Federer, Roddick to Contest 3rd Wimbledon Final
by Staff | July 3rd, 2009, 6:32 pm

Britain will have to wait at least another year to end its 70+ year drought at Wimbledon as a determined Andy Roddick ended Andy Murray’s campaign 6-4, 4-6, 7-6(7), 7-6(5) in the Friday semifinals.
Roddick’s sometime-suspect backhand and volleying skills must have gotten lost with his luggage in the trip from the U.S. as the American continued to put on a Stefan Edberg-like display at the net, and drove the backhand low on approaches to consistently create opportunities against Murray.

“Today I was able to come in, I think it was 68 times,” Roddick said, noting his approach shot was on song. “I felt like I was doing the right things and picking the right shots.”

Roddick with his vaunted serve is the tiebreak king, and the two tiebreaks were key for the American who edged the Brit in a match where he overall hit less aces and fewer winners. Roddick was 2-6 against Murray entering the match, including a straight-set loss at Wimbledon in 2006.

“It just came down to a few points here or there on his serve,” Murray said. “And he served really, really well…He came up with some good volleys…I’ll come back next year and try and do better.”

Roddick will face Roger Federer in their third meeting in the Wimbledon final. Federer was flawless in dismissing a determined former No. 2-ranked Tommy Haas 7-6(3), 7-5, 6-3. It was another solid performance from Haas who has shown he can play the former world No. 1 close, but perhaps doesn’t have the deep-down belief he can beat the Swiss. Last month Haas led Federer by two sets to love before losing in five at the French Open.

It was the first-ever Wimbledon semifinal for Haas, who has now lost nine in a row against the Swiss.

“I thought Tommy was on a great run, I couldn’t even get close to breaking him for two sets,” Federer said. “I came up with some good stuff when I had to. Tough match, because Tommy was playing great.” 

Federer is one match away from shedding the “former world No. 1” tag, as a win over Roddick in the final would see him reclaim No. 1 from Spaniard Rafael Nadal. Nadal made an early exit from the French Open with a knee injury that forced him to skip Wimbledon, which he won last year.

The Swiss has won the Wimbledon title in five of the last six years, and with the 2009 crown would overtake Pete Sampras as the all-time Grand Slam singles leader with 15 titles. This is Federer’s 20th Grand Slam final, another record, after setting a record earlier this week with 21 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals.

Federer likely breathed a silent sigh of relief at the Roddick-Murray result, as the Swiss’ game has been a poor fit against Murray, who has dominated him in recent meetings.

“It starts from zero,” Federer said about playing in Slam finals. “It’s the same thing with Murray’s record, which he has a good one against me, but then he’s never been in a Wimbledon final before…At the end of the day, you have to let the racquet do the talking.”

Federer is 3-0 against Roddick in Slam finals, and 18-2 over their careers. It will be another chance for Roddick to solve the Federer riddle, likely as he’s attempted throughout his career by throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the Swiss. And as few critics gave Roddick a chance against Murray, the American will again play with nothing to lose.

“He’s always played me quite differently every time I’ve played him,” Federer said of Roddick. “I enjoy how he leaves everything out on the court.”

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110 Comments for Federer, Roddick to Contest 3rd Wimbledon Final

Tennis Freak Says:

A-Rod: “You know, I think more so than the coming in, the thing that Larry was stressing was, you know, against Andy [Murray], if you do come in, you have to hit a good approach shot, otherwise the ball’s gonna be passing you all day.
That’s probably the thing that I did best today, was come in, but behind really good approach shots.”

This is A-Rod’s new weapon, and it can hurt anyone. His smoother movement inside the court, more stinging low-curvy slices, more powerful and faster cross-court shots, quicker to return the ball on the rise, more reliable backhand, less prone to UEs, will help A-Rod wage a good campaign for the title. He is as prepared as he was in 2005, with a few more weapons in his arsenal, and that could make him a good competitor.
Will Fed win? I can only hope.

SG Says:

Fed’s going to win, 4 tight sets. But I think A-Rod will give him a hell of a fight. Hey, if it gets to a bunch of breakers, ya’ never know thougg.

Thing is, Fed has this knack of getting Andy’s service bombs back in play. Andy will have to bring the “new weapons” that Tennis-Freak speaks of above if he’s to have a chance. Basically an improved all-court game. I do think that Fed will also have to be a notch below his best if Andy’s gonna’ pull this one out.

It’ll be interesting to be sure. I’d like to see A-Rod win. It would certainly expand the field of potential GS contenders.

joe Says:

yeah those approach shots and transitions were bad when he was fat and lumbering.

steve Says:

This tournament has shown that the golden oldies still have it! Murray was the only player in the semis who was under 25. Djokovic got taken out by another veteran, Haas, Tsonga went out to Karlovic (age 30), and Del Potro fell to Hewitt.

And now the final–a throwback to 2005. I’m happy to see Roddick enjoy a midcareer surge, thanks largely to his determination to increase the variety of his game. He’s playing better than he ever has.

I’m rooting for Roger, but I hope to see a great final between the two.

Skorocel Says:

“I enjoy how he leaves everything out on the court.”

Translation: “I enjoy how he leaves everything out on the court… since usually it’s still not enough to beat me” ;-)

xmike Says:

Just some quick maths relating to the number 1 ranking; here is how it will stand on Monday, if Federer wins the title in Wimbledon:

1 – Federer 11220
2 – Nadal 10420
3 – Murray 9450
4 – Djokovic 8150

Because Federer preformed much worse than Nadal in July and August last year, he would stay number 1 at least until the final of the US Open.

Now, if Roddick wins Wimbledon, then this is how it will be.

