Stosur, Schiavone Unlikely French Open Finalists

by Staff | June 3rd, 2010, 11:46 am

Aussie Sam Stosur will not be stopped, following up her defeat of world No. 1 Serena Williams with a 6-1, 6-2 victory over former No. 1 Jelena Jankovic on Thursday at the French Open to advance into the final.
In the final Stosur will face Francesca Schiavone, the first Italian woman to reach a Grand Slam final, who advanced to the championship match when opponent Elena Dementieva retired after the first set with a calf muscle injury.

A shocked Schiavone was sitting in her chair courtside when the Russian, walked up to her, shook her hand and left. The Italian slowly realized she had been given a pass into a Grand Slam final.

“For the moment, I don’t understand what’s going on,” Schiavone said.

Dementieva then cried on the sidelines after becoming the first women to retire in a French Open semifinal.

“It was very painful to even walk,” Dementieva said. “It was a bit too much. I couldn’t really move on the court…I had seen trainer for so many hours before the match. I don’t think they could do something else that could really help me at that point…It is disappointing to get injured and not use this chance to get further.”

The 29-year-old Schiavone had never previously advanced past the quarters at a Slam. Stosur leads her career head-to-head against Schiavone 4-1, including two straight-set wins on clay.

Schiavone’s test will be to determine a strategy that will involve her not getting powered off the court in another straight-set blowout.

“I’ve been playing well and if I can keep this form going I think I have got a good shot,” Stosur said of claiming the French Open title.

Jankovic blamed her result on the earlier start time for her match after the retirement in the first semifinal.

“The first match finished earlier than I expected and I started cold, it was tough to move,” Jankovic said. “I never got into the match and I was very sluggish. But she has improved so much and especially mentally which was one of her big weaknesses.”

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32 Comments for Stosur, Schiavone Unlikely French Open Finalists

sonic Says:

damn, that’s an impressive scoreline. Stosur better win now, after Henin/Serena/Jankovic it will be the most deserved women’s slam in ages.

Should Schivaone win it she should marry Gaston Gaudio. They could tour the world and yell “suck it” to all the slamless players.

Dan Martin Says:

I hope Sam wins – her run reminds me of Krajicek beating Stich and Sampras en route to his Wimbledon title.

zola Says:

It will be strange if Sam can win Henin/Serena/JJ and fall to Schiavone.

I too hope she can win. Her serve and her forehand are great to watch.

JJ forgot that they both started at the same time. So Stosur was “cold” too. Not a good excuse!

Andrew Miller Says:

Gosh. What happened to Jankovic. This was her chance, again.

Huh Says:

I am most sad for Dementieva, most unfortunate. Really sad. I am very disappointed, wanted her to win, so bad for me! I really feel for her. Fate stopped her, Poor Dementieva, sigh.

Huh Says:

Shame on the ridiculous Jankovic, the drama queen, she’s so sick! An extremely shameless and classless gal, myriad readymade excuses, sometimes women’s problems, sometimes this and sometimes that, sheesh!

Von Says:

Oh WOW, Jankovic the drama queen gets herself into the likelight once again! She really needs tol cut oujt the prima donna hikstrionics, sheesh.

Von Says:

so many typos: likelight s/b limelight, tol cut oujt, s/b to cut out
, and hikstrionics s/b histrionics.

Polo Says:

Von, that’s from lack of practice. You should post more often.

Joe Says:

first all-lesbian final in a while?

Von Says:

Polo: Thanks for the encouragement! Post more often? I think some people would have a nervous breakdown if I were to do that, especially the back scratchers. LOOL.

Huh Says:

Joe Says:
first all-lesbian final in a while?


Huh Says:

Yes Mrs.Von:

You should indeed post more often. :)

Huh Says:

Like most others, I would root for Sam Stosur as right now she’s the most deserving to win the whole thing. And she’s also one strong, tall, muscular gal, holding the trophy would befit her strong build, would look like a real FO champion as the FO champions have always been known for their muscular build and great endurance.


