Djokovic Tops Youzhny, Defends Dubai Title
by Staff | February 28th, 2010, 12:16 pm

Novak Djokovic defeated Mikhail Youzhny 7-5, 5-7, 6-3 on Sunday in Dubai to win the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships and successfully defend his title from last year, becoming only the second player after Roger Federer to successfully defend the title.
The No. 2-seeded Djokovic needed to battle for three hours 21-minutes in a match that had to be continued on a second day after torrential rain, thunder and lightning caused play to be suspended on Saturday evening.

When play was stopped, Djokovic was leading 7-5, 2-0. The Serb failed to serve out the second set at 5-3 before cleaning up in the third set.

“It took a lot of energy for me,” Djokovic said. “Stopping and playing, and coming back and then again stopping the match last night because of the rain. If we continued last night I think I had much better chance to get the job done in two sets. I felt really good on the court, hitting the ball and feeling relaxed.

“Today I was really nervous before the match, during the match for no reason. You could see my frustrations when I lost the break at four-all. But, you know, again, I think more or less a very similar story from the past matches here in this tournament. I am down in the match and basically on the verge of losing but still coming back, fighting through. Winning the tournament in any way it’s a huge success.”

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62 Comments for Djokovic Tops Youzhny, Defends Dubai Title

jane Says:

Alright Novak!! A stumble but not a fall – and a win is a win. Most importantly he defended this title and was the “last man standing” so to speak!! Cheers to Duro, sar, OllyK and any other Djoko fans. Woot – he did it!

Kudos of course to Youzhny also, who should also stand tall as he is getting back some form, getting two consecutive finals and losing only to top ten guys like Soderling and Djokovic. He should feel good about his season so far.

Congrats to Ferrer for avenging his loss last weekend, and also to JCF for a great run too.

contrador – when and who does Ernie play???

zare Says:

So he finaly did it…Hello Duro…
All best to Nole nad his fans…

Nina Says:

Ole, ole, ole… Nole! I’m so proud of him this past week, he hasn’t played his best tennis but he has showed so much fight and mental endurance, it’s a new step for Djoko to reach new heights in his career. Now let’s hope he can fix his serve and he will rise like a Phoenix.
Adje, adje, adje!

OllyK Says:

zare, you are here too!! great!! Novak fan base is becoming even bigger. :) Congrats to us all one more time!

madmax Says:

zare! good to see you here, my friend. congrats on nole winning, you have plenty of good company here. take care. see you later.

Kimmi Says:

Gulbis broke Karlovic in the first set – TWICE. In the 7th game when Karlovic serving, gulbis had 3 clean winners off big man’s serve. Impressive!

Apparently Ivo has been broken only once coming to this final.

And Gulbis takes first set 6-2. Impressive

jane Says:

I’m not watching Ernie as I am enjoying a very competitive hockey game against the 2 best teams of the Olympics. But I just checked the scores – woot Ernests! Hope contador is enjoying the match.

jane Says:

*against should be “between” the 2 best teams.

Kimmi Says:

jane..I kind of got both on. A long way to go, I know but fingers crossed. GO Canada

Kimmi Says:

Gulbis, another clean winner and another..he breaks again in the second set. Unbelivable!

Kimmi Says:

jaaaane 2-0 OMG. Fingers and toes crossed

Kimmi Says:

Gulbis wins, he breaks Ivo TWICE in both sets. 6-2 6-3 . Congrats Contador and Gulbis. First title and winning in style.

Kimmi Says:

Contador: Don’t know if you watch the match but I was listening to Gulbis on-court interview and he was funny. He was asked why he was so good returning Ivo serve he say Ivo was scared to serve against him coz he beat him in basketball..ha ha ha ! he also said he hopes somebody can give him a wildcard in IW and Miami -hope somebody does that.

Duro Says:

Welcome, Zare! Nice to have you here. I cannot log in to TT anymore but I was reading all you guys were writing about our star, supporting and fighting for him. Say hello to our old friends when you go there, in my name, if you can: posmatrac, Gordana, stu, arailic, mriiiidula, sathisht79 and others. We should be ready for our champion to take the throne eventually. It’s still a long way, but in Novak we trust! Alleeez allez allez alleeeez, No1-leeee, No1-leeee…

Duro Says:

Nina, I know you’re a Spanish girl, but it goes: Ajde! Not adje. I admire a girl from Spain that cheers for Novak instead of Rafa! Respect. I must tell you, there are many that like Rafa in the Noleland. Cheers and say hello to Barcelona!

