Federer Tests Annacone, Chela Tonight in Toronto; Soderling, Nalbandian On Court
by Sean Randall | August 10th, 2010, 10:47 am

The new trial partnership between Roger Federer and coach Paul Annacone will have their first test tonight in Toronto. Federer plays the Argentine veteran Juan Ignacio Chela in what should be a comfortable opener for the Swiss at the Canadian Tennis Masters. ADHEREL

Federer, who hasn’t played since his stunning Wimbledon loss to Tomas Berdych, sounds eager to be back on court.

“I had a great vacation after Wimbledon,” Federer said. “Beautiful weather obviously in Europe, and we enjoyed that, and then it was nice to be home for like three weeks which is, for us, a very long time. I know it’s not that long, but three weeks for us is a big deal. So that was nice, you know, just get away from it all. Did a couple of sponsor things. Didn’t do any media whatsoever. So it was nice to get away from it all, you know, also, just the people, like the whole scene I know throughout the whole year, and then, you know, you get very excited again to go back on tour and pack your bags and go on a trip again. So very happy to be back on tour obviously again.”

The 29-year-old Federer has won all four meetings with Chela losing only one set. But they haven’t played since 2006.

As part of a “Swiss” evening session, Federer’s countryman Stan Wawrinka plays Frank Dancevic in the final center court match of the day.

Things begin in about 30 minutes with Wimbledon finalist Tomas Berdych against Sergiy Stakhovsky. Then in what could be the match of the day, the two Davids, David Ferrer and the hot David Nalbandian meet for an 11th time. Ferrer leads 6-4 but after his impressive Washington win, Nalbandian appears to be back in form and as dangerous as ever.

In a first time meeting of two of the biggest hitters, French Open finalist Robin Soderling meets Ernests Gulbis. Soderling is making his summer hardcourt debut while Gulbis enjoyed a good win Monday over Tomaz Bellucci.

Because of rain yesterday, the outer courts are loaded with Fernando Verdasco, Sam Querrey, Marin Cilic, Gael Monfils and Marcos Baghdatis.

Matches were completed Monday and among the results were Canadian Peter Polansky (who?) upsetting Jurgen Melzer, Stakhovsky crushing Richard Gasquet and in the late night doubles, the Canadians Roanic and Pospisil beat Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic 5-7, 6-3, 10-8 (TB). Let’s hope Federer/Annacone work out better than Djokovic/Nadal!

And good news, Tennis Channel’s live coverage of the Rogers Cup begins at 1pm today with Ferrer and Naldbandian.


CENTRE COURT start 11:00 am
[7] T Berdych (CZE) vs S Stakhovsky (UKR)
Not Before 1:00 PM
[10] D Ferrer (ESP) vs D Nalbandian (ARG)
Not Before 3:00 PM
E Gulbis (LAT) vs [5] R Soderling (SWE)
Not Before 7:30 PM
J Chela (ARG) vs [3] R Federer (SUI)
[WC] F Dancevic (CAN) vs S Wawrinka (SUI)

GRANDSTAND start 11:00 am
[11] M Cilic (CRO) vs V Troicki (SRB)
M Baghdatis (CYP) vs J Chardy (FRA)
J Tipsarevic (SRB) vs P Kohlschreiber (GER)
F Gonzalez (CHI) vs [15] G Monfils (FRA)
E Schwank (ARG) vs [9] F Verdasco (ESP)

COURT 1 start 11:00 am
[Q] F Fognini (ITA) vs R Stepanek (CZE)
[WC] P Duclos (CAN) vs [Q] Y Lu (TPE)
[WC] V Pospisil (CAN) / M Raonic (CAN) vs [5] J Melzer (AUT) / P Petzschner (GER) – After Suitable Rest
[Q] M Russell (USA) vs [16] S Querrey (USA)

COURT 3 start 11:00 am
O Dolgopolov (UKR) vs P Petzschner (GER) 00
X Malisse (BEL) vs M Berrer (GER)
Not Before 3:00 PM
M Llodra (FRA) vs S Giraldo (COL)

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105 Comments for Federer Tests Annacone, Chela Tonight in Toronto; Soderling, Nalbandian On Court

Twocents Says:

This morning I spent 5 more minutes at breakfast table reading on “The State of Roger Federer’s Skeleton” on WSJ (yesterday was on Woods).


