Serena Tops Sister Venus Williams for Wimbledon Crown
by Staff | July 4th, 2009, 12:02 pm

Serena Williams, who saved a match point in her semifinal against Russian Elena Dementieva, closed on world No. 1 Dinara Safina on Saturday by beating sister Venus 7-6(3), 6-2 in the Wimbledon final for her 11th Slam title.
Venus looked the stronger player until the first-set tiebreak when the younger Williams ran out to a 6-2 lead before locking up the first set, then eventually running away with the second.

“It feels so amazing. I feel so blessed,” Serena said to the crowd after the victory. “I can’t believe I’m holding this trophy. It’s named for Venus. It hasn’t settled in that I won yet. I’m so excited. Thanks to everyone for their support. I’m honored to be out here. I’m already looking forward to the doubles.”

Venus Williams was attempting to defend her title and add to her five Wimbledon victories.

“Today she was too good, she had an answer for everything. She played the best tennis today,” Venus said. “I’m still smiling though, I don’t think the loss has set in yet. I’ve had so many great times here. I love what I do and most of all I love playing these finals. I’ll see you all again next year, of course.”

Serena has now won three of the last four Slams, and collected her first Wimbledon title since 2003. A Williams sister has featured in eight of the last nine Wimbledon finals.

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32 Comments for Serena Tops Sister Venus Williams for Wimbledon Crown

Cindy_Brady Says:

Congratulations Serena
Congratulations Venus

You gave the world another interesting final but nothing for the ages. I somehow feel empty after watching that. don’t know why?

Tennisfan Says:

… because it was boring … and the level of interest by the no. of posts speaks volumes …

Samson Says:

I congratulate the family of Williams for crowm goung go their and Serena.

Kimo Says:

Tennisfan said:

“… because it was boring … and the level of interest by the no. of posts speaks volumes …”


Cindy_Brady Says:


Skorocel Says:

“… because it was boring … and the level of interest by the no. of posts speaks volumes …”

Spot on, Tennisfan!

tenisbebe Says:

The double was a more compelling match to me (because they have played one another so often in the past year). I wonder how much the tickets are for the women’s/doubles final vs the Sunday men’s final…

Cindy_Brady Says:

Does anyone here believe that the William Sisters have ruined woman’s tennis or sent it spiraling in the wrong direction?

If so, speak up!

TMZ Says:

Cindy, you are an idiot. Without the Williams Sisters, there is no American women’s tennis.

Ty Says:

If anything they have showed just how much more dominant they are than any other woman player out there. The fact that they don’t even really fully commit themselves to the WTA tour probably hurts women’s tennis a bit.

Serena can still show up somewhat out of shape and be considered the favorite to win a major.

Von Says:

The Williams sisters ROCK!! They’re the pillars that keep the WTA afloat.

Tennis Freak Says:

We at the TP have had more than a couple pieces on Roddick over past 6-7 days, including one today. We are doing better than many other blogs to give him a fair share.

Von Says:

TF: Thanks for the info. I take it you’ve been making the rounds by visiting other sites? I’m sorry, I’m very lazy and/or disinterested in that respect. Isn’t Tennis.X lucky, they get all of my busines, and then some. LOL.

Cindy_Brady Says:


Who the Hell said the William Sisters weren’t? I simply posed the question because it was brought up in another thread. I was trying to create a discussion since this thread was dead in the water.

Before you call someone an idiot, take a good look in the mirror. You didn’t understand the post at all. Not surprised from reading some of your past posts. Your comprehension skill leave a lot to be desired.

And Von,

You are the most “one sided” and “narrow” minded posters here.

If someone likes Andy Roddick, all the warm fuzzys come out. If someone even has the slightest negative thing to say…The venomous claws appear. You have no objectivity!

I’m not here to make friends and be all lovey dovey with people I’ll never met. Just giving real opinions based on unbiased observation.

Von Says:

Cindy Brady: Are you CRAZY? You go on the rampage attacking everybody. Find a more healthy outlet for the madness within and please leave me ALONE. don’t you have anything better to do? sheesh.

BTW, WHAT THE HELL DID I SAY TO YOU, NOTHING? As as I said, you are too BLOODY CRAZY!!!!!!!~!!!!&&(*())__

Von Says:

Comprehension 101 is sadly needed here. OY VEY, OY VEY.

vared Says:

I did not watch the Williams match. Too uninteresting for me.