Kimmi Says:

OMG, only 20 seconds left – USA equalize. What a match. Great timing for Team USA. Anyones game now!

jane Says:

True Kimmi – how tense. I think they both deserve gold. LOL. Go Canada, but whatever happens, what a game! Both teams should be very proud.

Kimmi Says:


jane Says:

Weeeeeee did it!! WOOOOOOOOOT! Broke record of GOLDS!! CANADA! : D

Kimmi Says:

What a sweet win..the OVERTIME win is always sweet. Great day for you jane..Novak and now Canada hockey team. I know you love hockey, i am just learning it and start to enjoy very much. It was a good time to learn Hockey during the olympics, maybe I can watch more of it in the future.

jane Says:

Kimmi, hockey is a great sport! Tennis is too. I hope you learn to enjoy it and watch some NHL hockey, but you might not want to pick the Leafs as your favorite team. : )

jane Says:

puckbandit, wherever you are, I think you’re in eastern USA; anyhow, great job by your USA team. They were awesome and had us on the edges of our seats here in Canada.

sar Says:

Kimmi, Glad you and jane enjoyed the hockey. I didn’t watch but I’m sure it was good. I’m in Chicago and don’t know,have never known anyone that is a hockey fan, though there must be some here lol. Good that the hockey loving country won.

jane Says:

Hey sar – cheers, and thanks for posting Nole’s interview. What a day!

contador, wherever you are, woot for Ernests!

Andrew Miller Says:

Gulbis – unbelievable. Maybe he is fast shedding the underachiever label…all that potential. The guy just destroys the tennis ball (that’s why it’s brutal when he plays Federer – Federer loves using other players’ “speed of shot” against them – see Blake, J.).

Michael Says:

It is definitely a morale boosting win for Djoker who has started the Year 2010 with a bang. Although the absence of Federer and the culling of some of the top players midway in the tournament by smaller players have made life easy for Djoker in the tournament which definitely takes some sheen off this win, yet it cannot be denied that he had a good start to his campaign for the Year 2010 and to an extent this win has solidified his ranking of No.2 which he can hope to defend for sometime to come. I always felt that Djokovic has a huge potential and all the qualities required of a Champion. One weakness I can notice in his armoury is his weakness in the serving Department and if he can improve that, he definitely will have a good time in Grand Slams as he does in smaller tournaments. On the other side, Gulbis has won his first tournament and definitely he will cherish that moment. He is a player who promised much, but delivered too little. What hurts him is his inconsistency. Although his game is near perfect with a forceful serve, yet he never does justice to his talent. May be this win against Karlovic would inspire him to perform upto his potential. Next is Indian Wells and I am eagerly awaiting my Champion Federer along with the energetic Nadal to enrich that tournament with their presence. Their absence in tournaments definitely makes the game less interesting and that is for sure.

sar Says:

the culling of some of the top players midway in the tournament by smaller players have made life easy for Djoker in the tournament which definitely takes some sheen off this win

Michael, I don’t feel his win was bad. He was there while others bowed out or were unfit. He was standing strongest while others crumbled around him.

Michael Says:

Sar, My feeling is that after Federer’s withdrawal, Djokovic win against Murray or even a Davydenko in the final would have made his victory even more sweet. But yet in the end all that counts is that he is a champion and a victory is a victory.

contador Says:

Kimmi, you are sounding like a gulbis fan…..he’s a charmer, great in interviews, not to mention his talent, love of the big stage, he needed a coach and to put in the work part, as jarrko said yesterday, not a direct quote but everybody knew he had the talent to be a top player. i hope this win inspired him to get on it!


and YAY for NOLE!!

congrats all around to duro and ollyx, sar, jane, all fellow djoko fans, …..he’s pulling away from rafa this year and making a move on federer. all i want is for RF to get what he said he wanted this year, and that is to beat samprass record at #1.

spread the big atp titles around and have some great matches, the slams, hey madmax, we can’t be so greedy with the grand slam events, can we?

earnests gulbis. finally an atp title; nole finally defends one and has his serve and confidence back.

