Elephants Mark Open to Australia-Chinese Tapei Tie
by Tom Gainey | March 5th, 2010, 11:29 pm

The draw for the Australia-Chinese Tapei zonal qualifying tie was held in a rather unusual place, the zoo. The Melbourne Zoo specifically. And in such a the setting it’s no surprise that the players weren’t the only ones in attendance.

As evident in the video below, the organizers actually used elephants to help select the draw pairings.

Think I am making this up? Well, have a look for yourselves! (That baby elephant is a charmer!)

(Paced by trunk-slamming wins from Bernard Tomic and Peter Luzcak plus “elephant karma” Australia leads 2-0.)

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5 Comments for Elephants Mark Open to Australia-Chinese Tapei Tie

margot Says:

Elephants are wild creatures that form herds and roam over hundreds of miles. Shame they are in this horrible, tiny enclosure.

madmax Says:


How are you?

i know what you mean. slightly off topic, a few years ago, I went to Thailand, specifically, to see the elephants – I absolutely adore them. Some time in your life, (if you love elephants), you must go and see an “elephant bath time”. Seriously, the head of the herd trumpets along the mud road, practically flings himself into a river, followed by mama and babies, and it is THE most adorable sight. They are splashing about and pouring water everywhere, it is hilarious.

There was an enclosure afterwards where they returned to and I was able to get “up close and personal”, to stroke the baby. There is about an inch of really sturdy hair covering the whole of an elephant’s body, i didnt expect that when i went to stroke it but they all had a fine time. I also got the opportunity to see an elephant being born – truly amazing. I’m assuming that some kind of animal protection league would have been involved here? what do you think?

dont get me talking about china! that’s a whole different story.

margot Says:

Hi Madmax: I love elephants too, they are wonderful, strange, intelligent, you name it. Go to Africa and see them in one of their wildlife reserves. You wont get so close but you will be blown away by the experience.
PS Hate zoos, circuses and cages of any kind.

madmax Says:

Margo, yes. I agree with you. The place I went to was an “elephant sanctuary”, so like you, I hate anything where the animal cant be free – but really it was amazing, because the baby elephant who was born, was just so tiny, came out with a “thud” and within about a minute, was on its feet and charging about – it was brilliant!

madmax Says:

look like this thread’s for you and me only margot!

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