Federer Faces Old Foe Hewitt for Halle Title
by Sean Randall | June 12th, 2010, 2:24 pm

Roger Federer will meet his old rival Lleyton Hewitt for the Halle Gerry Weber Tennis title tomorrow. Today in the semifinals Federer had his sternest test in turning away German Philipp Petzschner 7-6(3), 6-4. ADHEREL

Federer struggled early and often in the first set. The World No. 2 twice trailed by a break before climbing back to level.

“I think I mentioned yesterday, he’s a good player, he has good potential and is talented,” Federer said. “You can see it in the way he plays. He is very relaxed and he can play in different ways. So, that can work in his favour but also against him because you have sometimes few too many options.

“It was an interesting match for me, especially playing him for the first time. I’m happy the way I played because it wasn’t easy but I found a way which was great.”

Meanwhile, former Wimbledon champion Hewitt was pushed to three sets by Benjamin Becker before prevailing 6-7(4), 7-6(3), 6-2.

“It’s nice anytime I’m playing any kind of final,” said Hewitt who despite hip surgery is quietly having a good year. “Obviously the big picture is in a week’s time in Wimbledon and wanting to do the right things for there. But obviously my first week on grass, to be through to the final … Every time I step on the court I give 100 per cent anyway. Tomorrow is going to be no different.”

Federer has beaten Hewitt 17 of 24 times including a jaw-dropping 15 straight times.

Federer has won five straight titles in Halle, 29 straight matches, and he’s won 76 of his last 77 matches on grass (that loss coming to Rafael Nadal at 2008 Wimbledon). But he’ll seek his first ATP title (not Slam) since last summer in Cincinnati.

“It’s always special playing him. We go way back. We even played doubles together in Wimbledon one year,” said Federer. “It’s amazing how many times we’ve played, it’s amazing the record I have now against him after starting off with a tough head to head record against him, actually.”

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223 Comments for Federer Faces Old Foe Hewitt for Halle Title

contador Says:

oh this will be great in a retro kind of way. i wouldn’t be surprised if hewitt gets the win, if fed isn’t careful.

i caught some of the federer match livestream. that was a tough first set for roger.

i hope fed gets a win tomorrow. c’mon!

contador Says:

looking ahead to wimbledon, is anyone else interested to see how some of the less famous clay court names do on grass?

thinking about santiago giraldo, TDB, dolgo, leo mayer, luka lacko, z-ball. schwank

nice to see gilles simon back in a draw- eastbourne

not that i think any of the above will go deep or fognini will get lucky again as he did at RG.

can’t wait for wimbledon! i’m feeling there will be a new wimbledon champ. not my record of picking is great. i sure wouldn’t have thought federer would win AO. It was expected that rafa regain his crown at RG. but i did not expect rafa to win all and capture #1 so soon. but rog didn’t fare too well this spring.

congrats to rafa and tennis-x rafa fans. he deserves the #1

dave Says:

The way Federer plays against Hewitt tomorrow will tell a lot about the state of his game for Wimbledon. Federer being Federer, he is likely to raise his game against his old rival in a final, not just to win a tournament and the points, but also to shut up the overenthusiastic doomsayers. If this was a 500 point tournament, Federer would have retaken No. 1 with a win and broken Sampras’s record.

guy Says:

federer tends to tee off on hewitt’s groundstrokes, but to be fair the last few times they played, hewitt had a broken hip.

at least fed can be amazed at himself with this particular head to head. i guess they do matter to him after all…at least when he’s on the winning end.

dave Says:

Sean is more amazed than Federer with this particular head-to-head, noting it is “a jaw-dropping 15 straight times.” Federer is only amazed that he has this record, given Hewitt is a former No. 1 (who was No. 1 longer and aty a younger age than Nadal so far has been) and was a Wimbledon champion. Federer knows that Hewitt did have the benefit of insider insight on Fed’s weaknesses from Federer’s former coach Tony Roche for a few of those matches, hip injury or not.

As well, let’s remember that Federer won Halle twice (2006 and 2008) immediately after playing the French Open finals. No rest. In addition he won Halle in 2005 after reaching the FO semifinals. In 2007, he skipped Halle only to rest a groin injury picked up during the quarterfinal (if I remember correctly) of the French Open, which together with rain and Tommy Haas’ walkover, left him a little rusty for the final. In 2009, he did skip Halle after winning the French Open, where he played a number of long matches.

dave Says:

Among active players, Hewitt has the most grasscourt match wins (97-23 matches, 6 titles). Federer’s record is 92-12, 11 titles. Pete Sampras’s record is 101-20, 10 titles.

Some interesting comments about each other made by Federer and Hewitt in the same interviews:

Federer: “It’s always special playing him…He made the breakthrough so early in his career that to me, I kind of looked up to Lleyton, how could he be so good so early, because I had so many issues in my game. He was the youngest No. 1 in the world we ever had. So, he did special things which I will never get a chance to do.”

Hewitt: “(Federer’s) obviously the best grass-court player around. It’s a good test for me to go out there. I’m going to have to obviously play extremely well and execute what I want to do out there and try and put him under some kind of pressure…There are not a lot of players that have been able to win too many matches against him. It shows the quality of player that he is day in, day out. To be able to play at that kind of level in big tournaments when he needs to is quite remarkable.”

TGiT Says:

Sounds like a Fed Hewitt love fest.

I think Hewitt has the speed to win on grass but I do not think he has a particular ground stroke that will keep Fed on his heels.

I think Hewitt needs the first set to take it all. I think Roger has been playing great this week against some stiff serving and Hewitt IMO does not have a serve that will knock out Fed.

madmax Says:

I think it will be a good match tomorrow.

I thought that the comments by both fed and hewitt of each other were from the members of THE mutual appreciation society!

It was also interesting what Petzschner said after his loss to federer – here you go:-

You were serving for the first set, 5-4, maybe all that time you were thinking, I’m going to take a set away from the best player in the world. Maybe you were thinking too much? What happened?

PETZSCHNER: I don’t know. I think I played a great match till that point. I had two or three bad minutes. At 5-4 I made a couple of easy mistakes. It was not that I was thinking to win the first set. That was maybe back in my mind. I just wanted to push the balls too hard, because of course I was afraid what could happen if I just push it in. So, I just wanted to try something with the balls. I did that all match long. I tried to hit, I tried to force him to make errors. It’s just a matter of time till I don’t make these mistakes anymore.

This was your first experience against the big monster. How did it feel?

PETZSCHNER: It felt great. I also told him now in the locker room that it was for me a great honour playing him. Because the last couple of years when I was at the smaller tournaments I always watched him play. For me, he is the best player in the world, the most complete one. He can play on every surface. And he is a great personality. So watching him is fun and playing him is even more fun. That’s why I said, I want to have a revenge, even if he’s 40 and I’m 37 we still have to go out there once more, so maybe I can take a set then.

Great comment at the end – tongue in cheek!

madmax Says:


fed has won halle 5 times.

Kimmi Says:

contador – a shoutout back to you.

Yes, I say go federer tomorrow. hewitt very feisty competitor, federer will need his A game.

never heard about ernie too, he better be recovering for wimbledon. he needs a good perfomance there. i read nadals injury is nothing serious, so he will be ready for wimbledon 100%.

I think Giraldo is a clay guy, don’t you? he lost easily to inform Fish at queens in the second round..no contest.

Muzza needs a good perfomance at wimbys, no excuse..the queen will be there this year I hear.

sonic Says:

gotta feel sorry fot Hewitt. Normaly he plays Queens and gets mopped by one of the big names. Had he been there this year, he would have had a much better chance of victory with all the trash making it to end stages of Queen’s tournaments.

Instead he’ll only serve to boost Fed’s confidence, as Hewitt has long since become to Federer what Federer is to Nadal – someone you can beat up ont no matter your current form.

Kimmi Says:

madmax – thanks for that interview..no wonder Petzschner could not serve out for that first set. he was thinking about federer the king all along.

he played a good match though. it was a very well contested match..I thought he gave federer a scare but just could not capitalize it.

Dan Martin Says:

Federer versus Hewitt should be fun. I agree with those saying Rusty has a chance. He gave Fed a tough time in New York last year. I think Fed wins, but no shock if Hewitt wins. How many grass titles does Hewitt have?

blank Says:

If there was ever a chance for Hewitt to break the win drought against Fed, it is now. Other than at the AO and FO, I think every match that Fed has lost, he had a chance and blew it up.

Having said that I don’t think Fed is going to lose tomorrow.

Dan, Hewitt has 6 grass titles including 1 Wimbledon. Next to Fed, he is the most accomplished grass court player currently on tour.

Dan Martin Says:

Halle has to be happy to have had so many German players do reasonably well and also have a final between to men who have combined for 7 years finished at #1 and 16 grass court titles.

contador Says:

Hi Kimmi-

the match is on at 5 am. not sure i can get up that early but i’ll try.

i’m with Dan Martin on this. rusty is ready to end the losing to federer streak. wiki says hewitt has 6 grass titles. of course one is wimbledon.

i love wimbledon early rounds. my list is a bunch of clay courters but the younger ones…hey, maybe some can play on grass. TDB? he’s playing this week in his home country, so we’ll see. and i like the draw for eastbourne. hoping gilles knees have had enough time to heal. it has been painful watching him try to play.

yeah. nadal is being cautious i suppose. but EG has disappeared. : ( hope he turns up at wimbledon ready to play.

Madmax- thanks for posting the PP interview. love his comments – what a great federer fan he is!

