Sissy Tomas Berdych Won’t Shake Nicolas Almagro’s Hand After Getting Tatooed By A Little Tennis Ball [Video]
by Tom Gainey | January 22nd, 2012, 10:28 am

Tomas Berdych didn’t win many fans Saturday at the Australian Open. Playing deep into the fourth set of a fourth round match his opponent Nicolas Almagro slapped a forehand that hit Berdych in the arm and knocked the big Czech down.

At the end of the match, Berdych, who won in four sets, refused to shake Almagro’s hand at the net igniting a chorus of boos from the Australian crowd.

Afterward, Berdych tried to smooth things over especially considering his next opponent is another Spaniard, Rafael Nadal.

“It’s just one thing that what happened from the side of Nico was pretty much maybe not what should be happening in the tennis, and that’s it, you know,” Berdych said of not shaking Nico’s hand. “So I think if they want to look at it like that, then I think maybe we both did some mistake. So it’s even, and that’s it. You know, I wouldn’t do any big story with that, you know. Just something happen there, and that’s it, you know.”

He then explained why being hit was so wrong.

“Probably whoever played the tennis knows that the court is pretty big, and you always have some space to put the ball in,” said Berdych. “And not even if you stand each other like three or four meters close to the guy, just try to hit it straight to your face, you know. I was just able and lucky to somehow fell down. Just hit me in the arm, and that’s it, you know. Actually, this is not the way how tennis is. Even if you have this point, you always have enough space to where to put the ball and not actually try to hit the other guy.”

Almagro weighed in on twitter saying, “I think that thomas will understand what happened. No more comments about that. He is a great player”.

Odds are Nadal won’t take kindly to how Berdych treated his countryman. Nor will the fans.

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34 Comments for Sissy Tomas Berdych Won’t Shake Nicolas Almagro’s Hand After Getting Tatooed By A Little Tennis Ball [Video]

Ajet Says:

”Odds are Nadal won’t take kindly to how Berdych treated his countryman.”

Nor he should!!!

” Nor will the fans.”

And why should they?!

Berdych can only reap what he sowed. hopefully nadal crushes him…

skeezerweezer Says:

Ya know Almagro is a Fiery guy himself. That tweet showed his class, takin the high road. Bird needs to fly away. Hey Bird, ever play racquet ball? Next match will be a boo fest.

edward Says:

I am disgusted by the lack of sportsmanship that Berdych showed. I believe that there should be some kind of consequence for his lack of judgement and his actions, totally uncalled for. He should at least be fined and be obligated to issue a public apology. Asshole!!!!

RZ Says:

Berdych has played tennis long enough to know that if you come up to the net, you stand a chance of getting hit by the ball. If you can’t stand the heat, stay back at the baseline.

jane Says:

Too bad that happened. It seems quite clear from the replay that Nico didn’t intend to hit Berdych. He was on the run when he swung. But of course Berdy just saw the ball coming at him and felt it was intended. In any case, he should’ve shaken his opponent’s hand. Shame, all that. Berdych will have a difficult time next round in the best of circumstances; this will make it ten times worse.

alison hodge Says:

rather sad really,t.berd wont win many friends by doing this,to say nico did it on purpose is completely ridiculous,especially when everyone knows that these things happen all the time,murray did a similar thing to llodra a couple of days ago,apologized and both men were laughing about it afterwards,rafas a good friend of nicos so it will be interesting to see his reaction to berdych in the next match,go rafa.

Thangs Says:

Berdych never bothered seeing Almagro apologizing after the ball hit..Definitely kind of attitude problem..He doesn’t like to appreciate Fed or Nadal’s achivements. He is not my fav anymore..

1. Tipsy
2. Berdych

Will never root for them.

RZ Says:

Thangs, why no love for Tipsy?

Thangs Says:

3. Serena

Thangs Says:

@RZ, his comments on WTA and his attitude.

Wheeler Says:

Bloody loser Berd-shit. He also had an altercation with the umpire after the umpire gave him code violation for coaching received from Tomas Krupa. I guess he should not have shaken hands with the umpire either. Seriously, bloody loser. Can’t he be even this sporting?

Thangs Says:

I liked the headline…Sissy Thomas:-)

Lou Says:

Very very disgusting behavior by berdych…goes on to show he still hasn’t grown up!

Thangs Says:

I just read his interview at AO site.. He says sorry from Almagro is not enough…Crying sissy..

Anna Says:

We refer to Tomas as Berd-brain around here. He really lived up to it yesterday. He always manages to dig himself into a hole one way or another. Rafa doesn’t look for vengence though. Just for the win. Hope he gets it.

BirdKiller Says:

BirdShit should be fined. If you saw the match live, while walking back to baseline after getting up from a knockout, he can be seen saying, “Fuc$”.

He should be fined for abusing his opponent like that.

They should have instant replay for this also – Hawkeye for


Skorocel Says:

Thangs: “Definitely kind of attitude problem..He (Berdych) doesn’t like to appreciate Fed or Nadal’s achivements.”

