Del Potro, Clijsters Confirm French Open Participation; Roddick Questionable
by Staff | May 17th, 2011, 11:26 pm

The man nobody wants to play, Juan Martin Del Potro, announced tonight that he will play the French Open.

Via twitter, the former US Open champion said he will be going to Paris.

Del Potro’s appearance was in serious doubt after the 22-year-old injured his hip at Estoril month. Del Potro was forced to retire ahead of match in Madrid with Rafael Nadal, then withdrew from Rome to return home for further evaluation. Fortunately, Del Po is fit to play.

Del Potro last played the French Open in 2009 when he reached the semifinals pushing eventual champion Roger Federer to five sets.

This clay season the Argentine was undefeated winning Estoril and a few rounds in Madrid before his withdrawal. He’ll carry a seeding of No. 27 which will put him against a Top 8 player in the third round.

Kim Clijsters’ dream of a first French Open are back on after the Belgian said yesterday that her ankle has healed enough to play Paris. Clijsters, who injured her ankle during a wedding party in early April, has not played the French Open since 2006. She has won the last two Grand Slam titles winning at the US Open last fall and the Australian Open in January.

And Andy Roddick’s Roland Garros hopes are suddenly in doubt. The American’s bad shoulder which he injured en route to the doubles final in Rome last week was not ready for Nice forcing his withdrawal. Roddick has lost his last four matches and a further injury to that shoulder cause put Wimbledon in question.

“Obviously the situation is not perfect for Roland Garros,” said Roddick. “I still have a couple of days for something to get better.

“You have to be 100 percent to play in a Grand Slam. It’s running a big risk playing on an unhealthy shoulder with Roland Garros round the corner and Wimbledon shortly afterwards,” the former No. 1 added. “It’s been a tough year — one thing after another for over 12 months now.”

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22 Comments for Del Potro, Clijsters Confirm French Open Participation; Roddick Questionable

jane Says:

“He’ll carry a seeding of No. 27 which will put him against a Top 8 player in the third round.” Danger, danger! High voltage! For whichever player has to face Delpo that soon along.

I bet Roddick skips RG and gets ready for a push at Wimbledon. Why risk the shoulder on clay anyhow, since he doesn’t usually go deep there, and since his dream is to win Wimbledon? I will be surprised if he plays the FO now. But, you never know.

Good news about Kim; I’ll bet the other WTA players are going “darn!” ;)

M Says:

Vamos Polito! Be healthy, and play well.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Delpo be careful no worries about FO just be well for now, the rest will come. Andy, same for u dude take care of the shoulder u need that big gun serve for Wimby!

Dory Says:

Wow DelPo. Take out Nadal please. You are THE Nadal slayer besides now Djoker of course.

scineram Says:

In the third round

Davydenko, Robredo, Tipsarevic, Garcia-Lopez will be drawn against the top 4,

Querrey, Delpo, Raonic, Baghdatis will be drawn against the 5-8 seeds.


scineram Says:

Assumiong RAndy is playing, of course.

Michael Says:

Del Potro has the potential to be a Champion. But unfortunately his body does not allow him that privilege. Every now and then, he is facing fitness problems. It is not enough if you are a good player in Tennis, what is most important is fitness. Delpo has definitely to learn lessons from Federer on this.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

The couple weeks off will do DelPo a world of good. He got in 4 months of match prep and did VERY well, lots of matches. He’s got the seed protection to get a couple easy wins under his belt before the challengers come, and I’m sure he wouldn’t be returning too quickly if the hip was still a concern. He seems very focused on doing his return right.

He is definitely a danger at the French, and I would not give ANYONE big odds against the big man.
Out of Scineram’s giant-slayers, only Davydenko stands out as a danger for the third round against the top seeds, and only against Rafa. From the second group, Querrey and Baghdatis are certainly not dangerous for the elite, definitely not on clay.Raonic would need to play the match of his life, but he and DelPo may be the two most aggressive players on tour now, so if he hits some lines, watch out.

DelPo is GOING to take some big scalps.


