Serena Drops, Federer Drops Knowledge; X-Notes
by Staff | July 9th, 2011, 4:41 pm

Serena Williams
dropped to No. 175 on the WTA tour rankings after her early Wimbledon loss…Bernard Tomic climbed to No. 71 after Wimbledon, making him the top Aussie over Lleyton Hewitt.
So the U.S. Wimbledon weekend broadcast rights are going from NBC to ESPN? Who cares? As long as it’s not Food Network or Versus…Lindsay Davenport was going to play World TeamTennis while pregnant, but had to pull out of the season when told by her doctor not to play…Novak Djokovic partied like it was 1899 after winning Wimbledon — doing traditional Serbian folk dances in Belgrade square to traditional Serbian songs amidst fireworks and flares — albeit with 100,000 fans showing up, and throw in rock bands and strange signs by Serbian tennis fans taunting Rafael Nadal for his loss. One sign reportedly said, ‘What’s wrong Rafa, can’t win with a stress fracture in your foot, you pussy?’ — Actually we made that one up. “The time has come to bare all my emotions to you and all I can say is that you are the best in the world because only Serbian fans can throw a party like this,” Djokovic did say. “We have a soul that is second to none and with the team event coming up, I can promise you we will do everything in our power to win it all again.”…Best headline: “Federer Says Djokovic Deserves No. 1 Ranking”. In other news, ‘Federer Says Sky is Blue’…From columnist Nancy Rubenstein: “Not only has pro tennis failed to advance American players, it seems to have an odd insensitivity to play dates, with the men’s final in New York being set for 9-11-11 — on the precise ten year anniversary of the fateful fall of New York’s Twin Towers — a devastating date in our history. Who makes these decisions?..Tennis players stand their ground alone with no half-time breaks of 15-30 minutes. They can be on a very hot court as long as five hours. There’s no sheltered dugout, no locker room retreat. Maybe I’ve answered my own question about why there is a diminishing number of American pro tennis players.” — Thanks for the once-a-year tennis column Nancy, and yes, tennis players do have a shaded area on changeovers, and a locker room they can retreat to…Novak Djokovic was 48-1 after winning Wimbledon, approaching John McEnroe’s 52-1 start from 1984…Lleyton Hewitt will only play doubles against China this weekend in Davis Cup play as Bernard Tomic and rookie Marinko Matosevic handle the singles duties for Australia…Former Davis Cup captain David Lloyd says Andy Murray needs to shave and tidy-up when he makes on-court appearances, to which the British No. 1 replied: “I don’t think it makes any difference, guys like [Bjorn] Borg didn’t shave for weeks and months until they lost…He’s entitled to whatever his opinion is, but I think he should stick to what he does best and that’s building leisure clubs. It doesn’t make a difference, it’s whoever works the hardest, whoever plays the best wins the matches and that’s all that’s important.”…Former world No. 1 American (pre-Open Era) Dennis Ralston had one of his legs amputated below the knee last year, due to infection complications after a surgery…Canada is screwed in their Davis Cup zonal tie with Ecuador as both Milos Raonic and Frank Dancevic are out with injuries…Andy Murray opens in Davis Cup this weekend against Luxembourg’s Laurent Bram, a now-teaching pro who retired from the tour four years ago and does not have an ATP ranking.

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27 Comments for Serena Drops, Federer Drops Knowledge; X-Notes

Skeezerweezer Says:

Thought your taunting Rafa thing was hilarious but the bitter scorned loveliest of the Rafa bod contingent shall bring wrath upon you… Rafa is cool, but some blind love lady fans hoping Rafa will marry them cause he’s single? Get over it! And what if he doesn’t prefer Ladies? Just saying….otherwise….Rafa is not the kind to take this shellacking easy….he’ll be back with the evil mastermind Unc Toni. Winter is coming…..

Kimmi Says:

hahaha hilarious!

“Federer Says Djokovic Deserves No. 1 Ranking”. In other news, ‘Federer Says Sky is Blue’

federer, no one deserve anything, they have to go earn it as Colin would say. lol!

Kimmi Says:

Skeezer LMAO

Humble Rafa Says:

Why is everyone is picking on me? I am just a MTO taking, butt picking, 30 sec between points taking humble guy from Mallorca with a never-lose-a-match -without-an-injury-excuse mentality.

In other news, when Roger lost his No.1 ranking, no one called him a pussy.

John Says:

The move to ESPN matters to me. ESPN customer reps assure me that they are not going to tape delay big matches.