Dan Martin Says:

to should be two – typos … grrr Also, Sam Q. has won 8 of his last 9 matches on grass.

skeezerweezer Says:


Get your happy butt up tomorrow and watch some tennis, Ha! Too early? 5am, set your Coffee for 4:45, you’ll be fine :) It’s only Sunday.

I gave you a shout out on the other article, welcome back. Hope to hear from you the latest on the “wild child” Gulbis :)

skeezerweezer Says:



@ Sonic,

I would wait till after the match with Fed to feel sorry for him. He could win? Just sayin… :)


“…last few times they played, hewitt had a broken hip.”

Uh.. I know Hewitt had hip problems, don’t know when, but playing with it broken? Why would he do that? You got a link for that or a Drs. note or somethin? Tx…

contador Says:


my happy butt! LOL!!!! is yours going to be up at 4 am, you west coaster? : )

i read your shout out. thanks, that was nice of you : )

here is all i can find on gulbis. watching him on grass winning the first set over nadal in 08 is KILLER! just imagine had he knocked nadal out that early round.

last year however, EG was looking pudgy, out of breath and completely lost while muzza trounced him.

hoping the ernie of 08 shows up:


contador Says:

hahahaa skeezerweezer-

i was thinking the same when i read the comment about playing with a broken hip. “really?” me thought.

made me go googling hewitt. wiki’d him and everything!

Kimmi Says:

Conty/skeezer – aah! luckily its only 7am where i am but unfortunately can’t watch it, early morning calls. please cheer for the fed for me, will ya? madmax I am talking to you too :)

Kimmi Says:

hahaha! you guys are funny. broken hip I don’t know. what I remember is, after hewitt loss to federer at AO 3rd round, few days later he called a press conference telling the world that he will undergo hip surgery (or did he just came out from a one?) and that he will be out of competition for a long while.

now, one could urgue that hewitt was in a lot of pain during his last match with federer?

contador Says:

Sam has won 8 of 9 on grass. good for him.

fish and querry tomorrow in queens. not sure i know what i think about that match. one never can tell about fish

fishy fish. he could get hot : )

skeezerweezer Says:

Er, of course I’ll be up at 4am, in my DREAMS, lol.


What? Early morning calls? WTF? What is more important than giving us the play by play? You mean you work? And 7am? At least I have a “west coast” excuse., ha! :)

You two have a great night :)

Kimmi Says:

urgue s/b argue

contador Says:


this is the first sunday i have been home in a month!

i’ll be on TT cheering federer. if my “happy butt” can wake up.. lol…

good news is, i don’t have to take call or travel until after the 4th of july weekend. yay.

Dan Martin Says:

If Fish can take advantage of Sam’s long swings, I think Fish can rush him and win. Sam needs to serve big and then make Fish feel the heat of needing to hold every time.

Kimmi Says:

skeez – …play by play.

yap, love doing that when I have nothing important to do. Go federer!

Kimmi Says:

conty – yes, i realize you have been away from tennis-x for a while. have not seen jane too.

yap, cheer away, when I come back home the match will probably be over…lets go fed.

if he wins tomorrow, it will give him some needed confidence for wimby especially after that disappointing loss at RG

skeezerweezer Says:


Saw your link, “wild child” had a great set against the eventual champ Rafa! Hope he is healthy enough to play, on grass his serve will have an impact, among other things, for sure :) Notice Rafa’s tape on the knees? Shows that he was having something going on with them in 08…..and he won with taped knees some say was the “greatest match ever”…….just sayin? :)


Just teasin ya, you have been a great trouper up here, hope you enjoy your time off :)

contador Says:


i hear what you are saying. hard to pick the winner in that one. i should think sam wins.

Kimmi- yeah. i read through the recent threads and no Jane. she better turn up for wimbledon. : )


you watched my link? ahhh ernie! i don’t know if rafa had played him before. ernie can be a good match up for rafa. good meaning tough.

i did some youtube investigative research on rafa. ( something i have never done, ha! ) and went back to see when it was rafa started his “habit.” from what i could tell, that thing he does didn’t show up until sometime in 2004 . i like watching the younger rafa. anyway…i think the knee taping started about the same time as the other stuff.

im sure a rafa fan knows much more. i did get caught up in watching rafa youtube while looking for gulbis vids and news

contador Says:


somebody will be awake and on tennisx during the federer-hewitt match. not many in our time zones, i’ll bet, Skeezerweezer.


and good night.

dave Says:

madmax: “dave, fed has won halle 5 times.”

Tks for adding that. I was just emphasizing those Halle events that came after his deep French Open forays, so I didn’t mention his 2003 and 2004 wins. So I’m glad u mentioned it.

Eskay Says:

Another habit of spitting and rubbing on clay is rather annoying. How old is it? What would happen on hard court?

dave Says:

I can understand why some players spit on clay. Having played on clay before the dust can be irritating.

sonic Says: “has long since become to Federer what Federer is to Nadal – someone you can beat up ont no matter your current form.”

See clip. Didn’t Federer beat up Nadal in an hour here, just before Federer’s mononucleosis gave Nadal an edge the next season? Imagine what the h2h between the two might have been had Federer been 100% healthy the whole of 2008.

skeezerweezer Says:

“Warning”….Skeezer…spitting a big one “on the surface of the court”… now …uh Mr. Skeezer…you are ordered to rub that out with your shoe until dried….and please no stains or you will called for a point penalty”…..”now continue play, and we will be watching…if you feel you have to spit….swallow!”…….LOL

skeezerweezer Says:


Sure :)

And did you notice in 2007 clip Rafa had his knees taped? So what do Rafa fans have to say when his knees are taped and he wins or loses? Don’t get it….Just play or don’t …..same as Feds mono… or Hewitts “broken hip” and playing…..just sayin…

madmax Says:

dave, thanks for the youtube!

just brilliant highlights – I hadn’t seen those before and I think federer needs to remind himself just how brilliantly he can play against rafa in key moments. His ‘touch’ and ‘skill’ is breathtaking.

True Leader Says:

I think Federer will win in straight sets.

blank Says:

Wow! Kimmi is not around…so no one seems to be around. Anyone watching?

I can’t remember the last time I saw Fed run around the court like this. Either Hewitt is making him do it or Fed wants this badly. Fed is playing ok, but Hewitt is playing great. Hope this goes to a 3rd!

blank Says:

That was a very poor tie break from Federer. Very ordinary stuff. Lethargic errors! He can’t be down 1-6 and expect to win the breaker, unless he is playing someone like me!

Daniel Says:

Fed let Hewitt back in the match after that 0-40 game at 4-4. Even though Hewitt made a let lucky net shot at 30-40, he is playing more solid now and Fed start making errors.

contador Says:

i’m watching, blank.

just tuned in, in time to see lele get the tie break

did federer fall asleep in the 2nd?

Daniel Says:

Hewitt’s return also are great the whole match.

contador Says:

how did fed take the first set?

Daniel Says:

Wow!! What a point.

contador Says:

hahaha i am watching a livestream and the aussie commentator is soooo happy.

lele one up

blank Says:

Hi Contador,

I woke up only after the end of 1st set…don’t know what happened.

But 2nd set was very competitive (breaks from both ends at the beginning)…and in the tiebreak, Federer played like he was half asleep and totally disinterested.

Now, Hewitt is playing too well…up a break right away in the 3rd. Fed can’t win unless he kicks it up more level.

contador Says:

love game from hewitt,

rusty 2-0

contador Says:

heya blank

appears federer has gone “off the boil”

or maybe i am letting the aussie commentator influence me.

federer asleep?

contador Says:


“”awsome” commentator says federer looks “pedestrian”

contador Says:

c’mon! wake up fed!

blank Says:

Federer is busy trying to dig himself into a deeper hole.

Daniel Says:

Hewitt is not missing anything at the moment and Fed is shaking some balls. FEd needs to hang and wait to see if Hewitt will eventually feel pressure when the match closes to the end. He is playing extremelly well, making hima true contender for Wimby.

contador Says:


finally federer wins his service game.

rusty is playing well. up a break 2-1 in the decider and fed better wake up….now

blank Says:

Daniel, Judging by Fed’s performances this year, Hewitt should feel no pressure. I am afraid while Fed waits he’ll go down another break. Hope I am wrong…let’s see.

contador Says:

shank- federer

too many ue’s for fed? forehand is questionable

and hewitt is not missing much

Daniel Says:

blank, my thoughts exactly. But I still feel Fed will put some pressure in one more Hewitt’s service game. Fed still have the serve.

contador Says:

fed must serve well and stop the shanking forehand to have a chance.

rusty is giving this match his all

contador Says:

deuce again on feds serve

rusty goes up another break here and it’s over for fed


contador Says:

federer holds but he has a lot of work to do to break rusty, if he’s gonna win this.

hewitt is too good today

contador Says:

playing with a broken hip, too. : )

contador Says:

hewitt is relaxed and confident

blank Says:

Time is running out for the Fed and it doesn’t look like Hewitt is going to let up. He should quit talking about caring just about the GS if he can’t win even a 250 level tournament. I am not sure about the other tournaments, but here at least, he is trying and coming up short so far.

contador Says:

federer c’mon! fight back

11 aces but……

hewitt is too good

another break point for hewitt

contador Says:

nice drop shot and an ace!

federer saves his service game, barely.

contador Says:


federer has to perform a miracle now!

contador Says:

he must break hewitt. or else.

its all abt da game Says:

the only way hewitt could have won was if hewitt plays at 100% and fed plays at 50%..
that is happening here..
fed will have to put up his level..
come on fed!!!
show the kangaroo what you can do..

contador Says:

hewitt is too good for federer today it appears.

hewitt needs only one game more

andrea Says:

oh gawd make him serve it out at least.

its all abt da game Says:

toooooooo many unforced errors..
is this how he will play at wimbledon??

contador Says:

fed misses too many forehands today.

he serves another ace.

i am used to federer losing these tournaments, blank.

