Roger Federer Confirms Commitment To Davis Cup Tie Against U.S.
by Staff | December 7th, 2011, 12:58 pm

Roger Federer has confirmed his participation in Switzerland’s first round Davis Cup tie against the U.S. next year.

Though translation, Federer said “I am delighted to play against the U.S., especially since we home and can compete with the generous support of our fans. We had a great year with the meetings in Bern and Sydney and the atmosphere and team spirit in our team tremendously well.”

The tie will be played on indoor red clay in Freiburg, Switzerland on February 10-12.

USA leads Switzerland 2-1 but lost the lone time Federer played in 2001. US captain Jim Courier has not released the names of his team, but Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish, John Isner and the Bryans are the likely targets.

Federer has not played a World Group first round Davis Cup match since 2004. He has a 30-6 singles record in the event.

Federer finished 2011 on a high note winning his last three tournaments including the ATP World Tour finals.

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25 Comments for Roger Federer Confirms Commitment To Davis Cup Tie Against U.S.

bstevens Says:

With the Olympics, Rotterdam, MSG Exhibition, and now Davis Cup, it looks like Federer will have a busy schedule in 2012. I hope that he finds a way to remain healthy and not overplay.

rogerafa Says:

Agree with you bstevens. Both Rotterdam and DC( on clay no less and immediately after the oz open)appear meaningless. He sure has a packed schedule especially if he commits to the DC for the latter rounds too. Dc qf is immediately after Miami and the sf follows the US open. Olympics, Toronto and Cincy take place in three straight weeks. Basel, Paris, WTF and Dc final will take place in four consecutive weeks. It is a crazy schedule. I don’t know whose idea it was but compressing the season in this fashion only for one more week of off-season is quite daft.

bstevens Says:

Right rogerafa (nice name btw). The ATP should find a way to shorten the season somehow. Playing tennis for 11 months of the year doesn’t make much sense, especially considering how physically demanding the sport has become. That one week cut after Paris is not a very significant change.

After the US Open, they should drastically cut the number of tournaments down, although the ATP and tournament organizers would hate to lose out on all the money. The number of injuries to most of the top players towards the end of the year should be a wake-up call.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks and great find. Is that a grass court I see? Awesome. Where do we sign up to have playing time on his personal grass court? Lol….

margot Says:

Happy Mid-Winter Festival to all tennis fans on tennisx and wishing you a peaceful New Year too.
All Andy fans please raise a glass to his slam success in 2012! Here’s hoping…:)
See you all in Australia!

Humble Rafa Says:

As per the sources from the Swiss media, it has been stated that, the villa will feature all mod con’s with Roger Federer’s family will be in one home, while the other for his parents, Robert and Lynette.

The two homes will be linked, with plans already in place to grow a privacy shield of trees around the sprawling property.

Love that. Hopefully, Roger will expand that to include extended family members. Roger is just going to live with his parents. I live with mom, dad, uncle, aunt, neice and cousins. The bigger your house and the family, the better player you become.

Humble Rafa Says:

It is a crazy schedule.

It is, if you get to the later rounds. I am thing Roger is going for the money, lose in the early rounds. Recuperate. Repeat it next week. Defnitely worth the 1-2 million dollars for every tournament.

I have a strong feeling that it is the last year he can command big dollars for showing up at tournaments. He will be out of top 10 next year and the money dries up. You have to do the math.

Humble Rafa Says:

To all the crazy ladies out there. Some Marat Safin news.

Safin has been elected to the Russian Parliament. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I don’t want to be Roger, so I will just laugh. LOL.

jane Says:

margot, posted this before but haven’t seen you so here goes. May these two thrive and rule the roost in 2012, ;)

Wow sar, that is quite the house Fed is building. I looks like a hotel. ;) We don’t hear much about Mirka’s parents, are they around or what?

