Murray Lands in Nadal’s Half, Djokovic With Federer at US Open
by Sean Randall | August 26th, 2010, 3:27 pm

Some quick thoughts on US Open men’s draw which is now out on the US Open website. ADHEREL

First, where did the 3-4 seeds, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, fall? Murray ends up in the Rafael Nadal half while Djokovic is with 5-time champion Roger Federer. That means Murray might have to beat Nadal then Federer to win the title. Or Nadal would have to beat Murray then Federer for his career Slam.

As for the quarters:

Top seed Nadal should feel at home with his Spanish hombres all in his section. In the top quarter Nadal is joined by countrymen and friends Feliciano Lopez, David Ferrer and Fernando Verdasco. Also lurking is the ultra-dangerous David Nalbandian, Phil Kohlschreiber and Ivan Ljubicic who could still put up a good result on a fast court. Nadal will open with the combustible Teimuraz Gabishvili. Otherwise, Nadal’s draw looks good but a Nalbandian quarterfinal would be formidable.

In the second quarter, Murray and Tomas Berdych are the two top guns. Murray could see Stan Wawrinka in the third round, then likely Sam Querrey. Berdych has Michael Llodra, who could be tough start, but the Czech should get out to a big quarterfinal showdown with the Scot.

Djokovic is the slight favorite in a weak, wide open third quadrant which is also home to Nikolay Davydenko, Andy Roddick, Marcos Baghdatis, Mardy Fish and Gael Monfils. Djokovic has a tricky first rounder against his countryman Viktor Troicki with either Baghdatis or Fish looming in the fourth round. Roddick could hardly have asked for a better draw. Once again the American is in Djokovic’s quarter at a Slam and his highest seed in his section is Davydenko. Roddick opens with Stephane Robert, then likely Janko Tipsarevic before Monfils.

Federer also has to be pleased with his draw. He could face Lleyton Hewitt in the third round, possibly Jurgen Melzer in a very weak fourth rounder and then Robin Soderling or Marin Cilic in the quarterfinals.

Overall, I thought the draw came out pretty evenly weighted. Nadal’s might be the toughest section with Nalbandian, Verdasco and even Gulbis. I think Murray and Berdych look good to the out the quarterfinals.

Roddick also has a good path the last eight. Djokovic, however could get tripped up by either Troicki, Fish or Baghdatis. I think Federer has the best path of any of the Top 4 to the semifinals.

By seedings, the quarterfinals are: 1 Nadal v 8 Verdasco, 4 Murray v 7 Berdych, 6 Davydenko v 3 Djokovic, 5 Soderling v 2 Federer.
Semifinals: Nadal v Murray, Djokovic v. Federer

An early semifinal prediction is Nalbandian v. Murray, Roddick v. Federer in the semifinals. Subject to change of course!

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187 Comments for Murray Lands in Nadal’s Half, Djokovic With Federer at US Open

Dory Says:

Possible Quarterfinals:
1. Nadal vs some lower seed
2. Murray vs Berdych
3. Davydenko/Roddick (4th round winner) vs Djokovic
4. Söderling/Cilic (4th round winner) vs Federer

Possible Semifinals:
Nadal vs Murray/Berdych (QF winner)
Roddick/Davydenko vs Soderling/Federer

Gabashvili is a tough first round draw for Nadal but the rest of the path is easy until the SFs. For others, it gets difficult in the quarters. But then there will be upsets! Can’t wait!!!

Kimberly Says:

my QF prediction

Murray Berdy
Fed Soda
Roddick Novak

Yes, no Mardee Fish.


Fed v. rafa/murray (can’t call this one)

Rafa or Murray

skeezerweezer Says:

The draw is the draw. I agree with Sean on it being OVERALL evenly weighted. Everyone has there advantage and disadavantanges in there. Now, the schedule comes out in 4 days, guess what we’ll be talking about till then?

Too bad twin american towers Isner/Querry in the same qtr.

Lynd Says:

Final Nalbandian – Federer, am good with whoever wins!
6th USO for Roger or another Argentine win at the last slam of the year!

super man Says:

if nalby gets to quarters, he beats rafa. i am not sure he will make it there, though.

federer-nalby final sounds fun. fedal sounds better though

RFFan Says:

I don’t understand your analysis. How does Federer have the easiest path to the semis when he has a likely QF meeting w/ Soderling who’s beaten him twice this year (1 exo, 1GS)???

Not sayin’ Fed can’t win, but easy????

And how is Nadal’s section tough when he only needs to play one of the three guys you’ve listed?
On paper, a QF w/ Verdasco is one of the easier possible QF’s; sure it could be tougher if it’s Nalby, but who knows how fit Nalby is – he hasn’t played a GS in ages.

Von Says:

I don’t understand how roddick could have asked for a better draw. He has to play an opponent he’s never played before, and that’s no easy task. Then he’ll either have to play Monfils or Tipsy, followed by Davy and then Djokovic, that is, if Andy even gets past Monfils.

Roddick will have to play Stephane ranked 78, Monfils No. 15, or Tipsy 42, and Davydenko No. 6 to reach the QFs and then play Djokovic a top 4 player. As opposed to Djokovic who has Troicki, his pigeon, ranked 45, Petz No. 51, Monaco No. 32, Fish 21 or Baghdatis 18, (most likely Fish) to get to the QFs.

To me, their opponents are evenly matched, except that Roddick has to play a top 10 player in Davydenko, and Djokovic wouldn’t.

Therefore, if Andy couldn’t have asked for a better draw, then I’d say ditto for Djokovic. I’d prefer to see Roddick face Monaco than Monfils.

Kimberly Says:

i heard it is very likely isner won’t play

Fot Says:

I think the draw is very balanced this time. If you’re looking at how people are playing – the ‘hot’ players are all spread out (of course there isn’t one big ‘hot player’ out there right now anyway). But I don’t see the draw ‘stacked’ in anyone’s favor.

Just remember – especially on the men’s tour – anyone can beat anyone, so even if we think a match-up should be easy – that match could also go 5 sets! I don’t care who Roger has to play to win the title – I just want a win!

Go Roger! (oh, and good luck to all the other players – just not better luck than Roger) lol!

Matthew Etherington Says:

Who do you think will win the US Open?

Andrew Miller Says:

I think there will be some big upsets. Not sure who is falling but it will happen. The scores are just too close out there.

contador Says:

what? no mardee slim fish, Kimberly?

i saw the interview an interview today with mardy and he sounds so cool: likes the heat, says he’s good to go the distance, happy it’s US Open, he has nothing to lose and is all around lovin tennis and life.

i like his chances against djoko and roddick. i followed your link. maybe you saw my rough draft on tennisx fans racquet bracket – tennis channel. i left u a message there too. thanks

checking livescore from new haven and thinking what is marcos baghdatis doing? he must be running on fumes, going 3 sets with stakhovsky atm!

sar Says:

I saw Isner today on tennis channel saying he struggles in the heat. I didn’t know that.

kimberly Says:

Contador–i took roddick to the semis again. Maybe I’m not giving fish enough credit.

I took nalby to quarters and then took him out to rafa.

kimberly Says:

Contador—btw aiser at the computer studying head to heads to dismantle kimberli25.

I saw both sites also have a draw challenge for the wta. I may take a stab at it but I’m pretty apathetic. I kind of see it as a side show to the main event.

contador Says:

ah well, kimberly, i am being trendy and perhaps giving fish too much credit.

yeah. i’m not picking nalby to even get to play rafa ( today )

and i think ferrer will can take out gulbis if gulbis gets past chardy.

booohooooo! you know i like gulbis and dolgo but not underestimating ferrer again!

awww poor baghdatis is done in new haven. he was barely moving that 2nd set. just as well try to salvage something for US open.

i have 2 brackets going on tennis channel : )

contador Says:

i don’t go on h2h’s so much. a mistake, no doubt especially when it comes to lesser known match-ups. and sometimes it’s a crap shoot anyway – i looked up dustin brown and hidalgo-ramirez and got nothing, so flipped a coin and went with brown, lolzz

kimberly Says:

I’m taking marin cilic and hot sauce out early…

I did have berdy and soda show up to their quarter but no more.

contador Says:

yes marin is going out early and hot sauce going out to nalby, though hot sauce has had time to rest the butt cheek problem from toronto. he could give nalby a hard time, you know, softening big dave up for rafa. : )

i dont watch or follow too much wta but what the heck. i might try it.

i am going to disappear this evening. have to pack and get on a plane early, as in be at the airport at 4 am, but will be on the brackets later tomorrow and over the week end.

good nite kimberly!

kimberly Says:

I think I went with the two namw guy.