Bad Fed, how dare he declined Tom’s interview request.

madmax Says:

Hi Twocents. read the article. I dont think there is any measure in fed having declined an interiew – have you seen the 23 others he has given? come on! all in a rainy afternoon’s work.

Read this one twocents:


Plus Tom Gainey’s is the one straight from the horses mouth!

Just checked the schedule and Federer is playing at 12.30, early tomorrow morning.

Twocents Says:

Hi, Madmax.

Perrotta said it at the beginning of the 5th paragraph:
“Mr. Federer, who declined an interview request, is, of course, no ordinary champion.”

There’s decaying love btw Fed and English tennis media, it seems. And I don’t blame Fed for that. LOL.

I don’t really agree with Grainey’s melodrama: even if Fed lost to Chela today, he still has chances to make a good Fedv3; even if he wins Rogers Cup 2010, he will still struggle with consistency and fitness issues during his last phase.

margot Says:

A fabulous shot maker plays a fabulous mover, what an intriguing match up and…..purrfect time for us Brits…..smug smile…
And, Gulbis against one of those brontasauruses grendel likes…..perfect!
madmax: expect you’ll be staying up for Fed? Work for me 2morrow so will be sound asleep!

madmax Says:

Hi twocents! Are you always this downbeat? :(

My point was that Mr. Perrotta (isn’t he Italian and not British?), could have been number 24 in line, after fed gave 23 interviews, do you see what I mean? There has to be a cut off point somewhere. Plus, as you say, after reading all the crap from some of the british media post wimbledon, am sure fed will have read some of it, and stewed over that a while, before he had the last word as to who he would agree to have interviews with in the future – (He’s not stoo-pid!) somethin’ and nothin’. Apart from Fed, they have their field day with Murray a lot of the time pre-wimby, but he had a bit of a holiday this year, as we had the world cup, so Andy got a reprieve.

Margot, you made me laugh! T-Rex comes to mind! Try to stay up if you can – would be good to converse.

I have had two late nights this week already, felt positively dead this morning when I woke up, a third late night may very well kill me off – so I haven’t decided on that one yet. Thought will try very, very hard. Though, of course, the skyplayer is always on record whenever Fed is playing!

Twocents, don’t be down for too long – Federer is back from holiday and I am so excited to see him play back on tour.

The article you posted – I read it and thought the overtones were far too negative for me to take seriously. The way Perrotta writes, he would have fed in an elderly care home before he reaches 40, let alone 29! Honestly. It’s just dumb when people write like this.

The one thing he did get right was to say that Federer is no ordinary champion. I could go on, but I need to eat sum fudge right now – it makes me feel better!

Enjoy your day.

madmax Says:

to much texting! *some fudge*

margot Says:

Well, if I’m the only one watching this match, you guys are missing a bloody treat. It’s just tennis joy watching Nalbandian at the mo. and he takes first set 7-5.
Ferrer looks a heck of a lot fitter though, is there a particle of fat on that man?

madmax Says:

Margot! I told you I was tired! *TOO*

jane Says:

margot, the roadrunner has no fat particles. : )

madmax Says:

Two cents, read this:


The one thing that I have liked about Federer’s seemingly relaxed attitude,(in the various interviews I have read), is he is prepared to make changes to his game. To me, that is a huge step forward.

Whether it works with Annacone, remains to be seen, but it’s the fact that despite a lot of reports that Federer was TOO STUBBORN to listen to anyone else, I just don’t think that was or is the case.

