Poll: Who Will Win The ATP World Tour Finals?
by Staff | November 16th, 2011, 2:17 pm

Who’s is you pick of the final eight for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals champion? Will Novak Djokovic cap off one of the greatest seasons in tennis history with a second year-end championship title?

Or will Roger Federer, hot off the heels of back-to-back titles in Basel and Paris, collect a sixth ATP Finals trophy?

Rafael Nadal has never won, nor has home favorite Andy Murray who will look to continue his in-form year-end play.

Outside of the Big 4, who among David Ferrer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Tomas Berdych and Mardy Fish can make the biggest impact?

Matches in London are set to start on Sunday with two Group B clashes paring Federer-Tsonga and Fish-Nadal.

Group A: Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych
Group B: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Mardy Fish

Cast your vote now!

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82 Comments for Poll: Who Will Win The ATP World Tour Finals?

Stella Says:

I hope Roger Federer. The game needs this man around for a while yet. The Paris win was amazing and perhaps will give him the confidence to defend his title in London!!!

Krishna Says:

I think Federer or Murray..most likely Federer will I hope :) .. The one week rest between Paris and London will help him..

Dory Says:

My greatest fear is that Nadal or Murray will win, Roger has a chance certainly given his stellar record at YECs. You can NEVER count him out. I am so heartbroken by Nole’s injuries (poor guy) that I want him to win the most. Nole withdrew from Cincy final, didn’t participate in Shanghai, lost in Basel and withdrew again in Paris. I am really concerned his injuries haven’t healed completely.

If Nole’s healthy he will win. But you never know. No one expected Davydenko to win in 2009. Who knows maybe Tsonga will win??

tennismonger Says:

Call me a glass-is-half-empty kinda guy,but I always look at the year-end tourney from the other end, as in, “Who will be the designated whipping boy(s) overall?”

I say look for Fish & Ferrer to leave the O2 Arena w/little more than their bonus bucks & battered pride.

Michael Says:

My heard and mind says it will be Roger all the way. I base my prediction on the premise of this being Federer’s favourite surface as well as his recent form and new level of confidence. Moreover, there is a question mark on the fitness of Novak Djokovic who can be the only threat to Roger. Although Nadal and Murray do have a chance of upsetting the apple cart, yet I feel that if Federer plays to his level, there is no one who can beat him on this surface especially the Indoor Hard courts.

skeezerweezer Says:

Fed has the #1 funk and not in the trunk. Way to go Tennis X, and well deserved Fed. Shhhhhaaaaamoooon!

steve-o Says:

C’mon Roger!

I predict a semi with the top four players, but the reverse of last year: Djokovic-Nadal, Federer-Murray.

Ferrer may go winless. Same with Fish–he has a semi-chance against Nadal, who tends to start slow at this tournament, but he is not at his peak, either.

Berdych is playing well enough to beat Ferrer. He might be able to hand Murray another defeat, but it’s hard to see lightning striking twice (despite having a 3-1 record over the Scot).

It’ll be hard for Federer to top his performance of last year but hopefully he can equal it.

Thangs Says:

Rafa bags this one..3 titles and 7 loses this year..He needs to win this..Vamos Rafa!

alison hodge Says:

@thangs i think it would be great to see rafa bag this title just once as its one of the only big things left that he has not done,people dont give him much of a chance though unfortunatly,still it could work in his favour,never has does not mean never will,and he sounds really up for this one,and rafa when he puts his mind to something can be one tough customer.

Michael Says:

True Alison. This is the most important trophy missing in Rafa’s cabinet and he will be more than eager to make amends this year. But the problem for Rafa is this is indoor hard courts where he is extremely vulnerable to high voltage play. He will find it very tough against the likes of Djokovic, Federer or Murray. But having said that, I feel nothing is impossible for Rafa. He did surprise everyone by reaching finals last year and why not he go one better ?? He is certainly capable of it. The odds are heavily stacked against him. But Rafa has that game to surprise everyone especially by his vintage display.

grendel Says:

Bung in my two pennysworth – Murray (but really, almost anyone; not Federer I feel, I’ll go along with Twocents on that one). And looking further ahead:http://eurosport.yahoo.com/17112011/58/rusedski-murray-perfect-chance.html.

