Federer Passes Off Davis Cup Loss, Blames Wawrinka; France Tries To Finish Off Canada
by Sean Randall | February 12th, 2012, 11:52 am

First, all credit to Team USA who took advantage of a sunken Swiss team to pull the shocking Davis Cup upset of the weekend and one of the bigger wins in American history.

Jim Courier made the right move going for kill shot Saturday by subbing in Mardy Fish for Ryan Harrison, and the US got it by downing a lackluster, uninspired Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka tandem.

Afterward, while the US danced and cheered, Federer brushed off the defeat and the put some of the blame on his friend and partner Wawrinka.

“Sure, it’s disappointing, but we’re not too down about it,” Federer said.

“I played well enough in doubles, but Stanislas not so much,” Federer said via AP translation.

He added that Stan, who was seated next to him in the interview, “didn’t have his best match in singles. It’s a shame, because of that defeat we weren’t able to put the U.S under pressure.”

Federer a gracious loser? I guess not.

Fact is, both Wawrinka and Federer stunk. Stan was choking on Friday and continued his gag routine on Saturday. But that doesn’t absolve Federer of his poor play in either of his matches, especially yesterday when he looked downright dreadful – missing easy volleys, whiffing setting up match point, etc.

I heard the court was bad. The surface was the wrong choice. The altitude didn’t help, but on clay at the very least Federer has to beat Isner and with Stan that team has to beat the US.

For Federer, it’s his third straight best-of-5 loss (singles and doubles, including Nadal at the Australian Open) and at 30 you have to always wonder how much of his game is in deterioration. Let’s face it, it is.

The former No. 1, though, won’t have much time to dwell on his disappointing weekend. Federer will be the top seed tomorrow in Rotterdam were he’ll play Isner’s victim in the longest match in history, Nicolas Mahut, in the first round. Juan Martin Del Potro and Tomas Berdych are also in the field.

As for the rest of the Davis Cup first round, things went accordingly for the most part. Aside from USA’s upset, Austria pulled a minor one beating a Russian team led by new member Alex Bogomolov. With Davydenko/Youzhny on the bench, the top 40-ranked American-turned-Russian simply melted under the weight in his debut winning just one set it two singles matches.

Later today France will try to finish off the pesky Canadians. Yesterday in a mild surprise Benneteau/Llodra got a straight set win over Nestor/Raonic to put France up 2-1.

JW Tsonga will now go for the win against Milos Raonic. With the US tie over, Tennis Channel might have coverage of the match today – they teased if after the US clinched the doubles.

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65 Comments for Federer Passes Off Davis Cup Loss, Blames Wawrinka; France Tries To Finish Off Canada

Angel Says:

Sean Randall, who the fuc* cares about what you think?, stop criticizing Federer and start doing a better job than this lame post. As*hole.

Anna Says:

This is crazy! Can you imagine Andy Roddick or Mardy Fish making a statement like that about a Davis Cup partner? Stan must feel awful with what meager bit of confidence he has left. I’ve read some over the years about Roger not being a team player but never gave it alot of creedance. I guess I’ll rethink that now.

green900 Says:

For F*** sake’s it’s a translation error. you know federer would ever say something like that about his team mate.

Dave Says:

Here we are, without all the facts, jumping to conclusions “Federer Passes Off Davis Cup Loss, Blames Wawrinka… Federer a gracious loser? I guess not” based on an AP translation. Whatever happened to checking the sources?

This issue is probably much ado about nothing, as mat4 said on another thread. The major Swiss newspapers did not bother to mention what Federer was claimed to have said, suggesting the comments were either taken out of context, mistranslated or are the stuff of tabloid reporting. It makes no sense that Federer (a Swiss German) would trash Wawrinka (a Swiss-French) to the Swiss-French media without the Swiss French media criticizing Federer. If there were problems in the Swiss team, surely the major Swiss newspapers would have sensationalized it. Yet the major Swiss newspapers said nothing. Obviously we don’t know all the facts as we do not have Federer’s unedited full comments, correctly translated, which probably contained a lot more than what was quoted and translated by AP. The biggest issue brought up by the major Swiss media was the bad decision to choose indoor clay with bad bounces at the high altitude of Fribourg as the reason for the Swiss defeat.

I checked the largest Swiss-German newspapers 20 Minuten, Blick and Tages Anzeiger. Nothing mentioned about Federer pointing a finger at Wawrinka.


