Andy Murray Splits With Coach Miles Maclagan

by Tom Gainey | July 27th, 2010, 4:04 pm

The coaching changes continue today as according to reports, Andy Murray and coach Miles Maclagen have separated.

Murray told the BBC, “”I’ve had a great relationship with Miles over the past two-and-a-half years and I want to thank him for his positive contribution to my career. We have had a lot of success and fun working together.”

Murray, who is playing this week at the Farmer’s in Los Angeles, tweeted over the weekend: “My old coach pato alvarez came to watch me and feli hit today. So good to see him, he was great to me.”.

The Telegraph reports that it was Maclagan who initiated the split.

Maclagan was among several on “Team Murray” which included Jez Green, Matt Little, Andy Ireland and most recently (and controversially) Alex Corretja.

Maclagan joined Murray in September 2007. Prior to that Murray had been coached by Brad Gilbert and Mark Petchey among others.

Speculation on Maclagan’s replacement is now centering on Darren Cahill.

After falling short at the 2008 US Open and 2010 Australian Open, Murray is still trying to become the first British man to win a Grand Slam title since Fred Perry in 1936.

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61 Comments for Andy Murray Splits With Coach Miles Maclagan

Dari Says:

Whatever it takes. Is alex c. still staying on? I would like to see murray win a slam pronto. He and roger are my faves for usopen this year.

Dan Martin Says:

Cahill would be at best a coordinator for the 52 weeks and working with Murray at key times/events unless he’s had a change of heart about being a full time coach.

jane Says:

Oh wow – I think margot will be happy. : ) i think she once mentioned she thought it was time for Miles to depart the team. Am I right margot?

I like Murray’s chances for the USO too Dari – hoping for a Nole vs. Murray final. : )

Ben Pronin Says:

Yeah, Murray-Djoker final!!

Kimmi Says:

Hope this will bring good things for Murray. Good luck buddy…

sar Says:


“Corretja, who worked with Murray for about 12 weeks of the year, had earlier indicated he no longer wanted to continue with the arrangement, which prompted Maclagan to rethink his deal, as he did not fancy a bigger commitment.”

contador Says:

tough to know what to think about entire team murray deparing.

hope the change works for him.

like to see him come out and play some great hc tennis.

contador Says:

“departing” s/b

margot Says:

jane: yes, I think it’s time for a change, just too cosy with Miles. Andy needs someone whose been to a Grand Slam final, or someone whose coached a finalist, for that final push. Reports here say Corretja and Miles had a falling out. Who knows, but C is staying on. Am surprised at the timing though, later in the year, during that no no tennis season, might’ve been better. Makes me think Andy has someone else in mind.
conty: rest of team, physio etc are staying on.

madmax Says:

that’s a shame in a way. always liked seeing that blue hat in the murray box!

the team is too big though. probably a case of too many cooks, too many egos to counter for. With Murray’s comment (allegedly), about alvarez, I wonder whether he would like him to return?

I agree with Margot about the timing though in one way, though equally it could “refresh” murray’s game at a key moment?


I think Murray have to build an aggressive game, and to elaborate his forehand in order to be competitive in a long terme.

shore-josh Says:

Yeah, Murray just needs a bit more aggresion but keeping consistency and focus. Hopefully his team will adapt to the departure.

Jake Willens Says:

I was waiting for this. I think Djoker might be next.


I don’t think so, he has already split up with Todd Martin.

sar Says:

Who would be a good coach for Novak? He needs a *European* coach. I don’t think he’d do well with a Brad Gilbert.

sar Says:

Margot, the Guardian says Corretja is leaving too.

madmax Says:

I’ve read that murray is interested in working with Cahill – but am I missing something here?

Firstly, Murray switched to Adidas last year, Cahill is a corporate coach for addidas, sitting in verdasco’s box last year, as verdy also is with adidas, so I can’t see that cahill would work exclusively for murray, when he works as a corporate coach for all players who have contracts with adidas?

I think that corretja is staying with murray through the hard court season at which time Murray is said to “review his options?”.

