Federer-Nadal Match for Africa Raises over $2.5 Million; Event Shifts to Madrid Wednesday
by Sean Randall | December 22nd, 2010, 10:20 am

Like them or not, you have to give big kudos to both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for their generosity during this holiday season. Instead of resting and relaxing at some beachside resort after a long, tough season, the two mega-stars of tennis are hard at work raising money for a good cause and giving us fans an extra special year-end Christmas bonus. ADHEREL

Yesterday, Federer and Nadal joined up on court to raise over $2.61 million dollars (or 2.5 million Swiss Francs) for the underprivileged in Africa and the Federer foundation. That’s a heck of an effort.

As for the match, well it was an exhibition and the quality was very much exhibition-like. It was no shock Federer won in front of his Zurich fans (I expect Nadal to win in straight sets today) but the court appeared to be super slick which didn’t make for the best of tennis as neither player was running at top gear. What was a surprise was how little on-court banter there was between the two during the match, something I think they’ll rev up for today. Still, there were some entertaining moments and the preamble videos and pictures were worth the event alone.

“This is a special match for me, which I’ll remember forever, not just only for a long, long time,” Federer said after the 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 win. “I thought obviously of doing a match like this for a long time, but I felt comfortable doing it this year and Rafa was so supportive and coming over and helping… I’ll look back on this with very fond memories forever and that I was able to pull off this event here in Switzerland for the first time so nicely and with such hype, it was just amazing.”

And while their respective fan bases may not get along, it’s crystal clear that Federer and Nadal have genuine friendship – are they not a cute couple with their Euro scarfs, etc? How many other 1s and 2s from tennis or from any sport are this cordial and gentlemanly to each other as Fed and Rafa are, and this is during wartime! Picking Rafa up at the airport? Seriously?

Again, very high marks for both players. And there’s more money to come as the proceeds from the contest today in Madrid benefit the Rafael Nadal foundation.

“It’ll be very exciting for me, and very emotional for me also,” Nadal said yesterday. “Thanks to Roger for coming tomorrow. We never played together in Switzerland before, but in Madrid it’s going to be the third time I think. We’re going to be 1-1, he beat me in 2009, I beat him in 2010, so it’s going to be a decisive moment.”

ESPN2 will have live TV coverage again at 1pm today.

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31 Comments for Federer-Nadal Match for Africa Raises over $2.5 Million; Event Shifts to Madrid Wednesday

kathy Says:

Looking forward to todays match! Hope Nadal beats Federer. Visit http://www.tennisticketnews.com for tickets to all major tennis tournaments.

queen Says:

How can you not like these two:) Relationship that started as rivarly ended up as friendship. Remarkable. Hope Madrid be even more fun.

Brett Says:

Let’s not for get Del Potro, prior t his injury he was giving these guys a lot of trouble

Juan Says:

Anyone know how the second set is going?

Tom Gainey Says:

Nadal is leading 76, 46, 30.

Juan Says:

Thanks man

queen Says:

Brett, it will take Del Potro a while to go back where he left off. I would not count on his quick come back on top.

blank Says:

Well done Fed and Rafa! Instead of going for ‘cash grab’ exo’s this off season, they are doing a wonderful thing.

On another note, I don’t think things are going very well with Dimitrov.


tennisfansince76 Says:

hmmmm. Fed won in Zurich and then Nadal won in Madrid. funny how that worked out.

leo vixen Says:

Brett, this is not about DelPotro or anyone else except for Nadal and Federer doing a great thing during the holidays for people in need. It doesn’t matter who won either match; what matters is that they were able to provide entertainment for the fans and raise money for their respective foundations. For once, let’s just leave the rivalries and competition alone and focus on the real meaning of these 2 games and the true greatness of each of these players on and off the court. True Gentlemen with a lot of class. And Queen is absolutely correct and I will eat crow otherwise, but DelPotro is not going to come out guns blazing and win everything immediately without having match practice and his confidence reinstated; all that will take time. Just look at how much time it has taken others with injuries to come back. Nadal went 11 mos. without a title and that was after being number 1 and with 6 Slams already; DelPotro was no where near any of that before he got injured.

queen Says:

It worked out the way it should worked out.

steve-o Says:

Another entertaining match. What was the total haul for charity, about $5 million? That’s great for just two matches.

bobby Says:

Both of them are making tennis great.They are exceptions in this cut throat world full of hate.There are many sportsmen richer than them but are not concerned about the welfare of the downtrodden.Nadal and Federer actually can rest and sleep without thinking about the world.But they understands that they are lucky in this complicated world.I salute them for doing what they can to make a difference.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

It’s definitely a unique situation of such good relation between #1 and #2. Really amazing.