I think that Federer, despite being on tour for over 10 years, and at this stage of his career, I really feel as though fed still wants to maximise these opportunities. I would never doubt his motivation to win. It’s obvious. How many more times does he have to say it?

He has the quality in his game, and the class to pull it off.

I really hope that he has a deep run in this tournament and gets plenty of match practise.

Margot, you are not the only one watching the nalby match! hehehee. As I am typing, I have my eye on the screen. It’s a great match so far and Ferrer is in great shape, as you say. Nalbandian is certainly on a tear.

madmax Says:

Jane, what time is it where you are? early morning?

margot Says:

madmax: we’re posting at identical times! :)
jane: hello there! We certainly are 3 helluva tennis faithfuls.

margot Says:

Ah, the fox terrier bites back..

margot Says:

And takes the second set 6-3.
Dunno what’ll happen now. Nalby looks as if he’s run a marathon, Ferrer as if he’s just left the shower.
Nalby’s return of serve is fabulous but first serve aint gr8. Also a lot more errors in that second set. :-(

margot Says:

Nalby playing beautiful attacking tennis breaks serve, he must be the best returner in the game at the mo., and THEN plays THE most awful game, netting smashes and volleys, to get broken. Yuk.
Tired methinks and humidity getting to him.

jane Says:

I think so margot; he looks tired. I agree on the returning; apparently his returning in Washington was out of this world. Did I read that here? That he averaged like 57% on returning opponent’s serves throughout Legg Mason. Pretty fab.

jane Says:

Total shift in momentum a.t.m.; lots of errors from Ferrer now, and Nalby seeming to have a second (or third as the commentator said) wind. Nalby breaks. He should win this now.

jane Says:

Oy! Now Ferrer breaks back. What the? No one can hold serve.

margot Says:

jane: such a topst turvy set. Commentators now backing Ferrer. Too many unforced from DN.

dari Says:

should not be watching matches right now, organic chem final in 2.5 hours! however, checking tennis x and atp scores for a minute shouldn’t hurt me!
to use one of my favorite sayings, is it “break city” in this final set between the daveeeds?

margot Says:

Pleese Nalby, just win your serve, is that so very difficult?

jane Says:

Finally, Nalby is through!! Good match, if a little return-strength heavy.

“Pleese Nalby, just win your serve, is that so very difficult?” – margot have felt this so very many times! Only insert “Djoko” or “Murray” for Nalby. : )

jane Says:

Enjoyed the Nalby interview; he’s sounding quite positive and talkative, enjoying tennis, feeling good, and ready to fight. Yay for us! (I know – grendel – with the caveat that we want him well for the USO). Soda and Gulbis up next. Loving the lovely tennis.

margot Says:

Yes he can! Come on!
jane: :) :) :) me too, me too!
now for Brontosaurus v playboy. Not quite so interested in that one.
madmax: 7.30 Canada time is 12.30 our time, you’re on your own girl as far as I’m concerned but am sure you’ll have loads a company and hope your Fed wins and it’s a good match.

grendel Says:

5 breaks of serve in 3rd set as Nalbandian squeezes thru. Not convinced he’s done himself any favours, he’s obviously mentally tired. He’ll probably win a scrappy match against Robredo – then another tough one v. Gulbis/ Sod. Fellow needs a rest. However, one thing surely settled – good as Ferrer’s return of serve is, Nalbandian’s clearly better.

sar Says:

Govortsova and Petrova retire due to heat in Cincy. YIKES!


margot Says:

ooh, the seriously delicious Mr Chardy wins too. Oh happy day! Does that mean his tennis is picking up I wonder, Baggy is fine player. He walked off in a heck of a strop, wonder why.

madmax Says:

Hello Margot! The strangest thing happened. I lost the google connection. Zap. Gone. Now it’s back, but yes. I wouldn’t say a great match, but Nalbandian is certainly a revitalised cookie now isn’t he? Good on him. I really do feel that he could do with losing a bit of the flab though, in order to up the movement – no disrespect to nalby. So pleased to see him back.