Kimmi Says:

oh god, fed in trouble..and big trouble. Wow!

contador Says:

yep Kimmi-

hewitt is serving for match.

federer better play better at wimbie

contador Says:

hewitt has made federer look “pedestrian”

just as the aussie commentator said

its all abt da game Says:

break point..
come on!!!

contador Says:


here’s the last chance fed

contador Says:

nope, fed lost the break point. rusty is tough


blank Says:

Contador, I getting very used to this as well.

Kimmi – Welcome back!

contador Says:

c’mon! almost is not enough fed.

hewitt has matchpoint

its all abt da game Says:

darn it!!!
the kangaroo wins it..

blank Says:

Fed officially joins Murray and Djokovic as the list of players who are mentally injured. Looks like Federer and Murray drank the same thing after AO. Not sure what Djoko did.

They all should go consult a surgeon to see if this mental block can be removed.

contador Says:

he does it!

and federer gives him a nice smile and arm around the shoulder at the net to congratulate his old rival

that was good from hewitt.

rough watching for a fed fan : (

contador Says:

rusty is on his cell phone while federer explains his defeat in german and congrats hewitt

Kimmi Says:

feisty hewitt did it. congrats to him.

oh what happened to the fed..c’mmon wimbledon awaits! :(

Daniel Says:

Damm ti, Second net cord in favor of Hewitt. Lucky is on his side in this one. But all credits to him, he payed excelent moving Fed all around.

This is not looking good for Fed, next thing he will be losing to Roddick in Wimbledon, the only one who hadn’t has a piece of Fed’s blood this season.

contador Says:

federer ever the optimist. happy with four wins this week and feels good despite the loss

madmax Says:

Chill. Dont Worry. Lleyton wanted this more. Really deserved it. 2 hip surgeries? My god, what a warrior.

Breaks his streak of losses against Fed.

Went out in the third round at Roland Garros. Went straight to halle and practised for a full week and a half prior to Halle.

He is a great grass court player, well done Lleyton. The swiss camp won’t be panicking. Fed is tired. He is played brilliantly this tournament. I’m really pleased with his performance.

Yeah, it’s a 250 tournament, but fed has earnt himself – is it 200 points? PLUS he went deeper into RG, 2-3 days to rest before Halle and so now, he can take some well-earned rest and just chill before wimby.

No panic.

blank Says:

Contador says: “federer ever the optimist. happy with four wins this week and feels good despite the loss”

Only that no one is going to buy this optimism from now on unless he shows one title win. Preferably Wimbledon…well, look who is the optimist now ;-)

contador Says:


as Daniel says, hewitt was running federer all over.

and federer was shanking too many forehands. not moving well enough to make the shanks winners, from what i saw.

hope feddy can raise his level

Polo Says:

Story of Federer’s life, giving away matches to players he has not lost to in many previous matches. Like souvenirs for them to remember him by. Roddick is at the head of the line for his memento at Wimbledon.

contador Says:

it’s true Daniel. i don’t exactly believe federer anymore when he is so laid back.

it’s like his head isn’t in it to win it, ya know?

contador Says:

we’ll see what happens at wimbles. maybe fed is happy with the one AO win this year. who knows.

contador Says:

federer looks tired

BT Says:

Way to go Lleyton!!!

Few streaks broken today. Fed’s Halle winning streak and Hewitt’s losing streak (was it 15) against Fed!

Great match from the Aussie!

blank Says:

Let’s hope Roddick is in Fed’s half and can gleefully accept the souvenir. I’ll hate it if Fed reaches the final and loses again to Rafa.

Kimmi Says:

Hi everyone thanks for the commentary. didn’t see the match, got back home when federer serving to stay in the match..

hewitt did it, after all these years. good for him. he suffered a lot of defeats from the fed..especially in GS.

WOW for federer, hope this wont crush his hopes in wimbledon.

contador Says:

roddick can’t wait for the wimbles draw, i imagine, Polo! hoping and praying for federer

sad : (

Andrew Miller Says:


“No one beats Lleyton Hewitt sixteen times in a row. NO ONE.”

contador Says:

federer very gracious. in german saying, lleyton played “super” and “wonderful”

fed is smiling and appears sincerely happy.

he holds the mums and carnations

white roses for the aussie

Andrew Miller Says:

I felt from the Petzchner match that Federer didnt look “like Federer” – he wasnt playing “like Federer plays”. But I agreed with Madmax, that it had to do with not playing the guy ever.

This one though, Federer owns Hewitt and has not lost to him in more than half a decade. Surprising loss.

contador Says:

lleyton needs a shave though. looking very grunge in the close-ups.

grunge and tough wins the match

True Leader Says:

wow! atleast we have proof that federer dumping break-points against nadal on clay is not a mental-block. who dumps 3 breakpoints at 0-4 and 1 set up against someone who you beat 15 straight times?

Answer = Roger Federer.

Has anyone won 15 straight against 2 former no.1s? fed has done that against a-rod and rusty.

Rusty is now a favorite for wimbledon. hope to see him and roddick in nadal’s quarter ;)

Gannu Says:

fed fans – madmax, Huh, Skeez, Kimmi, kimmo

How would you interpret this loss of fedex? Anything to worry? Is this an harbinger of things to come in wimbledon.. somehow i am getting some negative vibes abt this loss..fedex had not lost a match in 6 years (except to nadal) and now more and more people are beating him.. i am really scared and perhaps i really doubt whether fed can win wimby.. and add to that his luck is so bad… and i am sure he will draw hewitt soderling roddick all in his draws.. and the loser nadal will get all his fellow choking spaniards..
Really worried??Any comments guys

True Leader Says:

i meant 3 breakpoints at 0-40 and 4-4 in my previous post.

Andrew Miller Says:

Sheesh. Maybe to Federer he feels, “bound to happen one day, I was hoping to beat him 20 straight, but you cant win them all!”

But to the fans or tennis observers, really surprising. I guess if you lose to anyone on grass it better be a fellow slam champion (even Wimbledon champ like Hewitt!) but nonetheless, given Federer’s absolute dominance on grass (and most other stuff, and especially against Hewitt) it’s a shocker to me.

contador Says:

Gannu says-

“…and add to that his luck is so bad… and i am sure he will draw hewitt soderling roddick all in his draws.. and the loser nadal will get all his fellow choking spaniards..”

exactly. rafa has had the lesser spaniards in his draw but f-lo finally beat rafa….

of course rafa was playing with a hamstring pull

i think federer is fine. he appeared relaxed and truly happy for hewitt. ( though appearing tired and slow at times, i thought )

we fed fans expect federer to win all and go on forever. he may or may not win, i how i look at it now. after all, he’s the best and has given me, his fan so much. it’s all good. : )

Andrew Miller Says:

Whoah, Roddick and Hewitt both are in Nadal’s quarter at the big W? They havent made the draw yet!!!

contador Says:

s/b that’s how i look at federer now.

True Leader Says:

Mr. Miller:

I was saying I hope to see roddick and hewitt in nadal’s quarter and murray in his half. lol :)

the draw is out only on friday, if i am not wrong.

Andrew Miller Says:

Gannu, to me, definitely ominous for Wimbledon for Federer.

True, he’s won Wimbledon six of the last 7 years (unreal). However, as madmax said, only 1 grasscourt loss since 2003!

So if Hewitt has gotten Federer on grass, others will certainly feel they have a chance. Few are like Hewitt (the grasscourt resume of Hewitt is also excellent) but that’s not important

what’s important is their “confidence” is rising – that eliminates the games opponents lose to Federer based on the fact that they feel pressure playing “the best player ever”.

Since the Australian Open, Federer has not been the best player of all time. He’s been playing like #2 or #3, who’s not expected to win all the time, not even on his best surface.

Cant win em all.

Andrew Miller Says:

True Leader sorry, i read it too quickly and then checked, you’re right draw is up on the 18th; I dont think they would drop Hewitt and Roddick in Nadal’s quarter though – that would definitely show how much Wimbledon loves Federer!

I would think if they could they’d put Roddick, Hewitt, Isner, Querrey and Nadal in FEDERER’s corner to help Andy Murray, who’d be left to do battle with the likes of Juan Carlos Ferrero :)

contador Says:

as i have said over and over, i was most shocked that federer won AO this year.

whatever happens with federer, i am satisfied. losing to delpo was not shocking. federer looked “stiff” and a step slow. he played his brilliance at times and i admit i thought he’d win, when he made last years us open final. but the way delpo had played the tournament was superior. it wasn’t a shocker.

losing to benny in paris was a shocker! i thought, “what?”

now i accept that fed can and will lose to anybody. or, win a slam. who knows

blank Says:

Contator, I have same feelings. I just hope Fed can win a few more GS before he is done. I’d be thrilled if he gets to 20. But, maybe that’s asking for too much?!

guy Says:

this loss isn’t that surprising. hewitt almost beat him in one of the hardcourt masters before his hip surgery.

the reason hewitt stopped beating fed was that fed became more consistent, and hewitt’s safe groundies weren’t good enough anymore. fed started smacking them round like you see him do to roddick.

but i think hewitt has improved his game a little, a bit more aggressive and the grass helps his shots shoot through. has a great transition game and net play.

