Further Proof Roger Federer is Getting Funnier With Age [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 19th, 2011, 12:36 am

Roger Federer may not be winning Grand Slams and ATP titles like he used to, but the Swiss tennis star is becoming more and more of comedian in front of the microphones.

This video is 24 hours late, but Federer was asked Sunday night in Sydney about how he would help his teammate Stanislas Wawrinka cope with having to win one more game in a darkness-suspended fifth and final rubber against Lleyton Hewitt and Australia.

“If Stan wants me to do push-ups to pump him up I’ll do that,” joked Federer. “If he wants me to sleep on the floor of his bedroom, to keep him warm as we’re both missing our children… Whatever he wants me to do. I’ll be here tomorrow – except if he doesn’t want me, if he tells me ‘Go to Bondi Beach and relax, I’ll take care of the rest'”.

Whatever choice Federer made, it worked. Earlier tonight (Monday afternoon in Sydney), Wawrinka did manage to win that one game to successfully close out Hewitt in five sets 46 64 67(7) 64 63 putting Switzerland back into the Davis Cup world grouping next year.

“It’s amazing to be in the same team but for sure in Switzerland it is never easy because it doesn’t matter what I am going to do or which ranking I am going to have because it’s never going to be enough for Swiss people because they always look to Roger – but that’s okay,” Wawrinka said.

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40 Comments for Further Proof Roger Federer is Getting Funnier With Age [Video]

Michael Says:

Roger Federer is always a enjoyable personality and his integrity quotient is the highest in sport. I have never seen a fit player in Tennis like Roger. Just for maintaining his fitness all these years, he can be called the GREATEST !!

alison hodge Says:

its so nice to see roger looking so happy and relaxed,and showing his softer lighter side,as well as been a superb tennis player he actually has a wicked sense of humour too,damn it some people really do have it all lol.

dari Says:

Goofy guy!

Kimmi Says:

ha ha he looks tired though. Congrats for the suisse win and go rest up.

Kimmi Says:

thanks M, those are great clips.

Tran Says:

He is and always will be a class above all tennis players (No disrespect intended to them)

vox777 Says:

Is there a message in there somewhere? Wawrinka, do it quickly so I can go to the beach and watch babes :)))?

alison hodge Says:

tran while i do agree roger is the worlds best and the classiest tennis player there is,or is ever likely to be,and yes he is also a gentleman off a court,but if you say the others lack class i think thats unfair,nole,rafa,roger,are all great ambassadors for the sport.

JungleCat Says:

Roger is one class act – TOP.

Humble Rafa Says:

Why does anyone use Rafa and class in the same sentence? I mean seriously.

Does the dictionary have Roger’s pic next to the word Class.

Class is not even used with the D-man who is having the best year since Jesus Christ.

Humble Rafa Says:

*not use class & Rafa in the same sentence. Got carried away.

I like tennis bullies Says:

thats not funny thats just creepy
and gay

CM Says:

@M thank you . Funny videos. Enjoy.

madmax Says:


Really great videos. All of them..the Annacone and romantic dinner was hilarious!

Have you noticed how Roger smiles a lot more in photos. Great smile.

First photo here shows how happy he is.


Skeezerweezer Says:


Great links and all Fed haters should take a peek.

grendel Says:

I like tennis bullies

what an old sourpuss you’ve become! time was when your attacks on Federer would be infused (sometimes)with gaiety and even imagination. b.t.w. you – and Tom Gainey – should distinguish between a sense of humour and a sense of fun.

margot Says:

Why are Americans seemingly obsessed with “class.” Rarely used in the UK except to discuss social inequality or as term of abuse. It’s a catch all phrase and it means zilch.

Skeezerweezer Says:

^One of distinctive and superior quality

Skeezerweezer Says:

^ margot…that be me, skeezer, the magnificent ;)

alex yambao Says:

you just don’t like roger, period.

Cindy Brady Says:

how can you like buliies and not be a fan of Federer? He is the biggest bully on the tennis court. speaks his mind and takes things head on. he is his own man out there on the court and does not retire from matches even when he is 30.

he called nadal one dimensional. he asked novak’s parents to STFU and he even told the british press that murray wont win slams if he plays a passive game. anyone stand up and speak their mind out without uttering platitudes?