Kimberly Says:

i give only DELPO a chance against the big guys and not a huge one on a best of five either. He has shown me nothing to prove that he would have the endurance to go so long.

I think Federer will hold up better than people seem to think in the best of five scenario also. I really don’t think Gasquet and Meltzer would have won or believed that they could win in such scenarios. I can’t see him not playing at least a semi.

I wonder (and seriously hope this is not the case) if Nadal and Djokovics overplaying will hurt their chances. I mean how fresh mentally can they be after playing the finals of a million tournaments.

But then Caroline Wozniaki is playing Brussels and more tournaments than anyone gets more blls back than anyone and no one talks about her being exhausted ever. Maybe because they don’t have to play a best of five?

skeezerweezer Says:

^ Agree and what if Fed, who has the most rest and freshest of the 3, wins FO? What would the Clay season look like then? Lots of interesting scenarios can happen that would impact the season going forward..

Ben Pronin Says:

It’s pretty hilarious that Federer played significantly worse going into last years French but is even more written off this year.

dari Says:

^ look, ma I just learned where that symbol is on my phone!
Re fed being prob because of how good novak is looking and because he was defending champ last year!
I just hope he does something about it!

Kimberly Says:

uh, ben i think my post says he shouldn’t be written off!

Ben Pronin Says:

I’m not saying you’re writing him off but all the “experts” are.

scineram Says:

Because last year only Nadal was playing great in the spring. Thw world only knows two players. The number one and the rival.

Kimberly Says:

don’t forget to pre-register for my french open bracket challenge!

Huh Says:

Del Po is a great player:hugely talented, also fearless n determined to fight always against his opponents. There’s no doubt that he can beat anyone at any place except a Nadal(at best) on clay or Fed (at best) on HC/Grass. Delpo CERTAINLY CAN n HOPEFULLY WILL win FO in his career, he should as he’s just too good. I can never forget the way DP turned things around in 09 from being d whippin boy of Fed/Rafa to whippin master of Fed/Rafa. Too bad, his physique’s puttin pressure on him, JMDP’s an awesom guy otherwise. Wat an excitin player he is to watch when on song!!! :D

Huh Says:

This year JMDP wil not probably be at his best at FO, so I would give many guys chances of beatin him, and someone probably would beat him too before he goes deep, yet I’d not rule out chances of him causin any major upset/upsets. I think only Rafa n Nole can completely be guaranteed of wins vs JMDP at this year’s FO coz while Nole is in form of his life, Rafa’s also playin much closer to his best form than JMDP is playin to his (own). But even under these circumstances no other guy in the tour except the top two can afford to be complacent against JMDP at FO 11, they might have to pay for it otherwise.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Soderling is world #6, a 2 time FO finalist who has ended Rafa’s streak and knocked off Fed. JMDP has already beaten him on hard and clay in his comeback. And one thing JMDP does real well is improve. So I fully expect JMDP to be at the Murray level here, perhaps just below Fed, ahead of Sod, as a contender. I don’t think there is any other dark horse with a chance. Ferrer cannot beat Fed, Rafa or the new Nole, so I’d cut the list of contenders to 2 serious and 3 outside shots.

Huh Says:

Agree with u tennis vagabond, but I won’t rule out Ferrer’s chance vs Fed this time coz Fed’s not at his best, Ferrer’s playin well and has performed well against everyone on clay, clay’s moreover Ferrer’s fave and Fed’s least fave surface, and Fed’s also low confidence. So Ferrer has chances certainly this time vs Fed at RG. Only thing that may go
against ferrer’s seemingly questionabl fitness, otherwise everythin is in his favour in my view to consider his chances good against Fed this time. Apart from this, I agree with you in everything includin ferrer havin no chanc of winning FO. Sod too would always be considered a dangerman in RG for his rivals, he’s proved himself in this respect. I like Sod too.

scineram Says:

First rounds:


Potential QFs:


Dory Says:

1. Looks like everyone will be getting their Djoko-JMDP match after all. At the FO 3rd round!

2. Either my Djoko or the GOAT RF will reach the final!!!!!! YAY!

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