Gannu Says:

Contador, andrew thanks…Its tough to know how federer feels abt his chances.. i am sure all these losses somewhere subconsciously would dent his confidence.. and that indeed is an ominous sign..Somehow i am really tired of seeing him lose so much.. i feel really disappointed… and the prob is the monster that he has created that he just cant lose…. its just been such along gap since he has won anything… 6months now nearly..and all his flawless records like consecutive streaks, the nil losses top so many players etc all is now coming one by one.. I for one would always like fedexto go out with a bang and not with all his records tainted once he retires.. thats just my perspectove.. really hope feddy somehow wins winbledon.. the greed never ends ;-) …. I somehow just wanted him to win FO last year and that was enough,.. thenw imby to break record, then again US and Aussie ;-) and now again wimby ;-)

TGiT Says:

The Fed dark days have begun.

Wimby is anyones guess.

Nobody on this site or else can pencil in their favorites for the final. No way.

Looking forward to a crazy two weeks.

True Leader Says:

If I am Federer, what am I really playing for?

Just let me play that left-handed spaniard in Shanghai (where i have not lost a set to him) about 10times, i will even that H2H and then i can go play with my babies and help Mirka take care of them.

He must have some serious motivational issues. I hope he finds a way.

I have done squat in my field and I keep asking myself every day if i really have to work! If I achieved what Roger did, I would be lying on a beach on my own island, firing up those cubans! (i mean the cigars! i am not so evil or barbaric as the romans, 2000years ago)

Eskay Says:

It is not the first time that Roger has experienced loss in an ATP tournament. On numerous occasions, it has appeared that he is not much bothered about his losses in smaller events. It is only the G.S where he plays his most competitive tennis. This is not to take away hard earned victory from Lleyton, but as far as Roger is concerned, he has got the practice for Wimby where alone opponents will be tested. It does not appear that there would be a dent in his confidence, as he has been through this many a time before.

tennislover Says:

Federer can not win even on grass now after the disappointments on hard courts and clay. This loss will dent his confidence just a wee bit going into wimby.

I don’t know how fit Hewitt is for seven best-of-five matches but if he indeed is in good shape physically,he is a player most players will like to avoid at wimby especially early on. He will likely be seeded somewhere in the 17-24 range after this result. The top players will, therefore, avoid him in the third round. However, I am sure most top players will rather avoid a player as solid as Hewitt even in the 4th round. It took a very good Roddick to beat a slightly hobbling Hewitt in a five-set match in the qf last year.

It is nice to see wimby opening up slightly more, well, at least theoretically. I hope Querrey, and especially Fish, can do some damage. Ditto for Lopez, Baghdatis, Berdych, Tsonga, Gasquet, Gulbis, Malisse etc. It is a pity Haas and Nalbandian are ailing physically. I just get the feeling that the draw will be very crucial for Federer given his increased vulnerability. Nadal will also like to avoid tricky players in the first week. Can’t wait for the seedings and the draw.

Andrew Miller Says:

Federer is human, it’s just that it seemed otherwise because of his superior level of play. His level has dropped outside the slams and now enough during slams to make “contenders” believe they have a chance.

It’s that confidence/belief of opponents that they can beat Federer, plus Federer’s small drop in the level of play/mobility, and even Federer’s succumbing to the pressures he puts on himself (seen in shanking balls at key moments, a forehand that goes way long, missing first serves) that adds up to Federer losing more frequently.

Sorry to say it and it is quite upsetting to the Federer fans, but Federer is vulnerable to a loss on any day anywhere now. He has to win ugly to have a shot at more big titles to add to his unreal records. I think he does save his best tennis for the slams and times his peak performance for those tournaments.

Sure, cut him some slack, two grasscourt losses in 7 years (unheard of!), and no one else out there has that kind of record – no one, not one of his opponents, nobody has a better record. But it does give confidence to the opponents who see the Hewitt win and say:

“Yes, it IS POSSIBLE to beat him at Wimbledon.”

Cindy_Brady Says:

Federer will be just fine. It’s not like he’s had that lousy of a year. Won the AO, reached the QFs at the FO and lost to a quality opponent, former #1 and Wimbledon champion on grass. It’s not like he lost to a bum.

He’s still the odds on favorite to win Wimbledon. None of his rivals looked that great on the grass either.

If Federer doesn’t do anything else this year, a win at Wimbledon will satisfy him. Two grand slams in a year at this stage of his storied career is gravy.

He will be ready and focused, count on that nay sayers.

Andrew Miller Says:

They should seed Federer #1 at Wimbledon, he’s defending champ and Nadal bowed out early at Queens club.

That should help Federer.

Plus: not many players have much of a grass court game. Berdych sux on grass.

Only a few players I think feel they have a shot: Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Hewitt, and Andy Murray. Who else?

True Leader Says:

Fed plans to play till he is 35, at the least. So I am sure this is just a phase and he will overcome this like the Champion he is.

On another note. This match was like two pit-bulls scrapping for a piece of bone. totally loved it. no one can win such a match with lleyton on grass. he is the ultimate scrapper on the faster courts. Only way fed was winning this was by playing very best, which he did in the 1st set and then he did his customary walkabout to start the 2nd and hewitt got his teeth in the match and never let go.

I can’t think of any player on the planet beating hewitt, the way he compted today. The guy who had the best chance of doing so just lost in 3sets.

margot Says:

Well Fed fans, I’ve been consoling myself with the thought at least Andy didn’t peak too early…wanna join me….?

Andrew Miller Says:

now there’s a guy with a huge ? mark on his forehead: Andy Murray

Not too keen on the other Andy, Roddick, in terms of his current grass form

Cindy_Brady Says:

Hewitt is tougher than Roddick mentally. Roddick is physically stronger. Has a bigger game, but big games don’t seem to bother Federer on grass.

Federer has the mental edge over Roddick. Andy always wilts in the end against the Federer pressure. Hewitt is far more dangerous to Federer at Wimbledon. More consistent and opportunistic. With this comeback win, more confident than ever too.

I guarantee, no wants to see Hewitt on their side of the draw. Who would have thunk it a year ago.

Eskay Says:

To me Lleyton does not appear a contender at Wimby, nor does A-Rod. Their days are over. They are good challengers,no doubt, but do not have in their head or hand or legs to lift the trophy at Wimby. It is difficult to get past R-R combination for them. Andy is poor man’s Roger and Lleyton is poor man’s Rafa. And then there is Andy M, not to speak of other top 10s. It would be great to see either of them lift the trophy, but probability is very less.

Andrew Miller Says:

Maybe DJOKOVIC will have a breakthrough?! Either that or we’ll see another big tournament from Youzhny, otherwise known as “on any given day, capable of beating anyone except in a slam semifinal”

Andrew Miller Says:

Sorry to be cruel to Youzhny.

Andrew Miller Says:

Youzhny and Gasquet play the same game!

Purcell Says:

Fantastic match. Theses two are always a delight to watch both in their play and in the respect, and dare I say it, the affection their relationship engenders.

Grass is a truly exciting surface for producing combinations of speed, power, creativity and improvisation and we got a helping of that today. Lucky audience.

Lleyton played an excellent match. Congratulations to him for all his hard work, something he’s not given half enough credit for. It would be great to see him go deep into Wimbledon or win it for that matter.

As for Roger…..second set walkabout? Mis-timed forehand? Inconsistent first serve? Well, I’m trying to be realistic in coming to terms with these aberrations by celebrating the range of incredible shots he’s conjured up over the years. Just one of these is worth a thousand matches.

I’m not one of these disrespectful hacks/journos writing his obituary, but let’s face it, he can’t go on for ever providing the yardstick to which all others aspire.

Let’s not interpret Mirka’s expression as “my heart bleeds for my man”, but rather…..sound ticking off, no dinner, sent to bed early with the twins and no access to earthly delights for at least three weeks.

Cheer up everyone. Onward to Wimbs.

ánima Says:

I’ve seen Federer match and I felt he was making UFEs in a similar way as Nadal in his match with Istomin.

Anyway, Federer has already a place in the history of tennis. He is not obliged to win everything, he is just human, although more gifted than most of us…

tennislover Says:

I get this feeling that Murray will do really well this year. Its about time anyway. I also hope the British media will be preoccupied with the soccer world cup. This will likely put Murray under lesser pressure than he usually feels at wimby even though he denies feeling any such pressure. Pray for a deep run from the English soccer team and Murray will do fine:)

Andrew Miller Says:

Hey, if it regards creativity with a racquet, my favorite has always been Marcelo Rios, a player who hardly ever showed up in the end stages of a match. Watching him practice was a revelation in terms of what someone can do with a tennis ball on the court.

(Rios was one of Federer’s favorite players to watch, until Federer beat him everytime they played!)

Dan Martin Says:

Nobody beats Hewitt 16 times in a row… Hewitt now has 7 grass titles – pretty impressive stuff for a 29 year old.

tennislover Says:

Very nice post!

tennislover Says:

I agree with you regarding the amazing creativity Rios was capable of. Another player who is apparently great in practice is Youzhny. It is a pity neither of these players could come anywhere close to realizing their potential.

contador Says:


True Leader-

you made me laugh. your 6/13 10:23 post is my sentiments exactly- except i’d have trouble smoking cuban cigars, though i might try one * cough, cough*

Gannu- : ) take heart.

margot- nice to read you and lol, sure…i’m on the wavelength. that’s it, federer isn’t peaking too early, uh huh. : )

muzza and djoko, what’s eating you two? remember what (somebody) says about time? it waits for no one? that’s right.