There is definitely something in the air right now.

margot Says:

sar: Guardian’s the only one and is at odds with other reports. I guess it’s a bit confused now but it doesn’t seem Corretja’s been sacked. Agree Andy and Djko need “European” coaches but who? And as madmax says, although Cahill is being cited as a possible coach for Andy, he has many other committments.

jane Says:

Yeah, I wonder who Murray (or Djoko for that matter) could hire!? Murray seemed to do well with Miles (and team) initially as Miles was so calm in the box, and seemed encouraging too. Plus that team vastly improved Murray’s fitness. If Corretja does leave after the hard courts I wonder what Andy will do? I sometimes think Nole could do well with new eyes as his relationship with Vajda is like a “Second father” (I believe those are his own words). Could that be detrimental? I.E., not pushing him or something? I don’t know. Certainly Uncle Toni and Rafa must be close, but there’s no problemo with “pushing” and learning there! There’s something to be said for comfort. But the Martin + Vajda experiment didn’t work. Too many cooks – and as madmax says, that may be the case for Andy M as well. I think a lot of players do best with ONE coach, plus a trainer and perhaps a PR guy. That’s it. Two coaches – for most guys – is probably too much, even if one is only half time. They are bound to disagree on approach at least occasionally, and that puts the player in the middle. But the same could be said with a half time coach – for most guys it seems like not enough. I remember when Roddick had Connors, it just seemed like Jimmy was half-time or long distance, and it wasn’t working. Because then when he DID show up at the big events it put more pressure on Andy R in some ways. Stefanki, by contrast, has been a steady, singular, and encouraging presence since day one. I really think Andy R has one of the best coaching scenarios at present. Rafa’s still seems to be working as well.

sar Says:

Plus how is Cahill going to explain taking the job with Murray when last year he said he was too busy, didn’t want to travel, leave family, etc etc. when Fed wanted him?

Jane, you know what I’ll be thinking if he says yes to Murray, don’t you? LOL

jane Says:

sar, the empire strikes back? ; ) Just kiddin.

sar Says:


margot Says:

jane, kimmi and any other fans: insightful, if speculative, article in The Independent online “Wanted: Coach to take Murray to next level. Must have a slam on C.V.” by Paul Newman(!).

jane Says:

margot, interesting article. I think Cahill seems like the best fit. I don’t know if a “grand slam” consultant / part time coach is the way to go, but I guess it’s different for all players innit? I hope it works, whatever Murray ends up deciding. He’s an enticing prospect to be sure.

Clay Says:

Cahill will be jumping from box to box if he continues with Verdasco takes on Murray and also if rumour is true, helps young Tomic.

jane Says:

Really hoping both Ernie and Murray win in L.A. today, as I want to see them battle in the QFs! Also hoping James Blake gets another win.

sar Says:

Must have slam on CV

Which ones mentioned have one?
Martin, Lundgren, Groenveld, Cahill, Brett, Stefanki.

Jake Willens Says:

I was waiting for this. I suspect Djoko is next. I think Murray is going to have HUGE summer on the hard stuff!

Jonas Says:

I hope he will get a good coach. I like him, he’s a great tennist, I wish him good luck…

margot Says:

jane: glad u enjoyed it :)
I think the decision’s the right one, just unhappy about the timing. However, apparently it all blew up in Miami so things obviously just came to a head. Will be very interesting to see how Andy does this Summer. Matches are all wrong for us Brits so I don’t know how much watching I’ll be doing. You and kimmi will just have to cheer twice as loud!

contador Says:

yes, andy is the main attraction and last on deck tonite.

dari Says:

Anybody watching Gulbis/falla? I see the score on, but can’t watch. What’s the haps?

jane Says:

Hi dari – tight one, hoping for Ernie. Try this link, scroll to ATP Los Angeles.

contador Says:


i have been peeking in on livescore too. it looks like a very erratic match. the kind i rather not watch, being a gulbis fan.

i didn’t expect him to get past falla though.

i watched the lacko match and EG didn’t look like the EG in rome.

i’ll get home in time to watch murray. which should be a happier match!

dari Says:

Thanks Jane and contador! When I saw this match up it struck me as potentially exciting, I just can’t be in front of the comp right now, so its and tennis x from my phone!
How is Gulbis looking? Wow, still tight in the final set.
I, too, shall make it home in time for the Murray match!

jane Says:

Looks like Ernie is going down to Falla… : (

jane Says:

