Celebrations Continue in Serbia after Davis Cup Win [Video]

by Tom Gainey | December 8th, 2010, 9:48 am

It’s no surprise that the Serbs are still partying in the aftermath of their first Davis Cup trophy.

Over a 1,000 people braved the cold temperatures to gather at City Hall in Belgrade Monday night to join the team in celebration.

“I was here when I won tournaments, but now, with my friends from the national team, it is more important,” Novak Djokovic told the crowd.

“We have something that no team has: friendship both on the tennis court and in private and that contributes to winning this title.”

Serbia’s government awarded each of the players a bonus of $240,000 and the Serbian Post issued stamps with player’s images.

Here’s some of the footage:

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10 Comments for Celebrations Continue in Serbia after Davis Cup Win [Video]

Nina Says:

$240.000? WOW.

Kimmi Says:

$240,000 is like nothing for nole. Its something very big for the other players though..

jane Says:

Well, every little bit helps. I think $240,000 is indeed “something”, even to Nole. I mean how much do they win in the average “250” tournament, or “500” event, or even Masters event, depending how deep they get? One quarter of a million dollars/euros is a good bonus methinks! :)

Kimmi Says:

Nole has won that kind of money before, several time. How much did he get by reaching the final in the USO 2010. Masters series win costs about 600K. Dubai and beijing cost over 300K i think. So what i meant is, it is not a big deal for nole as he had that kind of money before..several. but It is a big deal for other players though, as i dont think they have won that kind of money in a single tournament before.

Zimonjic could have done it as he is won few GS and WTF… though doubles prize money is not the same as singles.

All in all its great for serbia govt to do this by showing their appreciation. The stamp thing is cool too. I am sure the davis cup win will make tennis even bigger in serbia.

Pressure for the girls (JJ and Ivanovic)in the fed cup now.

Kimmi Says:

just saw this on ESPN:

delpo to resume injury comeback at sydney


too bad he is dropped down to 259 in the ranking. it will be very tough to come back, the draw will always be tough.

he will now need wild card to play for few months. wishing him all the best.

dari Says:

Nice bonus. I think the $ is the last thing on any of their minds, especially nole. nenad just won doubles wtf, so between those two paychecks, there’s no worry about paying for baby clothes for the twins. That gives tipsy his wedding and honeymoon paid back a couple times over. As for viktor, I don’t know his personal expenses, but .I suppose if he wants a new car or something nice for the girlfriend or mom, he doesn’t have to blink about buying it!

zola Says:

Great win for Serbia and they totally deserved it. They have the world number 3 in singles and the best doubles team and they were playing at home. Better luck for France next time.

Nina Says:

Wouldn’t you wish your mom had made you learn tennis at 5? lol, I know I do.

zola Says:

I do too!

zola Says:


It will take a while for Delpo to get his form back, but he is very young and hopefully can do it. Could he have protected his ranking? I think some players have done that in the past.

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