Julia Goerges Drives Off With Porche Title [Video]
by Tom Gainey | April 25th, 2011, 10:18 am

Julia Goerges won the biggest title of her young career yesterday beating World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki 76(3), 63 to capture the Porche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart.

The 22-year-old Goerges matches Anke Huber as the only Germans to win the prestigious title in Stuttgart.

“I had goosebumps at match point. It was an unbelievable feeling playing the final with so many people watching,” Goerges said. “Everything was going so well but you can never be sure against Caroline. She has turned lots of matches around when nobody expected her to. She is only beaten when the last point is over. Now I’m looking forward to my niece’s baptism on Monday and being able to sleep in my own bed again after three months traveling the tour!”

And for winning her second career title, the Bavarian Beauty was awarded with a new Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet which she drove on to the court.

Goerges moves up from No. 32 to a career high 27 in the WTA rankings.

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16 Comments for Julia Goerges Drives Off With Porche Title [Video]

Super Says:

Goerges is Gorgeous! Great tennis as well. It was getting a little boring with Wozniacki winning everything.

Kimmi Says:

super – wozniacki is not winning everything yet…wins small tournaments but not big one. somebody with no grand slam cant be winning everything!

I think she will win one GS soon. maybe not RG and wimbledon but USO and AO for sure. i think hard courts are her best surface.

Yes, Goerges is Gorgeous!

Polo Says:

Wozniacki should pray that she does not meet anybody who plays aggressively and happens to be on her game during the match. Wozniacki’s will always be at the mercy of an aggressive player. Any aggessive player on a good day can beat Wozniacki. Her game is way too defensive. Lucky for her that Serena has had a string of injuries and Venus is past her prime.

Dean Says:

She should now be called Julia “Gorgeous”. She earned it. She probably got some tweets from Rafa.:-)

jane Says:

Good for her! What’s not to like about her aggressive game and competitive spirit – and I like how she fell face flat in the dirt at the end. Didn’t impact her beauty shining through one bit. :) GO Goerges.

Anna Says:

Julia’s dad was great. One minute jumping for joy, the next unable to watch. I think that family had a major celebration that evening. Hope this roll continues for her.

Super Says:

Yes Kimmi, I’m aware of Wozniaki’s grand slam results. Still, she’s only 20 or so. I think she’s got a good chance to win the French Open, seeing as there’s more running around-something Woz excels at.

A power player on a good day can beat her-but the power players are often inconsistent, and many players are missing in action.

Henin is (re)retired. Clijsters is more of a counter-puncher, but she is sidelined with injury. We all know about Serena, and Venus doesn’t look like a big threat anymore. Sharapova is quite error-prone, and overhits when things aren’t going her way. Cibulkova does the same.

Petrova is quite the headcase, and she doesn’t seem to play a lot of tennis these days. Azarenka can be aggressive and is a dangerous player, but normally doesn’t hit harder than Wozniaki. Safina’s back problem can potentially end her tennis career.

That leaves the talented Kvitova, who has not played enough big matches. And of course the German power players Goerges and Petkovic; both who have beaten Wozniki recently. The latter play very well on clay and can end Wozniki’s French Open run should they meet each other.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other player (maybe Yankovic?) that has a good chance to beat Caroline-and many of the players I mentioned only have a moderate chance. Wozniaki’s forehand and serve have both improved, and she is mentally tough. I’m not saying she’ll win but I’d be surprised if she doesn’t reach the semis. Should be an interesting tourney.

Maybe my post is too long! But if these German girls have made a breakthrough, and continue to play well, women’s tennis has just gotten more interesting.

grendel Says:

Super – very interesting post. I was glad you mentioned Cibulkova. She doesn’t often rate a mention. I’ve only actually seen her play twice, both times in grand slams and I think both times against Wozniaki. She came across to me as a stunning player, able to generate the most extraordinary power considering her tiny frame. The price she seemed to pay for her unplayable deliveries ( a lot of them) was a proneness to the loose shot at critical moments. Also, she had no sort of a serve. Makes you think tennis is two games – the serve – and everything else. Being good (and/or powerful)at one is no guarantee of being good (and/or powerful)at the other. To be good in both departments is almost like being an allrounder at cricket.Would love to see Cibulkova pull the very best out of herself.

Of the two Germans,Petkovic seems to me lumpy and predictable whilst Georges is an exciting talent. I am convinced that Kvitova will in time sweep the board – but not yet, as you imply.

Yes, as you say, Wozniaki surely has an excellent chance at the French, and should be favourite – though not a heavy one.

