Tennis-X Notes: Hingis Comeback, Murray Making Adjustments
by Staff | February 3rd, 2010, 11:41 pm


HINGIS COMEBACK!…SORTA! — Like a cancer gnawing at her soul, Martina Hingis watches comeback Belgians Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin eat up the women’s tennis spotlight. Hingis says she doesn’t miss all the travel of the WTA Tour, but announced the possible first step in a comeback by saying she will play a full World TeamTennis schedule in 2010. “If it was played in the backyard then I’d probably think about it twice,” said Hingis of playing a tour event [in Switzerland?], talking to the AP. Hingis’ two-year suspension for testing positive for coke has ended, and she will be drafted by a WTT team on Feb. 11.
JUST LETTING THE FELLAS LOOSE — Andy Murray on why he was repeatedly touching his pants/hip during the final, asked by reporters if he had a hip injury: “It’s not really a problem. It’s not really my left hip. It’s quite hard to explain. I wear cycling shorts, and sometimes they’re quite tight. So you need to — you know, Roddick does it a lot, it’s kind of what Rafa does on his other side. I don’t really know what I’m trying to say, but basically my hip is fine. It was just the cycling shorts were tight.”

SITTING OUT — Rafael Nadal has been advised to sit out a month [or more] to settle the flaming tendinitis in his knee that forced him to retire during the Australian Open. Tests also showed a small tear at the back part of Nadal’s right knee, and shorts creeping up his ass.

PAES HITS THE BIG SCREEN — 2010 Aussie Open mixed doubles champ Leander Paes is to make his Bollywood debut, and is a month into shooting his first film, a psychological thriller after undergoing intensive coaching at a leading Mumbai acting school, DNA reported. The film, to be made in both Hindi and Bengali languages, will be in cinemas by the end of the year, and in the Blockbuster bargain bin by month’s end.

TENNIS NEEDS TO BE MORE BORING! — From’s Steve Tignor (the guy who predicted Rafael Nadal wasn’t good enough to reach No. 1) on how Nikolay Davydenko won’t win a Grand Slam until he becomes more focused on being boring in press conferences: “The day that Davydenko doesn’t use a word like “scared” to describe his opponents, the day he gives us a thousand-yard stare and says that he and his opponents “have a mutual respect for each other,” that he’s just gonna go out and give it 110 percent, you know he’s serious about creating a legacy as a Grand Slam champion rather than just making enough money so he never has to work again. It will be a sad day for the tennis press, but it might be a good day for Davydenko. He’ll have learned his lesson. It should be an easy one for a money-hungry Russian to understand: Being interesting is bad for business.” — Geez that is more dumb writing.

JENKINS ON A ROLL — From tennis writer Bruce Jenkins writing for SI on the Aussie Open final: “Murray was unfortunate to experience a couple of, shall we say, Roddick Moments. Unfair as that may be to Andy, people are always going to remember the shanked backhand volley that cost him the second set against Federer at last year’s Wimbledon.” — Ouch, not really, until you brought it up. Throwing some A-Rod hammering into the AO final wrap? Also from Jenkins: “…Dick Enberg, still a beloved tennis commentator at the age of 75…” — Really?!? The same Dick “Oh my!” Enberg that gets HAMMERED on every internet tennis message board? Must be a different Dick Enberg…Even more from Jenkins: “ESPN2 was the one to watch, but here’s hoping you caught some of Martina Navratilova’s unabridged, dead-on commentary on the Tennis Channel. One reader e-mailed me to say, “Her commentary seems so unguarded, it almost feels like she’s sitting in your house with you, drinking a beer.” — “Oh my!” God. The general consensus here is, Martina makes you want to drink a 24-pack of beer, then puncture your eardrums with a pen. One reader e-mailed us to say, ‘Can you tell the Tennis Channel to cut the sound feed?’ Who else rounds out your Top 5 commentators? Virginia Wade? Pam Shriver? Sean McDonough?…