All years are unpredictable, no one ever knows what is going to happen, even so this coming year offers some enticing prospects. For instance, 2012 looks like make it or bust for all 4 top players for absolutely different reasons.

Murray is in with his best chance yet, as Rusedski opines. You can’t help wondering, if he doesn’t make it next year, will the boat have slipped by? Fading ever into the distance?

Nadal may well feel he doesn’t have too much longer to challenge for the dominating role right at top, – next year is his last opportunity to sweep the board again, not to mention putting that pesky Serb in his rightful place as a great #2.

We have no idea what Djokovic will do because the state of his body is unknown. For nonfans, huge curiosity abounds.

And Federer – amazingly, we of the True Church still hope (clutching our memories timorously to heart)that our man can summon up one last extravaganza and sweep through to victory one more time before waving his hat and galloping off into that space from which no man returns (except perhaps as a commentator..)

grendel Says:

I see Ferrer has 2 votes to win. Come on you two, out yourselves and give us your reasons….

alison hodge Says:

thanks micheal yeah i agree,as long as he remains in the top 8 for the next few years,should he actually still be playing for that long he will still have a chance,even if he doesnt this year there will still be other chances,obviously it isnt going to get any easier,im a great believer if its meant to be it will happen if not then it wont,i would be dissapoined but not heart broken as he has done so much more so not exactly the end of the world,sometimes your not meant to have all the cake only slices of it.

alison hodge Says:

jmo i would love rafa or muzza to win this one,rafas never won wtf,and muzzas never won anything major,i think he deserves a decent break,could act as a springboard for next year either would be full of confidence ahead of the ao.

Brando Says:

@margot and other Murray fans/wellwishers: only 1 player has previously broke into top 10 before the age of 20 and failed to win a slam, that was: marcelo rios. That must be a good omen for andy, and I’ll claim stat of the day:-)

Maso Says:

I feel like Roger’s gonna take it. He’s in great form, just took two titles in a row, playing on a surface and tournament he’s extremely comfortable with… Hoping for a Fed/Nole final, which I think Roger would win. In any case, the 2012 season should be fascinating.

grendel Says:

@Brando – Rusedski brought up that stat in the link I gave. Not generally a Rusedski man – but think he made sense there.

Kimberly Says:

Apparently Fed is an overwhelming favorite to win on tennis x. Funny that not many giving Nole proper chance, I guess the shoulder concern.

I like Grendel, am curious to know who picked Ferrer and what kind of reasoning he/she could have.

Lulu Iberica Says:

I voted for Fed. He is the King of WTF, is in good form, and Novak cannot possibly be 100% right now. Of course, I hope Rafa can take the trophy, but I just don’t see how. He’s going to be rusty, and while he might be able to get past everyone else I can’t see him beating an in-form Fed on this surface. Hopefully I’ll be wrong! Vamos!

JF Says:

Nevermind Ferrer, who voted for Berdych and Fish ?

skeezerweezer Says:

From Spots Illustrated;

• Sophia of London: “An interesting bit of perspective on the big three (since they aren’t the top three any more…) Djokovic without Nadal or Federer — 12 Slams. Nadal without Djokovic or Federer — 15 Slams. Federer without Nadal or Djokovic — 27 Slams.”

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/jon_wertheim/11/16/world-tour-finals/index.html#ixzz1dycEXBjO

skeezerweezer Says:


margot Says:

Never mind Ferrer who are the 27 OTHER Murray fans on Tennisx ? Show yourselves, oh OK racquet, 26 then…. Never normally feels like that many on here……Some of you…can’t…have..voted…for…Andy….and ….not …your …own…favourite, can you ;)
Hooray for Brando and your mind boggling stat :) Come on Andy!

madmax Says:

What makes Roger the greatest ever, (my opinion) especially at the WTF is not just his shot making abilities or his success in bagging 5 of these tournaments already, but his ability to sustain this high level..especially towards the end of any season.

