Feliciano Lopez Rips ATP Player Rep Justin Gimelstob on Twitter

by Tom Gainey | June 24th, 2011, 7:00 pm

If you watch enough tennis in the U.S. you know that Justin Gimelstob is good friends with Andy Roddick. Today at Wimbledon, Gimelstob got into some hot water by saying that Lopez spends too much time looking in the mirror, and not enough on the practice courts.

Lopez caught wind of the Gimelstob’s comments and wasn’t amused.

“Its funny when people like justin gimelstob talks bullshit without knowing me at all.he did not learn what respect means as a kid..” Lopez tweeted.

Lopez got the last laugh, however. The lefty whipped Gimelstob’s friend Andy Roddick 76, 76, 64 to advance to the fourth round.

“It’s definitely great win for me,” said Lopez. “I beat a couple of great players at Wimbledon in the last 10 years. But to beat Andy in this court is very special.”

In a humoruous side note, Andy Murray’s mom, Judy, calls the fashionable Lopez “Deli-ciano”.

UPDATE: Gimelstob has responded with his own tweets to Feliciano: “I’m very sorry, my comments were taken completely out of context, I have complete respect for you, on and off the court … CONGRATS on a GREAT match today, you played amazing, good luck in the 4rth round”

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20 Comments for Feliciano Lopez Rips ATP Player Rep Justin Gimelstob on Twitter

Kimmi Says:

good from F-Lo. He has been playing well for his talent.

after losing to roddick 7 times, he got his revenge on the biggest stage. good luck in the next round.

jane Says:

Gimelstob seems to be gagging on his own foot fairly often.

Kimberly Says:

Gimelstob tweeted lopez apologizing saying his comments were taken out of context.

Kimberly Says:

@feliciano_lopez CONGRATS on a GREAT match today, you played amazing, good luck in the 4rth round
– Justin Gimelstob at 7:12:47 pm ET Jun 24th

10 votes @feliciano_lopez I’m very sorry, my comments were taken completely out of context, I have complete respect for you, on and off the court

Anna Says:

How can you possibly take comments like that out of context? It can’t be done. Gimelstob is an ass and a horrible commentator as well. When he’s commentating a match I have to turn the volume off, even when it’s one of my favorite players.
He’s arrogant,irritating and unprofessional.

al Says:

‘taken out of context’ is the one single most convenient excuse for all things said inappropriately.

sar Says:

Yeah right, out of context. Gimelstob is the worst commentator in all tennisdom. He is repulsive and might want to take a look in a mirror himself and maybe get some work done. Who is he to talk about players on practice courts? What did he ever win and how did he ever get his gig on TV. I guess his rich parents are major contributors to tennis and he got his reward. He made dispicable comments about Anna Kournikova, Kirilenko, and others. I wish they would get rid of this sexist pompous ass NOW.

Rafalicious Says:

Gimelslob is a complete DOUCHE

Kimberly Says:

Can u blame feliciano for wanting to take a few peeks in the mirror! The guy is hot! With a great rear end too!

sar Says:

Kimberly, no.

FedFan Says:

Kimberly, you are so right! Deliciano it is!

And Footinthemouth-Stob doesn’t belong in the commentators box. Just imagine, if he said that about Sharapova, Wozniacki or any other women’s player he would be called out…but if he says that about a man…?

Eric Says:

Hey, that almost-win of F-Lo over Roger doesn’t look so catastrophic for Federer now, does it? Guy’s playing well enough to whoop Andy Roddick’s ass in straight sets at Wimbledon. Not that that’s hard these days. LOL.

Dan Martin Says:

I think Gimelstob is having a cumulative issue with offending people. This comment was not a huge deal. However, his (misogynist?) rant on Kornikova already places him on thin ice.

SheepleBuster Says:

Taken out of context? Anthony Weiner was taken out of context when he sextweeted? Did Justin make a mistake when he called Cornet a sex barbie or something? I don’t remember exactly what he said. But people like Justin Gimblestob and Greg Couch (especially Greg cause he is always bashing Serena and then says Queen of England is racist for putting her on court #2) are bad for tennis. Now Peter Bodo picking Roddick to win Wimbledon? That should come with some jail time

sar Says:

Dan, I know but he always says stuff about peoples’ looks. Kourny’s face needs a bag over it. Kirilenko is the consolation prize for Andreev. FeLo and the mirror. I just wish he would be quiet.

Jaime Says:

Gimelstob is an idiot. We all know that. But Feli needs to have thicker skin. I don’t want this to be a distraction for next week. His game against Roddick was the best I’ve ever seen him play. He has a really good chance to make it to the semis & face Rafa! A girl can dream.

Anna Says:

Actually I think Feli’s skin is plenty thick. The whole “pretty Feli”, “Deliciano” thing has been going on for a long time. I think Nole introduced him at his families tournament as the “prettiest” player on the tour. It’s become a bigger topic than his tennis and Feli deserves better. Andy M. is right, enough is enough.

andrea Says:

how does a fourth rate player like justin worm his way into being a commentator? i get it that not every player who was a top pros – mcenroe, navritalova etc – ends up as a good commentator, but there is something so lounge lizard about justin.

Ben Yomed Says:

This Lopez thinks he is the Don Juan of tennis and everybody on the tour knows it. The pretty boy spends more time in the beauty parlour chair than on the practice courts. I enjoy listening to Gimelstob he tells you like it is and rather than the powder puff Mac. Gimelstob is to tennis what Phil Rizzuto was to baseball.

leo vixen Says:

I think Phil Rizzuto knew more about baseball than this asshole Gimelstob knows about tennis. I agree with all the comments; he is the most irritating, annoying, pompous, asshole commentating on live tennis. I live in Europe now and thought the British commentators were biased and obnoxious, criticizing the athletes for their clothes, looks, nervous ticks, but he makes them a joy to listen to, if you can imagine that. At least they seem to know their tennis a lot more than this jerk who feels as if he needs to analyze every single point, serve, ball toss, etc. Yo, Justin, what was your ranking as a player? Good for Feli Lopez who spoke his mind, albeit, I wouldn’t stoop as low to even answer the idiot.

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