MISC — The Aussie Open set a record for attendance in 2010…Roger Federer’s Haiti charity effort, which began with a “Hit for Haiti” hit-and-giggle with miked players before the start of the Aussie Open, has raised over $600K thus far…After winning their fourth Aussie Open doubles title, the Bryan brothers have eight Slam titles, three behind the record 11 of the Woodies (Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde), and four overall titles behind the Woodies’ 61…Lleyton Hewitt underwent hip surgery following the Aussie Open, and has now has surgery on both hips. Too hip to be Lleyton…Victoria is investing $363 million to keep the Australian Open in Melbourne, including a new retractable roof, an additional 1,500 seats, and a new Eastern Plaza that will house 21 new courts…From Mike and Bob Bryan blogging during the Aussie Open: “During a local broadcast of our third-set-tiebreak win over Butorac/Ram on Tuesday night, Henri Leconte [the former French player] pretended to fall asleep. We’re a little disappointed, and it’s unfortunate when a commentator has to be negative when we are trying our guts out. It’s big-serving tennis, and the points can be short. We know it’s late at night, but it’s unfortunate because he’s there to make the fans interested in the game. It’s not about him — it’s about the tennis. [Commentator and Australian Davis Cup Captain] John Fitzgerald apologized to us, but Henri hasn’t said anything. It’s disrespectful to doubles, to our opponents and to us. It’s not that funny, especially when you come off the court happy and proud we got through a tough one, and to hear someone telling us that Henri is bashing you…it left a sour taste in our mouths. It was funny because he was asking us to come to his Haiti [fundraiser], joking with us and acting like he was our best friend, and since this, he hasn’t looked our way. Maybe he feels bad. We’ll do it for Haiti but…”…Liezel Huber blogging: “I wish Venus and Serena [Williams] would play [Fed Cup] sometimes. It would be helpful for us. They are great girls and great ambassadors and we want them to play. Just play!”…Ivan Lendl will play an event for the first time in 16 years when he competes in the inaugural Caesars Tennis Classic on April 10 in Atlantic City against Mats Wilander. Andy Roddick and Marat Safin will also participate in the cash grab. Lendl last played competitively at the 1994 US Open, retiring afterwards with a bad back…Justine Henin has taken a wildcard into Indian Wells…From Reuters: “Kim Clijsters’ lookalike sports the same tennis kit, golden hair and blue racquet as the U.S. Open champion but her backhand is somewhat stiffer. That’s because she is a doll — the first Barbie to commemorate a female athlete, unveiled at the world’s largest toy fair in the German city of Nuremberg on Wednesday.”…Mark Philippoussis lost in the first round of the Dallas Challenger to No. 159-ranked Michael Yani. Would rather see ‘Age of Love 2,’ or Flipper on that The Journeyman DVD extra talking about banging Anna Kournikova.

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52 Comments for Tennis-X Notes: Hingis Comeback, Murray Making Adjustments

anonymous Says:

don’t go pissing on steve tignor. you guys can’t even fact/spell/grammar check. i like this snarky, unprofessional site with all its outdated pics (seriously), but c’mon, we all know that you’re not in a position to criticize ‘dumb writing’.

Kimo Says:

I’m sure the Steve Tignor thing is being taken out of context, because he’s a brilliant writer.

Tiger Woods Says:

When I read “Murray making adjustments”, I thought he was making adjustments to his game.

I guess he is going to be a counter pucher all his life and wait for someone to give him a Slam.

Skorocel Says:

“Tests also showed a small tear at the back part of Nadal’s right knee, and shorts creeping up his ass.”

LOL :-)

berto Says:

jealous much, tennis-x staff? u rip on ur comrade and hide in anonymity? tsk tsk tsk. only makes me not want to read ur website.

jane Says:

Agree with Kimo: Steve Tignor is generally a great writer; the comments here make me want to read the entire article to see what he was getting at. But personally I’d not call his writing “dumb”!

Also, the article hear says Rafa’s been “advised” to sit out a month; does that mean this is in fact what he is doing? Does anyone know? Presumably that’ll still allow him to defend IW??

jane Says:

* hear s/b here, obviously. sorry, it’s early.

Gordo Says:

I have to take a moment and follow up on the comments by Kimo and Berto.

Steve Tignor is one of the great tennis writers out there and if you are going to refer to him saying Nadal is not good enough to be number one you should post a link to that bit of writing so we can all read exactly what it was he wrote. Not to mention when (!)

And if he did… so what? I’m sure if you dig deep you will find several writers who said that Federer would not pass Sampras in Grand Slam titles. They are wrong too. So what? That is why they are called predictions. We all make them, and sometimes we are wrong.