1 – Nadal 10735
2 – Federer 10420
3 – Murray 9450
4 – Djokovic 8150

This year, Montreal and Cincinnati are later than last year (starting on the 8th and 16th of August), so the points will come off earlier than the tournaments are played; i have left Murray and Djokovic out the equation, because they have no chance being number one untill at least the Us Open.

To keep this interesting, lets assume Federer looses to Roddick on sunday (if he wins, just add 800 points to all of Federers following totals); Nadal would remain number one untill the 26th of August, when the points from the Canada Open will drop; the this would happen:

1 – Federer 10420 – 10 = 10410
2 – Nadal 10735 – 1000 = 9735

On August the 3rd, the Cincinnati points will drop:

1 – Federer 10410 – 150 = 10260
2 – Nadal 9735 – 450 = 9285

Then on August the 17th, the Olympic Games points will drop (by then there should be points adding up from these years tournaments):

1 – Federer 10260 – 200 = 10060
2 – Nadal 9285 – 800 = 8485

And finally, on September 14th, the US Open points will drop:

1 – Federer 10060 – 2000 = 8060
2 – Nadal 8485 – 900 = 7585

So even if Federer doesn’t win on sunday, he is already guaranteed to become number one again on the the 26th of August, 54 weeks after he lost it to Nadal last year; if he wins he will be number one this next monday 6th of July; in both cases he will hold that spot at least untill at least the Us Open final. He needs 50 more weeks to pass the Sampras total which is 286 weeks. So we can all start counting again :)

One last curiosity: the ATP doesn’t count the race points, but if it did, right now (friday) the totals for 2009 would be:

1 – Nadal 6885
2 – Federer 6660

So if Federer wins on sunday he will also be number one in the virtual race. Who would have thaught that possible bedore Madrid? What a diference a couple of months makes..

Hope all this was of some help to anybody. Enjoy the match on sunday.

Von Says:

joe: I never knew roddick was ‘fat and lumbering’. Great job on human charity — your Father would be proud of ya.

Joel Says:

Any news on Nadal’s family yet? I’ve seen plenty of hints that his parents are in the middle of a divorce and that’s why he hasn’t had his game as of late.

margot Says:

von: Enjoy the moment! Words fail me about some posters who can’t leave it alone and just let you do that….generosity of heart is needed.
Am away for weekend so won’t be posting but be assured I’ll be cheering so loudly for Andy R you’ll probably be able to hear me! Dare to Dream!
tenisbebe: thanx, am sure Andy M’s time will come but his game’s gotta be tweaked that’s for sure.
huh: thankx again, what a sweetie you are.
In passing did you guys get the video link about Andy M in Dunblane? I hadn’t realised but he was actually a pupil at the Primary School when the gunman walked in and shot the children and the teachers. Horrible, horrible.

jane Says:

margot: have a nice weekend and don’t step in any cow patties, if you’re going to green pastures. I knew that Murray was from there but I didn’t realize he was at the school. That is awful. Some of these players have experienced some major traumas. Anyhow, on a much lighter note, I really think Andy M will come out of this loss stronger. : )

margot Says:

jane: your posts are always a delight! video is worth a look if you have time. Am going to London, not many cow patties there! Bring on the hardcourts for both our guys! Have good weekend yourself.

huh Says:

steve Says:
“This tournament has shown that the golden oldies still have it! Murray was the only player in the semis who was under 25. Djokovic got taken out by another veteran, Haas, Tsonga went out to Karlovic (age 30), and Del Potro fell to Hewitt.”

I’m vindicated re. my faith in the golden oldies and am enjoying it the most, ha ha!

huh Says:

“So if Federer wins on sunday he will also be number one in the virtual race. Who would have thaught that possible bedore Madrid?”…………………………………. I certainly never lost faith in Federer to regain his no.1 this year even when he was not winning anything. I never thought Fed wouldn’t beat Rafa at the French Open, I never thought Fed would never beat Rafa again in a clay court match, I also believed that Fed’ll beat Rafa again at wimbledon, I don’t know whether you’d call me realistic or fanciful, but this is it.

huh Says:

Murray’s not going to give up at USO 09. I believe and I hope so.

Kimo Says:

huh said:

“Murray’s not going to give up at USO 09. I believe and I hope so.”

No he won’t, but if he comes up against a Verdasco or an in form Roddick, it won’t be easy.

huh Says:

Murray’s lost to Roddick at Wimbledon this year. And that leads me to think that he’d in no case lose to Roddick at the USO unless he’s sick or some other bad news for him(GOD FORBID!), I’d put my money on it. B.t.w., as I said, for USO, GO MURRAY!!!

Krystle Says:

Good post, Tennis Freak. I think the improvement of the slice backhand, how it lands deeper and stays lower now is largely responsible for his approach shots which are much better. I mean, they were often criticised for sitting up too high and I don’t think he could have hit approach shots in the past like he has now without improving the shot technically. Yes, he hit more topspin approaches in the past but slices can be easily punished if they’re executed poorly.

I think Roddick’s improved ground game is an interesting one, I mean it looks like something that would have been difficult to work on given that he’s not merely looking to be more aggressive or more solid, but rather a combination of the two. Not to mention that reading the game/anticipation was one of his weaknesses as well. He’s hitting accurate shots and keeping the ball deep but staying consistent with it, not looking to necessarily finish off points with big shots but coming into the net instead.

Naresh Says:

This Wimbledon vindicates the older generation of players for sure. They’ve faced a lot of slack from the media & fans throughout this last decade as being inferior to the previous lot and also not as good as the current crop of players. This tournament just goes to show that the level of todays younger generation is not necessarily better than their’s.
If Federer wasn’t in the picture, then Roddick & Hewitt would’ve had a few slams between them by now.. and the way Fed’s going, maybe even Djoko & Murray might end up with the same fate..

alex Says:

please let roddick win this one.