Colin Says:

Thanks for the mention, Kimmi. I don’t expect everyone to agree with things I say (I do really!) but it’s nice to know that at least somebody heard me.

jane Says:

Colin, everytime I write announcers now I correct myself and change it to commentators. ;)

fair Balance Says:

Behind Fed’s comment is the all-too-obvious acknowledgment that Djokovic has indeed worked very hard to deserve the number one ranking. Nobody believes Fed meant it in any other way.

mem Says:


give up! you can’t flaunt what you don’t have. you are embarrassing yourself with your subtle accusations about nadal. talk about personal attacks. oh, but wait a second, you don’t make personal attacks, you just cry to administrator when others attack you.

i was just thinking you’re always so obsessed with nadal, what if you don’t prefer ladies? just saying.” what if you like nadal yourself? just saying! now you can cry to the administrator that i personally attacked you.

don’t blame nadal and his fans if your physique is like the front door of a house. some have it and some don’t. face it, nadal has it! too bad, ain’t nothing you can do about it but take your usual derogatory swing at him.

jealousy can be harmful to your health!

Diego Says:

You cannot be serious about the fact that no one cares that Wimbledon is going from NBC to ESPN. NBC hasn’t caught up with the 21st Century and the concept of LIVE Tennis. They are still living in the 1980’s. By the way, their coverage was even worse out here in the West Coast, where they would come in 3 hours after the East Coast coverage had started. Again, it’s a LIVE sporting event, not a TV sitcom. For my money, I hope they also lose the rights to the French Open, where they also tape-delay a lot of the matches. There’s also no question that ESPN’s coverage is better since they feature a lot more different players, while NBC is simply interested in featuring only the Americans.

steve-o Says:

mem, you needn’t be so jealous. No one else is, was, or ever possibly could be as obsessed with Nadal as you are.

Whatever skeezer’s feelings towards him may be, they surely pale in comparison with your own, just as a candle pales in comparison with the noontime sun on the summer solstice.

Your place as Nadal’s number 1 devotee is firmly secure, even if his place as the world #1 isn’t.

I propose the new acronym of GMFDNFOAT: Greatest and Most Fervently Devout Nadal Fan of All Time. And I am happy to say, mem, that you have proven yourself a worthy contender for that title. Congratulations!

mem Says:


when i need a sermon from you i’ll ask for it.

i don’t complain when you guys run it in the ground discussing roger or novak or whomever 24/7, so it’s not your place to tell me when, where, and what i can say about nadal. i say what i want about him and you can call it what you want.

skeezer has a big mouth just like you. he does his sneaky remarks about nadal, but he whines and pouts like a baby when it’s done until him. so if you want to lecture somebody, lecture him.

dari Says:

everybody chill out, its just internet chatter, no panties/boxers in bunches!

mem Says:


you’re absolutely correct, it is internet chatter, i know that, but apparently there are others who don’t.

maybe you should explain that to skeezer. it’s strange to me how you guys are blinded to his frequent personal accusations and allegations. it’s oh so funny when he says things that are unnecessary and indescent. i don’t see you being eager to call him by name and tell him to chill. is it a buddy, buddy, circle that you guys run in. seems so!

read skeezer’s july 10th post above and tell me if what he said about nadal “not prefering ladies” was necessary and decent.” i have yet to see one of you speak directly to him about his regular inappropriate and slanderous comments.

with all due respect, if you wanna maintain decent discussion and avoid personal attacks, then call out the ones by names who participate in that kind of stuff and don’t beat around the bush like you’re doing.

dari Says:

Sorry mem, no buddy buddy circle for me. I mostly talk to myself and the air here and you should have taken my comment lightly as such

someone Says:

Nadal is a cheat. End of Story.

Kimberly Says:

Nadal is awesome.

mem Says:


if you say so!

sorry, every player can’t be a rafa nadal. you’ll get use to it. isn’t he special!

sheila Says:

i dont think nadal is a cheat. people accuse federer of gamesmanship when he makes certain remarks. i think all the players have a certain amt of gamesmanship & this may be nadals w/his timely mto. i dont know but theyre all gr8 players nevertheless & they r only human & we as “humans” have r fvt players. it seems we get very emotional when it comes to nadal & federer. it is nice, however, 2c someone else coming in the mix(djokovic) & hopefully more players may stepup i.e: delpo, murray, soderling(doubtful-hasnt done it yet) & berdych(also hasnt done it yet against nadal or djokovic)

skeezerweezer Says:


Am I really that important to you? Why all the loving posts?