Kimmi Says:

super – your post is perfect :)

I cant believe wozniacki is only 20, she seem older, she has been around for so long already. I agree with you that she will soon win a GS. I don’t know about the RG though..clay seem to be her least favorite surface. hmm, maybe not, she just won a tournament couple of weeks ago and reached a final this week. i could be wrong, she seem to be feeling good on this surface.

I agree with you about all those players that you have listed. azarenka, jankovic, kutzetsova, sharapova all cant beat her. Zvonareva have done it couple of times so she could still do it. Kvitova..i dont know, grendel thinks she has the talent.

To beat wozniacki, one needs to be aggressive and consistent. she moves very well and has great anticipation, she seem to be always there before the ball is hit.

She has been trying to be aggressive too, though at times she reverts back to too much defense which costs her on sunday. I hope she wins a GS soon. she is too good not to..

clijsters injury is too bad..she couldn’t play RG last year, who knows if she will play this year :(

Lets see how it goes. I agree with you about goerges and co..hope they continue to play well. even if they cant beat her, i hope they give her a challenge. wozniacki has been winning a lot of matches too easy.

jane Says:

Super, I enjoyed your post too. You said “Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other player (maybe Yankovic?) that has a good chance to beat Caroline” — what do you think about Schiavone? She is the reigning FO champ, after all. Or Kuz or Stosur (doubt either one, but just a thought as both have gone deep at that slam I believe). Cheers, keep posting! :)

Kimberly Says:

Maybe ivanovic, she won the French before,

dari Says:

Is the reigning women’s champ getting any chance?
She hung tough for three sets with woz after that MARATHON with sveta at AO. haven’t heard much from.her recently though…
I like goerges play, like ivanovic, but above all want Caroline to get that slam!

dari Says:

Yes, it was a nice run-down, super!
And as far as women’s tennis getting more interesting, I have been watching women’s tennis more lately considering we have a pre-determined winner on the clay men’s side ;)

Polo Says:

I could not think of any player who can beat Wozniacki either. There is no particular name to pick but I know that out of nowhere, being that there are so many entered in majors, one of them will play her very aggressively and consistently and beat her.

Super Says:

Thank you all for your input and replies. I’m going to try and stick around here, seeing as this community seems tightly-knit and polite.

Grendel, I agree with you regarding Cibulkova-she is a great inspiration to everyone and an underrated player. Whenever I think to myself, ‘I simply can’t do this’ I sometimes remind myself at the extraordinary power and determination that she has, and that helps me believe in myself. I’ve been a reader of this website for quite a bit, and your comments always prove insightful. I also agree with you that she needs that serve working. As far as Petkovic, I find her an incredible talent when she’s at her best, and I think you’re underestimating her.

Kimmy, thanks for the kind words. You’re right that it’s hard to believe Wozniacki is only 20! When she was still a teenager, I think she was the only teen in the top 10. It seems to me that the younger girls are being bossed around by the stronger, more established ones. Tennis is certainly more physical than it used to be, and I’m seeing less teenagers making big headways in either the women’s or men’s game. This is a subject which could be discussed in greater detail, seeing as how it has considerable implications for the sport.

As for Wozniaki and the clay, it probably wasn’t her favourite surface one year ago. Yet this year I get the impression that she is more patient with her shots. She does tend to be a little too defensive, but she has cut back on that recently. I guess both her and Andy Murray have that issue on occasion.

I hope Clijsters recuperates soon. At this stage in her career she has to plan and choose her battles wisely. A shame she probably won’t make the French, as she has been a finalist twice. She lost the first to Capriati (I liked Capriati) in 2001 and the second to Henin in 2003.

Jane, how are you? Schiavone plays great tennis when she can attack-either by coming to the net and playing with finesse, or by creating some great passing shots. Lately, her results have been solid but unspectacular in my opinion. I think Wozniaki is simply too fast to be out of position for Schiavone’s passing shots. Schiavone has a chance to beat Wozniaki especially if they meet earlier in the draw-and I don’t think that it’s possible. Wozniaki tends to play better the deeper she goes (even if she sometimes loses!).

I had neglected Stosur. She was a finalist in 2010. She appears to have some lapses in concentration, so it will be tough, but an interesting match-up. Kuz has never beaten Wozniaki (that I know of. their last match was the final in Dubai. Wozi won 6-1, 6-3). Still, who knows!

Kimmi Says:

super – great post again. maybe you should move it to the newest thread, people wont miss it then.

Nice to see somebody else interested on women tennis, though its been a bit boring due no challenge, we still get some great matches now and then. ha-ha almost like clay and nadal..but rafa has too many fans. Its only us neutral who are get a little bored.

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