Dari, I think you can tell from Margot’s comments that Nalbandian was on a tear, not one of his greatest matches, but he got the job done. I think Ferrer was not on his form today.

good luck in your exams! You should be studying right now!

madmax Says:

Margot, I know. He was very angry with himself. Barely shook Jez’s hand, had a right mardy on, he did.

Very unlike baggy. 99% of the time, charming. But he was having none of it, no signings, no wave to the crowd and no thank yours. Definitely not like him. See what he says in the interview, but he’ll just be mad at himself.

Now to soderling and gulbis.

I was so pleased that dolgobolov got through today. I loved watching him earlier on this year. I think he is going to be a very good player this year. I hope he does well.

dari Says:

im gonna start modeling my back hand after gulbis! (still reviewing, don’t worry mad max!)

margot Says:

Come on Gulbis!
madmax: like Dolgopolov (?spelling too) so unusual, such hair..

madmax Says:

i know. i know. i thought he looked like a girl when i first saw him, (wearing pretty headband, the way david beckham used to on the pitch, before the locks were cut), and he has such a ‘boy figure’, not muscled up at all, yet very strong and a real breath of fresh air to watch, such exuberance on the court, like a puppy, I thought and very watchable with his shots –

well, what is going on with soderling right now?

jane Says:

madmax, hi! I just saw your post now asking me what time it is. I am well, thanks; hope you are too. It’s 1:48 on the West coast, where I am, but it’s 4:48 in Toronto. Not long till Fed’s on – bet you can’t wait. ; )

madmax Says:

here you go Margot –

Oleksandr Dolgopolov – you were right. I put ‘b’ for the ‘p’. thanks. will try harder!

Gulbis seems to be on a roll.

And I cannot believe that skysports are not showing the federer match at 12.30! what’s going on? Highlights only at 2pm tomorrow afternoon.

jane Says:

dari – yes good luck on your test. Used to get so nervous before those, but now I give them. LOL.

Go Gulbis is right margot! I saw that Chardy won – good for him. He hasn’t had the best season thus far.

sar – go buy yourself one of those hand held misting fans you poor thing. Or hope for cooler weather in Cincy next week. Tipsy retired after 4 games vs. Kohls, wonder why?

madmax Says:

Jane, but they are not showing the match at 12.30! I said to Margot earlier, have had two late nights already, a third one will kill me – will probably have to wait and watch the highlights tomorrow, but if you are up and about, along with the rest of the crew, I’ll read your comments –

so sending the fed all my mental energies right now, which are willing him onwards and upwards – c’moon the fed!

jane Says:

It’s official – Roddick has withdrawn from Roger’s Cup citing “illness” and will be replaced by Mathieu. Also SI.com have an article about American tennis. Here’s the link for all interested:


margot Says:

Looks as if this is going to 3, so g’night folks, enjoy rest of the tennis. See you tomorrow.

madmax Says:

you too Margot.

Well, this is a tricky one for soderling right now. His first serve percentage is around 40%. That is unusual for him, his second serves are averaging around 62%.

Jane, thanks for posting the link. sorry to hear that about roddick. i wonder what is up? A virus?
That’s tough.

madmax Says:


i’ve just read it in full. I do wish for one thing – in a big way – leave the initial “R” for Retirement out of the picture altogether! They’ve now started on Roddick. He’s sick and I’m sure he will bounce back – and of course tennis will not be the same when he decides to leave and that’s the operative word – ‘HE’. His decision. No one else’s, but honestly talk about how to make a guy feel bad (in one way), nice to know that he’ll be missed, but am sure that is nowhere on his radar right now –

I haven’t really listened to either Isner or Querry in large doses – are they really both THAT boring as seems to be suggested?

They are both young, have time to mature and become more humorous, but I dont think there will ever be anyone quite as funny as Roddick. That’s for sure.

Kimmi Says:

jane – thatnks for the link on roddick. I was thinking earlir that Lu will be next for him..especially after wimbledon.