MIMI Says:

” Nadal made an early exit from the French Open with a knee injury that forced him to skip Wimbledon”

LOL what A joke LOL and lies lol!

this is funny…that not what was said in nadal match V hewitt In RG lol

Sod just did what big Hiters doen time and tiem again to the running player taht is nadal!

and then nadal was down mantly lol and sacred so didn’t go to SW19!

no dr in rg…trashing of Hewitt a match before…

ps: Anady-m stand so fare away of the bais line… good thing players lrean the drop shot for this players that run and runa nd run…

altought AM have tennis ablities unlike the other running player…. if he doesn’t want to use them…this coud always hapen attcking palyer playing goog take him out in 5 set mathcs

Joe W Says:

Hi Von – since my first name is pretty common, I added the ‘w’ so you won’t confuse me with the other joes’ posting the “fat” comments about your boy.

Your Joe

tenisbebe Says:

RE: Rafa Nadal. The word going around is he will make his comeback at Montreal in early August, which makes sense.

Tennisfan Says:

xmike: Interesting analysis. It looks like Federer has a chance to now break the record for most no. of weeks ranked #1. If he wins tomorrow and holds the position until next years Wimbledon (50 more weeks) he will move past Sampras is this category also.


Incidentally, Agassi was the oldest player in history to hold the #1 ranking (at age 33). So if Federer has the drive to stay in the game, and maintain some semblance of his current form, he could be breaking most of the remaining tennis records over the next 5 years.

Having said that, it will be interesting to see what happens when Fed Jr enters the picture. (It will be fascinating in 18 years when this new kid arrives on the circuit :). My guess is he will be getting some pretty good tennis training from a young age.

Federer seems like the kind of guy that might be taking more family time off going forward, so he will be playing fewer tournaments in 2010 and beyond. He will probably focus primarily on majors and the minimum required ATP events … so the #1 ranking will disappear again.

I am not convinced Murray will be the replacement, based upon his recent performance at Wimbledon. But he will be playing in a lot of tournaments compared to Federer/Nadal so he could earn enough points to be #1. We will know a whole lot more about Murray after the USO.

Unfortunately for Nadal, he will have to pace himself going forward, so he may focus on majors also, which means that the lesser tournaments could become even less relevant.

Djokovic (in my opinion) doesn’t have the mental strength to be the #1 guy. Maybe if he sent his Family back to Serbia and got a new coach, and a new attitude he could still do something. But I don’t he will be the guy.

So, by late next year it will probably be either Murray, or a new player that comes out of the mix to challenge for #1. My guess is … it will be someone no one is talking about a whole lot right now.

Kimo Says:

As I predicted before the tournament, Serena wanted a piece of her sister and today she got it.

Now how pathetic does Safina’s no.1 ranking look? The no.2 player is the holder of three slams, the no.1 player is the holder of none.

Tennisfan Says:

Kimo: Actually (as I have been saying) I think the women’s game is “pathetic” right now. Inconsistency and lack of imagination is where its at. Gone are players on the circuit that have more than one shot in their game. You hit the ball back as hard as you can from side to side and wait until someone misses.
Henin and Hingis, and others long retired had some strategy and a mix of shots in their games.

The Williams sisters will disappear within another tournament or 2 (again) … when they get distracted by another clothing line or decide that they have singing or movie careers :)
What the women’s game need now is an all court player with a bit of strategy to assume #1.

Are there any training centres out there teaching more than the double back hand/ forehand “hit it as hard as you can” game?

Kimo Says:

Hignis is my favorite among those I watched in my lifetime.

But all credit to the Williams Sisters, becasue they took the “hit it as hard as you can” game to a whole new level and they do it better than anyone else, especially Serena.

Kimo Says:

LOL. Hingis not Hignis.

Lenny Says:

Tennisfan Says:

Having said that, it will be interesting to see what happens when Fed Jr enters the picture. (It will be fascinating in 18 years when this new kid arrives on the circuit :)

We can only hope that kid has the good sense to give us the joy of his tennis heritage. UNLIKE a certain Jaden Gil Agassi who has decided he prefers baseball. GAH! The utter travesty of wasting those prime tennis champion genes on BASEBALL. * Siiigh * ;)

Tennis Freak Says:

If I were Fed, my goal would not be increasing total number of weeks ranked #1. But if that comes along, like in the present instance, that is just bonus.
Right after Rafa took over, Fed said he would like to reclaim, but as time passed the priority shifted into amassing Slams. Now, with this regained number 1 position, he may revise the goal, but, in my opinion, it would not be prudent to go after maintaining the ranking if it compromises winning more Slams. After surpassing the 14th, Fed becomes the new landmark, and Sampras cannot be the goal. He will no longer be competing with Sampras’ record or every other player’s record. It is impossible to break every one’s record in every category. Rather, Fed should want to work toward making his own record more difficult to surpass, take Slam record to a seemingly unreachable height.

Cindy_Brady Says:

So Serena owns 3 of the 4 major titles but still is ranked behind Safina.

A very stupid and embarrassing ranking system for the WTA.

Cindy_Brady Says:


The Williams sisters style wins majors. Until another style comes along and dethrones it, it’s here to stay.

Look a few years down the road and I bet you’ll see many young players trying to emulate Nadal’s unique way of hitting the ball. Borg created clones. Chrissy created clones. Not until McEnroe and Navratilova brought the serve and volley back into tennis did things change.

Kids copy their hero’s ways until something better comes along.