Even the largest Swiss-French newspapers 24 Heures and Geneva Tribune did not mention it. 24 Heures did publish an article about a surprise doping test on Nadal on Saturday, however.


Wawrinka and his wife are back together again, Stan announced on Friday… hmmm, was Stan a little distracted last week?

Swiss newspaper reiterated that Isner would never have beaten Federerwithout the coaching of two-time French Open champion Jim Courier, who was in ISner’s ears throughout the match and before.

Federer stayed to the bitter end of a 0-5 loss to cheer his teammates on the third day and thank the fans. Yeah Anna, so Fed is not a team player?

In the end, Federer and Wawrinka did Switzerland a big favor: it gave their country the entertainment of a major Davis Cup clash in Switzerland while losing quickly to avoid over extending themselves in an Olympic year. Had they won doubles and survived two best-of-5 setters on Sunday, Federer and Wawrinka would probably have to endure the same effort against France in the quarterfinals, Spain in the semifinals and Serbia/Argentina in the finals. It thus could have been a pre-planned, orchestrated defeat given they could not win quickly in two days (e.g., 0-2 down on first day). Fed and Stan would have been dumb to win this tie. In an Olympic year, the obvious sacrifice is to lose the Davis Cup quickly without burning too much effort. That’s why I said in the middle of Warinka’s first match that his matches can be a source of drama “assuming the Swiss really want to win and keep playing more Davis Cup ties this year, of course.”

Anna Says:

Oh Dave, you are hilarious.

alison hodge Says:

roger saying that stan did not play the best of matches,doesnt mean he is blaming stan,funny how words can get twisted with journalists out to make a story,stan is rogers best mate so i very much doubt he was been offensive,any i doubt that stan would take any offence either.

Jack Says:

Maybe we shouldn’t blame Sean Randall for his comprehension problems.

Polo Says:

Let’s just say Switzerland team really stunk and lost. And that USA team played very well and won. Whatever was said before and after the competition, good or bad, gracious or ungracious, would not change a thing. Next tournament, please.

Dave Says:

Anna Says: “Oh Dave, you are hilarious.”
Really? Who is more hilarious? The person who checks the facts? Or the person who doesn’t?

Polo Says:

Oh, Dave, you really are hilarious. Read the last paragraph of your own post that was loaded with “facts”. That was really more fictional than Sean’s article.

Sean Randall Says:

Really Dave, like Polo, did I read your last graph correctly?

“Fed and Stan would have been dumb to win this tie”.

As for sources, I did check them. The A-freakin-P! If they’re not credible anymore I’m open to suggestions. Just show me the way.

Sean Randall Says:

Roanic out with a knee injury. He’ll be replaced by Dancevic who’ll face Tsonga in a few minutes.

Anna Says:

Oh darn! I hope Milos isn’t one of those would be tennis greats plagued with injuries. He’s too darn young for this!!!

Anna Says:

Sean was my second source for this news. Tennis channel reported the same thing. It just wasn’t Rogers business to comment on Stan’s play, unless he was asked to do so, which is unlikely. If I were Stan it would pi-s me off, especially because he was a mate and should know better.

Skorocel Says:

Dave: “24 Heures did publish an article about a surprise doping test on Nadal on Saturday, however.”

Sounds interesting… Can you post a direct link?

jane Says:

Canada should NOT have put Raonic in for doubles rubber, imo – all that bending probably contributed to the knee. They should’ve put Vasek or maybe Dancevic, though I lean toward Vasek here; he is a good volleyer. I love Frankie, but he has no chance versus Jo Will, imo.

BTW, Jo’s new haircut is fierce!! I love it.

jane Says:

Skorocel, it’s everywhere, re: Rafa’s surprise test. He commented on twitter about it. Here’s a link to ESPN’s blurb.


Steve 27 Says:

Federer fans have always double standards, a defeat is possitive, really? or you’re a sore loser? Perhaps, his own fans can not ever recognize that their “hero” has been wrong in their statements. But no, there will always be someone defending his favorite player, even if his attitude was not the best.

Skorocel Says:

@jane: Thanks!

V Blacklabel Says:

I think this was a translation hiccup myself, but you can’t blame the Fed for being a bit sore about how this weekend went down.