Did roddick say what illness it is?

jane Says:

Yeah, i thought that article was a little harsh on Sam and Isner madmax. They don’t have the sparkling wit of Roddick but they’re not so bad, and they’re doing their best. No news on Roddick’s condition has been offered yet. But I did read that Gonzales has also pulled out.

Tough to say who’ll win in Gulbis vs. Soda…

Hope you have sweet dreams margot – tomorrow Nole and Murray – woot!

Kimmi Says:

grrrr @ cilic. whats up with Cilic..I had him doing well here! Too bad.

and no picking stepanek again. thats it for stepanek. he can’t even win a match since his return.

Tipsy has retired..mmmmh. he has played a lot of tennis in the past 2 weeks. I bet on him to continue his run…big mistake.

Gulbis and soda turning out to be a tough one to call.

ooops break point for soda! SAVED

Kimmi Says:

Gulbis! a series of errors to get broken. Soda did not have to do much in that game. just putting the ball back was enough.

jane Says:

Felt a little sad for Ernie; he played well today overall, but Soda was just a teensy bit steadier, and that got him the win.

grendel Says:

Curly Earnie needs a brain transplant. He was in control till well into second set and sort of handed the match to Sod. It looked close on paper, but I think from when Gulbis was broken, writing on the wall. Soderling played like the senior partner – did what he had to do. Even so, Curly Earnie let him in.

Madmax, you should get the Radio Times – it tells you that sky coverage ends at 10p.m. – actually, it was extended tonight till completion of Gulbis/Sod. The same is true for tomorrow and Thursday – whereas Friday (quarter finals) they’re showing a night match.

jane – Tipsy had a horrific fall, turning on his ankle with a scream of pain. His ankle will be the size of a melon tomorrow.

grendel Says:

Kimmi, the commentators said Cilic was feeling ill today. Plus very hot.

jane Says:

Thanks for the update on Tipsy grendel; I didn’t see it and so I couldn’t figure why he’d retire so early on in a match (just 4 games!). A fall explains it. Too bad as he’d been working himself into some fine form these past 2 weeks.

jane Says:

Roger’s wearing pink! Not hot pink, like Rafa wore, but more like 80s preppy pink. Crowd seems thrilled to see him.

Kimberly Says:

whats up with roddick withdrawing! Cilic, Stepananek and Bahgdatis….16 pts so far in draw challenge, doing ok thanks to kevin anderson and dogopolev jr

Sean Randall Says:

Good win for Soderling. Impressive for Verdasco thus far who is up 6-0, 1-0 on Schwank the Tank.

Cilic is really struggling of late.

Kimmi Says:

federer shanking the BH a lot. a little rusty I guess

kimberly, you are not doing bad at all. i have 15 points. But i have a feeling its down hill for me from here..

jane Says:

Yes, Fed’s backhand is the weaker side tonight; Burwash said Fed’s added a little more arc to his forehand, which is what he’s needed to do on that side (rather than slap at it and risk hitting the net). But he looks sharp generally.

Chela, however, hit two double faults in the game in which he got broken. Kind of generous of him. ; )

Kimmi Says:

Federer in trouble here


Kimmi Says:

BROKEN…hmmmm! bad game for roger

dari Says:

Fed a little error-prone at the moment, but its the first match in several weeks. It’s hard for me to assess

dari Says:

On second thought, those feet are looking pretty bad ass. But let’s be a converter, ROG.

jane Says:

Competition heating up a little bit in this match.

Kimmi Says:

now its a dog fight for roger. C’mon win this set.

jane Says:

Schwank took the second set 7-5 so now Verdasco is going to a third set.

6-5 to Fed – we’ll see if Chela can make it to a tiebreak anyhow. True dari, Fed must be at least a little rusty.

Kimmi Says:

verdasco lost the second set..oh no!

Kimmi Says:

You gotta be kidding me..set point roger!!

