Rafael Nadal IB3 TV Feature [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 20th, 2010, 1:41 pm

Spain’s IB3 TV recently profiled their national hero Rafael Nadal. In this special feature you can see video of Nadal when he was just a kid to footage of the post-US Open celebration.

I can’t speak Spanish, but for those of you who can enjoy it!Nadal spoke to the local media upon returning to Spain last Wednesday.

“I really can’t say I’m the best, I don’t think so. Saying that would sound very arrogant from my behalf and there are tons of other athletes [here in Spain] that are also very successful in their respective disciplines. There are guys like Alonso, Gason, then look at what Indurain did or what Contador has done”, responded Rafa when he was referred to as the best Spanish athlete. “To be included in that group and be compared with them it’s a huge honour already.”

Nadal was also celebrated at the Real Madrid-Ajax game and at a Real Mallorca match (below):

Nadal is scheduled to play in the Thailand Open next week in Bangkok.

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12 Comments for Rafael Nadal IB3 TV Feature [Video]

Nina Says:

Even if you speak Spanish you won’t understand this, it’s in Catalan-Mallorquin!

Daniel Craig Says:

There are some spanish words that are intelligible, but impossible for the most part

Anna Says:

Don’t need to speak Spanish or Catalan-Mallorquin to know what’s going on the vids. Thanks for the post.

Seth Says:

Only posting this here because I don’t know where else to post it:

Tennis-x, stop posting illogical nonsense about Federer in your Funk/Trunk section. You rag on him as if Nadal’s ascension to the number 1 ranking and accompanying dominance is a huge surprise. There’d be more of a story here, and it would represent more of a precipitous downfall for Federer if he and Nadal were the same age. You act as if Roger should be able to defy the inevitable physics of aging. Of course Nadal’s star is currently shining brighter; he’s FIVE YEARS YOUNGER than Federer. He’s still on the upswing of his career arc, unlike Federer, who through no fault of his own is slowing down physically. Quit pretending that this represents some momentous shift in the balance of power due to some sort of unexpected and unforeseen downfall on the part of Federer (which it would be if he’d had the same results as this year at, say, 24 years old). He’s 29, owns 16 Grand Slam titles, and has been number one far and away for the better part of the last sixteen years. A little maturity in your perspective would serve well here.

Seth Says:

And that’s to take nothing away from Rafa and his accomplishments, which are indisputably impressive. But my goodness, the sports media’s shrieking about Federer losing ground to Nadal – as if this weren’t inevitable due to their age difference, if nothing else – has just got to quiet down.

zola Says:

Thanks a lot for the nice video. I wish someone could translate it!

As a Rafa fan I agree with Seth. Completely unneccessary comments on the funk/trink about Roger. Of course I don’t imagine Roger reading that column. So those words are directed at the Fed fans here and that is a shame! This is a happy time for Rafa. Can’t we enjoy it without derogetory words towards Fed or others?

zola Says:

very nice from Andy Murray;

“He’s one of the greatest players ever – I’ve been saying that for a while now – and to me he didn’t really prove that at the US Open, it just adds to his resume, and I’m sure he’s going to go on to even better things.

“He’s achieved everything there is to achieve in tennis with all the Grand Slams, the Davis Cup, he’s got Olympic gold – there’s not a whole lot left he needs to do but I’m sure he’ll win more Slams, more titles, and he deserves to go down as one of the best ever.”


fern Says:

Good on Nadal, it’s great to see hard work pay off. I think the greatest part of his success is admitting that there is always room for improvement, no matter how many titles he wins, he is prepared to accept that his game is not perfect. I’ve never heard Rafa say ‘I’ve got the game to win this or that, or to beat this or that person’, he always says he’s going to work hard to improve and try his best.

He said once that training for him is pointless, unless he is working to improve his game. When he reaps the rewards it spurs him on to try even harder to improve, I suspect that had he not won the USO this time round, his resolve may have taken a knock, but I’m sure after the disappointment, he would have dusted himself off and carried on trying.

SG Says:

Nadal’s competetive nature seems to preclude him from taking winning for granted. I’ve never seen any athlete (including Tiger Woods) with such an incredible desire to compete. It’s astonishing. He really stays in the moment.

Whatever this guy does in his career, he’ll have earned it. If he ends up on the top of the GS totem pole, he’ll be very well deserving. I don’t see him winning 17 or 18 slams because he plays a young man’s style of game. Then again, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Rafa, don’t ever count him out.

Great champion. I wonder what it’d be like to be 24 years old and already be a living legend.

Mike Says:

Also could not agree with the funk/truck stuff lately

it is blatantly pathetic shit towards Federer and awful butt loving for Nadal – as if WE havnt had to listen/read enough of this crap for the last 3 months.

shows bitterness that some people have held for Roger during HIS dominating times.

grendel Says:

SG says:”I don’t see him winning 17 or 18 slams because he plays a young man’s style of game.” And adds:”Then again, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Rafa, don’t ever count him out.”

You don’t count him out because he is part of a team which carefully monitors the different situations he finds himself in. Nadal’s style of play is injurious to his health and therefore career threatening? So modify it. His style of play is not conducive to winning the big one on fast hard? So modify it.

And the beauty of these modifications is that they actually re-inforce each other. Thus the fast serve developed (just like that!) with the aim of winning in New York also shortens some of the points, thus saving his body.

Nadal is now middle aged in terms of tennis, and he is not only getting better, his health also is improving.

As he gets older, look to the Nadal team to think of further ways to adapt his game. Would you want to bet against their success?

Fedal Says:

I’m sure when federer and nadal get together, they’re going to laugh on you guys and how sad it is that you guys make a living judging them and not earn anything out of it. What a bunch of sorry asses.

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