I said in my post that “Rafa is cool”, and did not say “Rafa doesn’t prefer ladies”….(“What if” is what I said). As usual, you seem to have a knack of twisting and using your words, not mine. Re-read the post…..carefully. The post was directed at the topic written by the Staff and the category of posters like you, not Rafael Nadal. I have a lot of respect for him, as a person, and he is a great tennis player. Do I like his style of tennis? His on court behavior? No. Some do. Some don’t. So? Fed is arrogant, some say, some don’t. So? What’s it to you? And I, and many others on this blog will continue to praise and critique Rafa, Fed, Novak, etc…that is what fans do, they want to come here and “share an opinion”. As you can see, no one is stopping your posts.

If you want to discuss a player, how about we opinion about that player(s) as much as we want but we can’t pull each other personally in it? Can you do that?

Ya know I am beginning to see clearly that this has nothing to do with Rafa and you, but your seemingly love feelings towards me (Note; read your posts). If I copied and pasted all your posts, it would look like one big loving Rant. This is not the intention of this blog, nor I am sure the direction they want it to go. You have obsessively typed my name on this thread so many times I can’t keep up. And you even supposedly know my physique? Impressive try, but again, not true. I am sorry I have chose not to give you the same adoring affection.

I am already in a nice, secure, loving, supportive relationship and I am not available. So please quit with the obsessive infatuation stuff, or I will have to cry to the administrator. Thank you.

Kimberly Says:

I am already in a nice, secure, loving, supportive relationship and I am not available.

Does such a relationship actually exist? I am married with two kids and would never describe mine as such! But at least I’ve got a way better player that I can force to play tennis with me as much as I want!

skeezerweezer Says:

@K….Lol well said ;)

mem Says:


your relationship talk is quite interesting and i’m sure you are qualified to speak on that subject, but that’s not the topic. i call you out on some comments you made earlier and as usual you turn it into some fantasy about relationships which apparently is all in your mind.

i probably already know the answer but i’ll ask anyway, do you ever stand up to things you say? you always back down and change your story when someone calls you on it. it never fails, you always come up with things like, “i didn’t mean it that way, i respect nadal, he’s cool, this blog is not for this kind of discussion” the perfect response from a coward.

some friendly advise, you would get more respect if you had the guts to stand up to what you say and stop throwing a rock and hiding your hand so the speak. face it, you make a lot of noise but you don’t have the guts when it comes to admitting to slanderous remarks you make.

however, it is interesting how self-important you assume you are.

dari Says:

Gotta give it to Kimberly on that one! Hehe

skeezerweezer Says:


I don’t want to start a thread about all this, and I am sure others don’t also, so this is my last post on the matter….bring on the summer tennis….PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…..”Stand up for what I say?”

How about this….My “name” hasn’t changed, nor have I ever posted as an Alias or hid behind one. Everyone knows where to find me. I do not post as other names on other sites also. I try to answer all that is asked of me the best I can. I am not afraid to say ” I am sorry ” or ” “my bad” if it is applicable. Your insinuation of a “club” here is just that, an assumption. I have an opinion, and some may not like it. They may post a comment and I don’t like it either. The difference is we can separate that from the love and respect of the game. In the end, I count them as my virtual friends. My discussion and debate with them is more important than my fav or there fav. There is no “club”, just an unspoken respect and overall love for the game, not A PLAYER, per se. Question is for you, are you still going to be around when Rafa is gone?

That said, I will not let hideous obsessive untrue accusations of a personal nature to me stand idle by.

So? Speak ill of my fav? Ok. Go ahead. I will not think you are a bad person. Not a big deal. I may think otherwise and post so to disagree about that and not AT you, and I will still sleep at night. Will you? Seems not.

Calling me a coward and talking about my physique and trashing other posters with “don’t tell me!” and “Your this and Your that” is so irrelevant to talking about the game of tennis. If you want to talk tennis…go ahead. This is all so noncontributing towards the game. Critique and praise players and your fav at will. Make an opinion about a player or subject and we all can talk and debate. But if want to spew personal stuff about your self and myself or someone else’s stuff as a person and talk that drama, hey, just post your email address and we can chat accordingly about how you suck and I suck. This is not a Drama blog attacking the everyday people, there are other talk sites that do that quite well.


BTW, don’t give me advice, you haven’t earned that with your personal attacks about me, being “friendly” is not appropriate after all the lies and hateful comments directed at me and other posters. I’ll let YOU know when it is appropriate. That is the mem way, right? And I only assume I am as self important as you are, and in fact, as we all are, no?

out. Bring on the Summer Tennis…..Phllllleeaasseeeeeeeeeee!

mem Says:


save it for those who care!

Skeezerweezer Says:


Those who care? No one else here cares for that post, it was all for you my love. Copy and paste.

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