Kimmi Says:

he made sure he did it right this time. even though it was close, the serving was excellent for roger.

jane Says:

Fed’s serve out wide has been working well. But Chela made a bad error (open court forehand, smack into the net, doh!) to give Fed a set point, and this time, Fed closed it out and made no mistake about it, as you say Kimmi.

dari Says:

Geeze Louise, roger.
You won that first set, put the errors behind you and get the next one. I mean he’s hitting pretty hard shots and he is moving QUITE well. it is mental mistakes: BIG errors and low conversion. Alas it is a new set!
Ps Thx for the well-wishes for my test, it went quite well, finished quickly and made it home just 10 minutes after the match started. While walking to my door I asked myself “what color, ROG?” I decided blue no black, no GREY and what I get? PINK! MAYbe the shorts are grey-ish brown and I can be half right?
Alright roger, lets go, keep that ball in the court!

dari Says:

Ps chela’s serve wasn’t scraps in that first set, either. low ball toss, comes quick

sar Says:

Tipsy had a horrific fall, turning on his ankle with a scream of pain. His ankle will be the size of a melon tomorrow.

Grendel, say it isn’t so. That means Novak might have to play doubles for him at Davis Cup in September.

goat galz Says:

Roddick is a coward. Nice of him to inform everyone when the draw is already out. He obviously knew he was sick days ago. Retire already.

Kimmi Says:

Not giving away the break again rog. lets get outta here..quickly!

jane Says:

Chela was serving pretty well, lots of firsts in, and hard, but fairly gettable, and at least one ill-timed double. Not near as many aces as Roger. Fed is serving very well tonight!

jane Says:

Seemed like a good first match/test for Fed. Not easy, but still a straight setter. Now Dancevic.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Same ole Fed w/ bp conversions? Second set looks better so far, and yes I know should cut him some slack. Serving games and % is great, Just coming from a fan he gets plenty of BPs, needs to do a much better job of converting, a key stat looking forward, an IMO. Glad to see he is through. Go Fed!

Kimmi Says:

Love the go for broke returns from roger on that last game.

great to see him trying different variety on returns. mix feelings on the match. still a little rusty especially the BH. but there was some great shot making too. Hope he gets better from here.

Good luck Rog

dari Says:

lots of positives from the match for roger. coming in serving well, hitting with lots of power moving well. as far as the errors and no conversions, those look like the big factors. I have no doubt he can change up the errors a bit, but there are so many scenarios with no conversions because its gonna be when the server is trying their darndest. I don’t chalk things up to “its all mental” too often, but besides if the server is absolutely acing you, you’ve got to find a way to win that point!
how to do that, there are too many scenarios and I’m not analytical enough to spell them out, so i’ll leave that up to roger and co.!
good job though, roger! go pinkie, go!

Kimmi Says:

contador – I was looking at some of the names who were first in the draw challenge list few hrs ago. there was somebody with a nick “wawrinkafan”.

i laughed sooo much when I opened his draw challenge. he had wawrinka all the way to the final. Losing to roger in the final.

ha ha ha. wawrinka to the final in toronto? maybe I will have eggs on my face on this..lollz that was sooo bloody funny.

contador Says:

hi Kimmi-

i was in there last night and saw “wawrinka fan!” lolzzz

it’s really funny to see some of the draws. you know they pick from their hearts! aw. but what is amazing is that fan got so many right yesterday! all the ones we didn’t, you know?

contador Says:

and what is up? i went to look at my draw and they filled in matthieu into where (roddick) was? did roddick withdraw?

i have been buried today and have not read news

Kimmi Says:

just saw about roddick from jane post above. he withdraw due to illness. well, things were not well from him since DC. I didn’t pick him to go far..but my pick cilic who was suppose to go to the qtr lost in the first round, OUCH!!