Think how many matches he has already played (and the stats show that he may have played a few less tournaments than the others) but not wildly out of kilter…so similar to Novak, Nadal and Murray. Roger wants more. He is enjoying playing, still, after all this time, plus he IS playing great, isn’t he?

Question: How does he still maintain his form? To me, it’s incredible.

He is still hungry..even his interview at the end of USO this year, he said he will be ‘even hungrier’ at the AO, and when he said this, this was 6 months before the AO, and look what has happened over the last 2 tournaments. Still the big guys have played and Roger has outgunned them, in terms of fitness.

He did the right thing by missing out on the Asian swing. He feels fresh and great.

If he is not the favourite, again (of course, it has to be novak as no. 1), I think that suits him. He likes playing the underdog at the moment (at least, that’s how I feel…..using the FO this year as an example, when it was all about Rafa, Novak and Andy and the big possibility that this was going to be Novak’s year on clay at a slam against Rafa…Roger kept his head down, was well under the radar, and just got on with the job…I think that now…he knows he is equal favourite at WTF (if he is reading the papers) but he has said anyone of the 8 playing can win the tournament…Right on Roger!

Of course it would be great to round off the season with a win and I’m lucky as I have been able to get tickets for next week.

I hope I get to see him play.

grendel, I really think Roger will play for another 5 years…I don’t think he is going to go away any time soon. Talk of his retirement has been the most premature comment ever from people in the tennis world…I don’t know why media still ask him this question. I can see why people things all of his playing right now is his swan song…how about Federer being reborn?

It sounds so much better to me.

jane Says:

“not to mention putting that pesky Serb in his rightful place” -grendel, Rafa may have more than the “pesky” Serb to deal with; what about the “pesky Brit” if he rises to his potential. He blanked Rafa in the third set in Tokyo. And then there is always the “pesky Swiss” who could fashion a last hurrah. There’s the “pesky” Argentine who could come back to 2009 strength and upset the apple cart too. So one never knows about next year. That’s for sure.

I liked Rusedski’s point of view and Brando’s stat. As I’ve been saying, Murray will win a grand slam.

jane Says:

I guess I contradict myself there “never knows” “will win” blah blah. But oh well. I will live in it.

Kimberly Says:

i voted for Fed and we all know who my fav is Margot, is it possible that 27 others may not like Andy but think he is good enough to win? Murray probably would have been my second choice and you know I don’t root for him for two reasons: 1. His lack of physical attractiveness 2. His mother

carlo Says:

I love polls in general but it would really be most interesting to see which posters voted for whom! Ha!

Have to go with “I don’t know”

Federer – he admitted to being tired and I believe him. Even if he gets a win over Nadal, the effort will be too much. Not this year.

Murray – He is my pick and I would have voted for him but after Paris, I must admit I’m not feeling him. GO Murray!

Djokovic – his shoulder. Expecting Tipsarevic to be called.

Nadal – Rust, not his best surface, mind on Davis Cup. Can’t give him my vote but I wouldn’t count him out. He needs the title.

Tsonga – He could surprise.

Berdych – Likely to win a

Ferrer – I would be thrilled! Thrilled if he gets 1 or 2 wins.

Fish – his leg. But even if he was 100%, no way.

carlo Says:

Stopped mid-sentence about Berdych. Likely to…I don’t know. If the subs like Tipsarevic and Almagro both play Berdych could get a little lucky.

Murray or Nadal FTW. But I really don’t know.

Kimberly Says:

Ferrer is up to 3 votes now.

carlo Says:

Do some people vote more than once? lol How can there be so many voting? It’s so random and anonymous – like a drive-by shooting?