Here’s my take on this Davis Cup weekend and why it matters that Fed hasn’t yet won it: http://www.blacklabeltennis.com/2012/02/not-feds-cup.html

samba Says:

Roger may not play very well right now, but you can always count on him putting in a good shot for the circular firing squad. Blaming your double partner is stupid and classless.

mat4 Says:


I am sorry. You didn’t check well.

What’s interesting is that Wawrinka was sitting next to Federer when he commented Wawrinka’s performance.

Although I am not an expert for English, “c’est domage” rather means “it is a pity” than “it is a shame”. That’s the reason why I quoted the text in French.

vrtrop Says:

I still haven’t seen the original AP article. Sean you linked to the ESPN article. This sounds like when Dick Cheney leaked false stories to the NY Times and then said “The NY Times had stories about WMD” I think you are going to have egg on your face on this one but Federer haters never let the truth get in the way of their narrative

Sean Randall Says:

vtrop, egg on MY face? Maybe you should double check that ESPN link and actually read the header and footer, then report back. You do know that AP is short for Associated Press, right?

Jules L Says:

These remarks are not out of character for Federer. He has always been very straightforward and honest in his post-match comments. Stan didn’t play well. That’s it, just an observation. Nothing more or less.

Anna Says:

Jules – The definition of pity is “sorrow and compassion aroused by another’s condition”. So Roger’s remark “it was a pity really” indicates more than just observation. I don’t think Roger is out to get anybody, I just think he’s being inconsiderate.

El Flaco Says:

I don’t know how Fed and Wawa won the Olympic gold in the doubles because Wawa is not a good doubles player. He has a good serve, but he has extreme grips so his return is inconsistent and his volleys are shaky at times too. He also lacks touch.

Twocents Says:

El Flaco,

I agree with you on Wawa is not a good doubles player. I was at the courtside when Fedrinka beat Paes/?? and Bryan’s in Beijing. The Indian and our American pairs are much better double pair than the Swiss pair. Why did the Swiss win?
1) They really really wanted it; Fed had lost his singles match the day before.
2) By their superior individual skills. Stan was much better that summer. Fed was a bit slow then but still quick enough for double play;
3) Surprise factor: those two top double pairs were not well prepared to handle a pair that played almsot pure single’s tennis in a double match.

Very funny but entertaining and beautiful matches!

rave Says:

Sean, did you read other translations of what Fed said or you relied on only one source. Shame on you. Lazy journalism, just rewriting what you read and more than ready to jump on the band waggon and trash Federer. Must make you feel real superior.
Anna, you must be a psychic, knowing what Roger means. You must als br in seventh heaven, just proved you right that Roger the inconsiderate arragant person that you think he is. You must have a pathetic life.
I never believe what the media says anymore. Sensational tabloid mentality.
COngratulations to team USA, they did a wonderful job.

roy Says:

hilarious watching federer fans doing back flips to excuse another round of obnoxious behaviour from their god.

at least wawrinka has supported the davis cup team regularly over the years, not just when he wants to enter the olympic games, or when he realises he’s 30 and only has a few years left to win the davis cup.

like i said earlier, exactly how did wawrinka let the team down losing to the world no.8 as the no.28 player?
federer, the no.3, RG champion, 4 time RG finalist, loses to the world no.19 isner on clay. admittedly isner is a clay specialist, but still.

i’ve always known federer is delusional, but seriously. federer, you let the team down for at least 5 years during your prime. and you let the team down on the weekend too.
be a man and admit it.

actually you could a learn a thing or two about sportsmanship and team loyalty from your ‘best mate’ stanley. he might show you how to hit a decent backhand too.

roy Says:

not to mention stan loses 97 in the 5th and federer goes down pretty easily in 4.

roy Says:

the nerve to say that about stan considering the way those singles matches played out.

rave Says:

Roy, It does bother you that much doesn’ it that Fed has fans who believe in him. And who is it that has won the sportsmanship award 7 times, voted by, can it be true, gasp, the tennis plaaaaaaaaaaaayers, No! that must not be true,the tennis players really don’t know anything, because, only a few of tennis-x posters like Roy know the true federer. Those tennis players must be idiots. They are not the ones in the locker room with Fed, but Roy is.

RZ Says:

Methinks something got lost in translation here. I doubt Federer would criticize Wawrinka while sitting right next to him.