I would like to see where Tignor wrote that about Nadal. Care to enlighten us, …”Staff” ?

Which brings me to my next point. What a perfect world it must be for “Staff,” where Sean, Lynn, Richard or Ben and the other writers in here are willing to use their names, “Staff” can blithely post whatever it is he/she wants with no consequences.

So this way you can call female tennis players fat – as you have done – and you can write insipid, banal comments about respected writers, broadcasters and former tennis greats who are being paid for what they do.

As berto wrote – “jealous much?”

Voicemale1 Says:

Nadal didn’t retire due to tendinitis. The MRI scan he had revealed a tear in the tendon behind the knee.

Mindy Says:


Thank you for clarifying Rafa’s injury. I came here to do exactly that and then read your reply. Why on earth some tennis forums persist in misrepresenting the nature of Rafa’s injury, I just don’t know. But it is a real disservice to him, his fans and the sport. Let’s try to stick with facts and not what some would like the injury to be!

Austin Tennis Lessons Says:

As Mindy said thank you for giving us the facts, your post has help shed light on what several other sources are misstating.

Von Says:

“Tests also showed a small tear at the back part of Nadal’s right knee, and shorts creeping up his ass.” Staff

Staff, your sense of humor, or should I say, your attempt to be humorous, is in layman’s terms, *SICK*. Why did you have to be so disrespectful to Nadal? Not to mention downright unsympathetic, by adding, “and shorts creeping up his ass.”. All I can say, let’s hope nothing else creeps up yours. sheesh.

Von Says:

I can verify that Voicemael1’s facts on Nadal’s injury is correct, as I’ve read the same from very credible sources to be the same as his.
Mindy: How ya doin’? I suppose you’re feeling very sad for your guy. I’m so sorry this has happenend to him, as it seems to be a domino effect. If it’s not an abdominal tear, it’s a knee problem/tear. Chin up and keep the faith, better days are ahead.

Skorocel Says:

Hello Von! :-) Looks like we have different views in regards to staff’s humor ;-) Nevermind… Btw, how’s the weather in Florida? Are those iguanas still frozen?

Von Says:

“We know it’s late at night, but it’s unfortunate because he’s there to make the fans interested in the game. It’s not about him — it’s about the tennis.”

This speaks volumes of Leconte’s ineptness as a tennis commentator, and his seeming lack of class. It must have been very painful for Bob and Mike for them to speak out so openly, as they hardly ever complain about anything or anyone.

Sheesh, to Leconte.

puckbandit Says:

I think it’s a tad rude for an anonymous “staff” at a blog calling out others for writing “garbage” – I agree with one of the other posters that it made me want to read the entire article to gain context and possible decipher a bit of sarcasm, irony or humor by the writer.

Von Says:

Skorocel: Hello back to you, my friend!!

I know you like the humorous stuff, (I know you loved the last set of funnies), but I think in this instance, even though Staff was trying to be funny, and believe me I see the humor, it’s a bit unsympathetic towards Nadal.

Re: The Iguanas? I never see any, but I suppose the crocodiles must be feeling the chill — stay away from the Everglades! My roses and other plants are dead, and are just a sticks. Even the lawn looks as though it was painted brown. OY.

Catch ya later, and you’ll hear from me soon, I promise.

Skorocel Says:

Von: About those iguanas… Well, I once read a certain news report (it was cca 1 month ago), which was basically saying that the winter hit Florida so badly, it even caused the iguanas (presumably in some zoo) to freeze :-) LOL :-)

skeezerweezer Says:

I agree with Von about the joke. Not bad, just not good timing when a guy is down with an injury.

Talking about the creeping shorts, anyone ever think of after picking your @ss and then serving and touching the tennis balls, would you like to play on the same court with him/her? Eeewwwww

He has always needed some clothing adjustment? Maybe? Am I missing something? C’mon!

To his credit he does it a lot less now….

Von Says:

LOL Skorocel. You’re more informed on what’s happening in my state than I am. I didn’t read about the iguanas, but then again, I very infrequently read and/or watch the news.

andrew miller Says:

Gross. Tennis-x became my favorite blog for calling a spade, a spade, not by writing with pretty foul word choice and taking pot-shots at other tennis blogs.

I don’t mind it in the comments but I expect better in the leading posts. Thanks.

