Jankovic Sore in Loss to American Oudin at Wimbledon
by Staff | June 28th, 2009, 3:14 am

No. 5 seed and French Open champ Svetlana Kuznetsova was the biggest scalp on Saturday at Wimbledon, falling to German teen Sabine Lisicki 6-2, 7-5.
The second-biggest scalp went to unseeded American Melanie Oudin, who upset former No. 1 and No. 6 seed Jelena Jankovic 6-7(8), 7-5, 6-2.
“[I] was just thinking that she was any other player, and this was any other match, and I was at any other tournament — you know, not, like, on the biggest stage, at Wimbledon, playing my first Top 10 player,” Oudin said. “I mean, I go into every match the exact same, you know, like, no matter who I play. It’s not, like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m playing the No. 1 player in the world.'”

Jankovic attributed the loss to her own play and “women’s problems.”

“From what I have seen, she can play if you let her play,” said Jankovic. “But she cannot hurt you with anything. She doesn’t have any weapons, from what I’ve seen. She’s a consistent and quite solid player. She doesn’t make so many mistakes. But she doesn’t do anything either, so it’s like she’s depending kind of on you.”

Other players into the fourth round were (1) Dinara Safina over Kirsten Flipkens 7-5, 6-1, (3) Venus Williams topping Carla Suarez Navarro 6-0, 6-4, (9) Caroline Wozniacki over (20) Anabel Medina Garrigues 6-2, 6-2, (11) Agnieszka Radwanska defeating (19) Na Li 6-4, 7-5, (13) Ana Ivanovic topping (18) Samantha Stosur 7-5, 6-2, and (17) Amelie Mauresmo over (15) Flavia Pennetta 7-5, 6-3.

There will be no play on the middle Sunday at Wimbledon.

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24 Comments for Jankovic Sore in Loss to American Oudin at Wimbledon

huh Says:

Oh poor JJ, exactly as you said that you let her play and she didn’t have to do much. It means who’s the fool, you or Oudin? Hope it’s clear now. ;) Love this Oudin girl, congrats to her for taking down the most overrated player in the tennis world.

huh Says:

This stupid JJ’s not a single slam or anything and yet she’s so arrogant; I can’t imagine how arrogant and unbearable she’d hav been had she won as many slams as Serena !!! But don’t worry, God doth not reward the undeserving !

Bojan Says:

To be honest, JJ said some good things about this girl. The girl was so annoying with her Come on after every point. I’m surprised she didn’t say come on on double faults. The girl did play good but JJ had no power in her shots and that was obvious. Plus JJ made over 40 UE which tells you enough. Still, the winner is what counts and JJ will have to deal with this defeat and try to get the best out of it.

gonesy Says:

I thought JJ was describing herself at her best when I first read that!

Chrys Says:

Double J belongs on a Serbian Soap Opera! The whining and complaining, the trainer every match, COME ON!!
Last year when she lost the US Open, she was hogging the mike as if she’d won it!
Where does this nothing person get the audacity to think people want to hear what she’s got to say…and in that whiney voice. Gimme a break!

vared Says:

JJ sounds in this interview like Serena always does except Serena just says “I gave it to her.” LOL

The rest sounds like Roger describing Murray in Dubai 2008.

“… he tends to wait for the mistakes of his opponent.
“I gave him the mistakes but overall, in a 15-year career, you want to look to win a point more often, rather than wait for the other guy to miss. ….”

huh Says:

Comparing the useless JJ to Fed and Serena speaks volumes about you dear Vared! Djoko even’s nothing before Fed or Serena, what to speak of JJ, Ha ha ha ……..!!! Poor gal JJ, he needs fans like you Vared so that we can soon see her off the WTA ! ;)

huh Says:

JJ’s a joke at best while Serena William’s a legend ! Now you got it Vared? ;)

tenisbebe Says:

Vared – you are so right. Serena will claim that an opponent is the type that just tries to get the back back and wait for a mistake but in the end Serena figures it out (most times) and prevails, hence the “I gave it to her”. Actually I found JJ’s comments a little strange since this is typically what SHE does, being primarily a defensive player.

And I forgot about Fed’s remarks re: Murray. Could have been from the same post match if we didn’t know better.