True Leader Says:

Roddick will not win another wimbledon? Hello? he was one point away from breaking Federer in the 5th set at wimbledon last year. He beat nadal just a few months back.

If federer continues this form, Roddick has a huge chance at wimbledon and USopen. He will have to bring his best like he did at miami and Indian wells, though.

If the last 2 seasons have taught us anything, it is that nothing is impossible. who thought roger would FO 2009? or Roddick would come so close to winning wimbledon. or that nadal will get the no.1 before wimbledon, once Roger won at AO. I can confidently say no one.

margot Says:

tennislover: what a brilliant post! Thanks so much!
Talking of peaking too early, have just seen Fish who played an astounding match against Deliciano, gift the final to Querry with a huge dip in form.
What an interesting game tennis is, so between the ears, guess that’s why we all love it so.

contador Says:

roddick beat rafa soundly in miami. i am so proud of him!

he never has done too well on clay but he’s not over the hill. roddick is motivated. okay maybe it doesn’t appear that way at the moment.

but remember his turned ankle before wimbles last year? he’s getting ready. GO AR!

about murray and wimbledon? it is a pity. i think the british press did a real number on his mind last year, though muzz tried to deny it.

Andrew Miller Says:

hi Tennislover, that is the truth-Youzhny and Rios are “magicians” on the court. Interestingly, Federer and Nadal both have as many clever shots as Rios and Youznhny, but they win, whereas Rios and Youzhny have “brilliant matches”, Federer and Nadal have “brilliant tournaments, years, etc”.

Rios was just ridiculous with his shotmaking – Federer took all that creativity and added it to a disciplined gameplan and there we have it. One guy made a slam final and nothing much more, and the other is the world’s greatest player of all time.


True Leader Says:

You are welcome contador. If cuban cigars is much, you can get one of those colorful cocktails of your choice. :)

It is going to be interesting to see if Federer does play till he is 35, like agassi. He always says he wants to and I believe him, but at some point that well of motivation will run dry.

margot Says:

Hi conty: nice to see yer gal! Looking 4ward to Wimbles, bet u r too. A new champ, now that would be something!

contador Says:

hey OllyK-

shout out to you and thanks for the information about the tournament (forgot the name already) where nole and gulbis are playing!

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer’s focus needs more focus.

contador Says:

“the boodles” that’s it. never heard of the place.

boodles. maybe a nice private place withnot a lot of media? tennis rehab for the mentally and physically wounded?

Eskay Says:

So many seasons have gone by and yet almost all the G.S have been won by R-R. May be when the form of one of them dips so much that they come to the same half in a G.S, there are real chances for others to get a look at the trophy. Djoker has got a G.S, but Andy doesn’t have. Time is ticking fast for him. He deserves a win, but he will have to play for himself, not for his country. I thought by putting Fred Perry shirts, he had put undue pressure on him. He does have a better chance to reach finals if he is in the same half as Rafa, but if he draws alongside Roger, wait will be longer.

Andrew Miller Says:

Querrey beat Fish for the Queens title.

2008 Nadal (wins Wimbledon after)
2009 Murray (semifinal Wimbledon after)

contador Says:

yes True Leader, if i were federer…..the beach and some fufu drinks. okay with his money, i’d have the best champagne, enough to last a loooooong time.

and Margot- a new wimbie champ is fine with me. maybe blasphemy from a fed fan here. but my head still hurts when i think about the price of fed winning title # 6. and roddick choking back tears.

must go find the Boodles

contador Says:

skeezerweezer! wake up.

get WTF! Network to the Boodles!

contador Says:

stop it! mr. Andrew Miller-

you are scaring me with that voodoo ; )

sam querrey winning wimbledon. nah, can’t happen, can it?

wouldn’t surprise me if he makes a quarterfinal, the way three of the top contenders are playing.

Andrew Miller Says:

Which player in 2010 has won tournaments on three surfaces

Federer? (NOPE)

Nadal? (NOPE)

Murray! (NOPE)

Djokovic? (NOPE AGAIN)

None other than….Sam Querrey (Harcourt, Claycourt, Grasscourt).

Andrew Miller Says:

Maybe Querrey is in the Sampras tradition. Don’t say much, practice hard, set goals very high.

margot Says:

Andrew miller: saw match and Mardy choked.

Andrew Miller Says:

But maybe World Cup distracted everyone but the U.S. players (even with the huge 1-1 tie with England)

plausible theory?

Andrew Miller Says:

Margot! Hoped that Fish would win it!

TGiT Says:

On a side note:

Was that the craziest roof shadow on the court?

I have never seen two pros have to deal with anything like that. A giant X moving left to right with a crazt corner shadow curl in both corner pockets. I have to say I saw Fed peaking rather than playing to see if the ball is out. Tssk. Tssk.

margot Says:

Andrew Miller: yes, as I said above, unfortunately Mardy’s form just dropped when he needed it most. Sam has huge serve,huge forehand and moves very well for a big guy, but subtle his tennis isn’t. Is this the future?

contador Says:


above is an explanation of ” the Boodles challenge,” for fans interested and like me, are clueless.

wow. it’s exclusive. only 1500 spectators per day to ensure the best views; lots of history at the london gentlemen’s club, dating back to 1762.

i want to go.

contador Says:


yeah, it was a giant X shadow. very bad. i was thinking that shadow was bad on federer’s sensitive eyes.

Cindy_Brady Says:

Let’s see Querry break through in a grand slam and beat a big name. He’s really just won a few smaller events. Let’s not get carried away. It’s not like he’s beat Nadal on clay or Federer on grass.

Laughing at people comparing him to Sampras.

contador Says:

no “X-cuses” federer has to deal. rusty wasn’t bothered.

tennislover Says:

“He does have a better chance to reach finals if he is in the same half as Rafa, but if he draws alongside Roger, wait will be longer.”

I am not sure I agree with that sentiment. Roger does not appear as formidable whereas Nadal would be one heck of a challenge in the sf. Nadal actually destroyed Murray in the 2008 qf although I do think Murray is a much better player now. In fact, Murray looked like the likely champion last year before he was knocked out by arguably the performance of the tournament from Roddick.

If Murray’s first serve percentage is decent enough and he can take care of his service games, he will be TOUGH to beat because he has such a brilliant return game. In that case, it will again take a player like Roddick, who can serve consistently big and stay solid in other areas, to beat him. Of course, all this is assuming he is mentally prepared for the fortnight.

tennislover Says:

Hello Andrew,
If we follow the “trend” of Queens’ and Wimby results as put up by you, Sam can hope to reach the 4th round at least :)

Btw, I didn’t know that Sam was the only player to win on three different surfaces this year. Thanks for that info.

True Leader Says:

I agree with whoever said murray would like to be in nadal’s half at wimby. Yes Nadal beat him in 2008 at wimbledon, but since then, at USopen 2008 and ausopen 2009, nadal one set off murray, losing both matches. In those same tournaments, fed beat murray without dropping a set.

Things might change, but as of now, nadal is an easier target, relatively speaking, than nadal at any slam outside clay.

True Leader Says:

“Things might change, but as of now, nadal is an easier target, relatively speaking, than nadal at any slam outside clay.”

read the 2nd nadal in above sentence as Federer.

TGiT Says:


Don’t be a dork.

I did not say it was an excuse for either player.

Simple statment. Just like you are a dork.

See, plain and simple.

Kimmi Says:

snif snif snif! federer fans needs to accept the official decline of the maestro. sad but what can you do..noone is young forever. pls prove me wrong. My heart still says he can do it.

muzza must keep the touch shining the wimbledon grass

True Leader Says:

Thanks Andrew, that statistic on querrey is priceless. That bodes well for querry. I don’t know about wimbledon, but he will surely be there in the 2nd week at USopen.

contador Says:

i was joking. TGiF

okay bad joke. oh well

contador Says:


thanks for the compliement ; )

have a nice day if possible

madmax Says:

Gannu Says:
fed fans – madmax, Huh, Skeez, Kimmi, kimmo

How would you interpret this loss of fedex? Anything to worry? Is this an harbinger of things to come in wimbledon.. somehow i am getting some negative vibes abt this loss..fedex had not lost a match in 6 years (except to nadal) and now more and more people are beating him..


doesnt bother me at all. Honestly saying that. Fed is tired. just watched highlights, no streaming for me here at Halle, no sky, no eurosports, rubbish!

But, onwards now. He has got his practise matches in, he is feeling confident and I am happy to watch him play absolutely brilliantly at wimbledon. The focus he will get will kick in, in a week or so, and that’s all that matters.

We forget as mere mortals, the immense pressure that these guys are under – still – especially federer – no pressure for Leyton, enjoying the feeling of playing Fed, great friends and adversaries at one time. But Fed, (you could see towards the end), not THAT bothered. That’s fine, as long as he IS bothered about Wimbledon, and HE IS BOTHERED! so don’t worry.

TGiT Says:

Sorry, contandor.

I felt I went out of my way not to make an excuse for either player with the shadow comment but you hit the nerve.

You too have nice day.

Try one of these next time with your post. :-)

madmax Says:

Interview from Fed:

Exciting match, but obviously your forehand was a little bit missing?