Twocents Says:

Must be hard to be a Fed fan — only half a gold medal and no DC! Sigh!

BTW, I like Stan a lot. He played this DC tie with pain. Hats off!

My own observation about Federinka pair — a real pair they are not:-)). That 2008 gold medal is a fluke and can’t be repeated. But their matches, in a cheating way, were fun to watch. Worth the scalping tickets!

TD (Tam) Says:

Sean Randall you are pathetic as an American tennis fan. Instead of giving credit to team USA, to Courier’s shewd decisions as caption, and completely ignoring Isner’s brilliant play in downing Federer, all you do is make excuses for your homeboy Federer. ‘He’s 30, he’s practically in the nursing home, he’s declining’. Give me a break! You can’t have it both ways.

Well to that and to you I say GO USA! I am a proud fan of American tennis even if the US media isn’t. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!!!

I can’t wait until Federer retires then all of his nut hugging fan boys in the media like Sean will give up tennis and find a new hobby.

RZ Says:

If you read this article, you’ll see there are 3 different versions of what Federer said. http://www.tennis.com/articles/templates/news.aspx?articleid=16408&zoneid=25

Not sure why so many are attacking Sean. This is a blog, not the New York Times.

Frunze Says:

Federer is the most arrogant, bitter and petulant loser on the history of tennis. Look no further than his bitter press conference after losing to Djokovic at the US Open last year or his shameless bawling at the AO after losing to Nadal.

Miles Says:

For those doubting the “translation” of Federer’s quotes by AP, check out this:

Tweets from a Swiss journalist at the presser (https://twitter.com/#!/svenja_sportch):

#federer critized wawrinka more than once. I mean c’mon, he also lost two matches

said stan didn’t play well on friday more than once. as if it was only his fault. strange

Miles Says:

And then, just for fun, I googled a few random French words (Federer-Stan-bon-mal-double), and look what came up:

This is a long article in a leading French-language Swiss paper, titled “Federer: Disturbing Words”, where they REALLY slam him for repeatedly criticizing Wawrinka for his Friday match, and for claiming he himself played well in doubles.

Bits and pieces from the article, describing Team Switzerland press conference on Saturday after doubles:
“a furious spectator – ‘They didn’t even sweat their shirts'”, “Federer turned his criticism towards Wawrinka”, “Federer was talking, Luthi was merely listening”, “it’s clear Roger is the boss here”, “he’s not inclined to do self-criticism”, “Too bad Stan didn’t put pressure on the US Friday; afterwards, me against Isner, anything could have happened”,”If Stan had only played just a little bit better, the result would have been different”, “I played a good doubles match, Stan was not that bad”, “A good doubles? majority of spectators, the angry one included, would disagree”, “Federer is a boss who lacks tact”, “Was this piling on in front of the media necessary?”, “Does Wawrinka deserve such thrashing?”, “This is disturbing and reminds of the DC tie Switzerland-France at Neuchatel in 2001. In a open conflict with Jakob Hlasek, young Roger deliberately tanked his singles rubber in order to get the head of his captain rolling”, “Federer, an iron hand in a velvet glove, an absolute monarch”, “faithful to his friends, the real ones, he remained Sunday to watch Lammer & Chiudinelli”, “Wawrinka was absent, officially ‘indisposed'”.

Put it through Google Translate, it’s an interesting read.

mat4 Says:

“pas mal” means “good”, not “not so bad”.

I don’t want to defend Roger Federer. But let’s be precise with what he said.

On the other side, he was never gracious in defeat, especially the last few years.

Polo Says:

If you read all of Federer’s interviews after losing a match, he almost always says something ungracious. Rarely does he give full credit to whoever beats him. He gives faint praise then subterfuges it with an excuse as to why he lost which undermines the victor. Then most of his fans (not all because there are many who are not in denial) become outraged when this is pointed out by a writer or anybody who comments on this. Roger does it all the time. Roger speaks very good English, it could not merely be attributed to mistranslation or misquotation all the time. I must add that the media loves Roger. Read and listen to how they praise him all the time, more than any other tennis player, I must say. It is inconceivable to me but does his defenders think that there is a conspiracy against him? The media does not do that with anybody else.

mat4 Says:

I am eagerly waiting for Humble Rafa’s comments. :-)

Polo Says:

To TD (Tam), did we read the same article? Or were you just randomly throwing aspersion towards Sean? Do you mind reading the article again and check out where your diatribe fits?