At wimby I got stuck with qualifier o v qualifier p. Went with p because one of my sons name starts with p. Actually got the win too.

Kimmi Says:

aaah the bracket challenge squad. i am passing the USO this time. will wait for shanghai, so good luck to you.

saw the third set of baggy and stakhosky…baggy was fighting till the end, though he looked spent, agree with you conty. How can these guys learn not to play tough tennis a week before a grand slam? at least hot sauce learnt to do the right thing this time.\

is dolgo still alive? never seen him play, I have been waiting for his match…I know the guy has some talent. Hope they show a little bit of dolgo and ferrer at the USO. GO DOLGO!

guy Says:

the loser here is djokovic who keeps losing to federer at the usopen. he had a better chance against nadal.
i assume fed will be happy he got djoker instead of murray even though his slam wins over djoker have been much tighter than the wins over murray.

it’s one thing nalbandian taking out top tenners in 3 set matches, but i don’t think he can beat any of the top four in five sets right now, and surely not 2 or 3 or them which he would probably need to do to win the thing. a fourth round or qf would be a good result for him.

skeezerweezer Says:

I went through the bracket and although it is not my tradition to predict the ladies sucked me in ( I caved in happily ), so I had to choose :)

In the end, it came out Fed vs Murray, I went through it 3 times. I would like to hear the people who honestly went through the draw. Rafa, there is no way you can’t make it to the qtrs, dude!

Findings as I went through;

Wild thing vs Nalby :)

Malisse could make a sound?

Isner you screwed up my bracket! Are you really hurting or out?

…Nole…no fair!….Murray and Birdy could have a face off early…Is it true about Isner? dang!

Gasquet vs Davy, mmm?

Fed has Sod looming, nothing else, I hope :)

Roddick vs Fish, Baggy or Davy? Whoa….

It’s all good :)

Kimmi why are you passing?

Kimberly thanks for encouraging posters to participate. This is cool :)

A WORD out to Tennis X and SR, you guys should have these bracket challenges available here, get your webmasters working it :)

sar Says:

Andrea, in June Borg said Soderling would be the next number one. He’s all over the place.

Mindy Says:

I think that draws are pretty much evenly balanced. I am just looking forward to seeing some outstanding tennis.

Good luck to everyone’s favorites!

Eskay Says:

Among the possible early opponents, Istomin can cause damage to Rafa. Otherwise guys like Kohl, Nalby, Spaniards are known foes who can not take out Rafa.
Muzza can have problems against Chela/Lu, Query and Berdy.
Tipsy and Monfils will be tougher for Andy R than Davy. But the other half of his draw is rather unpredictable.
Federer is through to Semis.
Trophy: Beyond top four, vision is blurred.

rg.nadal Says:

Poor Andy! Has the toughest draw of the lot. At least for his sake I hope Berdy gets knocked-out by Llodra in R1.

wipro Says:

Dear Sean Randall ,

I respect your articles and analysis but don’t be pro nadal always. How can you say that nadal’s path is toughest when he is not facing top 10 seed in quarters? How can you say federer has easy one when he is facing a 5th seed in quarters?

why is this biased opinion? you want all others to believe that nadal’s has tough one.
You better stop writing biased analysis , this not upto a person like you

Colin Says:

Does anyone know who is responsible for the “trunk” and “funk” column? He or she is a complete and utter IDIOT!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

This is one of the more balanced draws I’ve seen for the top 4. I do think Fed is slightly luckier to draw Nole than Murray, but before that, pretty even.
Nadal in particular should have no real challenge before the semis. Verdasco, no way. And Nalbandian, no matter how hot he has become, is just not going to come from a year off, with 2 months under his belt, make a Slam quarter (over a dangerous hard courter in Verdasco) and challenge the world #1. I just don’t see it. Maybe Kohglschreiber will give a tough match though.
Nole definitely has to be upset to see ROddick in his quarter. I think Nole and Muzza have slightly tougher draws and Fed/Rafa slightly easier. As it should be, for 1 and 2. In particular, Murray/Wawrinka could be great.

On a quick glance, I don’t see too many great early round matches. Anyone else have any first/2nd rounders to watch for?

angel Says:

Federer all the way.

goat galz Says:

As opposed to Djokovic who has Troicki, his pigeon,

Oh Von, get off it. You of all people should be careful using the word, “pigeon.” Roddick is the eternal ostrich of the GOAT. That’s not going to change any time soon.

ta ta dolls

Dory Says:

Btw last year Isner did a great job of beating Roddick as did Cilic of beating Murray and JMDP of Fedal. It’s Nole that has consistently disappointed his fans more than anyone else since 2008.

dari Says:

OK that’s it, I’m studying the draw when I get back in town on Sunday and filling it out! Have to pick fed-mcmurray final and will pepper in some upsets, an early exit for a top 15 guy. I’m generally a lucky person, so we shall see! Goooooo Roger! In nyc, its great to go out at night and think about all the tennis greats in town!

Art Says:

ESPN’s expert picks has only one of eight picking Federer. Five are picking Murray and two are going with Nadal (

It seems they all think Fed is on the decline.

margot Says:

conty: am inspired by your enthusiasm, burning my entrails and…entering the challenge on usopen website! Wheeee!
jane: do have a go, is v. fun and I filled it in v. quickly, only looked up a couple of bios of people I’m shamed to say, I’d never heard of! Will revise over weekend when challenger round is done.
art: bookies fave is Rogie 11-4.
colin: yes, complete idiots!

Kimberly Says:

kimmi–we will miss u at uso if you don’t do it.

skeezer. I formed a tennis-x on I will repost link.

I am thinking of starting with the third round adding seed numbers to the standard amount of points ( or 33 for unseeded) to encourage different draws and reward people for picking upsets. Any thoughts?

Kimberly Says:


I submitted my picks into the Racquet Bracket :: US Open ATP contest.

Check out my picks here:

You should get in this contest. Submit your picks here: The deadline to enter is 8/30/2010 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.


margot Says:

kimberly: had a look but could only find WTA there? :[

Kimberly Says:

EEEsh. Let me try again.

Kimmi Says:

sheeesh! Guys, all this posting of the draw makes me wanna play now. maybe i should!

I just wanted to relax and concentrate on cheering for my faves. If i play, things just makes me too nervous. I don’t know why! aaaarggg!

cha cha Says:

Five are picking Murray and two are going with Nadal
It seems they all think Fed is on the decline.

He’s the favorite at all US Opens, Australian Opens and Wimbledons. What else is new?

Nina Says:

Quote: “Djokovic is the slight favorite in a weak, wide open third quadrant which is also home to Nikolay Davydenko, Andy Roddick, Marcos Baghdatis, Mardy Fish and Gael Monfils”.

Weak quadrant? since when do you call weak a draw that has Roddick, Monfils, Davydenko and current hot players like Baghdatis and Fish? No way. Federer and Nadal have far more easy draws. I’m completely upset that Roddick is in Nole’s quarter, he seems to be losing against him at every chance since that ugly incident at the USO two years ago. That must still be in Nole’s head, because he is nervous and uncomfortable in his matches against Andy and Nole is far better than the American. Will he overcome that mental barrier this time? i hope so for the sake of his fans. I wouldn’t be able to take another loss against Roddick or Federer. Time to step up the game, Nole.