FEDERER: Yes, at the end, but other than that it was fine for two sets at least. It always has something to do with how your opponent plays. He started to play much better as the match went on. He got into a good rhythm, good zone, hardly made any errors. So, he had to push me there. So, it was a tough match. I definitely felt I was unlucky today. Obviously my breakpoint in the first set was lucky. His safe, which was very crucial in the second, was very lucky as well. So, that one hurt big time after having 0:40 as well on top of it. So, it was a tough situation to go through but I didn’t come up with the goods in the breaker and in the third he was better. So, it was a good match from his side I thought.

Was there any problem with the ground because he plays very deep into the court?

FEDERER: Obviously I know him by heart how he plays and he knows mine too. I know what to expect, he plays flat and deep into the court which makes it hard. You have to play up against the ball instead of being able to sort of hit down on the ball. But, I also had some good moments today. I guess my key shots just weren’t quite there today if you break it down brutally. My serve and my forehand when I really needed it, they weren’t quite there enough today. That made me go the extra yard and it was a bit of bad luck against me as well that kind of made it a tough match against Lleyton.

Overall your tournament here?

FEDERER: I’m happy with the way I’m playing. It’s unfortunate not coming through today, but I think my level of play is fine. This loss here doesn’t worry me in any way. So, I’m excited about next week. And I thought it was a good tournament.

And we can see Lleyton is back?

FEDERER: Well, yes, again, for me he was not really gone, except obviously if he’s under the knife with surgery, then you can say, yes he’s not around. But people write off former world No. Ones and former Grand Slam Champions too quickly. You can see why this guy has been at the top for over a year and has won most of the Grand Slams titles and Masters Cups. These guys are tough. They know how to win, they know how to play well not just for one match but for entire tournaments. And he proved it this week, even though he was close to defeat in the semis. That’s what makes him a great champion.


Kimmi Says:

LOL conty, thanks for that link re: Boodles. funny name.

Djoko and friend ALMOST won that tie breaker in double..ALMOST. now down a break in the second. does not look good.

So, Nalbandian will also be in Boodles. Boodles must must be a place to be next week :)

Heard Gonzalez is out for 10 weeks. must be his cronic knee tendinitis. too bad.

Kimmi Says:

maxi – thanks for federer interview. He sounds sad that his game was not together today. Forehand and serve, his biggest weapon but he also says hewitt must have been the cause of some of that. mmmh

Lets hope he plays well at wimbledon, might need lucky of a draw too.

zinaldo Says:

To me yes roger is getting older but unlike most older players he doesn’t seem to have accepted that they are certain things that you need to do to compensate for lost of speed or stamina.

He needs to actually use his feet and stop being lazy because he is older and cannot come up with imaginary shot like he used to in his prime,also you can clearly say that the guy stamina is not where it should which says he isn’t training as hard as he should or used to which is a diva or i am too good to work harder or to be told what to do.

What made roger amazingly good was his consistency but it was the fact that he was so fit that he could come up all them amazing shots but now that he is older he needs to work harder during the practice sessions because he isn’t a young lad with a lot of reserves.

But now days more than anything his mental strength is what is letting him down,i always said that rafa defeated roger mentally because of the numbers of times roger has surrendered breaks with unforced errors or shanks which tell you that he was never confident in beating rafa.

Also the stamina made roger unlikely to go away against rafa but he always did mentally and to me that is happening more and more now like he did against everyone that has beaten him this year.

Also roger needs to stop believing in his own hype because he always seems to want to beat people at their own games like trying to overpower both del potro and soderling when he knows he could easily beat them with playing his all court game but that is roger stubbornness and until he lets that go he won’t be able to dominate the way he used to.

jane Says:

Yay for Sam Q!! With wins in Memphis, Belgrade and Queens, he has now won titles on all three surfaces this year. Good for him, have always liked Sam. Fish played a great event too.

Also, what a win for Hewitt; congrats to him. Certainly with Hewitt’s grass pedigree there is no shame in Roger losing in a very tight final against him. I didn’t get to see the match but the stats/scoreline looked very competitive anyhow.

I am hoping Djoko and Erlich can win the Queens doubles as Nole’s never won a doubles title, but it’s good he reached the finals anyhow.

Hello to all, Kimmi, margot, conty etc.. – have had a very busy week and leave on holidays tomorrow. I will be gone throughout the duration of Wimbledon but will try to catch some matches and sneak in a post here or there. Hope it’s exciting.

Blank, had to laugh at your 9:37 post above. LOL.

Kimmi Says:

ah djokovic and friend turning this match around. after been down a break in the second, they won the next 5 games. Now to a super tiebreaker. can they win this?

Kimmi Says:

jane – nice to see your post:) Djoko about to win the doubles in queens. hope I am not jinxing..super tie breaker here we go..

Kimmi Says:

ahhh six match point. got to win it now

madmax Says:


do you know. I am so pleased that Fed reached the final of Halle, and despite sean mentioning it was “light and fluffy”, or something like that anyway, it was no more “light ‘n’ fluffy” than the players at Queens, who went out much earlier.

Fed didn’t play Halle last year, so he still has made 6 halle finals and won 5 them – absolutely no shame in that!

Lleyton has no pressure, no one expects him to win. EVERYONE still expects Federer to win – we just have to get used to his losses more. I do care, of course, but I just love to watch him play Kimmi, there is no one out there who brings the beautiful game of tennis to grass, than Federer (for me).

I hope he now has a long, lazy rest – (well…for a day at least!), seriously, he hasnt had much rest since RG, really glad he played Halle, and the transition to grass was so natural for him, that is why I am not worried, despite others not feeling same way.

A healthy fear is encouraging I think. I think this has done Fed the world of good, just a feeling.

Federer will be riding a crest when he goes into wimbledon, the moment he steps onto centre court, he will feel that buzz, that momentum. Within seconds, he will be in the zone. I just feel that the history of wimbledon is everything to him, and just special.

He will fight like he never has before for his 7th title, but I am not going to worry about it, because I believe in his game.

Today was Lleyton’s day and I am really pleased for him. 29 years old, 2 hip surgeries, 1 knee surgery, like he said in his interview, he could have retired, but he said No. I am going to win, and he did! Good for him.

Fed, just a bit lazy on the laurels, but tiredness must surely creep in after putting the hours and work into training for RG. It’s caught up with him, he still went deep, QF’s. So it’s all good from hereonin.

Kimmi Says:

Yes, they won. Congrats to djoko and his fans. A tournament on grass at last :-)

So its not that bad for djoko after all, could be what he needs to pump him up. Congrats

Enjoy the holiday jane.

jane Says:

Thanks Kimmi. I am glad Djoko and Erlich won. : )

Madmax, at least Fed did better than many of the other top guys and reached the Halle final; he didn’t lose early and lost in a tight one against a fighter and former Wimbledon champion. Fed’ll be even tougher to beat in 5 sets, as we all know.

topspin Says:

obviously you all refuse to admit that fed sucked so BAD in the final, where was that forehand at? wimbledon or not, he needs to tune up his game ASAP or he’s not gonna make it to the 2nd week.

madmax Says:

Jane, hey. It’s all cool. Enjoy your break and remember to get The Book Thief. You will NOT be disappointed!

I think if people can understand the extent of Roger’s success at Halle and try and put things into perspective, it will help (Gannu especially! :)),

Roger had not lost a match at Halle since 2002, (that’s 8 YEARS). I mean, crazy stats! winning the title five times, and had beaten Hewitt in their last 15 showdowns. He committed (by his own admission) too many unforced errors today.

On a positive note, Federer benefited from a week of preparation on grass and is ready for Wimbledon – I dont understand why people doubt his commitment? If he wins, he wins, if he doesn’t he doesn’t. The fact that Federer is still playing, 8 years at the top. so his game may have dropped off a little, I dont think it is something which is insurmountable and it is this point that I want to discuss with those of you who play tennis.

Do you think that a sports psychologist will help Roger in those key moments – example 0:40 on Hewitt’s serve and not being able to take the game? What’s that about? That is the only thing that I dont really understand with Roger’s game. What can he do?

I think his fitness is still incredible. His movement at the net is quick, his reflexes are immediate – (see some of the shots in his second round match against Niemmenon). Amazing.

Jane, good to see you.

contador Says:

okay TGiT :-)

i liked your description of the shadow and it was interesting you mentioned it. i didn’t mention the shadow during the match but wanted to. was smiling when i read your comment. obviously Halle has some kind of structure to cause that effect? i dunno but…

aside from tennis, you had me thinking: usually we do call west to the “left” and east “right.” actually it depends on if one is facing north or south. but earth’s rotation and reference to sunrise and sunset is in general based on all of us facing north. i got what you meant though. lol… still can’t figure out why water goes down the drain in the opposite direction when in argentina or australia, hmmm, stumped again.

i also like to wonder about the brand tuna, “chicken of the sea,” and like jesssica simpson, often wonder if it is chicken or tuna?

:-0 *scratches blond head*

therefore, you were right the first time: completely expose myself as a dork : )

also, ashamed i am too common to know about “Boodles” and i’m dying with envy, now my eyes are opened. completely jealous ; )

so Kimmi, yes, if i could only be at Boodles. and if i ever win the lottery, i will go to Boodles for the menu, champagne and tennis, then on to wimbledon. good idea?

speaking of gonzales, he has won the exclusive exho at Boodles. some very classy, yes, classy pics of gonzo on the Boddles website. and safin.

neither of whom went on to win wimbldon.

speaking of Boodles photos, i noticed a close-up of goran’s hair in his picture from Boodles and realize where dolgo may have stolen his idea of hair management. Goran used at least 3 very nice barrets to keep his hair out of the way. just mentioning…

can’t wait to see the wimbles draw.

zola Says:

Congratulations to Hewitt and Sam. What an effort by both, especially Hewitt after coming back from surgery. Gosh, he is a fighter!

