Andy Murray: I’m Sure Rafa Will Win The French Open A Few More Times Before He Retires
by TennisOne | May 26th, 2012, 12:56 am

Andy Murray agrees that what Rafael Nadal has done at the French Open – winning six of the last seven years – is one of the great achievements in the sport of tennis.

Speaking to the press Friday at the tournament, he elaborated on Nadal incredible run at Roland Garros.

“There are some great records in tennis. That’s obviously one of them,” Murray said of Nadal’s six French Opens. “I think the fact that he started at such a young age as well is what’s most impressive. I think probably since he’s been whatever. He won it when he was maybe 17 the first time, or 18. That, to me, is what’s been most impressive about it. It’s obviously still going, as well. So I’m sure he’ll have more great runs here. I’m sure he’ll win the event, you know, a few more times probably before he finishes.”

Murray also commented on Novak Djokovic’s bid for a fourth straight Grand Slam title, and achivement not seen in men’s tennis since Rod Laver in the 1960s.

“Yeah, it would be up there,” Murray said. “I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know. There’s a lot of records that guys have had in streaks. Guys have had incredibly impressive and very, very difficult things to do. So I don’t know which one is better than the other. But if he was able to do it, which I hope he’s not, it will be ‑‑ yeah, it would be an unbelievable effort.”

It’s been a up-and-down year for Murray. The Scot hired tennis great Ivan Lendl at the start of the season and immediately won Brisbane. But he’s failed to add to the trophy cabinet since and Murray’s now been struggling with a back injury that he says is better now.

“I feel fine,” Murray said of his back. “I have been here about close to a week now. Had some good practice and feel good.

“Hopefully the worst of it’s gone now. The next few months are very important to everybody this year. There’s a lot of big tournaments coming up. One of the goals in that period is to stay injury‑free, because if I am, then I’ll hopefully play some good tennis and have some good results.”

Murray has a semifinalist a year ago at the French Open losing a tough match to Nadal. He’ll play Tatsuma Ito in his first round match.

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14 Comments for Andy Murray: I’m Sure Rafa Will Win The French Open A Few More Times Before He Retires

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Its interesting that Murray can be so respectful of Rafa, but is much more hesitant to praise Nole, who he’s viewed as his competitor since they were kids. I mean what a comment: WOuld a grand slam be impressive? “I don’t know. I don’t know. There’s a lot of records that guys have had in streaks.”

Funny stuff.

Jack Lewis Says:

Well Tennis Vagabond the problem is that the actual question asked of Murray was:
Q. If Novak were to make it four Grand Slams in a row, I think nobody’s done it since Laver in ’69. How big of an achievement do you think that would be? Do you think that would be the best ever in tennis given the current era?

Which is not the same as:
WOuld a grand slam be impressive? Which I assume you just pulled out of…

When you put best ever in a question you might get a more nuanced answer in reply, nothing particularly odd about it.

jane Says:

Good to hear Andy’s back is feeling well.

dari Says:

Cheers to Murray staying healthy! It’s tough enough for him already, no need to add injury to, well you know

alison hodge Says:

Hope Andy has a great tournament,so glad to here his back is now much better.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Jack, good point, thanks for the context.

GMen Says:

He’s reluctance to praise Nole because Nole has been his closest benchmark since they started playing in the juniors. To see Nole now pull away and start doing ridiculous things like possibly win four slams in a row – while Murray still very much may never add a slam trophy to his cabinet – that must hurt. Doesn’t help Murray is fundamentally a bit negative. Not his fault, he’s British.

metan Says:

@Alison, I agree,

Now we just relax n enjoy the tennis , we are lucky to have all these players

sar Says:

Is this interview on video?

jane Says:

This is all that I could find sar:

Michael Says:

It is all right to say that Nadal will win, Novak will win, Roger will win blah blah. But tell me Mr Murray as to when you are going to win a major ??

Colin Says:

Good grief, GMen, you are trying to wind people up, aren’t you? So “British” is synonymous with “negative”, is it?
I take it you are American? Well, most of the problems of, and caused by, the USA, stem from your being so bloody positive.

Colin Says:

Michael, you didn’t pay attention to what Jack Lewis said. Murray didn’t make his statements out of the blue, unprompted. He was replying to questions, so kindly can the “blah blah blah” stuff.
Oh, sorry, I forgot – it’s Murray, and anything he says or does is by definition wrong or arrogant or whatever.

Michael Says:


I am sorry if my comment offended you in any manner. I share the sentiments of many of Murray’s fans and I am too frustrated that he is yet to win a major despite his brilliant game. He had three chances and he couldn’t convert them and the discouraging factor is that he was beaten in straights and couldn’t manage to even take a set. It is really intriguing that how a player with such a calibre is not able to live up to the promise. After Roger, many of the Tennis Analysts only tipped Murray to become the 2nd best player, but it never happened. My analysis of Murray’s game is that he has to improve a lot in terms of his service delivery and add more pace to his game. He gets agitated on court and loses his patience which is not going to help him win tournaments especially majors. Nowadays Murray is getten beaten by even lower ranked players which makes one wonder as to whether he has lost his touch. What Murray badly needs is consistency which is the hall mark of greatness.

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