Dory Says:

Btw last year Isner did a great job of beating Roddick as did Cilic of beating Murray and JMDP of Fedal. It’s Nole that has consistently disappointed his fans more than anyone else since 2008.

cha cha Says:

It seems SI has them all picking Fed. Order is restored.

Kimberly Says:

for the wta im picking vera….

for the atp im picking my boy Rafa (perhaps more out of hope than expectation)

Kimmi you must play, we will miss you so if you don’t.

Andrew Miller Says:

Here are my picks. Thank goodness I am not a bookie.

Finals: Nadal/Federer, with Nadal taking the title. If Federer takes it, no worries. Either one will work, but I think this should happen again. Sadly, this may be the last time they meet in Slam finals.

By quarter:

Top quarter, I like Nadal and Verdasco coming through, with Nadal winning in an epic, setting up an easier semifinal.

2nd quarter, I like (in an epic upset) Malisse coming through in the “veteran aint done yet!” special, showing the other kids how its done and taking out Murray and Berdych. Murray leaves on the next airplane out to the UK. Berdych loses simply because he’s played too much this year and doesnt like New York (even if he does for the purpose of this comment, he doesnt).

Third quarter, Roddick avenging his summer losses to Fish and emerging victorious. Fish has a tearful pressconference, but hopes Roddick wins the tournament. Fish, privately, blames the excellent New York pizza for ruining his “talk of the tennis world” diet, and decides to put himself in position to win a Masters in the fall.

Final Quarter, Federer beats up on Soderling in a four-set masterclass. Soderling, though billed by Wilander as “ready to win this match” before they even hit a tennis ball, plays tough for a set and a half and then comes back to earth because, and let’s be honest here, Soderling doesnt go beyond quarterfinals at Slams unless its paris dirt. And there’s nothing Roland Garros about the decoturf.

Von Says:

“Weak quadrant? since when do you call weak a draw that has Roddick, Monfils, Davydenko and current hot players like Baghdatis and Fish? No way.”

Yes, that part of the draw is tough. The only problem is that they are Roddick’s and Davydenko’s headaches, and not Djokovic’s, who has the lower ranked players placed in his path to the QFs. He’s got it made. Unfortunately, for those who analyze the draw, they only focus on the top 4 paths and don’t see the other side of the draw. Then when that’s done, we hear these woe is me lamentations, of how many tough people he has in the draw, forgetting that there are other players on the opposite side of the quadrants, who’s got to do the hard work. It’s a similar situation to the worker bees doing all the hard work for the queen, who eats and gets fat.

“That must still be in Nole’s head, because he is nervous and uncomfortable in his matches against Andy and Nole is far better than the American.”

Quite a handy excuse. I’m sure Djokvic has forgotten a lot more in two years, and one of them is that incident.

As for him being far better than the American. Says who? His fans? The Joker needs a serve and he also needs to rememeber that the tennis court is not a theatrical stage. He should learn to cut out the histrionics and focus on his tennis. Maybe, he’s prepping for his other career after he hangs up his racquet — court jester.

Andrew Miller Says:

My picks for the WTA side. Again, good thing I am playing with house money (or no money!)

So: Winner, Venus Williams! (many thanks to Serena! It almost seems like an early present from the sibling but Venus earns this one, fair and square. You only play whoever is across the net!)

Semis: Sharapova over Jankovic, Venus Williams over Ivanovic.

Finals: Venus over Sharpie, in a gutsy performance showing two vets at the top of their games. The WTA shows some of the trends of the men’s game, where playing long can be just as effective as owning every shot.

Sharapova-Kuznetsova in the top quarter, with Sharpie getting the job done! Sadly Wozniacki loses her chance for a 1st slam at this tournament. Nonetheless, the veterans come through!

Jankovic-Petrova, with Jankovic through miraculously. She rediscovers something in the process and takes this match to meet Sharapova in a three set semifinal battle.

Azarenka loses to Venus Williams in the third quarter QF matchup. This quarter features some excellent matches, with one of my favorite players, Flav Panetta, playing an awesome match but losing, heroically, to Venus rising. Azarenka lives up to the hype but loses to a player who is, simply, one of the best of the last two decades.

Final quarter: If it’s not Dementieva, maybe this is Hantuchova’s final hurrah in the top part of this quarter. The bottom part is Clijsters-Ivanovic. But the big surprise? Ivanovic comes through in style. In the shocker of shockers, it’s Ivanovic over Clijsters and Dementieva, showing that there is such a thing as belief in tennis and to never give up, even if chips are down.

Andrew Miller Says:

(After losing to Malisse, Murray begins another high profile coaching search, only to find out that there are no more coaches left!)

kimberly Says:

Andrew—cool predictions…but why would it be the last fedal slam final?

Kimmi Says:

kimberly – unfortunetely that tennis channel draw does not accept canadians. cant register. good luck to you guys.

Andrew Miller Says:

Kimberly, no good reason from me! I just kind of feel that Del Potro will be back and a few players are coming into their own, complicating the possibility of Nadal and Federer meeting in Slam finals. They may meet in slam semifinals (I think) because of a rankings drop – maybe from Federer if Nadal wins and Federer has a bad few months after the tournament. Plus, Murray is getting hungrier for Slams and Berdych too. So that’s the only reason – not because of a drop of tennis level from either Federer or Nadal, just because other players have gotten better (because of Federer and Nadal) and (though it’s an old story by now) the top 10 keeps changing (even if it looks the same every year! Players in the top 50 are always changing). So Federer and Nadal will probably keep winning Slams, but may not meet one another in Slams finals (So maybe Federer gets to the Aussie final 2011 but Nadal doesnt, and Nadal gets to Roland garros final 2011 but Federer doesnt, and Federer gets to Wimbledon semifinal, etc so forth)

Andrew Miller Says:

I agree that right now, Djokovic is not better than Roddick and Roddick has been clearly the better player – even when ailing from mono – since January 2009. I am sorry to say it, yet again, but Todd Martin seems to have muddied Djokovic’ game.

Andrew Miller Says:

Roddick has also played with not only heart but also intelligence. If he loses slam matches, he loses at the very last moment – like Federer, someone has to “beat” Roddick to beat him. There’s never a moment I feel when Roddick “throws in the towel.” This is not the same as Djokovic, who for whatever reason very often, it feels that even if he’s close to winning, the match is over. I feel for him because he played like an assasin in 2007 and early 2008, and now he plays, sometimes, like a guy that simply doesnt want to be out there.

I may be too harsh on him from my armchair position here, but from the fan’s perspective someone can tell when a player isnt in the match. And sometimes I feel like Djokovic just isnt up for it these days. Maybe it was like the Queens tournament in 2008 when he lost to Nadal – or in Hamburg, when he lost to Nadal. He could have won those matches, but down the stretch he simply gave up – ever so slightly.

You’ll never see that with Roddick, ever, even if it’s clear Roddick will lose. It’s like Roddick knows that his best chance is in facing up to that possibility, and treating it as if it’s only that: a possibility, or a possible result, and not yet a reality in the record books.

Gotta love Roddick.

jane Says:

Kimmi says “unfortunetely that tennis channel draw does not accept canadians. cant register. ”

That leaves me out too; hey margot, how come they allow you folks and not us!? : /

Hi Andrew Miller, Nole has certainly not had a great 2010; however, he has done alright at the slams: QFs at the AO and FO and SFs at Wimbledon. I hope he can continue to do alright until the season is done. BTW, sorry Kirilenko lost in the semis today; I was hoping she’d get to the Pilot Pen finals!

Andrew Miller Says:

(Or the US Open last year against Federer. There was no reason for Djokovic to let up. I just wonder if he prefers being liked – the jester role that Von mentioned – rather than in doing the hard work of staying in the match).

Andrew Miller Says:

Hi Jane, you are right, I am just harsh on Djokovic. He has had a solid 2010 campaign. I am sorry to know of Kirilenko – I love Kirilenko! Kirilenko and Flav P. are my faves on the WTA! Thanks for the update on MaKiri!! I like Aravane Rezai too but I dont think her serve does her any favors.