Woot! Ernie levels it. Sheesh he’s heavy on the drama today.

dari Says:

When I saw those back to back breaks I couldn’t believe it!

jane Says:

dari, contador used the right word to describe Ernie – “erratic”. The announcers said he may’ve had a movement problem on the right side, but now he’s moving well so they suggested it might’ve been strategic / gamesmanship. Find that hard to believe since he was on the ropes with Falla serving for the match at 5-3. He’s just really fighting. Falla’s probably going to force a 3rd set tiebreak. So it’s anyone’s match …

dari Says:

Wow it looks like if I want to have a heart attack I should watch this set on replay later!

jane Says:

Bummer, Ernie is out. Sorry conty. But it took Falla 5 match points to clinch it.

sar Says:

Poor Ernie

Kimmi Says:

grrrrr, falla!! is it the same falla who nearly beat federer at wimbledon? then maybe that match gave him some belief that he can hang out with top guys.

Poor gulbis :( not too bad anyways! it was a close match that could have gone either way..this is his first tornament back after almost 3 months out, he should be rusty.

I espect him to improve his perfomance as he gets more matches in.

jane Says:

Nice to see Blake win again today. I guess this puts him in the quarters against F-Lo. Falla will play the winner of Murray’s match tonight. Tipsy vs. Baggy and Scheuttler vs. Querrey are the bottom half quarter finalists.

Kimmi Says:

jane – yes for blake. he needs to win matches as much as he can, hopefully he can get his confidence back to climb up the ranking again.

Kimmi Says:

sorry for typo above..”espect” s/b “expect”

jane Says:

So far this young American is kind of getting the beat down from Murray; I almost feel badly for him. But it’s also nice to see Murray in control. Maybe this second set will be a little more competitive.

jane Says:

I said more competitive, not losing the second set Andy! :/

Oh well he’s up a break in the 3rd, possibly two as I write. Some fun rallies.

Steve Says:

Some people here have no idea what Federer is doing. And they’ll be surprised by him once again in the future.

BLICK has an interview with Pierre Paganini. This is a small part on the site from the larger interview in paper.

Fitness coach Pierre Paganini in an exclusive interview

„It sparkles in Roger’s eyes“

The back pain is gone. Federers Fitness coach thinks Roger is capable of doing something great again soon

By Christian Bürge

Mr. Paganini, how fit is Roger Federer at the moment?

Pierre Paganini: At the moment he is superfit. We are practicing nearly for 2 weeks meanwhile. The holidays have been good for him.

In Wimbledon he complained about having pain. Where did those pains come from?

In principle these pains are normal. You are playing 60-70 matches in a year. Then you are going to have those matches where you care carrying a little injury with you and where you are feeling your back. Especially on grass. He didn’t felt that well and that means you play with lesser selfconfidence, which already disturbs the puzzle. On this level already little things have a big effect.

How important is fitness for Federer?

Of course it is the best when everything works. As a person, as an athlete, as a player. But the reality is that Roger just like many others sometimes doesn’t feel 100% well in matches. He knows that he can beat most of the players, even when a little detail is missing, but he also knows that it can become dangerous than for him.

Roger is going to be 29 years old next week. How do his performance parameters these days look like compared to former times?

He is exactly as fit as 6 or 3 years ago. I don’t name any exact numbers. But the measured values which you can have regarding explosiveness, speed or specific stamina, are where they must be. Adding to this Roger has more maturity because he has practiced all these years very disciplined. Fact is: You can’t really show each day what you are having in your suitcase.

So age isn’t a problem?

You are not old when you are 29 or 30 years. But at this age you already have done a lot and this is the huge difference. It isn’t your first practice or your first match. He has nearly 900 matches in his legs and x-thousand practices. You are going to feel this. What is changing now is not the quality of an athlete, but the planning is different. You have to give your body a little more time to make certain things.

The statistics of many former topplayers show that especially with 29 years mostly a decrease in general performances happens.

It’s different with everyone. Agassi had a long period like this in between. Important is the willingness. What delighted me in the last 2 weeks: Roger comes to the practice with a vigour in his head as he would be a junior. I’m really fascinated. It sparkles in his eyes. When you say to him: You are going to have 1 ½ days off he says: Maybe it’s beautiful tomorrow and one can practice.
That shows me that he has the mentally right attitude.