Kimo Says:

I don’t think the no.1 ranking would me as much to Federer now. When he lost it, it seemed to bother him because he was going after Pete. But as he kept winning slams, he was still considered the favorite despite being no.2. He 2nd to no one now, even if he is ranked outside the top 10.

Besides, tennis is about slams, everything else is a by-product of that. The rankings, the endorsements, the recognition, have more to do with the fact that you’re a slam contender than with your ranking. Murray was favored by many to win Wimbledon even though he was never no.1 won and never won a slam.

Because everyone has doubt about Safina ever winning a slam, her ranking means nothing. When opponents step onto the court against Safina they are not as intimidated as they would be against Serena, for example.

As for Fed, he’s a contender for GOAT. That’s even a bigger target than anyone on tour right now can even hope for. Fed must be thinking: Let them enjoy battling for rankings, I’m in it for something much higher.

Kimo Says:


“Kids copy their hero’s ways until something better comes along.”

But you can only go so far if you’re a clone. Clones never do as well as the originals.

Kimo Says:

In my humble opinion the rankings systems can be solved with a minor tweak: Give more points to slams. Instead of 2000, why not give 3000 to the winner, 2000 to the RUP, 1500 to semifinalists and so on.

Cindy_Brady Says:


I agree, they should weight the slams more since they are the pinnacle of the sport. Of course, the master series 9 events and the other lower tier tournaments would object. Also, you may see many more good players pulling out of events like that in favor of saving themselves for the higher point slams.

I’m sure the powers at be are trying to make everything as fair and equitable as possible, but still something should be done so the ranking systems doesn’t look silly.

No way Safina should be #1 when she hasn’t even come close to winning the sports premiere events. Getting absolutely blown out in finals and semi-finals of slams and then still being ranked #1 is ridiculous. Adjustments should be made.

Tennisfan Says:

Cindy_Brady: “until something better comes along” … the better is called all court tennis… players on the women’s circuit used to be able to play it … but now no one seems to be schooled in it … Hingis had it … 4′ 11″ Henin who weighted 119 lbs (soaking wet) had it … and these players would “kick the butts” of those presently on tour.

The women’s game has no imagination .. I used to watch it … but I can stand watching it any more. The mens game seems to have several styles … and the guys that have single-handed backhands seem to be doing pretty well … although even that seems to be a dying breed.

scineram Says:

Mike double faults then misses volley to lose tie-break 9-7. Both teams serve well. No break points.

Cindy_Brady Says:


People can’t blame the Williams for the state that woman’s tennis is in right now. That’s more on shoulders of the teaching tennis academies around the world.

Slam bam, hit the ball as hard as you can tennis wins immediately. Serve and volley and/or all court tennis takes much more time to develop. Seems like no one has the patience to perfect the art anymore. If woman’s tennis is to survive and grow in the future, this type of philosophy needs to be implemented for the good of the game. Pitting winning contrasting styles against each other has always been the most exciting tennis to watch IMO.

Please, where is the next Navratilova or Hennin?

scineram Says:

Few errors, Bryans take tie-break 7-3. No break points.

ertorque Says:

Suddenly a question pops up in my mind; why would a GS be considered more important or prestigious than a Master Series tournament? If it is because of the Best of 5 vs Best of 3 sets format, then to make an anology are we not saying the 100m sprint is less ‘important’ than the 400m or the longer distance events in the track and field sports. I think winning regularly on the BO3 matches requires certain traits/skills which are different from those required in B05 matches and hence GS and MS should not have been different in terms of how ranking points are awarded.

Tennisfan Says:

ertorque: … and I believe the answer is “yes” your right. The ranking systems looks correct to me … if the player doesn’t want to play in many tournaments then they don’t necessarily deserve to hold #1 title … in spite of grand slam accomplishments. It is endurance and results that count.

scineram Says:

Brilliant play by Zimonjic and a forehand return winner by Nestor seals the tie-break 7-3. One missed break point on both sides.

scineram Says:

Great play by Zimonjic and another forehand return by Nestor earns break point in the first game in the fourth. Bryans miss for first break of the match.

sheila Says:

if rogers playing his a game he should beat roddick, but every match is different. i am hoping that roger wins tomorrow. love watching him. djokovic and murray may be the up & comers of the tennis world but i don’t think they will ever win 14 slams. rafa may exceed that amt depending on the legs. y don’t the womens gs matches have best of five. i think that would make it more interesting. imagine if the s williams vs e dementiava match was best of 5. women should play best of 3 in masters and best of 5 in majors. y not???? if you’re fit…….
women’s #1 ranking. i don’t get it. s williams wins 3 of 4 majors & she’s not #1????? anyway hoping, hoping, hoping, hoping roger wins tomorrow. if roddick does pull it off, i think it will b as big an upset as soderling taking out nadal at french.

scineram Says:

Bryans have 15-40 to come back immediately. Three big serves by Nestor including two aces saves the game.

scineram Says:

Zimonjic double faults twice then aces for match point. THEN ACES AGAIN TO DEFEND THE WIMBLEDON GENTLEMENS DOUBLES TITLE.


Cindy_Brady Says:

ertorque and Tennisfan,


100 % disagree with both of you.

The master series events only include a select few of the top 48 or 64 players. Not everyone qualifies. The top 8 players get buys in the 1st round anyways. Not everyone is there.

All the top players play in the grand slams, except for injury or other personal reasons. It is the truest measure of his supreme in the sport and who is not.

The grand slams are much more difficult test of tennis skills and fitness. Have to win 7 matches in a two week period in varying conditions. No where to hide. The grand slams are what all professional tennis players shoot for to win. The tournaments leading up to them are warm up events for the real deal.