Kimmi Says:

yap, wawrinkafan did get a lot of the picks right..thats why he was no.1 in the list few hrs ago. it was just funny picking wawa all the way to the final…i guess nadal will have something to say about that..

contador Says:

yeah cilic losing did that to me too. it seems they should give me a choice to not pick matthieu. i would have picked PK!

what a rip. well i hope roddick, cilic, gulbis, and baghdatis all take care of their ills and come back to cincy or wait until US Open. i read that gulbis had the physio out to work on his right leg in the 3rd set.

Kimmi Says:

let me cheer for wawa. Go wawa..all the way. so far so good :)

kimberly Says:

I’m done picking roddick in draw challenges. He deep sixed me in madrid too and I ended up with some guy oscar hernandez. I had him losing to cilic (not that that really does me any good). And baghdatis. Ugggh!!!

Roger looked good. I am a rafa fan but there is a certain order of the world that must be restored with rog-rafa as one and two.

contador Says:

i see we are even now : ) 18 points.

i am streaming now finally. watching stan and frank. and i see tx has news on roddick i haven’t read

there was someone last night on the leaderboard …one person that didn’t lose a point. i mean he/she got anderson, polansky and chela and every pick! what a difference a day makes! he/she is gone now.

Kimmi Says:

yap..i saw ernie looked after..was not sure what was the problem. so it was the knee, mmmh!

he made some series of bad errors to be broken on this one game. But the overall perfomance was not too bad..

jane Says:

Ewww, Dancevic playing horribly so am turning it off and watching a film. Not liking this Wawafan. : (

Kimmi Says:

aha so you can see me contador. I tried to search for your nick but could not get anything. maybe i made some error somewhere.

Did you watch rog today?

kimberly – that was funny with oscar hernandez line. lollzz

jane Says:

The ATP website actually dubbed Fed the “Pink Predator” LOL!!!! I mean normally that’d be an oxymoron wouldn’t it? ; )

contador Says:


madrid….that’s who the other one was-roddick. my bracket was ruined by hot sauce and roddick! that was it.

i probably will pick him again. i picked verdasco to win two matches. he came through on one.

i am a federer fan but i picked nadal to win. federer to the quarters.

have to go with the one i think is the winner atm. not who i prefer over time.

this is shaping up to be nadal’s year. enjoy.

Twocents Says:


Should I be mad at you or my own stupidity, for completely missed Fed’s first match in like eternality? I glanced at your “12:30 tomorrow morning” for Fed’s match and went ahead with a dinner meeting — in Texas, only 1 hour later than Toronto! OK, silly me.

I had to miss Nalby’s match too. Nalby turned me into a Shanghai fan when he beat Fed to win TMC in 2005 in Shanghai. So glad to see him doing good again.

My top 5 best shot makers: Fed, Nalby, Murray, Djok, Davydenko, followed by Guilbis,Safin, Santoro…

contador Says:

go to your “home” and at the bottom there is a box. type in contador slowly. it’s one of those things you have to wait until the choice comes up underneath the box.

it doesn’t show entire bracket but shows my overall score and toronto points.

ernie had a leg problem. i hope it wasn’t the hamstring again and it was just cramps or something. he played hard to beat bellucci and the score didn’t show it.

i didn’t see the federer match. i’ll need to go look for highlights. he is in pink?

i am happy he won. looks like it was close. happy nalbandian won too!

contador Says:

only the leaders have their entire brackets made open to admire : )

i had beginners luck in rome, is all.

Kimmi Says:

ok, contador. i will follow your instructions.

from second rounds onward..more points for a win.

jane Says:

Yes, contador – Fed was in light pink with brown shorts; not bad at all. And he looked good overall; great serving, forehand very sharp, a few backhand shanks, but generally an excellent first round match from Roger. Crowd was so excited to see him too. He seemed happy and relaxed.

Kimmi Says:

mallise is a tough first round. Good luck muzza.

