Stosur-Schiavone French Final a Happy Affair
by Jeremy Davis | June 4th, 2010, 9:04 pm

“Saturday’s final promises to be a corker” says the WTA website of the first all-lesbian Slam final since…last year? Every year? And it’s going to be a “corker” why? Because Sam Stosur has trounced Francesca Schiavone one almost all surfaces in almost all their meetings (Stosur leads career head-to-head 4-1)? I don’t get it.
Don’t get me wrong I love the ladies, lesbian or straight. On the WTA you can never tell, so I just love them all. Bring back Amelie Mauresmo who was proudly out of the closet, as this final will be played in the closet. Going to be crowded, lots of elbows flying. Will the winner run up in the crowd and plant one on their sweetie? You’ve got to hope so then all of homophobic America can gasp. Now that would get tennis in the news!

Schiavone’s only chance is to go hack-a-shack on Stosur, slicing and rushing the net and chipping and dropshotting and throwing off her rhythm. And standing in the doubles alley so Stosur can’t hit that huge kick serve and set up the point.

“Now is the time to relax, and Saturday will be the time to apply everything I’ve worked on all these years,” Schiavone said. “I will go on the court and I fight my best.”

You’re going to need to do better than that.

This match is Stosur’s to lose. Stosur’s arms are bigger than my legs, which leads me to believe she is juicing, but I’m going to say she’s not since she has a reputation as a gym rat and hits it hard with her trainer.

“I’m sure there’s gonna be some nerves out there, and I’m ready for that,” Stosur said. “She hasn’t gone through it before either, so that’s probably a little bit comforting. We’re both going to be excited.”

The “new” Stosur knows how to win, so Schiavone’s only chance is if she plays out of her mind and the “old” choking Stosur makes a reappearance. Stosur is going to win, but best we can hope for is a good match. And hope for no rain as is forecasted? Have at it ladies.

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44 Comments for Stosur-Schiavone French Final a Happy Affair

Amber Says:

Wow, this is kind of a catty analysis. What does if either one of them are lesbians? I say that as a lesbian. And accusing Stosur of juicing? Seriously? Have you seen Serena’s arms? Is she juicing too? Please.

I’m looking forward to the match as watching two veterans duke it out, not because of their possible sexual orientations. Now, if Stosur would kiss her girlfriend after the win, that would be cool. But I highly doubt that will happen.

zola Says:

Who is this Jeremy Davis guy? Is he Justin Gimelstob is disguise?
Lesbin? Juicing? what is next? cat fight?

This is an awful article.

zola Says:

Can someone please write a nice, echnical preview of the women’s final?

Dan? Ben? Sean?

evie Says:

I cannot believe this site published this piece of trash.

Drinking and blogging don’t mix.

martian Says:

this is so inappropriate to label those girls as lesbians … so what if they are?

you should apologize

Skeezerweezer Says:


Who is this guy Jeremy? Holy crap, a little respect for the women already…….whoa! Going right after there sexuality? Pleassseeee. l
Leave that alone.

IMHO the loyalists here at Tennis x want to know the facts and stats leading up to there final so we can talk about it?

I will stick my neck out and say I can do better writing than that…….this guy needs a link to WTF! Network!

Sorry Sean, you should have wrote this, or Ben, or Dan, Tom, or “STAFF”?


gregorio Says:

Seriously, hits dropping here at tennis-x? Trying to stir up some controversy? Legs smaller than Sammie’s arms? So obviously you spent a lot of time playing tennis. Or maybe tennis on the playstation. Sean Randall is not very good tennis writer, who the hell are all these other people on the site? Maybe if Jeremy Davis were a lesbian, he too could have an actual career highlight like Stosur & Schiavone.

Davidabheeru Says:

I agree with the other comments here — this post is WAY, WAY out of line.

Ben Pronin Says:

Wait so they’re closeted lesbians?

I can’t see Stosur losing. Her game is just too huge. But the women’s tour just…

blank Says:

“Don’t get me wrong I love the ladies, lesbian or straight.”

Everything about this article just came out wrong. Plain awful. If you continue to write, show some more respect and thoughtfulness please.

ron Says:

Best article on this site in ages, cuz for once there was no mention of Roger Federer in the article or the comments. Whew.

Diane Says:

It doesn’t matter to me what the sexual orientation of the players is, and I’m sorry that it’s even a subject of discussion, but–for the record–Schiavone was involved for a long time with the man who always sat in her box at matches (the one who made all the cheeky gestures). I thought that was common knowledge among tennis fans.

And Stosur is known for NOT hitting the gym. She takes a lot of time off from the gym, and when she does go, she doesn’t do anything for her arms. She was just born that way.

Facts do get in the way, don’t they?

Ben Pronin Says:

That’s Stosur in 2006. I’d love to hear the explanation for her size since she doesn’t like the gym.

zola Says:

That is 4 years ago.

Regardless of Stosur’s gym activities, I want to know if you really approve this article and its references!?

Ben Pronin Says:

Zola, I don’t know what to tell you. I have no power over anyone’s articles. All I can do is write my own.

zola Says:

I understand. But you can at least provide your opinion. I have been following Tennis-x for more than a couple of years and have never seen anything like this! Are you guys running out of authors?

Skeezerweezer Says:


Don’t buy it. You connect with the editors of the site. Step up, and talk to the powers that be. OR, give the posters a way of writing to Tennis X. This site is too good, too popular for this. The posters have the freedom to say all kinds of things but you folks know you can’t. That is all of your job to attract all kinds of Fans Favs. It’s all about “Hits”. Don’t think I don’t know this. Make it right. Step up. You can do it :)


ChrisM Says:

This is tennis-x, you whiners. This site is known for off-beat analysis, and has been for years. Appropriate or not, nice to see some of the crazy make a re-appearance now and then. Go comfort each other in a safe environment if you’re not grown-up enough to handle someone else’s opinion or sense of humour.