You both are whacks!

jane Says:

Congrats to Nestor and Zimonjic! The Bryans will still be number 1 though right?

Tennisfan Says:

Cindy_Brady: “You both are whacks!” … which of Brady bunch were you ? …. :)

Jane: Why kind of canuck are you? … ex-pat?

jane Says:

Tennisfan: nope, born and raised, and have lived all over, east and west. So native, I guess you’d say.

Tennisfan Says:

Jane: looks like Nestor represents the best of Canadian tennis today … Dancevic looked like he might break through and has improved alot in the last year but has had shoulder trouble at times … Wozniak best Canadian women in quite a while … but seems to have trouble in front of big crowds …
… it would be good to see a top Canadian appear that would drive interest for the future …

Cindy_Brady Says:


Ha, You’re just jealous because my tennis knowledge is superior to yours. Not to worry. You may catch up ,say in 20 years or so.

Until then, keep dreaming.

jane Says:

Nestor, having won a golden slam, is by far the best of Canadian tennis today. I think Wozniak has more potential than Dancevic, as Frankie can’t seem to find consistent form. Perhaps due to those injuries you mention. He does well on fast courts, but yeah, just hasn’t been able to break through. Too bad. Maybe Wozniak will do so? It would definitely be nice to have a few more Canadian players for whom to root. Patriotism doesn’t figure into to tennis too much for me, since we really haven’t had the players to back, in any grand scenerios. Well, except for Nestor. Who is stellar.

Tennisfan Says:

Cindy_Brady: oh yeah now I remember … you were the youngest Brady … and quite a tattle-tell. Do you still have the pig-tails … and I do believe you were into older men … have i got you pegged? … as far as my tennis knowledge … how could I ever catch up to you? :0

Jane: agreed on Nestor … Canadian’s need a top singles player to spur interest in the sport … a few athletes have to choose tennis over hockey … but not much chance of that :)

tenisbebe Says:

Re: The women’s ranking system weighing GS’s and MS’s the same, logic would dictate that playing best of three each day, every day for a week is more difficult than playing best of 3 every other day over 2 weeks. I do not in any way propose to be an expert on the WTA’s tourney’s but I believe the new WTA rules require the top players to attend the MS events (the IW escape clause not withstanding); therefore the argument that the WTA MS events only include a select few of the top 48 players seems dubious. I will probably be working the WTA Cincy event in August which is elevated to a Tier 1 event this year so will ask some questions to clarify for my own curiosity. In any event, if that’s the case (regardless of whether the top 4 players get byes the 1st round), it would seem more difficult, not less to win these events over the slams (in the women’s tour only).

tenisbebe Says:

Jane, Gordon: Congrats to Nestor – What a fantastic achievement! I was wondering what happened to Frankie after he had a good HC season in ’08 I think it was – didn’t know about the shoulder. Too bad, hope he’s back in the states (and Canada of course) for the summer HC season.

jane Says:

That’s a great point tenisbebe, about the lack of difference (except more recovery time) for the WTA between masters series events and slams. The men, however, sprint at the masters series events, with best of three every day for a week, whereas they marathon at the slams, with best of five every two days for two weeks.

Let’s see the women run some marathons? Maybe that would force them to add more variety if they were forced to play best of five in the slams? I thought I read somewhere recently that they would maybe change it to best of 5 from the quarters onwards in slams. I suppose that could be a step in the right direction? Who knows. I’d like to continue hoping that the WTA is on its way back, with a few of those younger players looking like they have some promise. But I would like to see some players with more variety, slices, volleys, etc… I know a lot of people dislike the theatrics of JJ, and given that dumb on-court underwear change, who can blame em!? But as for her game, although she plays too defensively/passively, I do think she *could* be a player with more variety with the right coach and mindset. I’ve seen her hit some lovely lobs and slices, but she tends to stay too far back in the court. Playing defense with the ball-bashers. Occasionally bashing a few of her own.

Anyhow, look forward to hearing what your questions reveal tenisbebe.

Duro Says:

Nestorovic-Zimonjic! Bravo!

tenisbebe Says:

Duro Says: “Nestorovic-Zimonjic! Bravo!” Aha Duro, so Serbia is adopting Nestor? LOL I don’t blame you. Good job Nestor & Zimonjic!!

tenisbebe Says:

Jane says: “Let’s see the women run some marathons? Maybe that would force them to add more variety if they were forced to play best of five in the slams? I thought I read somewhere recently that they would maybe change it to best of 5 from the quarters onwards in slams.” The problem I see in the GS’s going from a best of 3 set to 5 set format for the entire tourney is lack of courts, match scheduling & television coverage. All the slam venues would need to expand and build more courts (or take over some existing practice courts & build more of those). It creates somewhat of a headache for a tournament director (same with the MS’s having coinciding M&W matches). To do it from the quarters on might be more possible & therefore the reason for that alternative proposal. We’ll see.

jane Says:

Thanks for the congrats tenisbebe; actually I am pretty sure Nestor was born in Serbia, so he definitely has ties to that country. But I think he spent most of his life in Canada. And he identifies as a Canadian player, so that’s good enough for me. Unlike Rusedski, who left us for the Brits after he achieved some success; of course I would still cheer him on, but it would have been nice if he’d’ve stayed. On the other hand, I am sure the money/facilities were better there.

jane Says:

That’s true; I guess more longer women’s matches would require larger facilities or certainly altered schedules. Here’s a short article that states Serena is fine with a shift to best of five for the latter rounds:


fed is afraid Says:

go andy
you can do it

Duro Says:

Tenisbebe, he is Nestorović. Check it out.

