Novak Djokovic: Having 4 Days Off, “It’s Really a Strange Situation That I’m In” [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 1st, 2011, 7:05 pm

Tennis Channel today got an interview today with Novak Djokovic during his unusual four-day break before his mega semifinal clash with Roger Federer on Friday.

Djokovic, who received an extra day off after his quarterfinal opponent Fabio Fognini withdrew before their Tuesday match, sound relaxed and confident after a practice session with TV analyst and tennis great John McEnroe.

“I don’t think it’s going to affect my rhythm that much and I really do feel good on the court,” Djokovic said about the down time.

If Djokovic wins Friday his will McEnroe’s record start of 42-0 in 1984. The win would also move Djokovic into the No. 1 ranking spot and elevate his streak to 44 straight. Why the turnaround, McEnroe asked? “I just know what to do on the court,” Djokovic said.

Djokovic has beaten Federer all three times this year but is still behind in his series with the Swiss 13-9. He last played a match on Sunday defeating Richard Gasquet.

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9 Comments for Novak Djokovic: Having 4 Days Off, “It’s Really a Strange Situation That I’m In” [Video]

Kimmi Says:

make sure to hit balls some sets etc you will be ok.

jane Says:

Go Nole Go! I love J-Mac. I know a number of folks do not, but I think he is awesome for the sport of tennis and was a fantastic player to watch – he still is, I hear, but I don’t follow the “legends” tour or whatever it’s called.

sar Says:

I want that tee shirt and I like JMac a lot

dari Says:

even though novak is not my #1, i want that t shirt, too. there is another one different colors i liked too.

dave Says:

That’s a smart PR move by Djokovic’s team. Novak not only gets the free publicity with a quick hit and interview with McEnroe, who holds a record that Novak hopes to break. More importantly, if McEnroe is a TV commentator this weekend, he will be in overdrive saying positive things about Djokovic (just as Mark Woodforde has been).

Djokovic has beaten Federer all three times this year (in two of those matches, there was only a 51%-49% split in points). But Federer was the last player to beat Novak (leaving him shell shocked at the World Tour Finals). And in the past year, Federer is the player who most beat Djokovic (four times).

al Says:

Really have no idea who will win this, with Roger and Nadal picking up forms and the Fognini pull-out incident. Who was/is Novak hitting with in
practice these couples of days? I hope he kept his momentum intact and win this one!

Frankly I would not be TOO disappointed had he lost to Del Potro, but since he won that one, I really hope he goes all the way now! :)

gg Says:

love those two guy! such great characters and thoroughly entertaining – and, oh of course, great tennis players. REALLY hope nole wins the semi and final.

Dory Says:

Talks like a world no.1, handles everything like a world no.1. GO NOVAK! You’re a CHAMPION!

Nina Says:

The purest two entertainers this sport has got. And my favorite ever too. GO NOLE!!!

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