What do these Berdych’s actions today have to do with appreciating Federer’s or Nadal’s achievements?!

slammin Says:

Berdshit, what a sissy who cant take a hit! And could he pick his nose more during that interview? Disgusting.

Tennis Tipster Says:

Pretty surprising from Tomas. Almagro put his hand up and took the high road, so good for him.

Birdman will have a hard time from Nadal’s lot.

MMT Says:

Not sure why it matters whether or Almagro intended to hit it at him. If he did, it’s not only completely legal, but it is also a very smart play tactically in that situation.

When you’re that close to the net and try to pass, there’s not (contrary to Tomas’ explanation) a lot of room to hit into, however if you can hit it directly at the net rusher it’s very hard to get out of the way, let alone hit a decent volley.

You know, I don’t think it helps that players are constantly apologizing to their opponents. Mishit? Apologize. Netcord? Apologize. Hit it in the general direction of you opponent?Apologize.

All these apologies put it in their head that they’rs doing something wrong or getting lucky and that’s just complete nonsense. Everybody should just man up.

Daniel Says:

MMT agreed, That’s why I always liked Venus demeanor. She didn’t apologized, discuss with empires, juts play the game within the rules. Period!

RZ Says:

MMT, totally agree. I don’t see the need for apologies for any of those things.

Michael Says:

Honestly, Berdych was acting too childish and he definitely deserved the boos from the crowd. It is definitely not a sensible thing to do and is a disgrace for the sport. I hope Berdych changes his attitude and improve as a person.

martini Says:

I remember Safin saying a couple years ago that Berdych needed to grow up. I realize now what he meant by that statement. (Although Safin wasn´t the most mature of players himself.)

DC Says:

If Berdych was pissed off; its ok for him to not shake hands. Who are we to judge as to when and how someone else should get pissed off.

Form the comments here , it seems that all of you (including all the boo-ers in the stadium)have always respectfully treated people who piss you off.

Rahul Says:

Im really surprised for any tennis player to whine about something like this. Anyone who plays tennis knows that hitting back at the opponent is an effective shot. If as kids we could deal with this tactic then he really needs to grow up…

Gordo Says:

Berdych baffled me. If Amalgro had a plum and lasered a shot at his oppoment then ya – a bit of bad blood, but if Amalgro intented a head shot on Berdych from a running position then he should be ranked higher if he is that accurate.

But so what? Shake hands. In the NHL playoffs two players have a fight in game 7 but they even shake hands when the series ends, so why insult a time honoured tradition like Berdtch did.

Oh well, by my estimate he has maybe 9 more games that he will be winning at this tourney. Nadal will be sending him off to his shrink tomorrow, hopefully.

Naderer Says:

TB should join the WTA. His behaviour is sickening :)

L Myles Says:

Good for Berdych …at least he has some guts to do what he feels …the booing was typical too …all love a drama … and booing next game will also affect Nadal so Berdych could have a walk over…hehe

Max Dwight Says:

Hopman Cup 2012: Mardy Fish was getting completely dismantled at the hands of Dimitrov…and with the actions worthy of sore losers everywhere, Fish threw his first temper tantrum. The recipients? The small crowd of Bulgarian supporters at whom the American spat. Yes, you read that correctly. Spat. For cheering. Spitting is disgusting… Spitting purposefully in someone’s (anyone’s) direction is despicable. So I take Berdych refusal to shake hands with Almagro as one far lesser affront and think it’s right to state, that true SISSY!!!, oh dear, might be scum-bag FISH, ha !!!

MMT Says:

“DC Says: If Berdych was pissed off; its ok for him to not shake hands. Who are we to judge as to when and how someone else should get pissed off.”

DC, you’re right – despite the fact that it’s normally done after EVERY match, there is no rule he’s broken. Fair enough. And it is not the first time I’ve seen players refuse to shake hands.

In Valencia 2006 Safin refused to shake hands with (none other than) Nico Almagro after losing to him. He felt Almagro was over the limit with all his self-congratulatory shouting and celebrations after the win. That’s the debatable, although I happen to agree with Safin.

Last year Robredo refused to shake hands with Fognini in Chile. Robredo thought he heard Robredo insulting him with bad language throughout the match, and in the end felt it was unsporting, and thus refused to shake hands. Again, I agree with Robredo, but that is debatable.

If Berdych had given any reason similar to the above two examples, I’d agree with you. But there is NOTHING unsporting about hitting at your opponent, and this is the point of criticism against Berdych. He’s upset at a player employing the tactical equivalent of a lob or a drop shot, and I think that’s absurd.

What I find incredible is when players wait at the net for a celebrating victor to do a dance, thump his chest, blow kisses to the crowd, or make a snowman at the baseline, etc. If that were me, I’d walk right off the court, because that is, in my opinion, truyly unsporting to make your opponent wait for your bask in the glory of your own victory.

But to refuse a handshake for a tactic? Sorry, but that’s absurd.

Larney Says:

Berdych is a drama queen, it was obvious that amalgro didnt purposely hit it at berdych. But being a spoilt loser he took it personally and acted like a child… sorry grow up your suppose to be an adult!

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margot Says:

Never mind not shaking hands…picking your nose in interview, yukky yuk!

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