Cindy_Brady Says:

fed is afraid Says:

go andy
you can do it


I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

tenisbebe Says:

Jane – thanks for the article. It would definitely be better for tennis in general not to have all the controversy re: men’s vs women’s so in that regard, I’m all for it.

Duro: Nestor is from Serbia? I didn’t know that. Thanks for enlightening me. So you do have something to cheer about from this Wimby – so glad.

tenisbebe Says:

fed is afraid Says: “go andy you can do it”

YES!!! He’s going to need all the positive vibes he can get (whether your motives are sincere or not is irrelevant in this case). C’mon Andy & win that big beautiful Wimbledon trophy.

Skorocel Says:

Cindy_Brady: “People can’t blame the Williams for the state that woman’s tennis is in right now.”

LOL! If you’ve indeed followed the sport of tennis for 45 years, you should know that prior to the sisters’ arrival on the scene, there wasn’t any of those “generic” (as you call it) Europeans playing… However, once the sisters arrived, they immediately set the bar of physical conditioning in women’s tennis to a whole different level (frankly, can this get any higher?), and everyone, including Henin or (sadly) Hingis had to conform…

I mean, how on earth you’re gonna beat a girl who’s serving 125 MPH, chasing down every shot, and firing laser-like cannonballs at you left and right???!!! Of course, by hitting even harder, running even quicker, and serving even faster! Drophsots, volleys, lobs, and all the other finesses which are now virtually extinct on the WTA tour, won’t get the job done…

I remember when Serena played Daja Bedanova (once a quite promising Czech player, now retired) at the USO 2002… The girl serve & volleyed in almost every single rally (which I found very brave), but unfortunately for her, she had barely 110 lbs, very tiny figure, and her arms and legs were resembling sticks rather than limbs (similar to our Hantuchova), so it was more or less a battle between a lightweight and a heavyweight… In other words, a COMPLETE MISMATCH! When I saw these 2 play, I couldn’t hold my laugh (but on the other hand, felt sad for Bedanova as well)… Even a tennis analphabet would see that, no matter how talented the Czech was, she’d have absolutely ZERO chance…

fed is afraid Says:

why wouldn’t my motives be sincere?
andy can win as much as roger can
if not then just hand roger the trophy tonight

Duro Says:

Tenisbebe, Daniel is Canadian, no doubt about it. I just wanted to point out his origin and his real family name. He is Nestorović, changed into Nestor, that’s all. Anyway I consider him as one of our own, as well as Canadians do, with full right.

Cindy_Brady Says:


Nothing wrong with physical conditioning. Why can’t a player be developed to be both strong and an “all court player”. The player you speak of who served and volleyed, was physically not ready. Not the Williams fault. What would you have? The WTA lower the bar of strength to make room for more variety in the game?

Seems it would be far better for the tennis training machines to work on developing young promising player’s games “all around” instead of this one dimensional style. Throw in physical condition too. I think a player like that could contend with the likes of a Williams sister and be entertaining at the same time.

The fault doesn’t lye with the Williams. Why should they lower their standards? The fault is on the WTA for not encouraging development of better all around players. That’s the real answer!

Skorocel Says:

Cindy_Brady: Once again, how you’re going to beat a girl who’s serving 125 MPH, chasing down every shot, and firing laser-like cannonballs at you left and right (which is what Venus and Serena can do better than anyone on the WTA tour)?!

tenisbebe Says:

“The fault is on the WTA for not encouraging development of better all around players. That’s the real answer!”

The WTA is not responsible for player development; in the US that would be the USTA, UK’s would be the LTA, etc.

Skorocel Says:

Cindy_Brady: Frankly, how can you make a difference between the Williams sisters and all those “generic” Europeans (boy, that’s a priceless term!) is beyond me… Sure, the sisters are mentally stronger – there’s no doubt about that! Only Sharapova has come close to them in this department. But is their game that more appealing? I mean GAME! I don’t care if they scream c’mon! 1000 times during the match, say “I’m the best” in every single press conference, throw a racquet towards the umpire, bump into their opponent during the changeover, or play topless with only a skirt made of jeans covering their bottom part… That’s not relevant.

Skorocel Says:

“I think a player like that could contend with the likes of a Williams sister and be entertaining at the same time.”

That player will never come. Only Henin (and maybe Mauresmo) came close to such a distinction, and you know very well why… Hint: How can a 5 ft 5 in tall girl serve around 120 MPH?

jsmauger Says:


Roddick can come in a million times in the final and he still won’t win. Oh, I forgot, Andy is hitting his approach shots better. So what? Let’s all think hard about this one: neither Karlovic nor Haas could manufacture a break point against Roger. Anyone think Roddick returns better than Haas or volleys better than Karlovic?

Hewitt and Murray had their chances on the Roddick serve but they couldn’t convert. Any thoughts as to whether Roger will convert if he has a break point on the Roddick serve. I say: Yes!!! Roddick doesn’t return well enough to make Roger work on his own serve. Roger won’t be throwing junk at Roddick and hoping he’ll choke like Murray did. Roger will be serving lights out, ripping the forehand, crushing the backhand (and slicing the beejesus out of it too), and attacking any short ball that comes his way.

Unless Andy manages to win three straight tiebreaks, this match will be Roger’s 15th Grand Slam win. Oops, I almost forgot. Fed and Roddick have played 13 tiebreaks in their 20 head-to-head matches and the scoreline is: Federer: 10; Roddick: 3. To be fair, Roddick has one the last two tiebreaks they’ve played (Madrid 09 and Miami 08) but they split the two matches in which those breakers occurred. Go Roger!

tenisbebe Says:

“…and all those “generic” Europeans (boy, that’s a priceless term!)”. Safina, Kuzy, and all the Ova’s are Russian. When I took geography in school there were 7 continents and Russia was in the continent of Asia (not Europe). Has it moved?