Hope nalby gets an easier one tomorrow. Go Nalby

contador Says:

hi jane-

i was just on atp and i see what you mean- “pink predator” doesn’t quite sound right. unless you arr Mary Kay agent….. hahaa in a pink cadillac…. run!! hold your pocketbook!

but federer looks good. at least it wasn’t hot pink. it’s a pale baby girl pink. that god not a pink headband or shorts! no big pink checks on the khakis or a print, like a pajama nike federer bad joke. no need to see pajamas on the tennis court…..yet.

i think he can beat almagro in pink and berdych??

i like him in blue the best. any

you don’t have to follow instructions Kimmi : ) just saying that’s how i look you up. and yep we are tied. but….

davydenko better not lose or….

muzza better not let me down or djoko.

not worried about rafa. sorry wawafan.

federer? watching the highlights, i feel how much i missed him. even when he loses i don’t care. i’m happy he is back. he does have a too relaxed manner a lot now and i think a line get’s crossed. he can so relaxed that he lets his opponent get ahead too far.

looking at match stats, his serve % was good enough. 9 aces and 0 DF’s is a very good sign.

great start to hc fed!

jane Says:

“unless you arr Mary Kay agent….. hahaa in a pink cadillac….”

hAHHAHAHA, good one contador. Hadn’t thought of those pink cadillacs in a while.

skeezerweeaer Says:


Texas? I am there too DFW for a convention. HOT HOT HOT :)Go Fed !

contador Says:

sorry too tired to type.

meant “any shade of blue” as in better than pink.

he looks good though.

murray can handle malisse. but nalby has to be tired and he has another spanish roadrunner in robredo :/

contador Says:

northeast idaho still has’em jane. “pink predator” = mary kay to me lolzzzz happy you got it…..

hope the rain stays away in toronto. i think i have time to stream the first matches.

good nite jane, Kimmi….

Andrew Miller Says:

Three cheers for Polansky: he’s the best Canadian player I’ve ever seen. I saw Dancevic beat Soderling in 2001 (age 16 vs. Soderling, also age 16) and at the time said, pretty darn good. But Polansky is a better player. Huge win over Melzer.

contador Says:

Kimmi, i had to check out the leaderboard brackets one more time and clicked on “shockaido” hahaha whom i see picked dolgo all the way to beat berdych, has soderling winning the tourny and had djoko going out to melzer!

it will be a shock if “shockaido” is still on the leaderboard tomorrow nite

the poor bloke ” I krushalot” is an example of what happens to someone’s draw who picked roddick to win toronto. mathieau is his/ her winner!

the end

Twocents Says:


That’s why I missed two good matches today — can’t think straight. LOL! Tibet is the place to be in summer. I didn’t want to come back. Even Obama lamented about heat of Texas yesterday (he was in DFW for several hours).

andrea Says:

fed was the effeminate UPS man tonight.

looking sharp from a game perspective which is more important.

andrea Says:

and for a canadian swiss sports fan – sidney crosby and roger federer together was as good as it gets!

we can still remember the dancing in the streets here in vancouver when sidney scored that winning gold during the men’s hockey final at the 2010 games. amazing!

madmax Says:

Two cents! Hi, and of course I dont mind if you want to blame me! your call – did you mistake 12.30am for 12.30pm?

Hi skeeze, long time. :))

Baby pink – beige head band, hubba bubba fed! looking cool and in the pink. I wonder if it has to do with the psychology of things (probably reading far too much into it), but babies – myla and charlene – pink – symbolic perhaps for his girls? PLUS, he has never worn that colour before, yet the beige shorts he wore with a beige nike head band and red Tee at the USOpen in 2008. Love it!

And yesterday, I had written down that the first set would be a tie break – I dont know why, I guess it was because I knew fed would be trying out some shots and reading your posts above (Jane and Dari in particular – thanks both), it didn’t suprise me. So , go fed!

I will be looking forward to watching the highlights at 2pm – disappointed that they didn’t show the match on sky. What is it with TV rights?

grendel – radio times – only buy it at Christmas, but I’ll take your suggestion and do that in future – thanks –

Looks like the fed did well in his first match, serving great with plenty of aces and panache – I have so missed watching him play – *excited scream*.

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