Thanks madmax for the interviews. Love this from Hewitt:

When you left Melbourne on crouches in January would you believe that you would be the winner in Halle and beat Federer?
HEWITT: At that point probably not. So obviously me and my team have done a lot of work. To come back from one hip surgery is hard. To have another hip surgery and have knee surgery on top of that is not easy at all. That’s why I’ve got a great team behind me that are willing to put in the hard yards. For me, I don’t cut any corners. It would have been easy just to turn up and not have the surgery and say it’s too hard to get back and retire there. But I still feel like I’m a good enough player to compete with these guys. It was a matter of getting my body in as good as shape as possible.

Kimmi Says:

madmax – you are very positive, good for you. me, I don’t see much positives about federer right now. :-)

This is the worst he has been since 2003. his results after AO have been abysmal to his standard. I know he said he created a monster, I fully agree with him on that.

he lost in a qtr final of a GS for the first time since forever.

he is losing to people he never used to lose to. baggy, gulbis, soderling, Berdych, davydenko and now hewitt. Ofcourse these people played very good match but still…

I still have hope ofcourse. i just hope he proves me wrong at wimbledon. It is his best surface. Go federer.

madmax Says:

I think what is really important, is Federer’s motivation. I just don’t doubt it. Ben, I know you mentioned his focus. But isn’t motivation and focus linked? You are motivated to be focused and focused on being motivated and this is what fed said yesterday about being motivated:

What is the level of motivation knowing you have already won so many tournaments?

FEDERER: Motivation is very simple: I love the game. I don’t overplay. I play select few events, tournaments and Grand Slams, so I always can get up very easily for those. I have many fans screaming my name in the stadium and outside. So, it’s something I really enjoy. I remember it wasn’t like that when I came up on Tour. They would mistake me for other players. So, I knew I had some work to do. Today, it is so different. I know the places, I know the people, I know how kind this works. I enjoy the Tour very much. It’s easy to get up for a full stadium every time. If you can’t get up for those kind of matches it’s better to quit. But I’m not there.


SG Says:

I don’t think Fed needs his A game to beat Hewitt. Hewitt doesn’t possess the firepower to hurt Fed. Fed has to serve decently and back it up. If he does this, he wins. If he doesn’t, it goes 3 sets and he still probably wins.

zola Says:

Jans and Djoko fans,

Congratulations on Djoko’s doubles title!

zola Says:

of course I meant “Jane”!

Kimmi Says:

madmax – thanks for that federer quote again

i love this one
“…I have many fans screaming my name in the stadium and outside.”

he is right about that. and these fans get all depressed when he loses. It is a crazy world.

Contador – could follow you to Boodles if I win lottery too. :-)
The winner of Boodles next weekend should have a lot of confidence. It is a tough draw out there..not a challenger level for sure.

contador Says:

see, i don’t think of this as a bad or dark time for roger federer.

this is different than the first half of 08′

for many of his fans, sure. but think about HIM. he has twin daughters, getting close to a year old. how happy for him! and he’s won 16 GS titles and holds pages of records. his career is the best in the sport, c’mon!

let him have a mental breather from tennis for a minute. i mean really, his mind is likely not on tennis as it was a year ago. just imagine the scenario in federer’s life.

that said, i have no doubt his mind will come back to near what it was, meaning on the game of tennis. he loves it!

maybe he won’t win another wimbledon this year, maybe he goes out early. nothing will shock me about him, not even if he gets the focus on sooner than later, surprises me, and wins another several slams.


and a big congratulations to rusty and sam!

madmax Says:


Please don’t worry. It’s all about putting things into perspective. We are asking for the stars every time when Federer plays and this is now unrealistic. It has to be, else otherwise he would still be winning everything.

Read my post above – he “chooses” selectively, he “doesn’t overplay”. So what does this mean? It means that he wins some, he loses some.

Federer still wants to win, he SHOULD (for all of us – which is selfish to WANT him to win EVERYTHING), but he is selective. I think there was a certain poignancy in the final today – I dont think that Federer was sad at all to lose to Hewitt, I think he was reliving a moment where the both of them used to meet each other every other week.

I think that Roger will have more hunger when he goes into wimbledon. I think he has played exceptionally well at Halle. No problem with the transition.

He LOVES a large stadium, he puts on a show and I dont listen to people like Tgit who talk about shadows and fed playing badly in a final! If you reach any final, what does that say about your play during the previous matches? Hello?

It says that you have played pretty fabulously and beaten other equally gifted professional players.

These are not beat downs that Fed has lost. These are tiebreakers, these are 3 setters with tight moments. I know you mention Kimmi, about berdych, baggy, but these guys are having renaissances in their tennis, they are achieving better results, and they deserve it, that doesn’t mean that federer is playing worse, it means they are playing better – do you see?

I still put my money on Federer winning wimbledon. I dont have any hesitation in that.

Colin Says:

I really don’t know what some of you guys are going to do when Federer finally retires. Shoot yourselves, probably! It’s quite amazing to see how people cannot come to terms with his losing a match. They end up torturing the meanings of words in order to avoid admitting – even to themselves – that he isn’t what he was. The same applies to Nadal. I never make predictions – it’s a mug’s game – but I’d GUESS neither man will win Wimbledon.

SG Says:

Well, I see that I totally blew this call. Good win for Lleyton. Hard to say what this means for either player going forward. You sense that Fed will get to the 2nd week and find his grasscourt legs. And he loves the history of Wimbledon. He’s playing for history now. I’m sure he wants a crack at winning 8 W’s. I can’t see how he doesn’t get to the final.

As for Hewitt. I have no clue what he’ll do at Wimbledon.

True Leader Says:

well said contador :)

i cannot think of another sportsman who loves/loved his sport more than Federer. It must be really good to be so much in love with your “work”.

sometimes he sounds more like a fan than a player. i actually doubt if he ever takes his mind of tennis. remember that story about him congratulating isner on winning some silly small tournament. even most tennis fans might have been unaware of isner winning his 1st tournament. federer truly is a unique sportsman. one-of-a-kind

sheila Says:

starting to get concerned about roger. hes losing to too many players this year. his inconsistency can be a sign of getting older. hewitt is a little older than federer, but hewitt wins a tournament here & there and i think w/age on tennis court, inconsistency starts coming into play. hope im wrong & federer is holding trophy @ wimbledon. nadals loss @ queens club was a joke. he didnt look like he was in to the match that much. it was a practice session for him so going into wimbledon hes got to be odds on fvt and should nadal win wimbledon then i will really start worrying that rogers gs 16 record will, in fact, be threatened by nadal. as a fan of roger i guess i have to start accepting hes not as consistent as he once was.

Kimmi Says:

madmax – thanks for that. a nice read @ your post 1:58pm

lets keep our fingers crossed. he is always suprises us.


Watching the world cup..the germans are great. what a GOAL! Aussies no defence at all though.

madmax Says:

Colin, cheer up!


“I’m sure he wants a crack at winning 8 W’s. I can’t see how he doesn’t get to the final”.


He’s got to get to equalling sampras’s record of 7, first and then 8 next year, would be great, admittedly.

J Says:

If Federer doesn’t win Wimbledon or worse, goes out before the finals, some people here are going to be seriously dazed and confused.

I’m not a massive fan like most on this board seem to be but I think Federer is a fantastic player. He’s been amazingly consistent, unbelieveably injury-free relative to his peers, and has dominated tennis for half a decade now, which is no mean feat. But I also think that at 29 and all those achievements under his belt, his decline has begun as it HAS to. He’ll still win matches and tournaments, even display moments of sheer brilliance but his dominance is over. It’s not just that he hasn’t won since AO it’s the WAY he’s been losing and to whom. Far more regularly and with far less fight. That to me is the most telling thing about Federer’s season.

tennisfansince76 Says:

Is this a sign of Fed decline? quite possibly. there is always the question of whether Fed has gotten worse or other players have gotten better. but w/ hewitt we have a clear benchmark. Hewitt at his best was #1 in the world and a W and USO champion. Hewitt beat Fed alot. then fed turned the tables. when Fed started to dominate Hewitt, Lleyton was playing as well as he has when #1, other players had simply overtaken him. in a number of matches ( 2004 USO, a few W matches ), a peak Fed took a top form LH and simply toyed w/ him as though he were playing a schoolboy. he then won 15 in a row against hewitt, a streak which ended today. and so what are we to believe? that hewitt an aging legs player w/ multiple hip operations under his belt has suddenly jumped to levels beyond any he ever attained before to beat a peak form Fed or that Fed’s form and consistency
has dipped quite a bit? I’ll take option 2 sad as that is to contemplate. what does anybody else think?

madmax Says:


firstly, he is 28.

secondly, have just watched the match highlights. He played brilliantly – have a look –
am really positive about federer – dont care if he loses more now, he is still sheer joy to watch. and I agree with you, his domination cannot be expected to last forever.

But there is still more tennis to come from federer, he is far from over.

People just have to be more positive and not get into the doldrums over this. what’s the point?


there were too many long rallies in the match with lleyton and not enough vollies. He’ll come more to the net at wimby. you see.

TGiT Says:

After this tough loss I know must prepare myself for tomorrows list of who is in the trunk.

I don’t even want to look.

