Gimelstob Set To Be Replaced On ATP Board In Rome? Who’s Running Against Him?

by Tom Gainey | April 30th, 2019, 10:43 am

Disgraced former player Justin Gimelstob remains on the ATP Board, but he might only hold that seat for another month when he’s up for re-election. Earlier this month, the American plead no contest to assaulting a man last fall leaving many to ask if someone with such a tainted record should continue at that position.

While Rafael Nadal refused to give his opinion, Andy Murray did.

“I don’t see how he can hold position of authority at ATP,” Murray told the Telegraph.

Former player and coach Darren Cahill also came out against Gimelstob.

The ATP’s 10-man player council will ultimately have the last say if Gimelstob continues in his role or he’s replaced on the 6-person board on which he’s served since 2008.

Among those who have already announced their intention to take his “Americas” seat are former Top 10 players Brad Gilbert and Tim Mayotte and Murray’s past coach Dani Vallverdu is also rumored to be running.

Wimbledon has also banned Gimelstob from competing in their legends events and from their Royal Box.

But the American will likely still have the support of player council members like Canadian Vasek Pospisil and his good friend John Isner who he also coaches.

Meanwhile, Tennis Channel is still set to announce their decision on whether to retain Gimelstob on their announcing team for the French Open and Wimbledon.

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12 Comments for Gimelstob Set To Be Replaced On ATP Board In Rome? Who’s Running Against Him?

chrisford1 Says:

What a shame. Gimelstob is a brilliant young man (42) who understands both the players and the business end. But that former friend he beat in front of the man’s wife caused her such stress she miscarried. He also was court-documented as an abuser of his ex-wife.
I don’t know where the violence came from. He came from a privileged athletic Jewish family and was a top student.
But no way can tennis keep him around as a Board member. If they can, they need to also remove him from broadcasting and coaching for 5 years or so. Then see if he has changed and is an asset gain, vs. liability to the USTA and the ATP.

SG1 Says:

“privileged athletic Jewish family and was a top student.”

…not sure how the above words are relevant to anything. Violence and wealth/religion have never been societal dividing lines. Gimelstob just happens to be an a-hole. There are wealthy and poor a-holes. Rich and poor a-holes. A-holes with good grades and a-holes with bad grades.

SG1 Says:

…meant “Rich and poor” to be replaced with “Jewish and non-jewish..”

Giles Says:

Joker toppled Kermode with the help of this lowlife?

Wog Boy Says:

“….not sure how the above words are relevant to anything.”

Sorry to budge in, but actually you can say it’s relevant in a sence that that how they are referred to, mostly by their own choice and request , as Jewish American, Jewish Australian, Jewish Russian etc.
When I talk to my Jewish friends here that’s how they call themselves, they have their own private schools they attend, from primary to high and they are like a fortresses with armed guards protecting them, Italians, Greeks, Serbian, Ruasians are attending open public or private schools, open for every religion or class (as long as you have money for private ones.
Second generation of Italians, Greeks, Russians, Serbians are always going to say they are Australians and if you ask for background they will then say whichever background they are, not so with Jewish, Bog majority will tell you they Jewish Australians, the only comparable ones are, not surprisingly, Arabs, they will never tell you they are Australians, always Arabs or Arab Australians.
When you read about Mr Trupm’s son in law they will always say that he is orthodox Jew and that Ivanka converted to Judaism. I was asking the same question, why do they have to say that all the time, isn’t he just American, well apparently not, we can see that by recognising illegal and unlawful occupation of east Jerusalem and Golan heights as a part of Israel by his father in law.

chrisford1 Says:

SG1 –
It may be comforting to express to others that race, gender, group, socioeconomic status has no impact on instance of criminal violence – but that is just virtue signalling that you know isn’t true.

