Novak Djokovic: “So Far Things Are Looking Good”
by Tom Gainey | November 16th, 2011, 9:48 am

Novak Djokovic announced that he arrived in London yesterday. Despite lingering concerns with his right shoulder, Djokovic practiced twice on Tuesday and he says everything is good.

“Hey guys! Arrived to London yesterday afternoon. I’m very excited to be back and so far things are looking good. Already practiced 2 times ;)” Djokovic posted via Facebook.

It’s not all business this week for Novak, who appeared on the Fiorello Show Monday night in Italy. In his post he added that he and girlfriend Jelena Ristic were heading to the movies this evening.

“Oh, and tonight I’m taking Jelena to a “Breaking Dawn” movie premiere. The vampire fever is on ;)” he said.

Djokovic will be the top seed at the ATP Barclays Finals which begin on Sunday. He won the title in 2008.

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19 Comments for Novak Djokovic: “So Far Things Are Looking Good”

rogerafa Says:

That is great news for the tournament. A fresh and fit Djokovic will make it much tougher for everybody else. It would have been a big setback for the tournament if the best player of the year and the world number were not close to 100% or sidelined altogether. I hope Fish is in good shape too.

jane Says:

I agree rogerafa. I hope Nole can play his best. And Fish. Well, all of them! It’d be nice if we could get a blast of great tennis to end the year (other than DC).

Brando Says:

Very good 2 hear- but nole there are alot of better films out there that you could see. I really thought you were better than watching ‘Breaking Dawn’. It’s trash of epic proportions.

I’ll give you the benefit of doubt, maybe your watching it to keep the GF happy :-)

Stella Says:

So the shoudler is A-Okay!!! Hmmm…..

jane Says:

Brando, younger girls seem to swoon all over that “Twilight” stuff, ugh. When Nole was asked his favourite film at by ATP peeps, unlike many who said “Gladiator” and similar, he cited “Slumdog Millionare” which I thought was kind of sweet.

As for the shoulder, we can only go by what he says. But we’ll know for sure, of course, when he plays!

Brando Says:

@ jane: I’m all too aware of young girls swooning over the farce known as twilight. I’m actually nole’s age, share rafa’s bday (was surprised when I came across that fact) so I know nole would most likely be catering to his GF taste here. But as I say to young women on this subject matter, voyeurism is a 2 way street so I can understand your infatuation to a certain extent, but for goodness’s sake do not fall for these awful James dean impersonators- who are as electrifying as a plank of wood!

jane Says:

Brando, I hate “Twilight”; I tried to read book one, and I quit halfway through. I rarely ever do that. I’ve seen none of the films. My students on the other hand… .

I like “Dracula” personally. Or Poppy Z Brite’s vampires are fun. Anne Rice’s even (although you can see how they bleed [ahem] into the Twilight series as they too are sympathetic bloodsuckers). At least Rice provides some historical contextualizing and even philosophizing through her gothic romances, via the vampire figure. With Twilight all the bite is gone.

Stella Says:

“Novak Djokovic: “So Far Things Are Looking Good”
Now where have I heard that before…oh ! I know Novak said the very same thing after his first win in Paris or was it after he beat Troicki in the 2nd match up…can’t rememeber. But we we all know what happened next right?

Brando Says:

@jane: good to hear of your distaste for twilight. I too also like dracula. I remember watching nosferatu at school and really enjoying it. Also have heard nothing but good things from friends regarding coppola’ s Dracula (oldman, Ryder).

BOB_LA Says:

All i can say 2 u NOLEHATERS, TOUGHLUCK.HE BEAT UP FEDERRER, RAFA 9:1 IN 2011. He was sick after
4 WHAT HE DID IN 2011.

Dory Says:

Oh dear Nole, I hope the shoulder is really okay and no other injuries. Granted you have had an outstanding season but the last three Masters 1000 tournaments have been very appointing for me as a Djoker fan.

Michael Says:

Novak should make certain improvements to his service motion and he should also cut the speed of delivery and concentrate more on placement. Putting too much stress on serve is taking a toll on his shoulder. I liked his service motion at the 4th set of the US Open against Nadal when he was serving at 50% of the speed and still was winning points at will. That should be a test case for Novak to emulate.

Wog boy Says:


Correction, it is 10:1 :)

Rahul Says:

Great news. I thought he might have blown it after the Bercy retirement. After such an excellent season he deserves a fair shot at the WTF.

alison hodge Says:

this is great news for the wtf,it would have been dissapointing if nole pulled out,he says the shoulders ok hmm i really hope so,all i can say is thats one hell of a quick recovery,still i suppose we will be able to judge better when we see him play.

grendel Says:

@Michael 11.44. Surely Djokovic cannot again attempt readjustments on the serve. As for serving at 50% in 4th set against Nadal and winning points at will, first is this (the 50% bit)actually true – or a pardonable bit of exaggeration? Second, even if true, it was clearly an on the spot adaptation – which might have worked partly for psychological reasons, Nadal was not in the state of mind to take proper cognizance of what was happening, and also physical – general weariness all round.

But as a general solution, it would be a disaster. All the top players, and some not so top, would believe they were in with a good chance to break Djokovic every time. The pressure on Djokovic, therefore, to play his top game all the time would be overwhelming. He would break down.

All players surely need the free points a good first serve will give them from time to time,sometimes 2 a game. And you’re really talking about speed here – placement is fine, but can you do it over and over again? Pressure again.

mia Says:

nole u love twilight’s movies?? i do too ;)

Nina Says:

I agree with Stella, I’ve heard it all before. He always says he’s fine and then ‘bum’! Of course he will never say in public that he’s not 100% so not to give rivals any kind of hopes, but this shoulder problem has been appearing as soon as Cincinatti and it never seems to go away. I hope he’s right though. The WTF wouldn’t mean the same without a fit number 1.

Bubili Says:

He sure “recovers ” quickly! I read in Serbian paper that it all started when he ate pasta or some bread/he wasn’t sure which / so it sent his gluten free diet into havoc!That’s why he got injured !

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