Picture of Nole and Rafa’s teams at WTF. How come the coaches get to have potbellies, ha ha. Look even Uncle Toni has one.

jane Says:

Oops here’s the pic of Rafole’s teams

Kimberly Says:

on clay the americans have no chance to beat the swiss if Federer plays, i’m thinking feddy/wawa both win both matches and the Bryans are not even a lock for the dubs and Federinka did win the gold in doubles. Definite possibility of an Swiss Sweep.

alison hodge Says:

hi margot heres hoping our andy can grab that elusive 1st grand slam in 2012,and what better place to start than at the ao,could be 3rd time lucky,fingers crossed anyway,us long suffering brits deserve a bit of tennis success for a change,it can be quite lonely sometimes been a fan of british tennis,dont get me wrong i love the other 3,but somehow its just not the same i will be on cloud nine the day , when not if andy wins his very 1st grand slam.

RFFan Says:

Jane, Mirka appears to have a good relationship w/ her parents; Roger has said that part of the reason they moved from Basel to Zurich was to be closer to Mirka’s parents who live not far from the Zurich area. Her father is a jeweler and her wedding/engagement rings were made by his store :)
But all that doesn’t mean Roger’s about to build them their own house, lol. Sure they’ll be welcome to visit the Feds in their enormous house anyway –

jane Says:

Thanks for filling me in RFFan: I was just curious. Yeah, I am sure there will be a free wing for her parents to come and stay. ;) I like the modern style of it.

Wog boy Says:

As for beer bellies, after QF match at AO ( Berdych) me and some other Nole’s fans were Lookin for beer in hall aroun Rod Laver Arena when we bumped in to Nole’s team, Vajda , uncle Goran Djokovic and the others( not NOLE) already had their HEINEKEN in their hands so we just joined them. Vajda is real nice man, he speaks fluent Serbian , though we can understand each other( Slovakian and Serbian) as long as we speak not to fast. After few ( understatement ) drinks we wished them to win AO ( what they did, good boys) and we moved out to find PUB so we can continue with celebration….read DRINKING.

Wog boy Says:

Lookin…should be” looking”

Eric Says:

Fed’s new house looks like a museum…

skeezerweezer Says:

@Wog boy

Good stuff and thanks for sharin’ :) Ya got to enjoy some brewskies with the tennis stars of the game…awesome!

I take it you have a beer belly? lol…..

Wog boy Says:

Beer belly? Yes, sort of :-(
I need to get a dog so I can start walking again. I have to get over the loss of the old one first:-(
There is always excuse , isn’t it!

Skeezerweezer Says:


Forget the dog walking, play more tennis! Then…you can drink more Beer! :-)

Wog boy Says:

You got me now, I have to think about excuse for that one.

DC Says:

Fed is just 1425 points behind Nadal.
With literally no wins to defend in the first half; if Fed reaches the final of AO and wins a few tournaments in the first half, he could be no 2 going into Wimby.

Fed should leave Nole & Nadal to battle it out again this year. In 2011, these two survived till the US open. Already exhausted, they will probably kill each other by FO, leaving Fed with an opportunity to get back to number 1 and add another slam to his tally.

Steve27 Says:

Jaajja.DC this is a wish of you to believe Federer regain 1 spot. Two things: Federer defends title in Doha and semifinals in Australy and 300 points for the final in Dubai, however Nadal semifinals in Doha, quarters in Australy and none in February, as Davis could not play,he could score points in an ATP 500. It also has 25 years and the Swiss already in the 30s. And the other naive DC, the Scottish is closer to the Swiss, than the Swiss to the Spaniard, Murray will play in Brisbane and he could win a title, of course final defending Australia, but after not defending virtually nothing until the season of clay, because of their poor results after loss to Djokovic. Finally I think Federer defends more points than Murray to Wimbledon, and like I said, the age account, but the Swiss is as they say the best ever. I think for Roland Garros will be 4 in the world and not bad for a player who has won practically everything, and his final wish is to retire with an Olympic gold will be their ultimate goal of his career.

DC Says:


Points to defend (excluding FO) and before Wimby for
Murray – 2180
Fed – 2320
Rafa- 4395

Scotty has more or less the same amount of points to defect as Feddy.
Nadals no 2 spot is in trouble. I feel Fed has a chance to get to number 2 since Scotty hasn’t proven himself to trouble any of the top players on clay.
Feds age of 30 is not an issue – most of the youngsters are not able to hold their body in one piece thru the year.

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