Jane….woot! i missed all tennis action today. was skiing all day, got home, checked match results, jumped up and down for joy about nole and ernests, then fell asleep the minute i hit the couch.

we had a great day, jane! gonna be tough to reign in my hopes for gulbis now. nole? we know what he can do. saw it in 2008. they are both lovable personalities and great talents.

cheers, people

Skeezerweezer Says:

Novak, Gulbis, and a Great Hockey game, Nice. Congrats to all! Which I coulda watched it all but……( thank God for DVR);

I was playing tennis :)…….and played some “Curling” mixed doubles….oh yea…shammonnn…gimmme some. THE highlight of my day….lol….saved by two beers and a shot of tequila!


Obama has to pay up to the Canadian Prime Dude 1 keg of beer ( they had a bet on the USA/CANADA game ). Anybody know what kind of beer? Molson????? lol….

Ahh the other important Olympic stories we miss out on…….

Skeezerweezer Says:


Skiing? Niiicceeee!

BTW, Ever played tennis ( doubles ) on an ice skating rink with skates? Now there is an Olympic sport that would smackdown curling……..Think of the possibilities, WAYYYYY more exciting than clay……:)

Huh Says:

Most sad for Roger, hope he recovers at the quickest from his lung infection.

Still sad for Murray, hope he puts his AO disappointment behind and makes progress.

But Congrats to Mrs.Jane, Nina, sar, Duro and rest of the Nole fans on their guy’s Dubai win.

Hugs To Dear Maxi! :)

Hello to Skeezer, Kimmi, Daniel and other Fed fans!

Hello Mrs.Margot, wherever you may be!

Hi Mrs.Von! :)

And hi also to friends like LLTK.

andrea Says:

what a rush!!! being in vancouver when team canada wins gold for hockey….i’m so wired still. awesome!!!!

OllyK Says:

Thanks contador and huh for your congrats! I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face cause of him! :) I can’t wait Friday to see him live here in Belgrade…
Abt his interview..oh, I just luuurve his sense of humor and I’ve always enjoyed in listening/reading his pressers..He is unique. :) He said he needs to get his old serve back – that’s encouraging! He heard our thoughts and prayings! :)
Ajde, Noleee!
And congrats to all Gulbis fans, of course! Maaan, he can be such a good player when he wants to!

madmax Says:

you are back! where have you been?
We have missed you here! (and I am sending you a hug back!!- so good to hear from you again).

Many more novak fans come here now too – there is Ollyk and Zare, great posters of novak too!

Now duro says that I am it is on his way over soon. He’ll bring a sack of stats with him too, “I am sure!”

Yes, we cross fingers for roger federer too and hope he is back playing very soon. Whist Dubai was a “good” tournament (especially for novak fans), it was essentially missing my favourite – the wonderful Mr. Federer (and many other fine players too).

ollyk, you live in dubai or belgrade? and have you seen novak play live?

OllyK Says:

Maxi, I live & work in Dubai since October last year, but I’m in Serbia at the moment, and I’ll be here till next week (so I’ll be able to be at DC matches). I had to come back to finish some things which I couldn’t last year…
I saw Novak play last year at Serbia Open, I was at all his matches! It was a fabulous feeling, I must admit.

Huh Says:

Yes Dear Maxi, I m back for now at least! ;)

madmax Says:


that’s very cryptic. what do you mean?

remember, your posts are brilliant and just dont get sidetracked when people want a big argument with you? what’s the point? Yes, a great discussion on both sides, but always respect. We all like different players here and so we have to remember that! But Huh! So great to see you back!

ollyk, dubai! amazing. One day, I hope to visit. Sunshine every day?

I hope to see roger federer play, but really, tickets are so expensive.

OllyK Says:

Maxi, if you ever come to visit Dubai, I’m offering myself to be your tourist guide and to show you Le Reve! :P
It is not sunny everyday…well, you could see that clearly on last Saturday…but most of the year it is! :)
You know, about tickets, during Dubai Shopping Festival, which is held from January 28th till February 28th, flight tickets and arrangements for Dubai are much cheaper.. :) so, never say never! :)

madmax Says:

now you have me dreaming olly.i would love to visit dubai.It’s on my “to do” list! thanks for the offer and I will probably take you up on it, perhaps next year?