On some other sport forums: 1) one has to register and log onto the forum to vote and 2) the usernames are listed under the choice 3) one can only vote once. Posters are strongly advised to defend/explain their vote. Must be expensive software?

grendel Says:

carlo – curious how similar my position is to yours. I actually voted Murray, but I’m borderline don’t know. Nadal – rust, true, but soon rubs off and a Nadal motivated is a fearful beast. Also agreed Federer tired – and possibly sated from last 2 tourney wins. So not Fed. Djokovic shouldered. Tsonga dangerous.

alison hodge Says:

thanks skeezer great article, amazing to think how many more slams roger would have won,had it not been for rafa and nole.on a different note i dont see the nole de niro comparison that people talk about,however the john turroto and especially the christopher meolini one was uncanny,although i must admit i have never heard of either,jmo anyway for what its worth.

mat4 Says:

I didn’t vote. There are to many “if” to have an opinion.

We could try just to exclude some players from the semi:

… sorry, I can’t make a choice. A good pick for the semi could be Murray. I see Becker has chosen the “fab four” for the semi, but, again, I am not sure.

If Nole can’t win in it, I would like Tsonga to create the upset an win it all. I can beat Roger or Rafa and he has already won against Fish at the USO. I like his chances if he serves well. But, if he plays Murray in the semi I don’t see how he can win, even in a great serving day.

Ferrer has once made the semi, and he could have a shot once again. He is steady enough to beat an ailing Djoko, and he could win against Berdych. But then, in the semi, it is hard to see him win.

Berdych… bof… Boredych…

mat4 Says:

… He can beat Roger… of course

alison hodge Says:

i do not even know if my vote got through i tried a few times,and my computer threw a hissy fit,however for what its worth i voted for muzza to win,i hope he does he deserves to win something big,or rafa as hes never won wtf,id be delighted if either were to win it,i think it will be either muzza or roger who will win it though.

mat4 Says:


Thinking about Murray and slams, I got thinking that players from the top have a tennis ‘macro’intelligence or a tennis ‘micro’intelligence.

Microintelligence would be: touch, good feeling for space, angles and direction… everything we can see on the court.

Macrointelligence, on the other side, includes a broader framework, it could be general intelligence focused on tennis.

Microintelligence: McEnroe, Edberg, Murray, Federer.

Macrointelligence: Lendel, Wilander, Nadal, Djokovic.

Both: Sampras (complete b…s..t).

I had a few ideas more, but they are just speculations. Sorry. But I will still post this, it could lead to a good chat.

Nina Says:

Nole and Rafa have been practicing together today for 2 and a half hours. That’s a good sign, huh?

Nole’s twitter:
Best teams taking a photo after great 2:30h practice in 02 Arena! Now we are ready for tournament! :-)) @RafaelNadal

mat4 Says:


If it means his shoulder doesn’t bother Nole anymore, it could be.

Kimmi Says:

Nina – I wonder if rafa practice his new backhand to Nole. he is been working on his backhand recently.

I also wonder if they are giving their all when practicing..i heard rafa always practice very hard. I dont know about nole though.

mortimer Says:

I really do think Federer is playing just as well as he did five years ago. Maybe he´s lost some close matches that he might have won back then, but apart from that I can´t see any noticeable decline in his tennis. His opponents levels have changed, but his hasn´t.

20Majors Says:

Roger Federer will take this title for the following reasons. He is the defending champion; he wants to surpass the five titles held, I think, by two other players; indoor tennis is his best surface and only accentuates every weapon in his arsenal; he is full of confidence having won Basel and Paris; Djokovic is not one hundred percent; Nadal is beatable on this surface; Murray was no match for indoor specialist, Berdych, whom Federer easily brushed aside; and the other three players, Fish, Ferrer, and Tsonga do not threaten on this surface a confident, motivated and fully fit Federer.

dari Says:

It’s time for men in suits, guys!

Love how we get to see the guys all done up before they hit the courts.
Kimberley, I wanna find a picture of AM for you where he exhibits “physical attractiveness” haha

Kimmi Says:

Some london photos.


Funny looking djokovic girlfriend with glasses :) and where is mirka and murray girl?