Dave B Says:

I for one enjoyed Martina’s unguarded commentary. I would rather be sitting next to her than Mary “motor mouth” Carillo who doesn’t know how to shut up.

Cindy_Brady Says:

Dave B,

I agree. I’m sick of Mary Carillo and her stale metaphors. Give someone else a chance to commentate with fresh perspective. At least someone who has played the modern game in the last decade or so. Mary is a dinosaur of the past. Please, may she go extinct, as well.

Congratulations to Tommy Haas for becoming an American citizen. He is no longer just a Euro-trash player. He’s upgraded to both Euro-trash and white American trash now.

Thumbs up Tommy.

It’s hard for me to look at the rankings these days and see Nadal’s name 4th on the list with players like Murray a head of him with 0 grand slam wins.

I know all the dynamics of the situations/rankings but it’s still hard mentally to get passed.

Please, Nadal come back healthy and strong. Tennis needs you.

Jurasick Says:

“Staff” got exactly what he wanted – a lot of riled up folks that commented on his decidedly dumb posts and consequently generated tons of traffic to an otherwise unworthy link. Let’s all decide on one thing and stop doing it – when we read trash, give it it’s deserved place in the world, in the trash can.

Tennis Riga Says:

Want to see Martina Hingis on court again!

Gregoire Says:

Hingis come back!!! lol WTA = Back to the future!

jane Says:

I just read that Tsonga is injured again and so will not be playing in Rotterdam; he has a “stomach muscle injury”. Rafa won’t be playing due to his knee, and Murray has opted against defending his title. That leaves Davydenko, Djoko, Soderling and Monfils as the highest seeds, with others like Blake, F-Lo, Baggy, Youz, Ljub, Troicki, Robredo all joining in.

Duro Says:

Hey Sar and Jane! Here’s something for you: Novak’s hot hot hot!

sar Says:


Kimmi Says:

WOW! For those following tennis this week. Impressed with F.Lopez winning a title in South Africa. I thought his game showed major improvement in The AO match with Roddick, especially the backhand. Something must be working for him..great to see.

Kimmi Says:

jane: “…….and Murray has opted against defending his title”

Don’t know why Murray is opted to do this, especially its a 500 tournament. I heard he is playing marselle instead (which is a 250). Strange choices but who knows what Murray has got planned for 2010? Lets wait and see hey!

Kimmi Says:

The bottom half is loaded in Rotterdam..Davydenko opens up with the winner of South Africa (F.Lo) and then there is Sordeling (which one will turn up). Hope he is sort out his brain freeze problem after that abysmal performance with federer in AO.

Marin Cilic is a set away from his 2nd win this season. What a magnificent perfomance so early in the season from him…what is strange is If he wins here he will maximize his 250 ranking points for this year… I think they are allowed a maximim of 2 250 tournaments, is that right?

jane Says:

sar and Duro – thanks for posting those links, just saw them now.

Kimmi – yes big win for F-Lo. I guess his first title in over 5 years so that has to feel good. Yes, I was wondering about Murray’s rationale too, but I guess they must have reasons for their choices. Djoko usually plays the Marseille one but now he’s playing Rotterdam, and the reverse for Andy.

It is great Cilic is winning these smaller events, but he should start shifting his focus. It’d be good for him to win a MS title.

Kimmi Says:

jane: “It is great Cilic is winning these smaller events, but he should start shifting his focus. It’d be good for him to win a MS title.”

I agree, a 500 or 1000 MS win will be a big step for him. I think he is ready to do this…he already has very good win from Murray, delpo and Rafa.

I guess he had to play in Zagreb this week as it is a home tournament and also he is a defending champ. I’m watching the match online at the moment and poor Michael Berrer, people are applauding his errors and double faults too, OUCH!

I see Dinara Safina sitting next to her coach in the stand and seem to be taking notes when Cilic hits a good shot..hmmm!

Duro Says:

Kimmi, are still watching this? Poor Berrer can not squeeze an applause from Zagreb audience even if he won 7-0 that tie-break. 1-1. lets see what’s gonna happen there…

Kimmi Says:

Duro..yes still watching. What an exagreration 7-0 point tie break. C’mon! but i agree his attacking game is staring to come together now. And croatian crowd should accept it. The match has come to life. C’mon Cilic

Duro Says:

I said: even if he won 7-0! You are from Netherlands as I recall, right? Going to see some tennis in Rotterdam? Murray’s absent, but go see some Nole’s actions! You won’t regret it!

