Rafael Nadal: I Would Love To Have One More Grand Slam Title Than Pete Sampras [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 6th, 2015, 10:46 am

After his first title in nine months Sunday in Buenos Aires, Rafael Nadal sat down with former No. 1 Mats Wilander and said he wants to break the tie he and Pete Sampras share with 14 career Slams. But he doesn’t want to talk right now about matching Roger Federer at 17.

“Well I have 14 now, it’s true that I have the same one Pete Sampras that has,” Nadal said. “I would love to have one more than Pete. So I gonna try my best to be 15. And then we’ll see.”

Nadal’s Buenos Aires title was his 46th on clay, and after a recalculation in ATP record books, he’s now three behind Guillermo Vilas’s revised record of 49 clay victories.

The win was Nadal’s 65th overall, which put him ahead of Sampras’s 64.

Rafa is ranked No. 3 this week. He will be seeded third at Indian Wells.

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28 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Would Love To Have One More Grand Slam Title Than Pete Sampras [Video]

Giles Says:

And you will my Champ you will.
Vamos Rafa!

SG1 Says:

I also want to have more slams than Sampras.

Brando Says:

How dare he say he wants 1 more than Pete!

What a deceitful, self serving individual this Nadal is saying such a thing!

What a horror of Sportsman to do such a thing!

Yeah I think that’s about everything:

Have I missed anything out Sienna in talking the BS haters want to yap about Rafa there?

All bases covered Old Sport?

Hippy Chick Says:

I would love him to do so,and it sounds like hes very motivated,as he knows its quite possible,he says he doesnt want to talk about Rogers 17,but i bet hes thinking about it lol?oh the mind games,but i dont think Roger can rest on his laurels either,i think most of Rogers records are safe,but perhaps not the GS?TO BE CONTINUED….

SG1 Says:

Rafa’s the ultimate competitor. Definitely nothing wrong with him saying he wants more slams than Pete.

But, Brando…you have to admit it means a little more when you this and you have only a slam or two in your bag. I mean, Tiger made no bones about it from the get go. He said he wanted to break Jack’s record. Takes a lot of guts to put that kind of pressure on yourself and you haven’t won anything yet. When you say it aloud, you invite the media to apply the pressure too.

Hippy Chick Says:

SG1 He will be accused of been arrogant now of talking himself up,just as hes also accused of playing down his chances,he wont win either way,damned if you dont and damned if you do?….

Brando Says:


I agree with your post.

SG1 Says:


These are athletes, not MENSA members (Bartoli excluded of course). I wouldn’t expect a consistent from response from any of them, one day to the next.

SG1 Says:

No chance of me getting into MENSA with the grammar in my last post…:)

Hippy Chick Says:

SG1 LOL i think id be DENSA rather than MENSA myself….

SG1 Says:

DENSA….Hah! :)

SG1 Says:

Kind of a Boston accent thing. Wataa’ is DENSA than Oil.

Hamza Says:

I think it would b ridiculous to say he doesn’t want to win more grand slams, and it would be more ridiculous to say he is interested in getting one more slam but not breaking Pete’s record. I mean if you want one more slam, you’ll end up breaking Pete’s record. At this point, the two are commutative desires haha.

He probably just said, “screw it, yea I want to break Pete’s 14! Happy?”

Hippy Chick Says:

SG1 nah moi from Bighty,as we say here when your dence your thick like oil….

Kam Retnasami Says:

“Nadal’s Buenos Aires title was his 46, and after a recalculation in ATP record books, he’s now three behind Guillermo Vilas’s revised record of 49.”

NO! Nadal’s title in Buenos Aires was NOT his 46th overall. It was his 46th on CLAY only. Overall, he now has 65 titles.

Hippy Chick Says:

So Rafa has won 46 titles on clay,and 19 on HCs,my goodness what an out and out failure he is….

RZ Says:

His wish may well come true in early June.

sienna Says:

Wow what a bold statement from this leading all time great.
Getting sick and tired off this wanna be goat.
Already on level terms he is willing to speak out what he would like.

Nonsens he wants 18 and needs fed to stick on 17.
That is what he really wants.

Sampras took the bull by the horns. he made sure everyone new he wanted the record. and he got it.

nadal tries to tippel toe his way to slamleader.

No way José or Raphael …

The Swaggie Says:

@Hippy Chick
Rafa has 16 titles on hardcourt and 3 on grass!!
Did you forget Wimbledon 2008 and 2010 and the tournament of Queens????

Hippy Chick Says:

The Swaggie yeah i did actually,but thats even better as it makes his resume even more balanced,multiple titles on all surfaces,especially the GS THANKS….

brando Says:

Aww isn’t that cute? The butt hurt on display @ 11.20. Love it when rafa makes the hater rile with pettiness as that’s all they got to offer! Keep doing what you’re doing rafa and we’ll keep enjoying the haters whinge like the sorry fools they are!

Hippy Chick Says:

Funny how a poster seems to spend that much time and nervous energy pontificating about a player that they dont even like,i cant see the point,but whatever floats your boat i guess?….

Markus Says:

Federer fans should keep quiet about Nadal and be nice to him and his fans because if they retort by asking why Roger has an abominable record against Rafa, they would be grasping at straws for a reasonable explanation.

sienna Says:

Why would the guy even give interviews?
He is not speaking his mind. Lying and trying to deceive people.just put out press release message.

madmax Says:

Hippy, you miss the point, you know it too.

Dart1 Says:

Rafa, you are a total sportsman, gentleman and a sheer delight. Your modesty and sense of fair play over the years has been a complete lesson in how to conduct yourself.

Hippy Chick Says:

Madmax err no….

metan Says:

Only one Rafa ??? 😓

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