Cindy_Brady Says:


You sound sauced up already. Roddick hasn’t even lost yet. Put down the bottle and chill.


Von Says:

Cindy Brady: After this post, I won’t answer your drivel any more. You should be ashamed of yourself. By my calculations, you are approx. 60 – 65 years old, an old ghrandmother. And, here you are attacking young people old enough to be your grandchildren? As as I said, you are bloody crazy, make that a bloody crazy old battle axe, and a disgrace to females. You cannot control your madness and is using these threads to vent it. You’ve been going all day attacking everyone and calling them names. I posted one comment on this thread and you’ve gone off on a tangent over what? Nothing. You’ve been saving it up to lash out at me, so you did it. Now shut the hell up. I don’t need a bottle, but you need something else, and it’s not a bottle, I can tell you that.

I tell you what, you all the &**(() you want, I’M OUTTA HERE. Heed my advice, you need a psychiatrist like yesterday.

Von Says:

“I tell you what, you all the &**(() you want, I’M OUTTA HERE.”

s/b I tell you what, post all the ^&*() you want, IM OUTTA HERE! ENOUGH!

Cindy_Brady Says:

Oh Von,

Get over your self. You attacked me last month about my Andy Roddick comments at the French. Wasn’t even talking to you.

You chimed in all angry because I insinuated Andy was over reacting about the lighting and using it as excuse because Monfils was kicking his Ass.

Again, you can’t take criticism, DEAR. Only dish it out!

Did you think, I was going to let those nasty little posts you hurled my direction go. HELL NO!

Hell Hath no fury as a Cindy_Brady scorned!

Von Says:

Show me where.

Paul Says:

Boring as hell final.. it seems Venus doesnt want to beat her little sis, cause Serena takes it really bad, no wonder, we all know the poor sportsmanship Serena has, it’s terrible… i think both william sisters make womens tennis look really bad when both reach the finals, its almost insulting.. oh, serena is like a man, do you guys know any other man on the tour with those legs? geezz..

Paul Says:

Cindy_Brady i’m with you on the williams ruining womens tennis comment, not because they are bad playing the game cause actually they are incredible, but because it’s too damn suspicious when two sisters play together.. i mean.. why does it always seem Venus lets serena win? why? bonus checks by Nike?? hmmm… i think Venus would be leading the head to head between them by far if venus..

Maija Summers Says:

If you beleive it is boring, trying working out your daily routine with getting in shape , staying fit, being injury free and being healthy. Maybe you will enjoy and appreciate the hard work the Williams sisters and all other tennis players put in so we can watch them all. Quit being jealous and support those who work hard in training. It is a pleasure to see such talent. Go get them, Williams sister’s. Always sorry to see one get beaten but that’s the nature of the game. Mahalo ! !

Tennisfan Says:

……… snore ………..

Cindy_Brady Says:

Maija Summers,

I bet you are African American.

tenisbebe Says:

Cindy_Brady Says: “Maija Summers, I bet you are African American.” Not that it makes any difference what race she is (except to you of course) but she said “Mahalo” That’s Hawaiian.

scineram Says:

Serena was really happy. Venus looked disinterested a little. The crowd too. Noone cared about this final.

Von Says:

tennisbebe: Serena’s a Black American too, so what’s granny’s point. I suppose with a name like Brady she’s prejudiced, eh? Figures.

Paul Says:

Von, Tennisbebe, no matter what you say, doesnt change that when the williams sisters play, its boring, something happens there and the competition disolves into nothing. people know it, you know it.. sure, they work hard and everything but it still doesnt change the fact that they bore. you know what? they should play all tournaments to get and maintain the number one spot as long as they can, that would make womens tennis more exiting, everybody knows they win grand slams, but could they keep the number one as long as roger has, if they get it??? thats a sportswoman, they are just kind of tennis freaks (cause of their behaviour and their bodys).

Kimmi Says:

I was bored to death too with this final. For some reason the “venus” that was so good in the last 6 matches did not show up….the fire was not there at all…I hate williams sisters matches. Serena Vs Demantieva was the match of the tournament IMHO.

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