Andrew Miller Says:

Plus, two QFs and a SF at this year’s Slams for Djokovic are far and away better than most players in the top 10 and better than any U.S. player in 2010. Yeah, I must be too harsh on Djokovic. He is all-surface. I am just puzzled as to what’s happenned since Aussie 2008.

Kimmi Says:

jane – when registering, i had to fill in my address, for some reason the postal code cannot get recognized. It keeps coming up with an error “enter correct zipcode”. after trying 3 times, i gave up…

jane Says:

Hi Kimmi, did you try it without spaces?

Andrew, no worries at all!! You’re entitled to your view, from the armchair or elsewhere. ; ) I actually agree with you that Nole could’ve done better, especially early on in the season. I was kind of disappointed with his results at IW & Miami, and even on clay was hoping for better. But at least he went a round further at the two slams – FO and Wimbledon – than he did last year. Anyhow, he’s definitely had his ups and downs, game-wise and off-court, throughout 09-10 seasons. But I am hoping for the best, whether it comes this year, next or whatever.

Kimmi Says:

andrew miller – i don’t think you are being harsh on djoko. when you compare his pefomance and his ranking, he should do better than what he been doing since that 2008. he has been seeded # 3 on all previous slams this year. his seeding indicates he should at least reach the semi or better.

federer qtr final perfomance in RG and wimbledon is poor for his standard. but for federer, he can be forgiven because of his record. what he has achieved is not human…23 consecutives semi is unreal. over 10 consecutives finals is even ridiculous.

Djoko is in need of another win or a final at least.

Kimmi Says:

jane – i tried both, with and without space. I was probably too quick to give up…as I was thinking earlier not to play this time.

You can still try, it could work for u….

aaaarg, cant wait for the matches to start.

Poor demantieva, she was serving for the match against wozniacki but still lost. For some reason i never warm up to wazniacki..i just don’t like her game. She is a fighter though…

cha cha Says:

As for him being far better than the American. Says who?–from Von

Says 1 GS, 1 YEC, 1 Olympic medal. Age 23. How’s that, big shot.

David Says:

cha cha

Djokovic and Roddick have comparable career achievements and Djoko is younger.

But since Roddick renewed himself by getting fitter during the 2008 off-season, they’ve played several times and Djokovic isn’t even winning sets against Roddick.

So I don’t know how you can be so sure that Djoko is better.

Ben Pronin Says:

Djokovic is easily the more talented of the two, but he’s got some serious mental issues. Roddick will always win a match when he can. Djokovic couldn’t care less half the time.

Eskay Says:

Murray and Rafa are the hungriest. Pressure is more on Murray. He is still on probation where he is yet to prove his credentials. He has had so many victories against Rafa on hardcourt that the law of averages may work against him, should the two hold themselves on course. Even if he were to cross that hurdle, he is yet to solve the Federer puzzle in a G.S. Going by the lopsided victories in the past, Federer would feel grateful if Murray takes out Rafa.
Rafa may not flatten out his shots but may play from nearer the baseline. That too will make some of balls land out, when hit with the same swing and same spin. When in danger, he will turn into the defensive mode of Clay game, asking opponent to hit winners beyond his reach. Murray is foremost among those who could do that.
It appears Rafa vs. Murray will be the most interesting duel for the ones who love mysteries.

Von Says:

cha cha: LOL, I see you’ve faces again, it’s quite funny you know. I can find you every time, even though you made that big stink because I happened to stick up for Roddick. LOOL. For someone who claims he likes all players, except for Fed and Murray, you’re not adhering to that, as you’ve always shown favoritism to the Joker.

As far as achievements go, Roddick became pro just two years before your boy. He won his GS at 21 in ’03, and also did the trifecta winning Montreal, Cincy, and the USO. He’s won Davis cup and has been winning at least two titles per year over the past 10 years. Read the following small shot:

2001 – Youngest player in ATP Top 20…First American teen to win at least three titles in same season since Sampras won four in ‘90…Made Davis Cup debut in 1st RD in Switzerland… Went undefeated (3-0) during year in helping U.S. back to World Group…At AMS Miami, run to QF included wins over former No. 1s Rios and Sampras (l. to Hewitt)…

2003 – Youngest American (21 yrs., 3 mos.) and second overall (behind Hewitt, 20 yrs., 8 mos. in 2001) to finish No. 1 in history of ATP Rankings (since 1973)…Made biggest jump in history to No. 1 from previous year, improving from No. 10… Sixth American to finish No. 1 (Sampras-6 times, Connors-5, McEnroe-4, Courier-1, Agassi-1)…Won six titles on three different surfaces in eight finals…Won an ATP-best five matches after saving match point (went on to win title three times)…

Compiled a 25-11 record with one title through May, then 47-8 with five titles under Brad Gilbert, including a 27-1 mark during summer hard court circuit…Had 19-match winning streak which included AMS titles in Montreal (d. Federer in SF, Nalbandian in F) and Cincinnati (d. Fish-saved 2 M.P.)…At US Open, rallied from two-set deficit (and one M.P.) in SF vs. Nalbandian before beating Ferrero in final…Also titled in St. Poelten, Queen’s, Indianapolis…Finalist in Memphis and Houston…Won Grand Slam record 21-19 in fifth set in Australian Open QF over El Aynaoui…Earned a career-high $3,227,342…

Can your boy do that???? And Oh, BTW, Roddick became No. 1. He has been 1, 2, 3, 4, for several years, teetering between 2 and 4 until ’07.

It’s amusing to me when I see the comparisons and some of the Joker’s fans talk about Roddick as though he’s never achieved anything and/or is a nobody. they should read his pedigre before talking, because he’s achieved quite a lot in his career.

David: I respect you for your fair-minded posts, and I can’t say that about many — you’re one of a kind. However, I disagree that Roddick and Djokovic comparable achievements when they were the same age 24. Roddick was No. 1 before 24. If Djokovic can do what Roddick has done over the past 10 years, winning at least 2 titles per year, and remaining in the top 10, becoming No. 1, and has won 30 titles at age 27, then I’ll say they have comparable achievements.
Ben: You amaze me. I can’t believe that you’d switch from backing a great player like Fed to Djokovic. Anyway, different strokes for different folks, isn’t it, and you’re not the only one to change. I see Roddick fans who are now Djokovic fans, so all’s well.

margot Says:

Eskay: Andy knows how to beat Raf/Rog., the question for us fans is will he step up? Also, Andy has a better chance than anyone of beating Rafa, but Rafa has a better chance than anyone of beating Roger. Another reason why tennis is so endlessly fascinating.
jane, kimmi: at USOpen challenge, they don’t want your postal code?? Only difficulty is finding a nom de plume/team name no-one else has.
skeezer, kimberly: thanks :)
For us Brits, Laura R has just one more qualifier to go. Not bad for a 16 year old with limited play.

Eskay Says:

For some of us, Rafa vs. Murray is becoming more intriguing than Rafa vs. Roger, given the h2h stats overwhelmingly in Rafa’s favour vis-a-vis Roger. Perhaps it is this rivalry that will engage fans in future, should Murray go on to win a G.S at U.S.O or/and A.O. There have been a few late bloomers like Navaratilova who showed their potential not as a 17 year old wonder. Stefan Edberg too tasted his first success after passing critics tag as a choker. Murray’s dawn appears to be on the anvil.

Von Says:

I don’t get it, when posters speak their mind, we hear from some fans, that they are being *harsh* on their faves, but we never hear from those same posters when another player, who’s not their fave, is being ridiculed that the one doing the ridculing is being harsh. If one wants to pretend to be fair-minded then they should speak up for both sides on the harshness, not doing so selectively.

