Novak Djokovic: Bernard Tomic Is A Good Guy But He Needs To Be More Committed To Tennis
by Tom Gainey | May 6th, 2016, 2:10 pm

Novak Djokovic ripped into Bernard Tomic for his actions earlier in the week in Madrid where he tried to return a matchpoint with his racquet handle.

The 23-year-old Tomic afterward said he didn’t care about the incident.

Djokovic, who says he’s known Tomic for a long time, took issue with Tomic’s tanking yesterday saying the Australian wasn’t right to do what he did and that he needs to get more committed to the sport. The exchange from his presser:

Q. Just wondering what you think about the wisdom of his remarks yesterday. Did you hear about them?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I didn’t hear what his remarks were, but I’ve seen what he has done. You know, it’s not right. I hope he realizes that. The sooner the better for him, because he is still relatively young and he can definitely be a better player and better ranked than he is now.

Everybody knows that. I think he knows that. But he doesn’t seem to really get things the right way off the court. I’m just hoping for him, because generally I — over last couple of years I got to know him better and he’s a good guy, he’s a good person, but he’s just failing to be committed to this sport as it is required.

So I’m hoping for his sake that he’s going to do better.

Q. He actually said the was the effect of when he was asked about batting back the match point, Why should I worry? I’m 23 years old and I’ve got $10 million? Is that a wise thing to say?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: You tell me.

Q. I don’t think it is, but I would like to ask you.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I don’t think it is, too. I think just many things that he says are not well thought from his side. He gets emotional very quickly and things get out of context. Unfortunately it fires back right at him.

As somebody that knows him well, and I really think he’s a good guy, I really hope he’s going to get it right. Too many things lately starting to — he’s starting to feel too much probably pressure outside as well, that he has to deliver.

Which he was results-wise. I think last season it was probably one of his most consistent seasons since he started playing. He started working harder and being more committed to the practice sessions.

Still, the private life and all the decisions you make off the court greatly affect your play. It’s a learning curve for him and for any young player. I’ve felt it on my own skin many times where I’ve done things that were not right at that time and said some things that I was regretting that I said them.

After that, you learn. You get wiser. You mature through those times. Nobody is perfect. We are all part of this life where it’s just a big lesson and school for all of us.

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2 Comments for Novak Djokovic: Bernard Tomic Is A Good Guy But He Needs To Be More Committed To Tennis

MMT Says:

Agree 100% – Tomic has some of the best hands in tennis: top 5 in my opinion, and there’s no reason why he can’t be better than he is other than he allows himself to be profligate with his opportunities. The best players aren’t the best players because they always play well – they’re the best players because they find ways to win even when they aren’t. Tomic hasn’t learned that yet, but he will have to if he wants to break into the top 10, as he said he did earlier this year.

He is limited by his movement, but he can more than make up for it with his hands – that’s where his focus should be.

roy Says:

His return game is garbage, always has been. That’s why he hasn’t done what people thought he would. Compare his return stats to Berdych (same height) and you’ll see the problem. Berdych also has a bigger serve.

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