Tanya_Harding Says:

Federer has been vulnerable for awhile now. Some people forget he almost lost to Tommy Haas and Del Potro in last year’s French. He also escaped near defeat at the hands of Andy Roddick in the Wimbledon Final last year. I don’t even think he would have won a grand slam at all last year if Nadal had been healthy. Can’t quite figure out why some of the posters in here are acting shocked because Fed lost to Hewitt.

He’s simply not as good or consistent as he used to be. Face it, he’s an aging player, Still with moments of brilliance, but not the dominating force he once was.

He may very well go on and win Wimbledon. He’s still the favorite, but it would not be at all surprising to see him lose, even in the early rounds. He’s just too damn inconsistent these days.

My take.

madmax Says:

tennisfan, have a look at the highlights above – it’s about 9/10 minutes long and tell me that you think Federer is playing badly.

He isn’t. He doesn’t come to the net half as much as he usually does against other players. He got into much longer rallies with Lleyton and I dont think that he played his A game. No way. Lleyton was just less tired, had more time to practise on grass (said so after RG), you have to weigh up the matches they have both previously played and Lleyton was the better player today. That doesn’t mean that Federer bombed out of his tennis. He didn’t. I just feel it’s about energy saving. Federer was really enjoying his game, you could tell, the way he was moving around the court, he was sloppy with a few forehands, but looked as if he was having some fun out there, and why not?!!!!

Federer is a natural at the net. Why didn’t he come forward more? What was his reasoning? May be he was just playing a bit too carefree?

He has already played Lleyton this year and beat him soundly – today he didn’t –

but you know, it’s good that he is losing some matches – you learn more from your losses more than your wins.

If anything, as long as federer wants to play and is motivated (see post earlier for what he says about this), then he can still continue winning some tournaments.


I’ll be fine (along with other federer fans, am sure) when he retires – around 35 – another 7 years – I’ll have him on VT, so can relive the moments! I wish people would stop talking about his imminent retirement though. He has told everyone he has no plans to retire and would like to continue playing until he is 35, body permitting. So you just have to take his word for it. After all, he should know.

Polo Says:

It used to be a surprise to most tennis fans when Federer lost a match (except against Nadal). Now, it is starting to move in the other direction. A Federer win is becoming more or a surprise than an expectation.

SG Says:

Polo Says:
It used to be a surprise to most tennis fans when Federer lost a match (except against Nadal). Now, it is starting to move in the other direction. A Federer win is becoming more or a surprise than an expectation.


I’d say that this is a bit of an exaggeration. He gets the 2nd week of every major. He loses finals these days, but he still wins his share of the big ones when he gets there. I agree that his very best tennis is behind him. This being said, when Sampras played his best Wimbledon tennis match ever in the ’99 final, his best tennis was behind him as well. I think it likely that Fed will win 7 W’s. Note too sure about 8 though. Hard to believe that someone won’t get in his way in one of the next 2 Wimbledons.

Andrew Miller Says:

Madmax, I watched the clip – thanks!

First, the enormous shadows on the court were quite bothersome – that must not have been fun for Hewitt or Federer.

Second, no – Federer did not look like he played a “Federer type” match – where he takes advantage of angles and punishes opponents for their misteps (wrong footing them, luring them into moving a certain way then BAM hitting a winner the other direction). He looked like he played “CONSERVATIVELY”, or “NOT TO LOSE” which is something I notice he does in tiebreaks but nowhere else. Sometimes he does it in the first set against an opponent he hasnt played like you said against Petchnzer (spelling, sorry).

Overall: nothing inspiring from today’s Federer performance. The semifinal was nothing to write home about either (not too impressive!) I wonder if Federer’s just content to get some wins under his belt. I don’t think he can walk away and feel this is a great match from him if he’s honest with himself.

All that side, those enormous shadows on the court, though they were there for both players, were really distracting. I wonder what it was like for both of them. Definitely not “ideal conditions.”

Andrew Miller Says:

Maybe Federer’s hiding his true gameplan for Wimbledon…that would be sneaky – but then again why should he give a good opponent an idea [sneak preview] of what he’s going to be bringing to Wimbledon?

Maybe Federer looked at these matches as practice and nothing more – that would explain the somewhat “poor playing for Federer” – just enough to win, nothing more or less.

contador Says:


i agree with option 2 at the moment. but i am not ready to concede that federer will not have another GS or 2.

what i think is unrealistic is expecting him to do the consecutive streaks, maintain #1, and be in every semi-final and final from now until he chooses to retire. meaning federer fans will need to adjust while watching him the next how many years? only fed knows. we are the most spoiled tennis fans ever!

agassi and sampras took their “breaks’ didn’t they? especially agassi.

federer loves tennis, he’s a tennis junkie through and through. it must be strange for him when playing the likes of gulbis. federer admitted he’s a gulbis watcher! i love fed’s interview after losing to EG. he talks like he was watching gulbis rather than playing him. basically, federer says, yeah this guy is talented, has one of the best 2nd serves in the game but we’ll see. to federer it is no big deal. he has watched many talented come and go. ( nalbandian comes to mind )

federer loses to soderling in the RG quarters, his fans broken to watch his semi record stop and forfiet the chance to surpass sampras’ no.1 record. federer shrugs it off. he is above it all, observing. when asked if he ever has seen a harder hitter than soda pop, fed’s like yeah, i have: del potro.

i’ll take my cues from the man himself, my favorite tennis player, the best ever in the game. if he can be that objective, so can i.

he’s a delpo fan, like me. : ) lol…

definitely his mind is elswhere- sometimes? often? i wouldn’t know. maybe it irritates him on one hand that he can’t eat, sleep and wake up to all things tennis (sure annoys me when i can’t); but he has the joy of myla and riva on his mind. to what extent? who knows. by the way his focus is, i suspect he is enough distracted to alter preparations at least a bit and leave the door open for someone more focused.

not necessarily a permanent condition.

guys like hewitt and ljube are used to being dad. ah well, another baby. been there , done that. federer is likely a very happy father, one who is excited about the first steps his girls are about to take. i can’t know firsthand, i am not there, but i’ll bet federer is not the kind of dad who would want to miss any their milestones.

the mind is elsewhere, not totally off tennis by any means, but enough to matter.

about the match,

hewitt outplayed federer from what i saw but neither look to be in 2004 form.

maybe neither have to be 100% mentally or physically to go deep in a slam (hewitt) or win another (federer). they are experienced champs. especially fed, of course.

look at the competition. by all means, they (the competition) have talent and ability. all the names who beat federer since USO last year come to mind. the problem is: who of those names is a grand slam champion right now? and even if they have a slam already can they beat a slightly distracted federer? at wimbledon?

rafa is the only one i honestly imagine doing that.

unless nole and murray can have their fighting spirits and confidence together, i don’t see either winning a slam. appearantly they have issues of the spirit, beyond their service games, imo.

roddick? it is possible. I believe he’s over the loss last year. he knows that wimbledon trophy last year was a millimeter from his own. he wouldn’t shrink away from rafa. roddick knows a big stage, is tough and in better physical shape than hewitt.

i wouldn’t base any picks on the recent results at queens, either.

( thinking about world #1 nadal again )

tennisfansince76 Says:

“MadMax says

but you know, it’s good that he is losing some matches – you learn more from your losses more than your wins.”

sometimes what you learn from your losses is that you are getting long in the tooth and you aint what you used to be!

anyway thanks for the clip. sometimes it is hard to tell how a match went ftrom the UTube clips since the uploaders generally edit out the mistakes and mistakes ( how many and when made ) are a big part of a tennis match.from the press release about the match I gather that Fed’s FH became more mistake prone later in the match. deja vu anyone?

and maybe im just a little bit ruthless. If I’ve beaten a guy 15 times in a row, no way I want to give him any hope. keep the streak alive. well maybe it was just Lleyton’s time. as Vitas Gerulaitis said many years ago after finally beating Jimmy connors after something like 15 or 16 losses in a row. “Nobody but Nobody beats Vitas
Gerulaitis 16 times in a row!”

It seems to me we Fed fans are making a lot of excuses for him lately. oh it was soggy, it was windy, the shadows were too much, fed’s left testicle was a little sore today! whatever. it seems to me that Fed used to tough out most matches in less than ideal conditions. The 4th and 5th sets in vicious wind against agassi at USO 05 come to mind.
and then there is his family life. if his wife and 2 daughters are getting in the way of dominating the ATP tour maybe he should get a divorce. an estranged wife and bitter, hostile adult children are a small price to pay for world tennis domination and fulfilling the needs of his fans. ( for the record that was a joke. I in no way think doing well on the tennis tour is worth more than a
happy family life but it does remind me of a joke i made to one of my tennis fan High school students last year. after the getting married, having twin girls and losing the USO to DELPO RF sounded very mature and taking it in stride. I joked that maturity and selflessness were a death knell to being the #1 tennis player in the world which requires a singular focus and self centered dedication).

contador Says:

oh god, in no way did i mean to bring up federer’s family life as an excuse for losing. sheeesh

it’s reality. a happy reality for roger federer, mirka, his children. he’s admirable; good for roger federer. getting older is not an excuse! hahahaaa it’s a fact : )

it is remarkable that he isn’t so self-absorbed that he screws up his values like so many sports stars and pretty much all of us in general.

there is still time ( joking ) :-)

tennisfansince76 Says:

contador i didn’t mean to accuse you of anything i just meant to point out that we Fed fans have been making a lot of excuses for his losses as they have piled up. after a while we have to accept that a loss is a loss. the mighty fed has become more human. which sucks.

contador Says:

but, but,,,,i am guilty as charged : )

i thought i was a reformed excuse-maker, LOL!

it’s all good, tfs76′

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