread. Four years at the top of men’s tennis is a great achievement and no one can do that for a lifetime. Did everyone expect Roger to dominate tennis till he was 40? It was bound to happen one day and it will happen to Rafa and every other tennis player.

I think it is a bit unsettling for Fed too, to accept that things have changed. Maybe that’s why he is still hesitant to make some changes. But he is still 27 and I am sure he will win several more majors. I also think it is a bit of a media hype as well. They couldn’t write enough about him when he was dominant and now bash him for every loss. But what else is surprising?

You know, Fed’s relationship with Mirka has been one of the positives about Fed for me. It is not a steryotype that you usually see with rich sports people. All the best to the family and the baby!

zola Says:

it is true. nalby is out and Rafa walks to the SF. Apart from the Eurosport link, the ATP page has it too.

Duro Says:

Jane, somebody said Nalby was injured! Pulled off from the tournament.

Ra Says:

It sucks that Nalbandian is out, but it’s probably better now than it would be halfway through the match.

Thanks, Duro, that Djokovic video was just great.

This is not nearly as cool and is a commercial and all, but for those of us who appreciate how much of a dork Federer can be:

Ra Says:

“HERE’S TO CONFIDENCE” is pretty classically ironic… Great work Gillette, ha.

zola Says:

that was a funny one. Better than the rest of the Gilette ads.

tomorrow there will be some good tennis. Verdasco-Gonzo. I like to see how these two play against each other and Davydenko-Stepanek. That should be interesting too.

jane Says:

Oh well, this is predictable Nalbandian in its unpredictability. Sigh. Thanks for the updates peeps.

Ra, that’s funny. The shoes especially. LOL.

Cindy_Brady Says:

Other than the big 4 (Fed,Nadal,Joker,Murray)

Nalbadian is probably the best player to have NEVER won a grand slam. His commitment to playing at a high level consistently has always been questionable. Never seemingly improving his fitness level.

This is a shame because he is one of the few players that could have given Fed trouble in the majors (at Fed’s peak) had he been in better shape and shown more commitment.

Kimmi Says:

Cindy: I agree, Federer always knew he has to turn up big time when playing Nalbandian anything less he could lose.

What year was that FO semi when nalby was ahead by set and a break…then he had to pull out. Its unfortunatly those were very few in slams and I believe they would have been the best matches.

When Nalbandian lost to Nadal in IW, he said he enjoys playing top players, and I am sure he does.

Fruitcake Says:

I couldn’t possibly repeat on here what Nadal’s grunting reminds me of … but lets just say its enough to make me never watch him no matter who he plays.

lulu Says:

Fruitcake says:

“its enough to make me never watch him no matter who he plays”

Fruitcake, who cares?

Ezorra Says:

Waaaaa… I miss Von already!

margot Says:

Zola: it doesn’t mean anyone in particular, it kindof means life in general, though I do use it quite a lot at work re certain managers……

zola Says:

thanks Margot.

***though I do use it quite a lot at work re certain managers……*** lol!

Duro Says:

Jane, thank you for the link! Nice text, and nice from you, as usual…

TD (Tam) Says:

Good evening everyone. What hath this day brought?

This message is for my dear Von.

Please, PLEASE do not leave and have me fighting off the wolves all by myself! I know I dont post here as much as I’d like to but you are one of my favorite people here — I always look forward to reading your posts, you are so insightful and clever and knowledgeable. It would be a great shame for tennisx to lose you. There aren’t enough good people like you to go around. If it weren’t for you and me and jane and a few others this place would be overrun with obnoxious Federer fans just like they ruined Bodo;s blog. You provide much balance here.

As for zola I thought she liked our Roddick? Maybe not as a fan but as an interested party. ;)

I don’t care what the trolls “Roddick is a Donkey” and his numerous other personalities write. I just ignore them. Unlike you they never have anything interesting to say that I would want to bother responding to.

Von, if you ever leave here please tell me what these other boards are that you prefer to post. I only know of this one and Bodo’s at tennis.

TD (Tam) Says:

back to tennis I think a Ferrer final with Nadal would be fine tennis in Barcelona.

zola Says:

Td (Tam)
I have my moments with Roddick , when sometimes he loses control against the umpires. But I respect the fact that he tries to improve and stay at the top. He is honest and funny and I always enjoy his pressers.

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