Caroline Wozniacki: “If I Play The Way I Want To Play, It’s Really Tough To Beat Me”
by Staff | January 13th, 2012, 10:50 pm

World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki met the press today at the Australian Open, and despite her inability to win those big Grand Slam matches the Dane is still confident that she can beat the best when she’s playing well.

“I know that if I play on my high level and if I play the way I want to play, it’s really tough to beat me,” said Wozniacki who has had her struggles beating the top players.

And winning that first Grand Slam is still on her mind.

“Obviously every time you go into a tournament, you want to try to win it,” the 21-year-old said. “Yeah, I want to try to win here. We’ll see if that will happen. You need to play the best tennis to do that. You know, I’ve been No. 1 for a long time already. Now my main focus is just to win as many tournaments as possible and the ranking will get there, will be there, if you play well.”

Wozniacki injured her wrist last week in Sydney, but she said that it’s back to 100%.

“It will be a hundred percent,” she said. “I feel confident that my wrist will be okay for Monday. Yeah, I mean, obviously also leading up to a tournament, playing in Sydney, of course when it happened, I really felt the sharp pain, I was a bit concerned. But now it feels good, so I’m okay.”

Playing her ninth Australian Open, Wozniacki added she’s had a number of good memories from the Australian Open.

“I remember someone once confused me with Daniela Hantuchova,” she said. “They thought I just finished up a mixed doubles. They were like, Daniela, can we have your autograph? I said, I’m not Daniela. They said, Yes, you are, we just saw you. That was very funny. I remember that. I even remember where I played. I think I played on the last court on the left. So, yeah, it’s fun to think back. A lot of things have happened since then. Yeah, I played the finals here, as well, in the juniors one year. So it’s good memories.”

Caroline begins her Australian Open campaign against Australian Anastasia Rodionova. She and five other women will bid for the No. 1 ranking during the tournament.

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12 Comments for Caroline Wozniacki: “If I Play The Way I Want To Play, It’s Really Tough To Beat Me”

Lulu Iberica Says:

I am not a fan of Wozniaki, but when she plays her best it is indeed difficult for the vast majority of players to beat her. Unfortunately for her, she’s in a tough quarter, and I don’t give her much chance to even get to the semis.

Kimberly Says:

Can’t stand her

Skeezerweezer Says:

^me too. No hate, just not my cup of tequila. She reminds me of Hingus, but less shotmaking.

Lulu Iberica Says:

To me, the most annoying thing about her is that she cannot or does not make adjustments, and whenever a powerful player starts zoning, she gets rattled and loses her own steady game. Now, at the 2011 US Open she just could NOT handle Serena’s power. I don’t think there was anything she could’ve done. At the 2011 AO, though, she could’ve capitalized on Li’s being a headcase, but instead she herself choked and kept letting Li back in.

Kimberly Says:

She’s a poser and and I do’t like her game,

Kimberly Says:

Agree with skeezer but will add a “much” to the “less shot making”

Lulu Iberica Says:

Ah, Kimberly, I find your hatred of Woz amusing! Yes, she really is annoying all around, although I think she’s probably a nice enough person.

Kimberly, this is OT, but I know you’ve been to the Miami masters — do you think it’s worth paying big $ for the good seats? It seems like a very large stadium, and I’m planning to go for the men’s semis. It might be my only chance to watch Rafa live in my life, so I’m willing to spend the dineros if it makes a major difference in the viewing quality.

Kimberly Says:

You want one of the lower level seatss on the sideline. I usually get mine from friends for free who buy for the two weeks but cant make a session. I can tell you I watched the women’s final from the front row sideline and watched the men’s quarters from thenendnzone several rows up and it was a big difference.

A much as I don’t love wozniaki I like Bartholi less and I kind of think petkovic is a clown and ivanovic a whiner and crybaby, I sort of like radwanksa but her second serve is so flat out bad that I cant root for her, zvonereva, uh no. For many reasons,

I like in the following order
1. Sharapova
2. Azarenka
3. Li na
4. Stosur

I used to really like the Williams, and I still kind of do, but with the outfits and the us open outbursts I am cooling off on them. just love serena’s game, but the antics are wearing on me,

Lulu Iberica Says:

Thanks, Kimberly! Now I just hope I can score those good seats.

Well, Vera is boring as a player, but I can’t help liking her a bit. I can identify with her — a nice, smart person who is prone to emotional meltdowns in moments of pressure.

I know you hate Bartoli, too! I guess I like eccentrics, though I understand that from a tennis perspective she does many things ALL WRONG!

About the Williams sisters, I basically agree with you. The only thing about Venus that bothers me is her terribly tacky outfits, but I can overlook that easily. With Serena, a part of me likes that she is a diva, but I wish she didn’t take things to such an extreme. I was quite disappointed in her with what at happened at the USO this year. Of course it wasn’t as bad as the incident several years ago, but I hoped that she had matured and learned something. Apparently, all she learned was that she could get away with abuse as long as she didn’t use curse words!

Lou Says:

I see it very difficult that she can go on to win as she has 76% win record amongst Sharapova, Li Na, Williams, Kvitova, Clijsters. If she has to win, she will have to become mentally strong and win the crucial matches: Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters & Petra Kvitova- AO analysis Part 3

Anthony Says:

She’s always good at counter punching her apponents, but she has NO finishing game. You can’t just run around hitting balls back, cause eventually they’ll just put her away.

I think it was the US Open 2010 where she played Maria Sharapova in the round of 16 and she was playing really well. She could really excel if she worked on her down-the-line shots. That ultimately be the best weapon she could utilize. If she can’t smash the ball, place it, ya know?

Craig Says:

Love Caroline….always hae. She’s good for women’s tennis – a class act. All the hatred toward her is stupid.

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