Kimmi, I agree Andrew is NOT being harsh and he has a right to speak up without being scolded. Djokovic’s ranking helps him a lot in the draw, and this year he’s had some ridiculously easy draws, or else he wouldn’t have made it to the QFs and SFs. Look at Cincy, he played Troicki, who always rolls over for him, and Chardy, and he’s in the QFs. Then he meets a guy who’s played a tough match the previous night, with very little recovery tiem, 4 years older than him, and suffering from mono, and the Joker falls to pieces. Then to add insult, he gets into the press conference and says the player didn’t do anything special. Well, if the player didn’t do anything special, why didn’t Djokovic step up and play in a special way, since he’s got all this talent?? sheesh.

steve Says:

@Kimmi: Wozniacki is another iteration of Jankovic, but more of a competitor and less of a drama queen. Unlike her predecessor, she will leave it all on the court and not make excuses.

But her tennis is, for me, unwatchable. All grinding. And I expect she will burn out early, as many such players do.

There’s a real dearth of young hotshots on the women’s side. All the best players, like the Williams sisters, Henin, Clijsters, Dementieva, etc. are older; Henin and Clijsters are literally retreads, having come out of retirement. Others, such as Kuznetsova and Stosur, are middle-aged in tennis years.

There’s a lot of hype around Azarenka and Wozniacki, but I don’t see much in them. I put some hope in Wickmayer and Suarez Navarro (sadly injured for most of this season), but otherwise the prospects for players of real stature seem fairly bleak.

margot Says:

steve: love Suarez Navarro and had wondered where she was. However, she is small, for a tennis player, and that seems to be such a disadvantage in both women’s and men’s. Know I’m prjudiced but have big hopes for Watson and Robson.

Ike Says:


It’s time…Andy Murray – US Open 2010 Men’s Champion!

Ike Says:

US Open 2010 Men’s Quarterfinals:

Rafael Nadal vs. David Nalbandian

Andy Murray vs.Tomas Berdych

Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Roddick

Roger Federer vs. Marin Cilic

– I hope Murray won’t be shocked by Querrey in the fourth round

– Can Berdych survive Isner scare in the fourth round?

– Probably, Djokovic will be beaten by Fish in the fourth round (if it’s hot / humid)

– I hope Hewitt’s winning streak of one continues against Fed and can beat him in the 3rd round, but doubt it.

– I think Cilic can beat Soderling in the fourth round

margot Says:

Hi Ike: Way to Go! Hope that crystal ball is working just fine! Actually, have got Big Bird going out b4 meeting Andy, in my challenge. Wishful thinking or what? Difficult not to let heart rule head with this challenger thingy!

Kimberly Says:

kimmi-not to suggest fraud or anything but put in a us address? the only issue is if you win they will mail your gift to a crazy address.

At the moment here is my quarters
Murray Berdy


FEDAL five set final. I chose Rafa to win and even gave him 14 aces over five sets. But I wouldnt be crushed even if Rog won if it was a great final. The last 3 finals have been pretty sorry with WImbledon being the worst. (no offense berdy).

contador Says:

Kimmi you need an address / zip code? idaho needs more tennis fans, anyway. ; )

so, who is registered. and i am quite embarrassed to say i have 3 brackets going on tennisx fans tennischannel group, quite by accident ( one of them ) i changed picks around and hit submit and get a new bracket…yikes! yeah, and 1 bracket on the main challenge there = 4 brakcets…too many brackets!!! LOL

not what i meant to do, get another bracket from editing, just wanted to make changes.

skeezerweezer has a great idea – having a bracket challenge straight off this website!

kimberly, what am i doing wrong?! going bracket insane : O

Skeezerweezer Says:

How do you get into the group one on TC (tennisx)? Help” I wound up just submitting mine under skeszer


I got wild thing going far…..

Skeezerweezer Says:

can’t spell my own name, it’s


Ben Pronin Says:

Von, it’s not like I stopped backing Federer all together, but he’s accomplished just about everything anyone could’ve asked for. I want Djokovic to fulfill his potential. You want to completely deny Djokovic is a good player. That’s just flat out ridiculous.

contador Says:

oh i love you for having faith in wild thing, skeezerweezer.

how far? one of my accidental brackets has him beating nadal! i fancy the idea ….a lot

i think that’s same bracket i have fish winning us open title. :/
which isn’t as ridiculous as our wild thing beating rafa in a slam!

go there and register. you will be registered for the main tennis channel bracket challenge ( mens ). fill out the bracket, submit and then check your account and your can transfer your bracket(s) to tennis-x fans group….bon chance : )

jane Says:

margot “jane, kimmi: at USOpen challenge, they don’t want your postal code?? Only difficulty is finding a nom de plume/team name no-one else has.”

Perhaps we’re trying at the wrong link?
I went to the link contador provided at 11:34 and Kimmi is right; I couldn’t register due to the postal code thing. Where did you go margot?

contador Says:

did you have success skeezer?

yep, i first accidentally made my own group- i think. have to check again but i screwed up. but got my bracket “transferred” , to tennis-x fans group. i think i went looking under “groups”

margot Says:

jane: u were right, tennischannel did not like my postal code one little bit so have given the address of friend in New York.

margot Says:

jane: sorry jane, just seen yours. I’m now doing two challenges, see above for tennischannel, but USOpen website challenge site is quite open(!) and have posted there too!

contador Says:

well? offering my zip for tennis-x ers. i will forward prizes, (maybe )

no entrails tho, margot! : /

jane Says:

Kimmi, I just used “90210” : )

Skeezerweezer Says:

tx contador :)

I have meeting up with muzza

jane Says:

margot, did you put the same picks at both!? : )

contador Says:

are you in the group on tennis channel skeezer, margot, jane?

Kimberly Says:

Jane–thats funny!!!!!

Question for tennis channel draw challenge–should I have Kaiser alter the rules and instead of plain scoring add seed number to score starting with third round? Encourage upset picks?

margot Says:

jane: no slightly different, usopen does useful little bios so when you see x, whom you’ve never heard of..:/ has lost 19 out of 20 this year, you might just not pick him! Group 7 or 6, the one without Fed and Djko, is SO hard to predict
conty: no I haven’t, just popped over and it told me to create my own group, so popped out sharpish…

contador Says:

i am trying to figure out how to delete a crazy bracket. good luck with that, eh?

jane Says:

How do I put my picks in the group at the Tennis Channel site? I will lose anyhow because I picked with heart not head. LOL.

jane Says:

margot, what the heck; will maybe try that one too and go for something a little different… what’s the link for that one?

contador Says:

margot don’t be sqeamish. that is how i found the tennis-x fan group: accidentally created my own, i think under “martian,” filled out martian bracket then went to “my account” and chose the option to transfer martian bracket to tennis x fan group.

Kimberly Says:


I submitted my picks into the Racquet Bracket :: US Open ATP contest.

Check out my picks here:

You should get in this contest. Submit your picks here: The deadline to enter is 8/30/2010 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.


I’m trying again, this is really diffficult!

jane Says:

Ike “Can Berdych survive Isner scare in the fourth round?” I have heard that there is a strong chance Isner will not even play at the USO because he rolled his ankle at Cincy playing Nalby.

jane Says:

contador, when I try to transfer it asks me to provide the address for where I’d like to transfer??

margot Says:

jane: just go onto USopen official website, easy. yes, I’ve no chance of winning anything either! Have totally gone with my heart, so have eliminated Big Bird and Fed :)… but we are not afraid of Rafa, oh no we’re not…
conty: give us some help here…pleese

contador Says:

jane, it took me some tinkering thursday night when i was registering. honestly i do not remember exactly how i found the tennis-x pool ^ ^ ?

but it is worth it to jump in the “pool”

in the main draw on tennis channel you can only do one bracket and have to fill it to completion, including how many minutes the final will be and the total # aces and submit that one….in doing so i was given the option of having my own pool i think i just did it, which got me to an option of joining another pool and i found tennis-x fans pool

maybe this is simply easier:


I submitted my picks into the Racquet Bracket :: US Open ATP contest.

