Pete Sampras Has Lost His Tennis Trophies?
by Tom Gainey | December 8th, 2010, 10:07 am

Here’s an odd story involving tennis legend Pete Sampras. According to the LA Times, Sampras has been robbed of a “majority” of his trophies and memorabilia.

The paper says that thieves broke into Sampras’s West LA two-unit storage room and pillaged everything but the furniture.

“I have 13 of my 14 Grand Slam trophies,” Sampras said to the LA Times. “Some are at home and some up at NikeTown [in Portland]. My first Australian Open trophy is gone, and so is everything else.”

And by everything else he’s referring to non-Majors, runner-ups, award trophies, etc.

Pete is just coming out about this in effort to help gets some leads and catch the crooks who did this to him three weeks ago.

“For me to have it for my kids is priceless,” he said to the paper. “I just hope it hasn’t already been destroyed. That’s why I wanted to get the word out now. I know this is a longshot, but I’d regret it if I didn’t at least try. Maybe somebody knows something.

“That’s all I can hope for.”

Sampras finished his career with 64 titles (14 Slams), 24 runner-ups, 6 straight year-end No. 1 finishes and received countless awards and other recognitions.

The police investigation in ongoing.

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23 Comments for Pete Sampras Has Lost His Tennis Trophies?

Nina Says:

It sucks. It really does. What will a thief do with it anyway? sell it? I don’t think so.

killerc Says:

lame. Thieves steal that stuff for memorabilia auctions years down the road or melt em down for the gold or whatever else. Sad. I really hope who ever did this gets caught & Pete gets his titles back. If anything, just his stuff back!

Hypnos Says:

I don’t get it — what kind of douche would buy someone else’s tennis trophies on the black market?

If the thieves did it for the precious metals, aren’t the trophies merely gold/silver plated, as opposed to solid?

Kimmi Says:

very strange! other players better guard thier trophies, there are thieves out there.

Catherine Says:

Woah, this sucks for Pete! I hope the idiots get caught soon, before they might catch the atrocious idea of melting the silverware because of the high prices of silver nowadays…

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Hey Andre, could you give back the trophies to Pete? lol

didi Says:

I feel really bad for Pete but as rich as he is he can’t afford a place at his mansion and instead puts his prized trophies in a public storage facility? Bad decision!

zola Says:

I don’t get it either. Who keeps precious trophies in a public storage? If not thieves, rust and mold would have done it!
I hope he can have them back.

the_mind_reels Says:

If you guys read the actual article from the L.A. Times, you’ll discover that Sampras said he was keeping the bulk of this stuff in storage temporarily while his family sorted out their living situation. They’ve moved two or three times in just as many years, and it’s probably a pain to drag 60+ trophies around from house to house.

I’m not making excuses for him, but it seems like a reasonable enough explanation.

Nina Says:

He kept all slam trophies at his home, minus his first AO which was stolen. I guess the guy didn’t have space for so many trohpies, lol.

Wade Says:

Agassi give Pete his trophies back ya theif!

dari Says:

WADE-YOU SAID IT!!!!! hilarious
seriously though, that is some sad $hit. i hope he can get them back!

Wheeler Says:

Hope whoever did this gets caught within a few months.

steve Says:

Sorry to hear about this.

James Says:

Hope they catch the thief soon, really feel sorry for Pete!

allcourt Says:

Are there PRIVATE storage facilities that he should have used? Or should he have built a shed on his property (and angered his neighbors) to house his stuff while he moved or remodeled his house or had it up for sale? The need for some people to criticize is very sad.

steve-o Says:

Is anyone updating this site?

We have had:

-Serena Williams’s withdrawal from the AO;
-an outburst from Djokovic’s father criticizing the Serbian tennis federation;
-Navratilova’s abortive attempt to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro, which unfortunately led to her being hospitalized;

among other things. There’s plenty of news to talk about, which hasn’t been put up.

MMT Says:

Although it’s a shame he’s lost his memorabilia, I have to say, that was pretty stupid of him to leave his stuff in a public facility. I know he’s just a regular guy who happened to be brilliant at tennis, but that doesn’t mean he has to think like a regular guy and leave his valuables in a public storage facility – and one that doesn’t know what happened to all of it either – sounds like an inside job to me.

Duro Says:

Or maybe, steve-o, you’re just missing tennis and posting and posters here like I do… Right?

queen Says:

You people still respond to this stupid article. It has been a week since nothing new was posted. You must be freakin bored to comment on Sampras’ stupidity. C’mon Xtennis post something new. No tennis no news? Well make up somethig – you good at it.

queen Says:

Need a topic? How about Nadal won ITF World Champion Award. Well it’s not about Fed so there will be no article I guess.

scineram Says:

No one cares about ITF awards.

Top story: Djokovic, Nadal Resume Grand Slam Chase At Wimbledon; Berrettini In Nadal Half