So Federer ticks differently?

Maybe others were less in love with tennis. Roger loves ballsports. That’s why he plays. Everything which he has done so far took a lot of energy out of him. You have to respect this. Roger practices as much as before. It also has to be divided differently. The same quantum, only arranged differently.

What do you think when people say that his time is running out slowly.

When someone at the crackerbarrel with a beer in his hand is saying something like this he should say it. You can’t be mad at him as he doesn’t know it better. What irritates me are the so-called specialists who talk about the end after every loss. When you are going to feel tennis you should come to another conclusion.


Kimmi Says:

hi jane – was a good match. the young american was going for broke a lot. good test for muzza for the first match.

Falla should be a tough one. Go muzza

contador Says:

hi guys-

didn’t get home to stream muzza match.

thank god tennis is on espn2 today and have dvr’d it.

yep muzza will get tested against falla, a fella with a head full of steam atm. c’mon andy!

grrrrrr falla is on my bad list! join benny, falla : (

very bad day for EG. loss in doubles and singles. that’s NO fun!

i didn’t SEE ernie. hoping it’s simply the typical rollercoaster tennis not the injury. or, he may have underestimated a fella. who knows.

practice picking:

querrey over rainy
baggy over tipsy
blake over feli
muzza over Alejandro Falla

then an upset maybe two in semi’s tomorrow

and ? wins : )

the european clay matches. pah! davy, andreev and youzhney losing today? hm, : ( that’s 2 weeks of absurd tourny losses for davy.

BIG thanks to Steve! for posting that paganini interview.


Kimmi Says:

aha contador – falla is in my bad list too..always worried when he plays any of my favs. he seem to be a nice guy tho. :(

don’t worry abt gulbis. he should pick up speed once he has some matches..he is on the right track, methink.

I kind of stop watching clay..but thanks for the update, can’t believe davy lost who this time..chela 6-1 6-2..what is the matter davy?

aha practice picking, i like it. but I am afraid i will go against you on two matches in LA semi picking.

Tipsy over baggy
Feli over blake

the rest is same as you.

I like gasquet to take it all in Gstaad

sar Says:

American TV is showing the following matches:

Notice anyone missing?
Answer: Tipsy/Baggy who are not anglo-empire types. Too bad Hewitt isn’t playing, they would have shown that.

contador Says:


checking in on scores and what’s on dvr

%$#@ one match recorded: querry match. looks like sam scrapped by.

yeah, atm looks like u r right , Kimmi. nice to see tipsy winning tho



i see what you mean. i thought espn2 would cover marcos and janko but no, it’s Seniors PGA-golf un-believable.

and in my area not even blake and murray will be shown on my cable version of espn2 whaaaa

hope i can get home in time to live stream a match. tennis starved is what i am. : 0

WA DC draw is out! have not had time to look it over. it’s exciting; tennis is heating up! from bad air in LA to hellish heat and humidity in DC

Dave Says:

There are times when top players need a different coach – hoping the split for Murray and his coach were for the right reasons…Murray has the game he has to have confidence at critical times in his matches

sar Says:

It’ll probably be hell in Cincy too. Arggggh.
But I’m still going.

Kimmi Says:

just got back home and checking the results.

ahaaa i got lopez and tipsy right contador :) Lopez vs blake was a very close one..could have gone either way.

Poor you. not a good practice today. but never give up my friend (kidding!!):)

Murray needs to win falla to give me a 100% correct qtr final predictions.

have to sleep it over the semi predictions.

Go muzza

contador Says:

yeah, i better improve.

i would have thought the bagman would do better. both are great on hc. it was not that i don’t like janko, just was banking on marcos.

and…blake? score looked like he had the momentum to start but feli is in better shape.

i don’t have any way of watching muzza match. my version of ESPN2 is showing maria sharapova of course murray and falla can’t match the appeal of maria and elena dementieva.

but hey, it’s tennis. i’ll take what i can get! : )

picking muzza on sunday to win if he can get by the big fella.

Kimmi Says:

I am watching Muzza vs falla on streaming conty.

sar Says:

They had Murray/Falla on tennis channel last nite.

Top story: Mannarino Masters Korda For Astana Title