Check out my picks here:

You should get in this contest. Submit your picks here: The deadline to enter is 8/30/2010 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.


contador Says:

jane i sent another link but it is in moderation

contador Says:

oh geez. thar it is. exposing myself…

contador Says:

nope, still in moderation

jane Says:

Thanks contador; will watch for the link to come through.

margot, have completed both challenges solely based on heart: in one I’ve put Murray as the winner and in the other, in an utter leap of faith, have put Nole. I figure it’s the last slam of the year, might as well have some fun. If I try the Shanghai ATP challenge, though, I will try to pick more analytically.

margot Says:

jane : me too, me to,o gone with heart. It’s 7 that’s impossible! Has Sod and Cilic, don’t think either is a lock (as you would say) so I’ve got de bakker going deep and korolev, yes, I know..but WTF and isn’t it fun?

jane Says:

It is fun (for now) because it offers that slight shining moment of possibility; i.e., asking self “could this possibly be right?!” with no sense of the matches, conditions etc. Just a shot in the dark, I guess. And I am not the gambling type, so this is all in fun.

I picked Korolev and de Bakker to get to R32 but then Cilic/Soda in R16, ultimately with Soda/Fed QF. At one of them anyhow…

contador Says:

not ready for prime time faves:

debakker ( he lost fairly miserably to stakhovsky in new haven yesterday )

i think stakhovsky will win his 2nd 250 tournament today v istomin

sergi did get a little lucky against baghdatis, who has to be cooked atm.

Kimmi Says:

watching the girls in pilot pen, wozniacki and petrova.

Wozniacki third consecutive year in the final. she is on a roll right now. tough match yesterday with dementieva.

hope she has enough left in her at the USO. she seem to be very fit.

madmax Says:

I wonder if Cilic will have a resurgence at the USO? I can’t believe how well he did last year, being ‘THE’ up and coming player to rival Murray -and he was/is such a great player, but he’s been so inconsistent this year.

A big hitter and someone who has also improved moving around the court (last year), but he seems to be lacking in all parts of his game right now –

Also, what’s happened to Karlovic?

Kimmi Says:

petrova beating herself right now..

contador Says:


here is another tip about the tennis channel and accessing the tennis-x pool.

if i go straight to tennis channel, i can only get to my bracket there.

i had to go to my email to access the tennis-x fan pool and click the link there.

not certain if this this is the way my mac i-book works or what.

oh yeah, forgot to add to list above:


Kimmi- i am watching but i never know who will win a wta /wtf? match. i like wozniaki tho. dementieva, doesn’t she have the worst looking serve? strong player but really weak serve

Kimmi Says:

conty – wozniacki is more stable. petrova beating herself in this match. but petrova has a bigger game imo…big serve , big FH and BH IF they can go in…

I mute the tv though..watching a movie at the same time. aha you can tell where my concentration is…

good luck on the bracket challenge. did u have fed and muzza in the final?

Kimmi Says:

suddenly petrova serving for the set..2 set point. wouldn’t be surprise if she loses this game tho..

she got the set..unbelivable!!

kimberly Says:

I hope nicolas mahut qualifies. He serves more than he gets. Any player that shows that spirit deserves a few wildcards.

contador Says:

i went out, came back and i see petrova took the 2nd set. i watched a little had decided woz would win. that’s why i don’t pick wta! but i’m intersted. it’s tennis. they both look pretty weak compared to serena, imo.

i do not have fed and muzza in the final. not even picking that scenario in any of my brackets, which now total 5

1 in the us open atp ( fanzone ) mens bracket ( federer winner )

btw, is there a tennis-x group there yet? anyone?

4 brackets going on tennischannel ( unintentionally ) LOL!!

1 bracket for tennis channel main contest (nadal winner)
3 in the tennis-x fan pool ( fish, murray, soderling winners )

i like my slim fish winner bracket the most, however unrealistic

contador Says:

nicolas mahut- i agree, Kimberly

yeah, atm choosing a few qualifiers to allow for players like mahut.

kimberly Says:

Btw, having trouble deciding what to do w big john. Reports say he is saying he will play but not practicing and other reports he might withdraw. May need to change him up. I have him to 4th round. That malisse youzney section is giving me grief as well as ferrer nalby gulbis etc.

contador Says:

isner – i don’t how he can play. but i have him winning a round 3 and getting beat by youz. almost went for gulubev beating youz but choosing on misha’s experience

malisse was injured at legg mason. must be still bothering him. he lost 2nd round in new haven. but you never know ?? ! if he is injured, even slightly, sela could win.

who is jack sock? have chewbacca beating him.

ferrer /ernie i picked ferrer and changed to ernie, living dangerous and picking a fave.

nalby and ferrer is likely, not gulbis / nalby. i picked nalby. does ferrer really want to lose to rafa? or verdasco? maybe they do and will take one for the team… ?

contador Says:

meant: isner getting to round 3 and youz winning.

caroline wozniaki- wins new haven

steve Says:

Words cannot express how dull and uninspiring it was to watch Petrova choke away her service game after breaking back.

Expect Wozniacki’s run at USO to consist of a string of matches exactly like that one.

Sans the Williamses and Henin, this is the future of women’s tennis. A contest to see who can produce the smaller rash of unforced errors.

steve Says:

“Dismal”. That’s another word I left out. “Dismal” is a good description.

madmax Says:

federer fans, great news – federer has hired annacone on a full time basis! (on his website

Federer will be assisted in the pursuit of his goal by coach Paul Annacone, who has now joined the Swiss star on a more permanent basis after a successful trial period.

The pair have been working together since the end of July as Annacone, formerly the coach to Pete Sampras and Tim Henman among others, works out the remainder of his contract as men’s head coach at the Lawn Tennis Association until November.

“Paul and I have had a good trial period,” Federer said. “He will be working with me during the US Open and I look forward to having Paul as a member of my team going forward.

“He will be integrated more and more as his responsibilities with the LTA wind down. He brings his experience as a coach and a player and is a very nice guy, very calm. He has a fresh, different view.”

David Says:


I guess when I said “comparable achievements” I was looking a bit narrowly at Slams and MS events.

I actually do have a higher opinion of Roddick than most tennis fans and think that he would have a very high Slam total if Fed had never played tennis – possibly as many as 7 or 8 Slams right now. Without Fed, I think Roddick and Nadal would be the 2 great players of the post Agassi-Sampras era.

So in that sense, I do think Roddick could have been the much more “significant” player historically vis-a-vis Djokovic. But most fans and players seem to just judge players on their number of Slam victories, so in that sense there isn’t really anything between them.

steve Says:

@madmax: thanks for the great news!

jane Says:

This article (link below) about “Murray’s Bid” really makes this much clear; since Fed/Nadal started winning most of the slams -i.e., 2005 or thereabouts- only 3 others have broken through to win a slam: Safin, Delpo and Djokovic. That’s amazing. Five years wherein Rafa and Fed have utterly dominated at the slams. 8+16 (or I guess some of Fed’s were in 03/4 too). They are the only two to have held the number 1 ranking since 2005 too, right? Has there been this long of a domination of only 2 players before, in terms of slam wins and the #1 ranking?

If thinking analytically or based on history, it is therefore very difficult to pick against them when doing the bracket challenges or otherwise. I suppose things will change eventually. Everything is mutable, after all.

Von Says:

David: Thank you for the clarification. Yes, had it not been for Roddick being born in the same era as Fed, I think Andy would have won many more slams. He’s gotten to 5 finals, not to mention the SFs and QFs that he’s lost to Fed. That 18/2 H2H should have been split between the two, but sadly, it was not to be for Roddick.

I’m hoping that Andy can navigate through his USO draw, but he’s got to get by some very tough players. Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned, but one never knows when it’s mono how he’ll feel on any given day. Mono, is very tricky, as a person could wake up feeling fine and then in a few hours become lethargic without doing too much. The lethargy could then last for several hours. I believe that happened to Andy last week at Cincy. He was tired at the end of the second set and the rain delay didn’t help. Fish baked him a breadstick in the third set.