Humble Rafa Says:

Tennis has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Remember the time, when tall players couldn’t play on clay because they couldn’t get low enough to retrieve balls. Yes, that was the 80s and 90s.
As the powers-to-be slowed the hard courts down, sped the clay courts up, there is no difference anymore.

Re: Davis Cup
As it always happens, the Arrogant One wins the first set, then disappears. Twice in 2 days.

I have always been critical of the Arrogant One. But bad courts and bad play (by the “Neutral” country) ruined it for them. He won’t win the davis cup, the same way, he won’t win another grand slam.

One cannot be a gracious loser like me all the time, but The Arrogant One always puts his positive spin-o-meter on anything. I am sure the loss was a “good loss” in his dictionary. Just what his sports psychologist ordered.

On the news that Stan got back with his wife..he starts losing right away. Isn’t that why he got away from his child and his 55 year old mother (lol, gotta love someone who marries a woman 10 years older than him). Hope it works for him on the second try.

The wonderful people from the doping team visited me. I p—ed on their face. Thankful that it was an all French team.

skeezerweezer Says:

Don’t know about the translation swiss to english. But Fed posted on his Facebook about the loss for all to see. Said it was a tough loss for the TEAM and gave USA credit saying they played great. Then thanked the fans. No translation mystery there, was in English.


“The wonderful people from the doping team visited me. I p—ed on their face. Thankful that it was an all French team.”

Missed the cup, eh? Hehe…

carlo Says:

Well, Andy Roddick throws embarrassing tantrums on court and Fish’s answer to Bulgarian fans at Hopman Cup is to spit at them. Wonder what kind of criticism Federer would get if he behaved like them?

Well done, Isner.

As for Federer – I’m curious to see how he plays in Rotterdam.

jane Says:

“Djokovic, Nadal, Federer – as close to perfection as tennis has ever been” – An interesting article, uses statistical data re: slams. Subjective, on some level, too, of course. Anyhow, here’s the link:


Fot Says:

For people who don’t like Roger – it’s the same thing – no matter what he does – or doesn’t do – they still won’t like him. For me – he is still my #1 player of all times and I’ll always be a fan.

The players in the past had it made in the media. We didn’t have the internet, facebook, or other social networks, instant interview posts, etc. so they could say (and probably did say) a lot of ‘things’ that we never knew about. Today all the athletes are scrutinized word-for-word, in 3 languages or more! It’s kind of sad in a way.

But if this is what turns people away from the good that Roger has done, then that’s really sad. I look at that commercial where he’s helping to build 80 schools, pay for kids to go to school, feed them, etc. I look at where the players (the folks who see Roger up close, day to day) have voted him SPORTSMANSHIP awards year after year…so I look at the big picture and say Roger is a CREDIT to this sport.

Stella Says:

Roger speaking about the media coverage. And yes the media just printed what to them would make good press. Terrible what has beeen said.


skeezerweezer Says:

Thanks Stella,

Fed haters chew on that. Sean, you need to watch the youtube link also.

Polo Says:

I like Federer. In fact, I like him to win everything. I think he is the best player to play the sport. He has done a lot of wonderful things inside and outside of tennis. Yet, I still cringe when I read/hear about some of the things he says after he loses. Do I think he is a bad person? Definitely not. I just wish he would choose his words better because these things get printed and people will read them. I could hear some people say, “Who cares?” But people do care, otherwise we would not be discussing this ad libitum.

Roger Federer: I Would Never Blame Stan, It’s The Press Creating Something From Nothing [Video] Says:

[…] set the record straight Monday. Ahead of his first round match in Rotterdam, Federer made it clear that he did not blame teammate Stanislas Wawrinka for the Swiss shock loss over the weekend to the USA in Davis […]

carlo Says:

Thanks for posting that video, Stella.

Highly recommended reality check for anti-Federer fans.

Tom Gainey Says:

@Stella, thank you for finding the video. I’ve made a post here: http://www.tennis-x.com/xblog/2012-02-13/8870.php

carlo Says:

jane, that is an interesting link. But I do disagree with this being a ‘Golden Era’ of tennis.

Federer is on his way out at 30-31 years old. If Murray can step up or del Potro, or ?, I might consider the idea. I see this as going into either a duopoly, Nadal-Djokovic, or an all-out domination by Djokovic. We’ll see; just my opinion at this point.

