Novak Djokovic Named GQ’s Ace Of The Year [Video]
by Tom Gainey | November 29th, 2011, 1:55 pm
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After his incredible season, the accolades continue to pour in for Novak Djokovic. Today, fashion magazine announced Djokovic as their 2011 Ace of the Year in their Men of the Year issue.

Djokovic finished No. 1 on the ATP computer winning 10 titles including three Grand Slams.

In their profile, GQ writes: “The most electrifying thing about watching Djokovic, the quality that pulls in a casual viewer, is that even while playing at the highest level ever attained in his sport, some piece of his mind seems still to be functioning on the normal human plane. He has not turned his back on lesser life-forms, in the manner of a Michael Jordan, and vanished into a rat tunnel of competitive rage. He places another shot improbably—yet certainly—inside the line. He turns away and pumps his fist, not in abandon but with a sort of narrow-eyed, thoughtful glee. It’s as if he’s as awed as we are by what he can get away with.”

Among the other winners announced at their awards gala last night:
Badasses of the Year – Cast of Breaking Bad
David Kinch – Chef of the Year
Derrick Rose – MVP of the Year
Frank Ocean – Rookie of the Year
Gary Oldman – Icon of the Year
Jay-Z – King of the Year
Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake – Showmen of the Year
Kristen Wiig – Bro of the Year
Kyle Chandler – Coach of the Year
Louis C.K. – Comic Genius of the Year
Michael Fassbender – Breakout of the Year
Michael Shannon – Fanatic of the Year
Mila Kunis – Knockout of the Year
Oscar Pistorius – Superhuman of the Year
Peter Dinklage – Stud of the Year
Steve Carell – Ham of the Year
Trey Parker & Matt Stone – Theater Geeks of the Year

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One Comment for Novak Djokovic Named GQ’s Ace Of The Year [Video]

jane Says:

Good for Nole, congrats. But what a strange list of “of the year” categories: “Bro” and “Theatre Geeks” of the Year, for example, are rather unique.

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