Ty Says:

So what time does the final start on American television?

tenisbebe Says:

9am EST on NBC – our favorite network :)

Joel Says:

So no one at all knows what’s going on with Nadal’s family? Not even the writers for this blog?

Ty Says:

Ugh, well looks like I can’t party to hard tonight if I’m going to attempt to make that start time. I hope I’ll be in bed by then.

Cindy_Brady Says:

tenisbebe Says:

“…and all those “generic” Europeans (boy, that’s a priceless term!)”. Safina, Kuzy, and all the Ova’s are Russian. When I took geography in school there were 7 continents and Russia was in the continent of Asia (not Europe). Has it moved?

Russia is located in both continents (Asia and Europe).

Alex deduct $500 from tenisbebe score…

I’m sorry tenisbebe, that leaves you in the red. No final Jeopardy for you but we do have a parting gifts for you.



Von Says:

“tenisbebe Says:
9am EST on NBC – our favorite network :)”

But of course they’re ging to show Roddick’s match live tomorrow. I mean those darn Americans believe in self-love, don’t they, and charity begins at home? So they’ll be plastering Roddick’s face all over the air waves, and then some. Not even ‘TMF’ is accorded that privilege given to one who’s a ‘son of the soil’. LOL.

Watch the PBS celebrations and the fireworks afterwards. The kids are having a grand old time here in my neighborhood.

Isn’t it appropos that Andy got the day off to celebrate the Fourth and in England too. I mean how ironic is that? An American in London.Dash it all and I’m dashed. LOL.

fed is afraid: YOU GO GIRL! Send Andy those same good vibes you send to Rafa will ya. After all Andy is helping Rafa’s cause by keeping the other guys away in the ranking. Yes? LOL.

Von Says:

“Ty Says:
So what time does the final start on American television?”

“tenisbebe Says:
9am EST on NBC – our favorite network :)”

I think they are going to behave themselves tomorrow. After all, it’s a son olf the soil, and self-love is evident to the 10th exponenet and then some. Isn’t that charity begins at home, and not even TMF can put a wedge in that. LOL.
fed is afraid: YOU GO GIRL! Send Andy those same good vibes you send to Rafa.LOL. Andy’s halping Rafa from sliding.

Von Says:


Watch the ‘Fourth of July’ special on PBS.

Von Says:

jsmauger; GO RODDICK, GO USA!!

vared Says:

Congrats to Nestor and Z. I really like them but I like the Bryans very much also. Z is 35 and Nestor 36 and both have newborns. I think they will stay around a couple more years and try to take a few more. Bryans are still youngsters at 30 so they have many years left to grab everything there is. I think they are very close to breaking the Woodys’ records already. Too bad there had to be a loser today.

Re Roddick: Let’s all try directing POSITIVE ENERGY TO HIS BODY

Von Says:


I’m sorry the twins lost on July 4th. I think they’ll break the woody’s record very soon.

“Re Roddick: Let’s all try directing POSITIVE ENERGY TO HIS BODY.”

Yes, let’s keep hoping Andy’s arm remains nuclear and there’ll be a nuclear explosion.

Tennis Freak Says:

If anyone is wondering about Rafa, here are some latest tidbits about him:
“I have already had the number one, well, that’s it. Now I’m more interested in the Grand Slams.”
This revision in priority is to match Fed’s schedule. So, this will give us more Fed-Rafa Slam finals: “So, the way things are and the way Federer is playing, Rafa and his team have decided to change their priorities, not just this season but for the followings.”
“Rafa and his team have developed a plan, which, as everyone knows, has set the U.S. Open as its primary goal. The Spaniard would reappear in Montreal and then Cincinnati, U.S. Open, Bangkok, China, Shanghai, Paris and London Masters.”

Source: http://www.nadalnews.com/2009/07/04/nadal-changes-his-priorities/

Von Says:

TF: “The Spaniard would reappear in Montreal and then Cincinnati, U.S. Open, Bangkok, China, Shanghai, Paris and London Masters.”

I beleive he got a huge appearance fee for Bangkok, didn’t he?

jane Says:

vared “Let’s all try directing POSITIVE ENERGY TO HIS BODY”

I am holding nightly vigils, and crossing my fingers & toes, but I’ll add positive vibe sending to my routine. : )

Tennis Freak, thanks for the updates on Nadal. It’s good to know he’ll be back soon and that they will make reductions to his schedule going forward. Number 1 shouldn’t be a priority. He’s had it now. But more slams would make sense in terms of stature I suppose, particularly if his career could, potentially, be shortened.

I read somewhere that “older” guys like Haas, Ferrero, Hewitt might’ve done well at Wimbledon because they don’t play a packed schedule throughout the year but save their best for the slams. I don’t know if that’s even true, but it’s an interesting theory.

Tennis Freak Says:

I read a subtle challenge in that revision of the plan: “I will go everywhere you go, play every Slam you play. I will work toward preventing the landmark from getting bigger.” With a scheduling error, Rafa must have felt that he allowed the landmark’s increment by 2 Slams, which has added more work to his own career goal.
I am glad that the real challenger will return to the court with a clear aim to win the USO this year.
That’s that.
About older guys’ benefiting from their smart, shorter schedule, there may be some truth in that. It allows them not only to conserve, but also, more significantly, FOCUS on the majors. The old with skills have more experience in their approach to Wimbledon than the young. Well, there are exceptions, but, looking at this year’s result, that may be the case.

sports fan Says:

Nadal can do whatever he wants to do, but he will never win as many slams as federer and had federer not picked up mono at the end of 2007 he would not have lost his number 1 ranking……Nadal benefitted from playing federer when he was sick and that is the cold hard truth…..Nadal will never ever beat federer when federer is playing his best……that i can promise you……..having said that i do hope nadal comes back and has some more classic matches with federer……

14 majors
4 masters cups
237 weeks ranked #1

6 majors
0 masters cups
37 weeks ranked #1

this is the cold hard truth nadal fans

vared Says:

This is why I don’t like Serena. I don’t like Safina either but….