Twocents Says:

You’d think an AP reporter covering international sports should master French…Now we know French the beautiful language is in decline, big time. Or responsible journalism?

Again, marketing sensationalism triumphes, as always. Always will.

Bottom line: people, reporters included, choose to believe what they want to believe. Nothing to do with language, culture, journalism, or internet. And it really does not matter. As Buddha said:
“A dream, a flash of lightning, and a cloud–thus we should look upon the world (all that was made).”

jane Says:

carlo, I think they mean over the last several years, because they refer to the last 28 slams, so that would clearly include Fed before his decline. And if you look at some of the stats/charts a lot of them are about Fed’s collective achievements. Maybe a better way to put it is that it’s a “dominant age” in tennis ;). They seem to be looking mainly at eras when top players were extremely consistent at the slams.

Fot Says:

While Federer said: “I played a good doubles, and Stan not a bad one,” the remark was reported in English as Federer saying his partner played poorly.


Twocents Says:

Back to Fed’s “notorious” press-gates, it’s an organic product from combination of champion’s arrogance and the call-a-duck-a-duck type of teutonic culture. Champions are not humble in their hearts. Europeans, even their politicians, tend less sugar-coating their public talks like English and Ameicans do.

It’s not evil, nor something to be glorified. But it is one more reason this American Fed fan like Fed. I am fed up with our daily marketing hype and politically corrected talks. I turn to sports for breaks.

carlo Says:

Yes, I see what the author is getting at, jane.

In those other era’s or age’s, there was more than 1 or 2 dominant players at the top winning majors.

What we’ve seen since 2004 is Federer, then, Federer-Nadal, then, Nadal… now, Djokovic – Nadal

Only 3 GS titles won by someone not named Federer or Nadal from 2004 through 2010! I don’t need to be submerged in statistics to remember what has felt like pretty much a Federer Age with Nadal winning clay season and FO, then a slight shift in 2008, with a hint of Djokovic. A year in 2009 then gave a glimpse of del Potro while Djokovic faded. Back to Nadal with aging Federer in 2010. Finally when Federer is 29 going on 30, 2011 is down to Djokovic- Nadal.

It was a breath of fresh air to have Djokovic win Wimbledon last summer and I was ready for the change! I’m cool with dubbing it the ‘Dominant Age’

And I’m still keeping an open mind. Murray wins a GS or del Potro and this could be an exciting time in tennis. Even if Djokovic dominates, wins FO, and dare I say it, all 4 GS? That would be a monumental achievement, and exciting in its own right, of course, since no one has been able to do it since Rod Laver!!

I guess “Golden Age” means different things to different fans. If dubbing it as such helps sell tennis, I’ll bite. ;)

vrtrop Says:

Just like there were no WMD, this story was not based on any fact. I need my own blog. I actually know the sport. I knew this story was pure junk from the beginning. Oh well Sean, I think you will not rush to judgement the next time 9unless it is anti Federer). Let me guess you have Nadal posters throughout your house. LOL

LL Says:

Where is Grendel?

jamie Says:

Slam winners for 2012 and 2013

The next 7 slam winners will be:

Nole 3
Murray 2
Nadal 1
Del Potro 1
Federer 0

So for the rest of 2012 and 2013, Nole will win 3 slams, Murray will win 2 slams, Nadal will win 1 slam and Del Potro will win 1 slam. Federer will win 0 slams.

Tennis-is-fun Says:

Hey, if you anyone has watched the Davis Cup first rubber between Stan and Mardy, it is almost obvious why Roger made this comment about Stan “didn’t have his best match in singles. It’s a shame, because of that defeat we weren’t able to put the U.S under pressure.”. Stan is very unlucky and every time he had a chance, Mardy just did exceptionally well. Same in the match between Roger and John, no excuse that the Swiss lost. It is sometimes how it is in a ball game, there are matches that one cannot win. and that is where i would agree that “it is a shame” that Stan did not win. Not that he lost, but it is almost like ok, he has chance to win, but did not grasp, then he spent 4+ hours to lose, that gave a very big blow for the Swiss team, if we know that Stan and Roger are the only two players there to keep the team up. It is like after one rubber, you have one loss and then one very tired person. IF that is not a shame to not win, what is it?

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