Poll: Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic At The ATP Finals For No. 1, Who’ll Win?
by Staff | November 19th, 2016, 5:00 pm

The stage is set. For the first time in ranking history No. 1 will be determined by the final match of the year, and it pits rivals Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic on court with the No. 1 ranking and the ATP Finals title at stake.

Murray, the current No. 1, takes a career-best 23-match win streak into his first final at the ATP Finals. But the Scot comes off an epic 3-hour, 38-minute victory today over Milos Raonic. How much will he have left?

Meanwhile, Djokovic enters having won 22 of his last 23 at the ATP Finals after crushing Kei Nishikori 6-1, 6-1 in just 68 minutes. The well-rested Djokovic also has never lost in the title match of the ATP Finals, winning all five appearances including the last four years.

Djokovic also leads Murray 24-10 in their head-to-head beating Murray in their last meeting at in the French Open final and has won 13 of the last 15 in this rivalry. In finals, it’s advantage Djokovic who holds a 10-7 edge.

With so much at stake, who’ll finish on top?

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21 Comments for Poll: Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic At The ATP Finals For No. 1, Who’ll Win?

Willow Says:

Grr Really hate that expression the current world number 1, they used that with Rafa too, yet when its some other players its the world number 1, or the former world number 1, rather than the world number 2, 3, or whatever ….

lakie Says:

Willow you have a crystal ball, I think. You correctly predicted 1 and 1 for Kei. What does your crystal ball say about the match tomorrow?

Willow Says:

Lakie i have indeed, and im deadly serious, i hope for a Murray win, although i predict a Novak one in 3 tight sets, Murray i think will be too knackerd, and Novaks had it relatively easy the last two matches, and Murrays played 3 days on the bounce, but to be fair Novaks had his fair of shitty luck when it comes to schedualing, thats before i get personally attacked, not that i care anymore …..

Wog Boy Says:

Of course if Andy loses, big if, it will be because he was knackerd not because Nole played better.

Remember Rome final, didn’t hear Andy and “Andy” fans (the fans that hate Nole so they cheer anybody that plays Nole), well, haven’t seen anybody of them saying Nole was knacked for having to go through two grueling matches against Rafa and Kei before final, while Andy had it easy? They promptly celebrated Andy’s vin, and why not, he won, besides, masters format is played day after day (except IW and Miami), so stop crying.

Andy had preferable slot, afternoon one, would you cry if Andy had it easy and Nole had to battle Kei in three sets until after midnight and come after 15 hours to play Andy?

jalep Says:

I’m admittedly still defensive about Kei’s WTF performance but please look at the results, alison and lakie… lol, humor me, just this once, okay?

Andy is the only one in the group to finish with 3 wins. Kei, Stan, and Cilic all finished 1 win and 2 losses!

What Kei did to elevate himself above Stan was win 4 sets compared to Stan’s 2 sets won. Cilic had 0 sets until the dead rubber he won.

Now, there’s no confusion about RR format 👍☺ and nothing more about it from me until next November as usual.

As for the final. Voting Nole – probably in 2 sets after watching both their matches today. Will be happy to be wrong and see Andy make it. If it goes 3 sets…Andy, maybe. This is Nole’s turf.
Cheers and good night :)

Joshua Says:

Nole should win in two sets. He’ s coming back to his dominant self.

J-Kath Says:

Willow and Margot:

Watch out for that weather tomorrow. I’ve got COLD but not those high winds.

Markus Says:

Novak remains the more dominant of the two. Andy has beeh playing well but remains as the underdog when he plays Djokovic. The result will be what most people expect: Djokovic. Even if Murray had an easier time toi get to the finals, it will still be Djokovic. I think he is still the better all around player.

Khb Says:

People attacked Goffin, but the experienced Kei wouldn’t forget his errors and tried to escape with a bad dropshot.
Poor murray. Yeah, right.

Novak was more mentally frozen & injured than he claimed, so when he gives out the bagel & breadsticks, he deserves to get back to the final.

chrisford1 Says:

I think Novak prevails, but Andy’s time as #1 is definitely not a one shot deal. No other player is even 50% where Andy and Novak are now, and it will be near impossible for Djokovic to defend all that he won before Wimbledon, which as basically everything but Dubai, MC, and the Rome Finals. I think there will be shifting between #1 and #2 more than a couple times in 2017.

The match is going to be Andy goes for #1, Novak goes for history – depending on who wins.

jane Says:

agree about shifts next yr cf1. early novak has lots to defend. later murray does. so who knows. toni thinks rafa can contend for FO next year and fed’s trainer says he feels like a 25 yr old. so they may be factors. and then some next gens possibly more so. milos and kei both played some good matches and thiem and a pouille, not to mention delpo, could all be factors.

Daniel Says:

Thought Djoko before today and now only if he has a major off day he loses. Andy has to feel the effect of today match. Plus he will have to overcame the bad matches he lost to Djoko, who still is in his head.

Tomorrow he can prove most of us wrong, but I think Djoko prevails.

Farah Diba Says:

I think Nole will win in 2..Although i really really wish that Andy also can win this… it’s going to be a very hard task to do that.Considering all the circumstances.. It’s like climbing the Everest with a blizzard,harsh wind and no oxygen..Nole is the Master at O2 for the past 4 years..Andy has to give 120% out there because Nole will give his 110% and not just 100%..But as a fan,i hope Andy still got a little magic in him and do the unthinkable..He’s already did that for the past 5 months where nobody believe that he can do it..But he did..C’MON GUYS!!BRING IT ON!!!

Farah Diba Says:

Ooppss!I think it’s a wrong thread!He he..

lakie Says:

Looks like everybody thinks that Nole will win. Even Farah Diba who was preaching ” Believe”. Oh well, after that marathon match with Andy, Kei lost to Cilic and could manage just 1 and 1 against Nole. So Andy who played one more marathon, and that too without a day of rest after RR, is probably knackered. So I suppose a fresh Nole has the advantage. I am hoping against hope though that Ivan and Andy would have worked out a strategy to beat Nole. And Andy will get that second wind to carry him to victory. C’mon Andy, one more match!

Farah Diba Says:

@Lakie…When i said i THINK Nole will win in 2 or 3..it’s just a prediction based on the current situation..A reality and fact that Andy has to face tonight..That doesn’t mean i will stop believe in Andy..I will keep doing that..And i already did that for the past 5 months even as an AndyMira at that time..

Willow Says:

Wogboy i will congratulate Novak if he wins, and most likely he will, all im saying is i think Andys grueling match against Raonic will be a factor is all, if we are going to bring up previous matches, i remember at the time Novak fans saying Novak had nothing left for the final at W in 2013 because of the grueling Delpo match, and i have also said that Novak has also had a crappy time with the schedualing, but it is what it is, and BTW i cheer for my favorites to succeed rather than their rivals to fail, as the whole world of tennis for me doesnt revolve around Novak Djokovic interestingly ….

Willow Says:

And Margots right you would find an argument with a paper bag sometimes ….

Jalep lol still all too complicated for me im afraid ….

jalep Says:

We’ll talk more about a year from now 🤦

Willow Says:

Jalep i love that little emoji, its so cute ….

Jenny shekersavva Says:

Well done andy I believed that you could do it I was all the way with you last night in the final and I am happy for you and your family .keep up the good work.

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