OllyK Says:

I’ll be there next year for sure, maxi! So, it’s a deal! Hopefully your maestro will be able to play at Dubai Open next year – it would be all inclusive package then!! :)

OllyK Says:

DURO, I hope you’ll read this!!! I have 2 good news for you!!

FIRST: STU asked me to say HI!! and she was wondering where were you and said: “Duro must be ecstatic about No1-le :P”! And she tried to post here few times but she don’t have patience to wait for post-approval… :)

SECOND: Friend from TT, RFZR, told me to tell you to try to access to TT like this:

and than try to log in!

I hope, it’ll work!!

And, of course, IN NOLE WE TRUST! :)

Duro Says:

God bless you, OllyK! I couldn’t log in again, but I’m very grateful to rfzr. A big thanks to him, and please tell stu to be more patient. Once she gets through, instant posting every time! The biggest advantage of this site. TT takes some time for it. What a great gang you are… I really, really missed you.

Duro Says:

Contador, my countess… You finally lived to see your sweet Ernests did something big in his professional life! My sincere felicitations. Top 10 3 years from now.

contador Says:

Duro, about my new nickname. makes me smile. never in my willdest imagination did i think contador would be called “countess” i do love it! me a countess, you a lord in the land of “in nole we trust! *bows reverently* to lord duro.

and ollyK, we are going to be smiling a lot this tennis season. well if the two finals on sunday are an indicator. still smiling as i read the reviews and post amtch reports

speaking of which: for kimmi and madmax, who i am attempting to “sell” the ahem….tennis virtues of ernests gulbis:an article, know you, you have already read, but just in case-

skeezerweezer, when i try boarding, tree wells become balckholes, i am pulled in, sucked in, no matter how hard i try to avoid them. it “sucks” literally.

so i ski, a lot, or as much as possible and yeah, i am good. very good. tennis, not so good. skiing, i instruct it and have/ still help with local races. keeps a countess fit but in preparation, to avoid injury favorites like ‘Lost’ in favor of attending the most unpleasant and unsavory gym regulary. thank god for the DVR, i agree.

dear god, you do curling , as in beer-tequila curling? hahahhaaa. like i play golf? beer golf, the way it should be plyed!!

contador Says:

oops my bad typing. meant : i miss’ Lost’ a lot, tuesday wednesday, gum night

Skeezerweezer Says:

Hello :)!


Yes I tried boarding too. Took a lesson, which was my last one. When my first lesson was all about how to fall so u don’t break your wrists, well, let’s just say “I get it”. I’ll stick to watching curling……with a beer in hand

Cool to hear about u being a ski instructor :)

Huh Says:


Actually I was completely busy in my exams and project work, but THANK GOD, I’m free at last to come here. And my computer was also not in great shape, and thanks to my busy exam schedule, I couldn’t ok it. Hence a prolonged absence…

contador Says:

‘gym’ night or chewing ‘gum’ night…..sheesh. miss ADHD here can’t do more than one task at a time.

btw HELLOOOOO, huh…

nice to see you back!

contador Says:

“sucked” into tree wells and breaking wrists.

both consequences of having NO ski poles! or….beer boarding, lol..

contador Says:

my lord, if i may, have a word.

gulbis, 3 years from now- top ten? i almost missed that line, duro.

so momentarily caught off-gaurd and flattered i was, to be called, “my countess.”

top 10 by about this time next summer 2011. and, that is at the very latest! *smiley face*

he loves a go at the top seeds, have you noticed? even beat he freind nole in brisbane 09. lots of examples…..i believe in ernests!

will i be proved a sucker, Jane?

contador Says:

“by about this time or at the latest, summer 2011 “…meant there.

typing failure today. brains scattered.

i give up.

OllyK Says:

Durooo… *sigh*..I was really hoping that you would manage to log in this time..:((
Anyway, I’ll tell stu to be more patient! She would be a great “help” here… And thanks for the compliments, we are doing our best regarding our champ!!
Contador…from your “computer” to God ears :)cause I looove to smileee, ‘speshly on occasions like this! :) And, one more time – congrats for Gulbis, it looks like he can beat anyone when he WANTS TO play his best tennis…he has really powerful shots!! I’m starting to see what is so special about him!