Kimmi Says:

the order is been restored – Cilic 4-1 up with one break.

Kimmi Says:

“even if” gotcha! No, i am not from Netherland. I am from canada. Too bad Murray not defending his points in rotterdam. I think Nole got easy draw “again” maybe monfils might give him trouble but big maybe..the tennis gods must love him.

Duro Says:

Kimmi, Canada!? Phew! I forgot. So, Jane’s not alone here after-all. Stackhovsky, Chiudinelli, Robredo, Monfills, Davydenko, or Soderling… Not as easy as it looks. Harder than AO draw if we compare first four rounds. We’ll see. Your Andy is 510 points behind. Add an extra 180, or 300, 500!

Kimmi Says:

“Your Andy is 510 points behind. Add an extra 180, or 300, 500!”

You better run now, because you have a lot to defend come fall but I am not the one thinking about points defence. 500, 600, 700 can be wiped out in one MS Tournament.

Cilic wins..GOOD FOR HIM.

Duro Says:

Yes, yes, but Fall is far away… Until then, there will be plenty of them in the Grand Slams! Besides, your fav is defending more this very period, right! First 500 – gone! Miami next! :-)))

Kimmi Says:

” Besides, your fav is defending more this very period, right! First 500 – gone! Miami next! :-)))”

yes my fav is defending loads but has lived up to it so far (AO final)..need I say more! First 500 in rotterdam, you are right. Next–don’t forget he is playing 250 in marseille and Dubai..yes lets not forget Dubai :)))

Duro Says:

Uh, Kimmi, I forgot Dubai… Still, we don’t have intention to look behind! Only No2-vak to No1-vak! See you somewhere in the finals. IW or Miami. Since I placed my bet for IW, I hope your Scotsman will end up in Fed’s half of the draw (so that we’ll have only one beast to conquer)! Long live must be rubbing his hands now…

Kimmi Says:

“Since I placed my bet for IW, I hope your Scotsman will end up in Fed’s half of the draw (so that we’ll have only one beast to conquer)!”

LOL Duro. you are funny :) yes, let hope..lets hope.

Well, Congratulating to Djoko..he is going the right direction..ranked # 2 now, lets see if he will live up to expectations..the vultures are ready to pounce.

Kimmi Says:

Congratulating s/b congratulations

Kimmi Says:

duro. I have a feeling we will see that Djoko/Murray match soon. Either Dubai, IW or Miami..can’t wait. I hope we can both watch this match and do a live commentary right here on tennis-x..can’t wait

Duro Says:

Well, Kimmi, I admire very much your capability to do so, but when Nole plays I can’t even find capital letters on the keypad; so much on my contribution to a live commentary… I usually have a run in such occasions, so Nole must have had caught it from me :-)! I have a feeling that their match will happen soon, too, but I can wait believe me! To be honest I don’t like when he plays Murray at all. I’d like Federer every time instead of him. See ya, Kimmi.

Kimmi Says:

Duro, have a good evining. But seriously, I hope both have a good season. They are both young competitors who are great for the game. And Duro..You should take it easy, Novak is doing well and hope to see you in the IW final too.

GlobalTennisForum Says:

Hingis coming and going is as boring as it gets. Her time has passed and even if she could really get back she wouldn’t propably be able to get passed top 15 right now. Murray and his excuses on the other hand are just hilarious. Everyone who saw the final, has seen Murray touching his thigh and grimacing like in agonizing pain. Not once or twice but many times and one leg only. That was the turning point of Federer’s momentum when he saw Murray supposedly hurting and thethird set was close. Great acting by Andy but he should have kept all the way to the press conference.

Veronica Leahy Says:

I pay extra to WATCH TENNIS,on the tennis channel. Why do the commentators such as Martina Navratalova, Justin Gimbelstob( unfortunately he has a speech impediment)Tracy Austin (she must be told to STOP talking, does she ever take a breath?)Corina Morarui( sorry surname spelt incorrectly)and most of the others with voices of gloom and doom, keep interrupting my viewing and insulting my intelligence? Surely, unless you are completely unaware of the game you are capable of determining each play on your own.

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