Seth Says:

Wow, what an asshole Jeremy Davis seems to be. And I say that as a straight male.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Did you try to say something meaningful in the context of the the article written? Sorry, I missed it…..

Andrew Miller Says:

I am a bit offended too by Jeremy’s “take” on the WTA final. Hope an apology is in order to Sam and Francesca.

Further, they deserve to be there. Stosur especially: beating Henin, Serena and Jankovic. It is kind of unbelievable to me.

It feels a bit like the return of Iva Majoli (97) and Myskina (04), two players that never made it back to the big top and it’s their only chance.

Andrew Miller Says:

Or the return of Gaston Gaudio. Again, wondering if the French Open’s “true French character” (unpredictable, brilliant at times) is emerging! It makes Nadal even more of an anomaly.

margot Says:

Agree with most everyone. This article is trash talk and, what is more, encourages every neanderthall everywhere to join in.

rdaudt Says:

This blog hit an all-time low. I am out of here.

madmax Says:

Any one seen Terminator 2? Linda Hamilton worked for 3 months with the Military to get those muscles. It wouldn’t take long.

And anyone heard of drug testing in tennis? Do you honestly think that Sam Stosur would risk her whole career? – C’MON! sam stosur is a warrior princess, those muscles are natural! If Linda Hamilton can do it, why can’t sam!?

To show a photo 4 years ago, means nothing. 3 months is all it would take to get a body like Sam stosur.

Fernando Says:

This is a rubbish article, absolutely pathetic, only just bagged the two players that have played the best tournament of their lives to make life exciting for a tennis fan for once, especially the WTA. How good is it to know a Williams sister is not going to win a grand slam for once??!!

The author seriously can not be making such disparaging comments about people.
Why don’t we ask the question…what are YOU good for? you write rubbish articles on people that earn way more money than you and way more successful than you and must be much better human beings if this is what you dish up!!

Tennis-x has always been a cheap website, always a bit all over the place, poorly organised and now this guy has taken it to the pits.

madmax Says:


Whilst I agree with you in terms of the cheap shots regarding sexuality of both players (which is a complete irrelevance), this is ONE guy writing. Not ALL the writers here are like this – may be he was just having a bad day with his boyfriend/girlfriend?

Tennis.x is not a cheap website, many brilliant posters here and fabulous writers – with incredibly well-written articles. This is an exception.


mmm Says:

I agree…this was a strange article. You really barely wrote about the TENNIS…which is the sport you’re covering, right?

its all abt da game Says:

Oh well, does such articles happen at TT? (which i have come to know about as a rival site, 3 days ago, from mr perfect’s bashing of TT. I hope TT is worse than this and i’m at the right place. By the way, i forgot to thank mr perfect for telling me that there is another meaning to TT than table tennis )

BT Says:

Lay off the booze Jeremy.

Diane Says:

“This site is known for off-beat analysis”

Whiner here…since when do homophobic and totally nonfactual remarks constitute “analysis”?

Joe Rivlin Says:

This is quite obnoxious – I wonder whether anyone bothers to vet your material or do you think this is cute? Last time I visit this site but I will be sure to circulate Jeremy Davis’ name to all the other sick people trying to squeeze a few $ out of being outrageous and obnoxious. What a jerk!

Joe Rivlin Says:

Perhaps an apology from whoever hosts or sponsors TennisX would be appropriate.

ron Says:


It’s called sarcasm.

ish Says:

umm, Schiavone has a boyfriend…

Lenny Says:

Wow. Anyone check these articles before they go up? Sorry you were disappointed, Jeremy, coz you didn’t have pretty, blonde Barbie dolls playing the final. * rolleyes *

It’s one thing having a contradictory opinion if it’s about the tennis. But to spew hate just because they’re not who or what you wanted to see?

Jeremy Davis – mentally filed away as writer I will NEVER read again.

Andrew Miller Says:

Just read this post again, Jeremy should apologize.

zola Says:

I agree with Joe and Andrew

The author and tennis-x should apologize.

Eric Says:

This article is totally out of line as most of the comments suggest. This Jeremy Davis belongs on FOX news along side Glen Beck! Hopefully, Tennix-x won’t allow him to write for the site in the future.

ChrisM Says:

Hmmmm, I don’t read any hate or homophobia in this article. I’m a fag, by the way, so I’m qualified to comment.

So many people hanging out at tennis-x without a shred of a sense of humour. I think you should all apologise to each other for making a big deal out of this. There ARE real hate crimes happening out in the world, you know.

sar Says:

I just read in Tennis magazine that they DO NOT test players for HGH even though it is a banned substance that Odesnik got busted for.

Orville Says:

I wonder if the author would write a piece questioning the sexual orientation of male tennis players? Why is there this double standard about women’s tennis? At least the lesbians on the WTA are more open about their sexuality and aren’t cowards. Renee Stubbs, Amelie Mauresmo, Martina Navratilova, Conchita Martinez, Billie Jean King, Lisa Raymond are all champions and they are out and proud. However, on the ATP Tour the gay men are cowards and are hiding in the closet.

Diane Says:

Exactly, Orville. It’s sexist, as well. And Chris, no one called it a “hate crime.” And just because hate crimes exist, does that mean we shouldn’t pay attention to homophobia and sexism in other contexts? I can think of nothing more important than language.

Meeghan Says:

I am removing this blog from my Google Reader and will never, ever contribute to your web traffic ago. What a piece of trash.

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