Actually JJ hit it on the head about Oudin not having any standout weapons but she is only 17. This alone factor alone could prevent her from going any further at Wimby – but I can hope. Go Melanie.

vared Says:

HUH, I’m glad you think I am speaking volumes. LOL

I am not comparing Feds or Serena’s achievements to JJ’s. We were talking about her presser and what certain players say when they lose. If you think it’s OK for a Serena or Fed to be a sourpuss at pressers and JJ doesn’t have the right to be crabby then that’s your problem. In future, don’t read my posts and please don’t respond because I certainly won’t be reading or responding to yours. Thanks

huh Says:

Vared, I’d surely read each and every post but I won’t respond to your ‘self’. But I’d have a say on whatever difference I’ve with your opinion on any topic. But while doin that, I’d surely forget your existence as a person or entity. Only ideas matter.

huh Says:

Speakin’s not enough if one’s not earned the right to speak. Just ask Nadal who preferred to keep quiet and say nothing about hard court season until he actually won AUS 09 beatin Fed.
Until one puts his/her self in a position, one’s no entitlement/honor

Dave B Says:

I nominate JJ as the most annoyed tennis player of our era. I find if difficult if not impossible to watch this Serb Drama Queen.

tenisbebe Says:

Rafa most certainly make comments about both the HC’s and the season long before he won the AO, particularly during ’06 and ’07. He was constantly saying when questioned that as he had won multiple MS’s on HCs & therefore was more that capable of winning a GS on one.

Von Says:

JJ definitely has a full arsenal of drama queen theatrics, and then some.

I saw her on the Tennis Channel last evening in an interview, and I’ve gotta say, she’s worse than Serena when it comes to putting down her opponent. At least Serena has the game to back up her talk, but what does Jankovic have? And, Serena does not call for the trainer in most of her matches. JJ talked about Oudin not possessing a major weapon, does JJ have one? NO. Instead of looking at the moat in Oudin’s game, JJ needs to assess her own and try to plug up the holes. It’s bad to criticize when one is so deficient. I felt badly for Oudin and give her credit for having to try to deal with the theatrics on the opposite of the court. The MTO was one of the longest I’ve ever seen, lasting 13 minutes. OY VEY!!!!!

I also wonder if there is ever going to be a time when JJ will stop trying to hog the limelight. Seventy-five percent of the time she loses, it’s always due to some contrived health problem. Last night she claimed she was dizzy, she thought she would have needed to go the hospital, couldn’t remember her name, but she remembers how much she cried. After the match, she claimed she had ‘women’s problems’. So, was it all of the above plus women’s problems that cause her to be so dizzy? She’s dizzy alright, but not from the heat or physical sickness. Cut out the nonsense JJ, you’ve become a joke to the tennis world. Robinson and Wertheim said she’s has a penchant for the drama and melodrama. It’s terrible for an athlete to be branded as such. The bottomline, she’s a big nouveau riche baby, devoid of class and intelligence, and lies to cover up the obvious. I suppose winning dirty applies to her, and let’s add in losing dirty too. I can’t recall ever being so repulsed by a female athlete as I am with her.

sezza Says:

JJ is extremley arrogant.she isnt a good loser and she is a emotional player.Not one of my favourites as there always an excuse with her.

huh Says:

Great post by Von, it’s almost like she penned down my feelings. 100% agree with Von!

Skorocel Says:

“JJ talked about Oudin not possessing a major weapon, does JJ have one? NO.”

Very well said, Von!

jane Says:

Lisicki is in the lead; I really like this girl! The Williams sisters seem to be cruising as expected; I guess Ivano was injured? Don’t know as I didn’t see the match. Dementieva also got through easily. And Aggy Radwa ousted Oudin but it wasn’t a rout. Finally, looks like Azarenka had to fight her way through today. Safina’s up a break but Mauresmo should be able to get that back.

jane Says:

Lisicki wins!!! Her first slam break-through. Too bad for Wozniacki who also played a good even, but I am happy for Sabine.

jane Says:

One of the key shots for the women to work on is the serve; players with a strong or at least consistent serve, like the Williams sisters, or Lisicki, definitely have an advantage.

Credit to Safina – she’s really giving Mauresmo, a former champion here, a fight. And grass is not Safina’s best/favorite surface, whereas it is Mauresmo’s. I think Mauresmo will still likely come through, but it’s nice to see Safina fighting.

jane Says:

Can’t wait for the Lisicki vs. Safina quarter final. That will be an interesting match. I’m giving Lisicki a good chance of getting to the semis with her serve.

Diane Says:

“…COME ON!!”

You are confusing JJ with Ivanovic here. SHE’S the one with the constant “Come on!”s and the “Am I feminine enough?” “fistpumps.”

tennisbebe Says:

Diane – Ivano’s fistpumps drive me crazy – and now she has inspired an entire generation of up-and-coming players to follow suit. Oy Vay!! (as Von would say.

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