Q. How much of a motivation is it for you to try and regain the world No. 1 ranking?

SERENA WILLIAMS: You know, I’m not super motivated. I think if you hold three Grand Slam titles maybe you should be No. 1, but not on the WTA Tour obviously, so…

You know, my motivation is maybe just to win another Grand Slam and stay No. 2, I guess (laughter).

Q. Does that disappoint you?

SERENA WILLIAMS: No. If it did, I would go crazy just thinking about it. I think anyone really could. That’s just shocking. But whatever. It is what it is. I’d rather definitely be No. 2 and hold three Grand Slams in the past year than be No. 1 and not have any.

Q. Do you see yourself as No. 1?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I see myself as No. 2. That’s where I am. I think Dinara did a great job to get to No. 1. She won Rome and Madrid (laughter).

jsmauger Says:


Guess what-I am American; Go Roger!

Von Says:

jsmaugher: That’s OK I can live with that. I’ll counter by saying; GO RODDICK! LOL.

tenisbebe Says:

Vared: Re Roddick: Let’s all try directing POSITIVE ENERGY TO HIS BODY.

Yes!! I dedicated my yoga practice this morning to his success tomorrow. Third time is for sure a charm.
Von: No Fourth special on my PBS tonight – only bluegrass bands.

Cindy_Brady – I should only lose 250 pts as the “new” geographic maps show it is technically one continent now: Eurasia.

This sounds suspiciously like what happened to Pluto when it was demoted from planet to dwarf. :D

Tennis Freak Says:

sports fan,

Your post is devoid of any new information. Repetition of the same stat does not make you a stronger Fed fan. Nor it increase Fed’s seemingly unconquerable achievement. It does not solve any future puzzle. To me, that repetition only cliches Fed’s Greatness.

And your “I can promise you” has only impetuous and sentimental value at best, expresses emotions akin to religious fundamentalism.

Rafa’s revised plan does not make a dent to Fed’s achievement; it only adds decorum to Fed’s greatness. Could there be anything sweeter than to be the new landmark? If this inspires young players like Rafa to do more, is not that good for tennis, regardless whether they reach there or not.

And, b.t.w., I am not a Rafa fan. I admire both of them equally. Their rivalry is what excites me most, esp. their Grand Slam encounters. I welcome, encourage, and dare new challengers, though unfortunately there is only one right now, in the field, “Catch Fed if you can.”

tenisbebe Says:

T-Freak & Von: “The Spaniard would reappear in Montreal and then Cincinnati, U.S. Open, Bangkok, China, Shanghai, Paris and London Masters.”

I heard elsewhere that he is not going to play Shanghai now (a 250 tourney I think).

Tennis Freak Says:

Shanghai is Masters 1000. You confused it with Beijing 500.

tenisbebe Says:

T-Freak – Thanks. Forgot Shanghai is a MS event.

osazone4real Says:

Best wishes to Andy Roddick,I hope the gods smile on him and grant one of my wishes Andy Roddick winning wimbledon and much better beating the man who has denied him so much.

TejuZ Says:

Von: congrats to you that A-Rod is in final. I know am couple of days in posting this (i was quite busy last few days), nevertheless, i am really happy to see him in final.

I would like Fed to win this final, but apart from him no-one deserves it more than Andy.. so i dont really mind seeing Andy holding the trophy finally… could pull off a Nadal who also won it in his 3rd attempt against the very same foe.

TejuZ Says:

Fed on Nadal in his pre-final presser: “So if you get injured ‑‑ I think like what Murray got injured as well with his wrist a couple of years ago, and Rafa now a little bit. I don’t quite remember now who else got injured ‑‑ but you can lose so many points. Especially him being back‑to‑back champions, Paris and Wimbledon last year, you can’t play, you lose four thousand points. It goes like in a hurry. From being invincible, you’re all of a sudden No. 2, No. 3 in the world, having to prove yourself. Other tournaments are looming around the corner which you have to defend again. Does that just mean that he’s only the second best, you know, or third best just because he couldn’t play? Probably not. He deserves to be all the way up there in the rankings, but somebody has to win the tournament.”

Duro Says:

Vared, one correction: Zimonjic is 33 not 35. Anyway, at least 2 or 3 more years for Nestorovic-Zimonjic couple!

Skorocel Says:

sports fan: „and had federer not picked up mono at the end of 2007 he would not have lost his number 1 ranking“



„Nadal benefitted from playing federer when he was sick and that is the cold hard truth…“

Yeah, that mono certainly must’ve lasted at least till AO 2009 ;-)

Duro Says:

Skorocel, couldn’t be more LOL about sports fan nonsence. Fed has listen to Nadal’s name in stereo technic believe me! In both his ears!

Duro Says:

Skorocel, couldn’t be more LOL about sports fan nonsence. Fed has listen to Nadal’s name in stereo technic believe me! In both of his ears!

fed is afraid Says:

happy for you von that your guy is in the finals again, he deserves it.
i believe andy will win.

Nom d'un chien Says:

What an amazing match and an amazing champion. Am I wrong to think that Roger is the best player of all times?

Top story: Novak Djokovic "Feels Great" Ahead Of Chase For Olympic Gold