Being a bully is not about building some muscle and hiding behind your uncle and shooting over his shoulder. It is about being your own man and expressing your views without being afraid that your uncle might come and spank you in public.

uncle toni make nadal clean the courts. now THAT is a bully. if uncle toni tried that with fed, fed would whip his behind with a babolat. you can bet your house on it.

jane Says:

^ I think Fed uses a Wilson. ;)

dari Says:

I’m laughing in my head about that “be quiet” from fed to Djokovic crew. I like testy fed

Cindy Brady Says:

jane, babolat alliterates better with behind ;)

i was talking about a hypothetical situation where uncle toni might be coaching fed, in which case fed most probably would be playing with a babolat. that was the reason i used babolat and not wilson.

Kimmi Says:

cindy brady – lol!

uncle toni and fed, cant imagine it.

Skeezerweezer Says:

^ Babolat(Rafa’s racket) is 100 square inches, Fed’s is 90 square inches. Based on behind size, seems they are playing with the appropriate Racket. Athough Rafa has more hitting area…..an unfair advantage?

dari Says:

Nice behind reference skeezer.
Fed can get a bigger racket any time he wants, so its not unfair.
Muster just retired again, made me fast forward to a fed retirement at age… 33, then a resurgence at 35, with the bigger racket maybe?

jane Says:

I think that’s the first time anyone here has ever attempted a logical argument with ‘I like tennis bullies’ re: Fed. Quite humorous and fair points made. I wonder if we’ll hear a re-butt-al? hee hee. Hope so.

Kimmi Says:

humble rafa – i saw the “federer most respected” at the ATP site. seriously, some of these studies don’t make sense. what will be next, wonder!

skeezerweezer Says:


Love this subtle word play at times. “re-buttal…got it :)

grendel is famous, or infamous…for that. Sometimes me thinks he throws that in just to make sure some are reading in full his well written novellas…;)

gypsy Says:

Kimmi, if Rafa had been at the top of that list, would you think the same.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Great write on the Fed – Novak USO semi – specifically breaking down those two match points…..and if you play Tennis…an even better read!


Parpar Says:

Can’t speak for Kimmi, but I am a Rafa fan, and I would think the same if Rafa were named “the second most respected person” or whatever due to a poll. People venerate celebrities to a degree that has little to do with their actual contributions to society. Neither Federer nor Nadal has done anything nor gone through anything remotely like what Nelson Mandela has.

Elite athletes have rare skills and achievements, and the ones who play sports where there is money to be made can end up enormously wealthy. Therefore, they give money to various good causes. Some of them may be nice to fans, which builds goodwill. Having money that enables them to do good deeds and being nice to fans do not put elite athletes and other celebrities into the same category as someone like Mandela, I don’t care what some poll says. It’s ridiculous. I’m sure even Roger would admit that.

steve-o Says:

Federer has always been funny. He may be poker-faced and serious on court, but he is humorous and charming in person.

I don’t think Federer would benefit from a bigger racket. His racket, like his game, is a hybrid of classical and modern; strung half/half with natural strings (for power and feel) and synthetics (for control and consistency). He wouldn’t be able to produce such a mind-boggling variety of spins and slices if he changed to a bigger racket.

jane Says:

Thanks skeezer; interesting piece: I like how the author riffs on “giving up” and “holding on”. It’s true that sometimes “giving up” or letting go of something can help someone reach his/her best, i.e., not being stubborn. But on the other hand, sometimes holding on pays off very well, too. The thrill is in watching it all unfold, like a greek drama, as the writer alludes.

Kimberly Says:

Hi all, just got back from watching Sampras, conners, courier and Chang at an expo. Sampras won the mini tournament v. Courier in the final. Sampras played Chang, then courier played conners then Sampras courier, the winners. Sampras still so graceful and courier is very fit. In the match v. Chang in typical Sampras style he played like crap until 4 all and then won the last two games at love. Indoor hard court. Conners was hitting total junk and I don’t think courier was really trying.

grendel Says:

@skeezerSeptember 22nd, 2011 at 6:17 pm

well, the fella took many words to say it, but i do go along with most of what he said. but come on, not the same as last year – then the match points were on Djokovic’s serve. So this year’s defeat for Fed was much more devastating.

speaking for myself, and i have a visceral memory of the event god it was brutal, I felt things were very ominous for Federer when Djokovic won the first match point following the ultra cautious Fed first serve. When he won the second – and I agree with this author that the tape shot was a result of Fed’s tightness, luck was only a secondary factor – i instantly assumed it was all over. To me, Federer looked like a beaten man, although I have to admit, there might have been an element of projection here.

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