They all look great.

jane Says:

Thanks Kimmi: those are nice.

Safin picks Nole. Or possibly Fed. Muster picks Murray or Fed.

El Flaco Says:

Wow! Nice pics of the girlfriends.

jane Says:

grendel, since you recommened “Curb Your Enthusiasm” thought I’d pass this bit along in case you hadn’t heard; one of the contributors to that show has made a 2 part Woody Allen documentary. More here:


skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks for the link @ 9:30 post :).

Per Kimmi’s link…….Ok gals who looks good in a suit?

Most surprising good looks in a suit? Fish

Most improvement in Handsomeness in a suit? Murray.

Most uncomfortable looking in a suit? Rafa.

Mr. Swashbuckler? Ferrer

Who owns the suit look? James Fed Bonds.

jane Says:

^ What? Berdy, Nole and Jo Will don’t rate on the skeezerweezer scale of suitishness.

tennis coach Says:


alison hodge Says:

i have to agree with kimmi they all look great,something sexy about a man in a suit,jwt,mardy never seen in a suit wow what a transformation,i found a couple of pictures iritating,the one where t.berd doent have his tie on and djokovic with his hands in his pockets,all look very sexy though,all in all.

alison hodge Says:

sorry mardy also has his hands in his pockets,and t.berd is wearing a tie,cant help noticing what a knockout gorgeous smile jwt has too.

van orten Says:

very nice to be back here on this site..seeing the usual posters are still in topform!!! so hope for an exciting week with some magic moments from fed , nole , rafa and the others…

grendel Says:

These photos from Tennis Planet are all really very absorbing, as decent photos of people always are.

Nadal, now – he looks like a waiter, who knows a thing or two that you probable don’t. His girl friend has that wide eyed innocent look, and yet already has that touch of “isn’t all this utterly strange, most of all my fella but, oh he’s wonderful too and God knows why he’s mine but he is”. You can tell straight away that she’s a very nice person as well as beautiful.

Federer looks smooth and inscrutable, as a good sphinx should look.

Ferrer looks like an alert sparrow, and yet modest and unassuming – and, if you look into his eyes, just a little sad.

Berdych looks like he’s showing off his new bird – and she looks like the spanking new model she is who isn’t yet quite used to the lights, but by God you can be sure she will be, she will be.

Mardy Fish looks a little startled to be there, whilst his other half looks as if she were born to it.

Djokovic looks like a wide boy who happens to be enjoying it all immensely whilst his young woman is clearly just happy to be with him.

grendel Says:

…Tsonga looks like a film star, and Murray like a contented geek..

jane Says:

mat4, your theory is intriguing, I meant to say. The comparisons of the players seems about right. I assume Agassi and Connors would be macro too? What about Borg? The micro, to me, seems more readliy understandable because it is tangible (on the court), whereas the macro is a little more nebulous.

grendel Says:

macro intelligence sounds like strategy – which could be planned off court. To successfully implement it, though, it would surely entail microintelligence.

Kimberly Says:

Berdych looks lethal, and looks like he knows it too. the rest of them are in the dust in comparison.

Kimberly Says:

6 votes for Ferrer now, more than the other of the bottom four, i can’t believe it, maybe its the same person voting for him over and over

dari Says:

Agree, Kimberly. If someone said one of the couple was a model, i would more quickly say tomas.

dari Says:

Mardy also looks very nice and Andy M is growing up handsomely
Roger could look a little more sleek, if you ask me and he doesnt seem to be comfortable with whatever his hair is doing. Me neither
Best to ALL the men on the court, wishing for a healthy tournament!
I don’t need roger to win this, as he won last year and it meant very little for the followong season. I will trade another wtf for a slam or two in 2012.
It is kore important for Murray to do well here

MMT Says:

mat4: I’m not sure I would put Edberg in the microintelligence category, if it is characterized by Federer, McEnroe…and I suppose Murray. Edberg seemed to win by relentless pressure to come to net, and less by virtue of creativity and improvisation. Perhaps I have miscarictarized it, though. Strangely, although Agassi similarly defeated his opponents by relentless pressure, just from the baseline, I feel his knowledge and understanding of angles
and his touch/feel were more in line with this category.