Ben: I’m not denying Djokovic is a good player, but I’m saying that he’s not as good as you seem to claim, and/or better than Roddick. But, then again, you’ve never liked Roddick, and you unmercifully bash him whenever you can, without restraint. It was clearly evident in your previous post in which you stated that the Joker is easily the one with the most talent. That’s a matter of opinion, Ben, and I don’t happen to agree with you. Anyway, enjoy the USO and the Joker’s matches.

Von Says:

I’m thinking that Tennis.x should dedicate a thread for each tourney to the bracket picks. This way the bracket comments could be easily accessible for checking and communicating with each other, and not get lost in the midst of the other comments.

Maybe, one of the bracket gang could petition Sean Randall to have such a thread in place. This is just a suggestion, but if I were doing the bracket I would like such a thread for easy access to comments on the subject matter, rather than having to scroll through the comments which pertain to the topic of the thread on which the bracket comments are interwoven. It could save a lot of time.

As I said, it’s just a suggestion, so please take it as just that and don’t read more into it than is stated.

Kimmi Says:

steve – i was thinking the same thing re; petrova choking today *dismal*

wozniacki has a tough draw at the USO tho. she is bound to meet sharapova R16. sharapova should/could beat her I think IF she does not choke away a la petrova.

skeezerweezer Says:


Help! I subitted my picks and they are under my name for now “skeezer”. I hit the transfer button and it gave me this:

Send the link below to the person you would like to transfer the pick to:

You will receive a confirmation email once your entry transfer has been accepted.

Is that YOU?

skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks for the info and the Fed…..:)

grendel Says:

This is Nadal’s take on the prospect of winning the US Open. “I hope I have more chances to play well here and to have the chance to win, but without obsession..I am more than happy with what I have at home, all the tournaments that I have won. It is more than I dreamt five or six years ago, so I am happy for that.”

I think this is an honest comment, but nevertheless, shouldn’t be taken at complete face value. I am sure that Nadal is not obsessed, in the way that Lendl was clearly obsessed to get Wimbledon. He will have noted that Lendl failed, and may be aware of the fact that it was not Lendl’s poor grass court game which failed him – in the year of his second final loss (to Cash), he was playing phenomenally good grass court tennis, taking Becker apart in the Queen’s final – but his unhealthy mindset which undid him. Poor Lendl, who had been flowing when he destroyed Becker, punching his volleys (this was in the days of real grass) as if he’d been born to it, reverted in the final to the wretched would be grass court player, rigidly and correctly placing his volleys neatly into the net. He was petrified by his own overwhelming desire to win.

Nadal – it seems – has got the hang of channelling a fierce desire to win into his play without it consuming him. Part of this entails public relations – demonstrating a generally cool and low key approach; this is sensible, since it takes pressure off him. The Lendl type attitude simply entices the more sharklike among the journalists to gather in expectant hordes, willing the upset.

But also, I think, Nadal is quite a laid back type (at least off court), whilst Lendl was full of a sort of nervous intensity. My belief is that Nadal wants to win the US Open just as much as Lendl wanted to win Wimbledon. But he has somehow managed to contain this desire so that none of the accompanying energy is frittered away in useless obsessing about it, but is instead preserved for the tennis. That is a clever trick, and suggests that Nadal will one day win the US Open.

skeezerweezer Says:

So Istomin is playing in a HC final? Interesting…..

Kimmi Says:

aaaah ESPN just put DAY 1 schedule.

Federer v dabul night session. Looks like Nadal won’t play DAy 1

Kimberly Says:

I think Ive finally got the right link to the tennis-x group because right now it is only me and three martian moonball!!!!

All other friends (kimmi and others) please join. It won’t be the same without you!!!

Kimmi Says:

to me stakhovsky has more variety. love his one handed backhand backhand. some drop volleys, drop shots, BH slice, great to see.

Istomin is a hard hitter, great FH and BH. a lot of weight on his shots..berdych like.

Who will win this match?

contador Says:

hi skeezerweezer

that’s me but my pool is not the one to be in. i goofed.

somehow get into kimberli25’s tennis-x fans raqcuet bracket

try this:

or go up to kimbeli’s posted link @ 12:16 pm.


von, it’s a great idea. i liked skeezers earlier idea too.

in the atp 1000 series draw challenge. there’s a place where we leave messages but not the case with us open and tennischannel.

c’mon sign up on the tennis channel pool. it’s all in fun, von…


this is a good match, unlike the wta final earlier.

looks like stakhovsky is not going to let istomin get a title

Kimmi Says:

mmmh just realise verdasco played fognini at wimbeldon first round and he lost.

OK, he had a problem with his foot or something at a time. he can’t lose again. C’mon verdasco.

For you guys who picked fognini, change your picks now to verdasco….

contador Says:

lol, my tennischannel username. Kimberly

i really tried to delelte one of those brackets!!

yeah. stakhovsky is smart. not powerful but fun to watch.

poor denis having to meet rafa second round. would really help him if he won this.

Kimberly Says:

poor Rafa, for sure he gets day 3 as always. At this point I’ve got to think he requests it. He couldn’t get hosed so many times.

Kaiser promises to help post appropraite links when he gets home since I am obviously incompetent.

Kimmi Says:

kimberly – give me a fake US address :)

contador Says:

i see mahut is knocked out of the qualifiers. good news for canadians – roanic and polansky are still alive.

and just heard cahill say in his bracket he has x-man taking out youzhny

Kimmi Says:

the variety of stakhovsky is winning him this match methinks.. up a break in the third

Kimmi Says:

for those who played USO braket challenge at USO site, which team did u use?

Skeezerweezer Says:

I like Fed playing the first day, if he wins throughout others have to chase….:)

contador Says:

i didn’t get an answer when i asked the same question, Kimmi

so i simply plugged in “tennisxfan” and am going solo, atm.

i don’t like using “fanzone” ; it’s barely compatible with my computer. it drops me in the middle of changing picks

and clever jane i guess used a beverly hills, ca. 90210 address unless she was joking. i imagine that would work.


Kimmi Says:

stakhovsky wins. I thought his win against baggy was a fluke but now i watch his all match today..there is no fluke about this guy.

Great variety…has he been watching federer a lot :))

Love his variety. congratulatins stakhovsky. hope he moves up the ranking even further.

contador Says:

Kimmi what i was saying is that in signing up on that fanzone us open thing, it was making me name a group, so i simply typed in tennisxfan.

Kimmi Says:

lol, thanks for the address..I will plug that in

Skeezerweezer Says:

Ok I got into kimberly’s pool I think using contadors link @ 8:11pm. I am also in the main pool by myself as skeezer.

Now I am picking stakhovsky to win :)…….j/k

Skeezerweezer Says:

Beverly hills 90210, LOL don’t think as a guy I don’t know…that was cool if it worked ;-)

Kimmi Says:

it worked skeezer. Clever jane

Mg Mg Says:

US Open scheduling is not fair.

contador Says:

yay- skeezer and kimmi

Kimmi did you get a bracket on the us open website barcket challenge?

stakovsky v bald bomber? thinking of changing that pick.

changed to malisse over youz when i heard cahill picking him.

Kimmi Says:

contador – I typed tennis-x , i wonder if i can change it to ‘tennisxfan’ hmmmm

Kimmi Says:

i am on the tennis channel bracket first contador. then USO…I started then stopped. will go back later

contador Says:

you probably can add a group. i have 3 or 4 on tennischannel, LOL

( not intentionally )

i’ll go see if i can join your group “tennis-x”

i am going to be busy all day tomorrow and monday. grrrr have to plug in qualifiers-

go polansky and roanic! polansky could be a good qualifer to pick, if he makes it to the main draw

Kimmi Says:

things are just not as straight forward as the ATP challenge…confusing.

main pool, private pool..oh dear!

OK, kimberly. I joined the private pool tennis-x group. lets see how it goes..

