Andy Murray’s Having Court Issues: Monte Carlo Has Bad Bounces, Madrid Has Turned Blue
by Tom Gainey | April 20th, 2012, 10:48 am

Follow a three set loss this afternoon to Tomas Berdych at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, Andy Murray took aim at the Monte Carlo playing surface. While the Scot didn’t attribute the unevenness of the soil to the loss, he wasn’t impress by the condition of the red clay at the famed Monte Carlo club.

“Everybody’s been talking a lot about the court this week,” Murray said. “Most clay courts there’s bad bounces on. It’s never perfect. If guys slide or dig up a bit of clay, there’s bits that are hard. There’s normally bad bounces. It just seemed this week there was more of them than normal. That’s no reason for me winning or losing the match. Everybody’s had to deal with the same thing. It’s made it harder to go out there and necessarily feel great and feel like your timing is perfect on the ball, you know, which is something that for me is important. That’s how I play. I’m a ball‑striker. That’s my game. I rely on returning a lot. It’s an important part of the game for me.”

The tournament lost Juan Monaco and Julien Benneteau to ankle injuries. And there’s been some rain this week adding to the court issues.

Murray also took a shot at the upcoming Madrid Masters which will feature controversial blue colored clay courts.

“It’s only a few weeks before the French Open, and the French Open is played on red clay,” Murray said. “So for the players, it would be better for it to be on the red clay. But at the same time, you know, I’ve watched sometimes in Madrid. It’s very difficult to see the ball. I understand the reasons for doing it. It makes the tournament unique and a bit different. Sometimes that’s good for the tour. But the timing of it is what makes it difficult for the players. I’ve never played on a blue clay court before. I have no idea how the surface will play. So that will be a new experience.”

Murray gave credit to Berdych who now leads 4-2 over Andy.

“He played extremely well today,” Murray said. “He dictated a lot of the points. He went for his shots. He served very well, I think, too. He served a lot of serves close to the lines.”

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13 Comments for Andy Murray’s Having Court Issues: Monte Carlo Has Bad Bounces, Madrid Has Turned Blue

jane Says:

These seem like reasonable concerns: the condition of the court & injuries, and the timing of the blue clay tournament. Moreover, it’s not as though Murray is being unequivocal in his comments. In fact he has pointed out other considerations in each case: i.e., that clay courts are never perfect, that all players are dealing with the same conditions; and that he’s never played blue clay, plus that something “unique” is “good for the tour.”

Very measured and intelligent comments from Andy I think.

RZ Says:

Apparently there have been 3 ankle injuries so far based on the uneven clay at Monte Carlo. Not a good sign!

Kimberly Says:

can’t stand playing on clay! Too many bad bounces.

jamie Says:

Murray. :(

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Benneteau will be out for months with a broken elbow.

Kimberly Says:

thats terrible, but i remember raonic out for a while last year when he slipped on the grass so it happens on other surfaces too.

harry Says:

Does anybody know what balls they are going to be playing with during the clay stretch? Babolat?

jane Says:

Good question harry: the balls were an issue last year, as they played with one kind all the way through the clay stretch and then the French Open decided to use a completely different ball. I am curious if that’ll happen again.

harry Says:

@jane — yeah, i think they used dunlop through the clay stretch but used babolat in FO…

Michael Says:

Despite what he might say, I think Murray should improve a lot both in terms of his play as well as his attitude if he has to be in the league of the top Three. He is definitely not in that level and it is service which is mostly the villian of the piece in many of his matches. He should improve his serve if he has to have any chance of winning a major. Unless and until that happens, Murray will just be pedesterian.

Alex Says:

Clay is a very odd surface. Much different from hard courts. It can be a real pain for people who like to hit a clean ball all the time.

Steve 27 Says:

Did he ever get to reach a final on clay?

adam Says:

stop being a diva murray. go out and just play. conditions are never perfect or in your control. hard courts are different colors and they change from tournament to tournament and the courts are different colors every time you switch surfaces. No one cares if thats hard for you. Its part of the job. just play. jeezus

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