Kimmi Says:

Huh, Helllo to you too. nice to see you back.

Same here, sad about Roger and Murray. That AO loss was too hard for Murray, let’s hope he gets back to it in IW and Miami.

Contador: i could be Gulbis fan alright, he is charming and now that *you* have made me watch him closely I start to like him. :)i hope he continues his great run. Thanks for the bleacher report link. I will read it later.

Skiing! So that’s where you were  i was looking for some company during Gulbis match, was the best i have seen him play. karlovic was not too bad on his serve but gulbis! Wow! Didn’t know he was such a good returner, and to bring his best game in the final, shows he is got heart..he wanted that title so much. I am glad he got it.

Skeezer, love the “News Flash”. Haha ha ha ! Obama should learn not to bet with Canadians on hockey..hahahah

Nina Says:

@ Duro… LOL, my fault! Yes, I’m Spanish and a real fan of Novak, no other player does it for me. I still like Rafa but he’s not my favorite. I hope I can see Nole play live one day, maybe in Madrid this year. Ajde! More titles to come!

Huh Says:

Hi contador! :)

In my first post on this blog, while saying the Fed fans hello, I indeed felt like something was missing, now I know, it was you to whom saying hello was missing. But you must know that I always, and I mean ALWAYS enjoy your posts, because they’re simple, friendly and great. :)

I feel really well to be back here to again interact with nice friends like you. :P

Thanks for your response Kimmi. Actually that AO loss would have not been that hard had Murray gone down fighting, but as it was a straight set loss, I’m sure, it hurts him very much. Hoping for him to win a slam this year.

madmax Says:

well, the winter olympics are now over, and we have to wait for only 100 days for the world cup? anyone out there also enjoy the world cup?

but not that long to wait for IW or Miami, 2 weeks for the charity event. I really dont know why tennis is not more popular in the UK, it always stuns me, especially when we have so many great players.

I think that France would be my nearest bet to go watch a live tournament with Federer, May time, half term time and not so far from where I live – so it will probably be roland garos for me

and then dubai with ollyk next year!

good luck in your studies huh!

contador Says:

oh la la, tres bien, madmax! gonna email you on your about the FO.

indian wells is the closest live tourny to me, not a long flight at all. but, too short of notice. federer won’t be there but ernie and nole and hopefully the majority of the injured are health enough to show up.

every year it’s the same; kicking myself for not planning ahead and going.

kimmi, i was skiing sunday, but checking my watch, thinking of tennis-x, you, jane and of course, in a heated mindmeld with erensts, willing him on to win.

it’s not the best ski season this year. started out with great snow; very cold, light dry powder. now, hoping for more snow to extend the season and help the ski resorts. the ski areas (except sun valley, of course) need the busness badly.

it’s been way cold at night= ice; too warm during the day = drizzle or sunshine and slush.

contador contessa, reporting an obscure, current snow and ski report from close to the spectacular grand tetons.

skeezerweezer! mind out of the gutter, my man, when i say “grand tetons!” m-kay?

kimmi, i hope you like the link. and another thing, old news, but in case you missed it, gulbis went to the same tennis academy where djoko was in germany. ernie talks about it on a youtube interview, explaining how djoko was ahead of him, much better, so didn’t get to play him much. very cute. now, on court, with his confidence, backed up by an effective coach and hard work, he has it all the pieces to make any tennis draw way more exciting. am i getting carried away? alright, it’s a rollercoaster ride, kimmi, so hang on!

Huh, you know i love you and i enjoy your posts too, always a pleasure cos you are a passionate tennis fan. very smart, too. hope you will have time to be around for the action.

cheers, people.

contador Says:

almost forgot…


SO happy to know you on THIS tennis forum. stay smiley. can’t wait for IW!

madmax Says:

‘indian wells is the closest live tourny to me, not a long flight at all. but, too short of notice. federer won’t be there but ernie and nole and hopefully the majority of the injured are health enough to show up’.

contador, i think federer will be playing at IW! am still hoping that happens, and from what i have read, he is recuperating well. just have to keep believing in the fed!

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