Huh Says:

Like most others, I would root for Sam Stosur as right now she’s the most deserving to win the whole thing. And she’s also one strong, tall, muscular gal, holding the trophy would befit her strong build, would look like a real FO champion as the FO champions have always been known for their muscular build and great physical endurance.


Huh Says:

Thank God, Jankovic doesn’t have the ability of a Serena/Venus/Henin/Sharapova/even Ivanovic, or people would have been jumping everyday to commit suicide each day she won or lost anything, hearing her arrogant, narcissistic and classless talk in the press. She whines so much and gives up so much excuses despite being incapable of winning a single slam, can’t imagine what she’d have done if she was as good as Serena! Ugh! The Hell Would have Broken Loose on all of us, in that case. Thank God, such a thing hasn’t happened so far.

SG Says:

There are going to definitely be some tears shed on Saturday. The winner will be an unlikely but definitely deserving one.

Stosur can really serve and belt the forehand. I’m shocked she hasn’t been more of a presence at Wimbledon and the USO. With a game like hers, she’ll get a slam somewhere along the line if it doesn’t happen this time around.

Oui Says:

Jankovic is a very exotic-looking female and I was hoping she would win. She will have another chance in the future as she is too good. Stosur might be juiced.

PJ Says:

SG, I had the same thought. I can’t see Sam not being a force at Wimbledon, where her power and all court game can really come into its own.

Sherri Says:

WTG Sam, it’s been 30 years since we’ve had a female in a GS final & Foxsports will be televising the occassion live in 3D which in itself is a historical event. Bring Home that Trophy Stosy.

KillerC Says:

Hmm I was disappointed in Dementieva; baffled me why she didn’t take a timeout and try to re-wrap the leg, pop sum advils, let it kick in and gut it out. Did the italian mafia pay her off or something?!? hah.

JJ got owned by samy. She couldnt handle the serve well and her forehand was lacking.

Funny how the finalist are all using the new babalot RPM string. Yall think its really affecting the game? nadal’s had a gr8 year too but I was thinking maybe the spin is affecting the game, at least the ladies game. Sam’s higher balls/ kick and stuff as a example. Williams would usually beat some1 like sam, but failed. hmm one things for sure! im gonna give that new string a shot when i re-string. Already been a long time hurricane tour fan.

Kimmi Says:

ah what a win for Sam, she is playing so well with so much confidence. i have watched few of her matches, this is the best I have seen her play. that match with serena was the toughest and she hang in there.

definetly win it sam. go for it “mate”…

her game looks so powerful with so many weapons. If she continues like this..everybody watch out.

Kimmi Says:

sherri, enjoy the final in 3D..I have fingers crossed for sam..aussie aussie aussie!

Oui Says:

sometimes women’s problems

Dear Huh- what do you mean by this statement? Are you talking about women’s menstruation? Can you tell us about your experience with these menstruation problems?

skeezerweezer Says:


Are you really going to watch the WF in 3D? I would be excited to hear from you or someone how the experience was. Please post back your experience, would be grateful :)


Gregoire Gentil Says:

I’m afraid that Dementieva and Jankovic will never win a slam. The proof was on Thursday central court. Too bad for them as they would have deserved it more than Myskina, Gaudio or similar…

Huh Says:

Oh my dearest Oui:

Shame I’m not a woman. But hey, may be you should ask Janko about it!

PJ Says:

I hate when people say someone is undeserving of having won a Slam. I think that if you go through the tournament and win, you deserve it. Gaudio beat Coria, who may have been the best clay courter that year. Myskina took out Capriati and Venus along the way (rather easily, if I remember). I definitely think Dementieva and Jankovic are deserving of slams, but not that others are undeserving.

contador Says:

my swedish ice man is melting : (

no one is undeserving of winning a slam. how could that be?

bunyhat Says:

GO STOSUR, you will win for sure.

andy Says:

Go Schiavone go! you’re a great player! at the age of 29 youre about to get what you deserve!

andy Says:

Well, Schiavone has won….Veni, Vidi, Vici.

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