Borg and Connors, to me, would definitely go in the macro category, although between the two of them, I feel that Borg was a far superior tactician and strategist. I think Connors improved in that area as he aged, out of necessity.

As for Sampras – that’s a tough one – Sampras was supremely athletic, and did have good touch and feel around the net, but that isn’t really what characterized his game. Ironically, even though their games were very similar, I would put Becker in the micro category, but Sampras in the macro, because ultimately I feel Becker was a little better at improvisation and making the most of what his opponent gave him.

To grendel’s point, both are required to be one of the best, but I suppose the question is, between the two, which prevails.

Very interesting conversation.

jane Says:

The improvizational version strategical distinction makes mat4’s ideas clear, and I agree: sparks an interesting discussion.

Are there players, for instance, who don’t clearly fit either!?

Where would Safin be? Micro I would think. Roddick?

And where does work ethic come into this discussion, or does it? Maybe that’s just assumed.

alison hodge Says:

i have to agree with kimberly and dari,i have never before noticed how good looking thomas really is,until today when i saw him in a suit for the 1st time,i think i will watch him now in a different light,wow like dari said stunning but then again they all are.

jane Says:

*versus not version

madmax Says:

Hi Jane,

Here also is another great article, just found. I ‘snippeted’ a quote from Fed…it’s kind of cute and kind of fed like, and so glad it’s the weekend, that’s for sure.


For those fed fans interested, it’s best to read the whole of it to put it in context, but certainly a great read…here’s the ‘snippet’.

It will seem strange for him to be announced at the O2 Arena as the world No 4, because, well, it just does not sound right. “To me there isn’t a big difference, from 2, 3 or 4 because we are equally strong,” Federer said.

“We have beaten each other multiple occasions. Maybe before, No 4 was weaker than No 2 or No 1 and, sure, Novak has set the bar high this year, so clearly that guy has a merit. But we know how close we are. We are playing semis of slams all the time and that’s why for me, 2, 3, 4 isn’t a big issue.

“But I’m not a fan of, ‘Please welcome world No 4 Roger Federer’. Can we not be positive? Perhaps, ‘Former world No 1 or six-times Wimbledon champion?’ Isn’t that nicer for the fans? I think we have to be a bit more excited and pumped-up. I’m not saying it to sound bad, it’s reality and 4 is not bad, but I suppose being world No 1 for so long, it sounds funny.”

mat4 Says:

@MMT: you are right about Edberg.

I find it difficult to give a good definition of ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ intelligence, but it is just like ‘sentence’ in grammar: although you can’t define it, everybody knows what it is.

Let’s say first that all the top players have both ‘intelligence’, of course, but one could be clearly dominant.

Players with ‘macrointelligence’ have introduced new paradigms in tennis: certainly Lendel, who basically changed the game (he was not the first to play that way, but he was influential, and it was not a sign of inherent limitation, but of strength), Nadal, who introduced the element of height in tennis, Borg, probably, playing his spinny baseline game everywhere, except on grass. Borg and Nadal, too, in different times and cirumstances translated the clay game to hardcourts.

Players with ‘microintelligence’ have been the paragons of a certain playing paradigm: Federer of the power baseline play, before the advent of high rebound and slow surfaces, Murray could be the new one, and, in the past, McEnroe certainly, Sampras too.

But I characterize those players with ‘microintelligence’ because of lack of broader vision: Connors needed years to fully understand the evolution of the game, Borg retired, not being able to cope with lighter racquets and faster serves, or with Lendel conception with forehand winners from the baseline, Sampras didn’t take any measure to counter the evolution of strings.

But my reflections are still misty.

carlo Says:

Changed vote to Nadal.

margot Says:

So I could vote 300 times for Andy. Hmm, most polls lock you into one vote. This one is a bit….off….

