Ladies And Gentlemen, It’s Novak Djokovic On The Fiorello Show [Video]
by Tom Gainey | November 14th, 2011, 11:35 pm

While rival Roger Federer was celebrating his Paris title at a Swiss Chocolate Factory, ATP No. 1 Novak Djokovic took his comdeic talents to Italy where he appeared on the Fiorello’s “The Greatest Show After The Weekend” Monday night on Rai Uno.

Dressed in a tuxedo with tennis sneakers, Djokovic hammed it up with host Fiorello, presenting the popular Italian TV personality with a sign shirt from his US Open title. Later, the two had some laughs during a short on-stage tennis exhibition.

I honestly cannot understand any of the Italian (please add a translation in the comments if you can!) but it looks like everyone had a good time!

The appearance comes a few days after Djokovic had to withdraw last week from Paris due to continued shoulder pain. But he is expected to go at the ATP Finals which begin this Sunday.

After the season Djokovic’s has had – three Grand Slam titles – he long ago clinched the year-end No. 1 ATP ranking.

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14 Comments for Ladies And Gentlemen, It’s Novak Djokovic On The Fiorello Show [Video]

jane Says:

That pony-tail hat is priceless, as are the white sneakers with the tux, lol. Jealous of the ease with which Nole swtiches languages. Must needs learn Italian; it sounds so…belissima.

Frying pan tennis…ha ha. :)

Thanks for posting Tom G.

dari Says:

Wow, didn’t know novak knew enough Italian to conduct comedy in the language,.impressive.
I really hope he gets healthy and continues to play amazing tennis to show people that you really can have it all- lots of fun off court and great success on it

Wog boy Says:

I didn’t have a clue that he is fluent in italian. He looks so much at ease when he is on the stage, so natural. Have fun mate, you deserved it.
Has anyone seen distasteful caricature of Novak in Swiss paper ” Sontags zajtung”, if yes, please tell me your opinion, thanks.

Michael Says:

He is also fluent in retirements and cheating. Man of many talents!!!!

El Flaco Says:

The WTF groups are out. I’m sure Tennis-X will do a write up today.

Milos Says:

Michael is fluent in trolling and hating :P

jane Says:

FYI Milos, there is a Michael who posts here that has intelligent things to say about tennis.

Milos Says:

@jane: Just to be precise :) I was thinking about
Michael who posted on November 15th, 2011 at 7:35 am. Maybe tennis-x should have facebook comments ;)

jane Says:

Lol, I know Milos. ;)

gordon Says:

I just hope that he will be able to recover for the next season and to continue with tennis that was on the highest level never seen before by anyone in the modern game.

Roberto Says:

Italian TV “entertainment” at its most vulgar. Pompous like a three-ring circus. Caked makeup. Unfunny and cringeworthy. Lame jokes.

An example:
Fiorello: Which arm is stronger? Right? [grabs & feels his arm]
Djokovic: Right, aha; but don’t touching me, my gf is jealous, she here.
Fiorello: Ah, she’s here! So, when will you marry her?
Djokovic: *cough, cough* [looks away, feigns embarrassment]
Fiorello: Ups, sorry, sorry.
[camera pans on gf who bravely smiles like crazy]

And Djokovic speaks just the very basic of “pidgin” Italian. He’s very brave to come up with so little.

This is his second time with Fiorello in two years, he obviously adores these things, just his cup of tea. Yet he appears wooden and tense. Watching it, you just keep wincing and praying it would end as soon as possible.

Novak Djokovic: “So Far Things Are Looking Good” Says:

[…] not all business this week for Novak, who appeared on the Fiorello Show Monday night in Italy. In his post he added that he and girlfriend Jelena Ristic were heading to the movies this […]

Grand Slam Says:

Nole is just Nole and he will never change!!! Haters will always hate but he is just a new refreshing number 1!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling he will do relatively good in London!!!!!!!

Nina Says:

Yeah, well said Grand Slam! I’ll take this number 1 over any other.

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