Kimberly Says:

kimmi–one of the canadians from my tennis club is joining, he is excited another canadian will be in

Kimmi Says:

aaaarg contador – i tried to go to your team “tennisxfan”, I get an error.

“Error trying to enter team: The team name tennisxfan is already taken”

I dont want to create a new name..i want to join it..grrrrrr! frustrating!!

Kimberly Says:

is anyone doing the WTA?

contador Says:

no luck for me either Kimmi. we are teams of ourselves.

i love the atp 1000 draw challenge. it’s so easy and we can leave messages!

Kimberly, i apologize about all the martian moonballs. i didn’t know how to edit obviously, and every time i did, to my horror , there was another entry. sent an email for help in deleting, we’ll see.

and it is still confusing because i can’t take back my pseudo pool . last time i went in it i got a page where i could upload a photo, logo and other stuff! what?

Kimberly Says:

What about rules? should I add seed number after third round?

WTA here are my awful picks. In the first round i literally flipped a coin on some.

My quarters are




Took wozniaki out to sharapova.

Kimmi Says:

contador- i see what you mean about dropping out that USO site challenge. it did to me too.

Kimberly Says:

contador–make sure they don’t erase the picks you want!!!!

For the french I accidentally submitted two different pools, one to the main and one to a private group from the tennis club we play at. I had to redo my picks and it was late and i was tired. i did it out of memory but had one difference. In the private pool I picked Youzney to go to the quarters (which he did) and main draw chose Tsonga. Actually I won the group tournament on that one pick (everyone had picked Rafa to win).

Kimberly Says:

ferrer gulbis—keep going back and forth. I think I’m going to stick with the veteran baldy instead of Stahovsky

Ben Pronin Says:

Von, I’ve always liked Roddick, I just don’t obsess over him the way you do, there’s a difference. And I’ve bashed Djokovic, Federer, and even Safin unmercifully, too, so, it’s not a biased thing. When a player does something I don’t like I’ll criticize them.

jane Says:

Kimmi, totally agree with you about Stakhovsky’s variety; I watched him play de Bakker yesterday and although Thiemo wasn’t playing his best, Stakhovsky was playing well and using his all court game.

I’m trying to find out how to transfer my picks into the Tennis Channels’ Tennisxfans pool; I am registered now (thank you to Kimberly for the link and for creating the pool for us!!) but my picks aren’t showing there.

contador, yes, I really did use 90210, clever or not. : ) Also, I think at the USO challenge I used “tennisx” as my team. Or something very similar to what you used.

Von Says:

Ben: I don’t understand your linking for him, it’s too much vacillation and lavish on criticism, stingy on praise with you.

I think you neeed to learn the meaning of *obsess* before telling me that I obsess over Roddick. I defend him when I see him being unnecessarily attacked, that’s all. There are others here who are obsessive and extremely protective of their faves, but I don’t think I fall into that category. If I were obsessive as you claim, I would bring Roddick into everything, as some do on these threads, as they can’t seem to talk enough about them, e.g., clothes, shoes, twitter, which reporter said what, et al. That said, please use a different word for my allegiance to Roddick, as obsessive I’m NOT.

Von Says:

contador: I think it’s a good idea, honest, as it would make for easier reading for all. BTW, what was skeezer’s sugestion? I’m sorry to have to ask, but to be truthful, I just scroll down when the posts are bracket related, as It’s like Dutch to me, and I must confess I’m a bit daft.

Kimmi Says:

if we can all join in one group at the USO website challenge. it will be great.

I just find out, they have a team and a group. what we have created is a team..

somehow we need to create a group that everybody else can join..this is what we need to figure out

Ben Pronin Says:

Von, I think Roddick is a cool guy, but his game isn’t generally the prettiest to watch. And, particularly a few years ago when he was experiencing big upsets, his game was questionable and that annoyed me because I didn’t like seeing him lose in round 3 of slams. He has a tendency to play too passively and no one likes that (see Murray, Andy for further information).

I’ve told you a million times, I don’t care if you think I criticize too much or not, that doesn’t mean I don’t like him. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to get a beer with the guy because he just seems like a cool person to hang with. His tennis has always been another story.

And yeah you are obsessive because you jump on people for saying even the slightest negative about him. The guy isn’t perfect.

Von Says:

Ben: I’ve let many things pass more that you and several others do, so don’t try to tell me different. There’s one poster here who just loves to needle me about roddick and indulges in nasty stuff. do you see me going after her.

Don’t tell me I jump on people for saying even the slighteszt negative stuff, you’ve always said that, and ikt’s an exaggeration on your part. As I said, there are others who are worse, but they are your faves, so you don’t see it, and mostly because they like the Joker and Fed. You’ve jumped on me many times for saying what I feel to be the truth pertaining to the Joker, so let’s not go with this scorecard business, it’s an exercise in futiliy. Anyway, believe what you want to believe. I’m not going to lose sleep over your thoughts about me.

Ben Pronin Says:

I’d love some examples. I see most of the things said on here, doesn’t mean I always have to comment. I’m not going to bring in names but apparently I’m unbelievably negative towards Federer, too. Maybe I’m just a negative person?

David Says:


Why in the world would Rafa request the Wednesday start? As we all know, that puts him in the most vulnerable position possible at this poorly scheduled tournament. One full-day rain-out, or even one night session rain-out, and he’s looking at back-to-back matches, potentially 8,9 or even 10 sets in 2 days. I refuse to believe that Rafa’s camp could be so stupid as to willingly put themselves in that position.

Of course we also know that getting the Wednesday start means that to win the tournament he will have to play 3 best of 5 matches in 4 days. With the Monday start, it would be 3 matches in 5 days. I would think that’s a signifiant difference.

The only explanation I can see for this is that either Federer or Roddick has requested the Monday start and gotten it from the USTA. Do they deserve it? Well, one guy is the 5-time champ and the other is the top American player, so that’s one way of looking at it. But if Rafa wanted the Monday start, it strikes me as unfair that he doesn’t get it this time considering he’s the top seed and started on Wednesday last year.

Andrew Miller Says:

This is a mean spirited question from me, but any takers on who will do better, the U.S. Wildcards or the Canadians at the Open this year?

Andrew Miller Says:

(I don’t mean to be more mean, but I shall also pose the question: who makes it to the 2nd round, Stosur or Schiavone?)

Von Says:

Von Says: contador: I think it’s a good idea, honest, as it would make for easier reading for all. BTW, what was skeezer’s sugestion? I’m sorry to have to ask, but to be truthful, I just scroll down when the posts are bracket related, as It’s like Dutch to me, and I must confess I’m a bit daft.

Von Says:

David: Nadal has asked on several occasions to start last. I think it’s because he wants to get accustomed to the court, and having a late start gives him more time to prepare for his first match. Also, it’s a good way to check out the opposition’s game.

I don’t think Roddick asked for the Monday match, as he also likes to start late, so it’s mostly the tourney directors who probaably want to have the crowd come out, as Roddick is a big crowd draw.

kimberly Says:

Any luck on group for uso site?

David Says:


Well, if that’s the case then I think that’s poor decision-making by the Rafa camp. He’s had a full week of practice to get used to the conditions. I don’t see what an extra day or so is going to do.

Maybe he trusts in his iron-man ability to play and play and never get tired, but unlike at 09 AO he will have less recovery time in the latter stages of the tournament, or at any stage in the event of rain.

Of course, that’s if he can make it that far to make it an issue.

This could all be moot, as it was last year, when he obviously didn’t lose because of fatigue.

Anna Says:

Dave – From what I understand it’s rained alot in New York this year and Rafa hasn’t been able to hit the practice courts as much as he’d like. I also wonder if it actually works better for him to play matches daily toward the end of a tournament (even 5 set matches) in terms of staying in rhythm and focus. Sure would like to hear from Rafa about this.

skeezerweezer Says:

I wouldn’t worry about a 24 yr old getting fatigue playing one match every day or every other day, unless every match he plays is a 5 setter. He is not the only one who starts on Wednesday, and if he chose it ( per Von ) what does it matter?

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