Kimberly Says:

Ferrer up to 7 votes I see. Margot, 42 others voted for Andy, unless it was you 41 other times! I didn’t even vote for Rafa but it seems over 100 people did and over 400 (me included) voted for Fed. Didn’t know so many people even came to tennis-x this time of year.

dari Says:

Roger is hilarious with not loving that #4 announcement, his honesty is entertaining and the article on whole as well.
thanks for sharing, madmax. You going to the O2 this week/end? Have fun, if so!

grendel Says:


w.r.t. your link, Fed says:”I’m serving absolutely fine now, though perhaps not so many aces”. Without looking at any figures, that’s very much the impression I have had, watching him play all year round. Impressions can be misleading,it is true, but at least it is Fed’s impression too.

You might think, if he is winning 89% of his service games, what difference does it make? Well, of course it could make a simply huge difference. Put simply, some games are more important than others. That’s why blanket statistics are not terribly helpful. Suppose Federer had gone for it at match point at the US? There was a time when he would have done and quite likely have got the ace he needed.

madmax Says:

dari, yes I am. Can tell you, the excitement is beyond belief!


Yes. Read the whole link and it is a fine one too! I think Fed tops the aces for this year in tournaments, am I right grendel? (I thought fed “had” gone for it at matchpoint…surely that’s the plan?

grendel, will you be going to the 02 and if so, what type of ticket have you got? I bought mine for £110; I see they are being sold now for £399!

Oh to be rich…

grendel Says:


well, there is controversy over this. I am convinced he did not go all out for it at match point, perhaps having a touch of complacency because he had 2 match points. It’s only just occured to me, but maybe in some circumstances, 1 match point is better than 2, on the grounds that:you’ve only got one, better make the most of it! My instinctive reaction was that Federer pulled back a bit on his first serve, determined to get it in. If I am right, he paid a very heavy price for being cautious, something I don’t think he would have been a few years ago.

re O2, no I am not going this year. My elder son is, he bought tickets some months ago for around 30 to 40 quid, I forget exactly what. I’ll ask him when next in touch. My younger son, who is here with me, tells me his brother just the other day got hold of a ticket for Wednesday for £10 – presumably, a return. The elder lad has always been fairly sharp on the money front, God knows where he gets it from, definitely not from me. Even so, I cannot believe the prices you are mentioning. You’re talking touts, here, of course. Evil people….

Wog boy Says:

Just to compare WTF and AO:

QF $129. Day or night session, double for both.
SF $199.
F $369.
That is for AO 2012

I already purchased for QF both days ,day and night, best chance to see all the best players, so if anybody coming downunder I will by you a drink , that includes Federer fans ,
too :-)

Brando Says:

WOW! Rafa and nole as greater favourite’s than andy to win. really? I think andy has MUCH GREATER chance than either one of those 2 for me.

margot Says:

grendel: I’m going to the semis, my ticket for a session cost £93. It’s not front row, but it’s not in the gods either. Think I bought it Jan/Feb.
Seats in the gods were going for £22.50 for early this week, but you’re a heck of a way up, as you know!

awais Says:

federer will win, he is true champion,

madmax Says:

grendel, I appreciate what you say about the match point. I think I agree with you, that element of complacency that slipped into his game at that moment; plus I think you are correct when you say it is better to have one match point than two, as you go on an all out assault…like Novak did with the amazing return. He had nothing to lose and just went for it.

Enjoy your day.

Choco-Late Says:

Roger is going to take it. Semis is going to be Roger vs Ferrer and Rafa vs Berdych. I do not see Murray or Novak in the semis. Novak with injury and Murray just because he is a baby in big scenarios. So expect Roger vs Rafa in the final and Roger the winner.

William Alphonso Says:

I’ve voted for Roger. Given performances prove that Roger is the most reliable player. Also, he knows this surface well and enjoys playing in London, as if he’s played a million times on that surface. No doubt he has won five times, so a sixth time is certain !

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