Would you imagine Prost and Senna having lunched together at the paroxysm of their relation? No way. Though just before dying Senna was friendly to Prost but Prost was already retired.

Kimmi Says:

congrats to rafa and roger for successful charity matches. looking forward to see their real matches next season.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Kudos to all the posters who posted during these exhos with the right heart and attitude towards both players. These two guys made a decision to do this, and they didn’t have to. Hope they both have a great Holiday.

dari Says:

There were more *cute* moments in today match.
It all just leaves a lovely feeling in your heart, what these two men did especially Rafa being so young and already giving back so much. and of course roger, who along with hit for Haiti and just by being the oldest and the most experienced on the top right now, seems to be a leAder in philanthropy on the tour.
Well done gentleman. And we saw some good points and good laughs and its all for the kiddies!
Merry x-mas everybody, and can’t wait for AO!

Skeezerweezer Says:


Madmax, contador, i am it, dari, guy, huh, dunbar, jane, gannu, margot, kimberley, kimmi, kimo, aliesh17, two cents, sar, duro, steve o, anna, daniel, mindy, Von, da gang at tennis x, and yes, even my love, memo, and to the ones that I missed;

Merry Christmas or however u celebrate it!

Da skeeze

Kimo Says:

Thanz skeeze :)

Lenny Says:

THANK you Rafa & Roger for that wonderful Xmas gift. These guys are not just champs of the sport, they are champs of the human race.

van orten Says:

loved the game in the second set with federer finishing nadal 2-3 times off with a drop shot then he tried it again and nadal read it running down the shot and winning the point…hillarious reaction from both players and the crowd

funches Says:

Gregoire Gentil Says:
It’s definitely a unique situation of such good relation between #1 and #2. Really amazing. Would you imagine Prost and Senna having lunched together at the paroxysm of their relation?

I’m having a hard time imagining Prost and Senna, period.

WTF Says:

Good on them. I’m glad these two enjoy each other’s company. Lots of rivalries in sport are less friendly off the court.

WTF Says:

What surface was Madrid played on?

Kimmi Says:

thanks skeeze. same to you.

dunbar Says:

Do they, actually, enjoy each others’ company in the usual way that this is understood? That is, do they seek out each other’s company for purposes other than conducting business? When they are retired, will they remain “friends”?

If you look at certain politicians in government, they often appear extremely friendly with each other. I sometimes wonder if such politicians keep in touch when their professional careers are over.

I think, too, Federer and Nadal are a source of fascination to each other, for obvious reasons. They both seem to be pretty easy going, so there is no reason why they shouldn’t quite like each other. And in one crucial sense, they will be able to understand each other as nobody else can. There’s a certain piquant irony there. But I’d have thought the bond was one of shared circumstance, not mutual affection.

steve-o Says:

Thank you Skeezerweezer, a wonderful holiday to you too.

Kimberly Says:

Skeezer, merry xmas/happy holidays to you as well.

Happy Holidays as well to COntador, Jane, Mindy, Kimmi, Dunbar, Ben, Mem, Von, Margot, funches, sar, duro, madmax, kimo, gannu, fedend, rick, steve-o, daniel, guy, montecarlo, aleish17, zola,fan4tennis, David (who has been MIA since USO), all Nadal fans, all Fed fans, and fans of all others, since yes, there are more than two players in the atp world tour!!!

Have an awesome Holiday and New Year and can’t wait for tennis 2011.

I hope its another awesome year for Rafael Nadal, of course!!!!!!

Catherine Says:

One of the best things about these exho’s (apart from the obvious – tons of money for charity raised, the camaraderie between the guys, etc.) that should get a little more attention, imho, was that the fans at both occasions were very much capable of cheering for BOTH guys – which is how it should be.
I tend to think that this whole ‘the fans don’t get along’-stuff is most of all a matter of certain juvenile trolls on the net, rather than how the TRUE tennis fans think of the guys and get along with each other. There was an enormous amount of respect for Rafa in Zürich (as I was part of the crowd over there, I can tell you that at times the cheering for Rafa was even louder than for Roger!), and judging on my DVD recording of the exho in Madrid, the fans over there showed that same kind of approval for Roger.
Which is how it should be, as both of them are just amazing players… and even more, amazing personalities.

steve-o Says:

Thank you, Kimberly.

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