Gender influences odds of committing violent up to felonious acts of violence. Race plays a huge role, as studies like “The Color of Crime” show global consistent patterns blacks commit violent acts at rates 6 times that of whites (inc. white Latins), and 9 times that of Asians. Poor commit physical violence far more violence wealthier stratas of society do. Stupid more than bright, And culture and faith influences rime rates. Hardline Sharia countries have lower murder and theft rates (in part because Allah help those who do face justice) – but wife beating is common.
The point being in Gimelstob’s background, you have multigenerational significant Jewish dynastic wealth: Grandad was a multimillionaire, Dad is worth 100s of millions from owned Financial Services firms, Gimelstob himself worth 10s of millions. A background of living your whole life in the highest socioeconomic strata, private schools, a culture that discourages violence at least in the US leaving the ME out of it. Gimelstob was a 4.0GPA student at UCLA.
The Jewish part is significant because it points to a lifetime of wealthy community privilege, opportunity, a lower risk of violence.
If we were talking billionaire scion’s Ernst Gulbis sending his GF to the hospital (He did not, BTW!) – the surprise would be as big. If it was Clentonious Davis (fictional) – a NFL linebacker decking men and women in a brawl – being black, from a poor socioeconomic group, raised in a culture of black male violence it would not be a huge surprise.

SG1 Says:

As I said, being an a-hole has nothing to do with what religion you happen to affiliate yourself with. If you want to turn this into a political debate about Israel or that being Jewish “points to a lifetime of wealthy community privilege, opportunity, a lower risk of violence.”, then do so…on some other web site. I’m sure The Klan will be glad to hear from you.

Both of you have done nothing more than expose your own not-so-unbiased views about Jews. It’s pathetic that the folks who moderate Tennis X don’t do something to remove folks from their site when they spew this kind of toxic BS.

chrisford1 Says:

SG1 – KIndly go F* yourself.
You lack reading comprehension in tossing out my assessment of likelihood of violence, and making it about some slur on Jews via Gimelstob.
My reaction is real surprise knowing a bit about his personality and background. If you add up his “identity” components, they strongly indicate a low likelihood of criminal violence.
Had it been Ernsts Gulbis, same thing.

Wog Boy Says:

Load of crap, not worth replying, when you don’t have valid arguments then you play race (antisemitic) card, so popular.
My view is legitimate and qualified being immigrant myself and interacting and living with people from different races and religions for more than 30 years in the city of 5 million people where more than 1/3 of them wasn’t born in this country they call home now, including myself. Tough luck you can’t handle the truth. Identity politics, what was that?

This reminds me on one of greatest White House reporter who was even called antisemit for stating her opinion, those “qualified” people didn’t even know the definition of “semitic” since she was 100% semitic, and she had to resign from White House because of her non PC but correct opinion, but she has integrity never to retract her opinion, gret White House correspondent, great woman with integrity, I leave you to work out who she was, died not long ago at very old age.

Sean you are free to delete what ever you want, not before I say this, not in one word I insulted or disrespected anybody becouse of their religion or race, I only stated facts about their behaviour, that includes my people too, (criticising Novak regularly for his views).

SG1 Says:

Interesting that Toms article made no mention of religion but both of you just couldn’t resist the opportunity to get in your thinly veiled bigoted opinions. Reasonably intelligent people who read your posts will be able to read between lines. It’s fully within your rights to discuss whatever the hell you want as it’s clear that Tennis X lacks the strength of character to shut you two down. It’s fully within my rights to call out hogwash when I see it.

This is a tennis blog site. Using it as an avenue to promote your own social agenda is a misuse of the site which has been my point from the outset. With all of the above said, both of you can not so kindly go f#%%# yourselves.

Wog Boy Says:

“With all of the above said, both of you can not so kindly go f#%%# yourselves.”

Thanks for the kind words though I don’t know what did I say to you to be included in those actions, maybe your luck of arguments again, nevertheless I reject the idea of self-pleasuring, I’ll rather do that to you (though I am not into it but ready to do sacrifice for the mankind), you might finally feel full filled since you sound empty.

BTW, I owe you the name of that White House corespondent, late Helen Amelia Thomas….I know I know, she was bigoted antisemite, heard that before from the people with no other arguments, even she is 100% semite, check her interviews or YT, you might learn something and fill that emptiness…saves me doing the things I am not really into, cheers;)

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