Roger Federer Has Now Won More Grand Slam Matches Than Anyone In Tennis History
by Tom Gainey | May 30th, 2012, 10:17 am

Roger Federer continues to rewrite the record books. Today, with a four-set win over Adrian Unger, Federer moved ahead of Jimmy Connors for most all-time Grand Slam singles match wins at 234. And Federer did it at age 30!

According to ITF records, here are the only men’s players to have won 200 or more Grand Slam matches in their careers, a list Federer now sits atop of:

1. Federer 234-35
2. Connors 233-49
3. Agassi 224-53
4. Lendl 222-49
5. Emerson 217-48
6. Sampras 203-38

And after his first round first round victory Monday, Federer won his 50th career match at the French Open making the Swiss the only player to have 50+ wins at all four Slams.

Federer will now play the Martin Klizan-Nicolas Mahut winner on Friday in the third round.

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29 Comments for Roger Federer Has Now Won More Grand Slam Matches Than Anyone In Tennis History

Fot Says:

Congratulations Roger – the records keep coming and coming and coming…..

squirrel Says:

Congratulations Roger – the records keep coming and coming and coming…..


Dave Says:

Well done Tom, for your statistics from ITF. Not only has Federer won more matches, he has also lost less matches than all those on the list of players with more than 200 Slam wins.

Now someone has to launch an investigation into which organization got it right about Connor’s match wins at Slams. ITF with 233 or ATP with 232.

What a disgrace that ITF did not mention what Federer did pertaining to the Grand Slam record on its website, yet highlights Serena’s first round exit. Is ITF unhappy with ATP Player Council president Federe’s response about ITF’s Ricci Bitti’s demands on Davis Cup commitment for the next Olympics?

Unger has an impressive, though inconsistent, game that can take him into the top 35 if he can continue this form for more than two matches. His biggest problem might be marketing himself. After great Romanian players with names like Nastase, Tiriac, Dorn, Stern, San Galli, Cosac, Hamburger… who would want to see an Unger? Think of the headlines when Nastase (‘Nasty’) was No. 1. Or the headlines had Hamburger become No 1. Now think of the headlines if Unger ever becomes a top player.

Roger Federer: I’d Love To Carry The Swiss Flag Again In The Olympics Says:

[…] over Adrian Unger 63, 62, 67, 63 to advance into the third round. And in doing so he now holds the record for most career Grand Slam singles match wins, all-time. Also Check Out:A Fish on Clay?Federer Gets a Win over Rafael at Beijing OlympicsJankovic Passes […]

Dave Says:

top 10 grand slam match winners (according to Britain’s independent newspaper, which got it from the Press Sport Association)

Roger Federer 234-35

Jimmy Connors 233-49

Andre Agassi 224-53

Ivan Lendl 222-49

Roy Emerson 217-48

Pete Sampras 203-38

Stefan Edberg 178-47

Ken Rosewall 171-34

John McEnroe 167-38

Boris Becker 163-40

Rick Says:

Berdych will gonna beats Federina or Nole would gets a really easy match!

Brando Says:


what’s your take on fed’s performance so far at RG this year? How do you see him doing going forward? any areas of concerns re his game?

curious on your take here…..

Skeezer Says:

Fed = 234, all time history record

Rick = 0

Bliss :)

Roger Federer Fan Says:

Wow Skeezer !!!
I am a fan of yours….you have proved that Federer is greater than…err…Rick.
Keep it coming.

RZ Says:

Well done Roger! Considering that he tied the record with his first round win, I’m surprised there wasn’t any press on the possibility/probability of him matching the record prior to the start of the F.O.

van orten Says:

what is the problem with the haters???? how can you not like roger federer for what he has done to tennis…listen to what becker said: he changed it !!!!!!! i do not get it…what a wonderful player hope he plays as long as connors …

dc Says:

WTF!! – what the Federer.

Fedalovic Says:

And, just quietly, let’s not forget that while all these records are falling, Rog has been a dad for the past 3 years… How hard would it be to be a competent and involved parent as well as being an elite sportsperson? So not only is he ‘old’ and still getting to semis & finals of grand slams as well as winning masters (and other) tourneys, he has done all this with one hand tied behind his back and one eye closed (meaning he has two other equally important priorities in the form of his kids, as well as tennis.)

Of course his form/winning ability was going to take a hit after he had kids 3 years ago, but it just goes to show how good Fed really is.

Take nothing away from Nads and Novs – they are still great tennis players, but IMO they don’t even come close to Fed in this context.

Brando Says:

well done fed- keep going!

dc Says:

Lets just say that Fed has more records than anyone else in tennis history.

Lisa Says:


Good point….

Back to FO, I think Federer has the easiest draw enroute quaterfinals (cause anything else before that, would be the biggest upset ever)….

madmax Says:

Lisa, Federer had the most difficult draw at the outset of the FO, look at the players he was drawn against, the fact that they couldn’t deliver by getting knocked out, (lopez, etc) is not Federer’s concern, he is still playing to win.

Easiest draw IS rafa’s when you look at his opponents.

Michael Says:

It is an amazing feat. Roger is setting record after record. What a wonderful career which makes it envious even for other Tennis Greats. The current record set by Roger shows his consistency in major events and the fact that he has managed to play uninterrupted without injury which itself is a phenomenal feat considering the fact that Tennis today has become purely physical and has no place for players with pure elegance and touch like Roger, Nalbandian etc. That Roger has managed to stay in the top at this age is itself a stellar feat. Scintillating Federer !!

nadalista Says:

You’ve got to love Fedfans…………and laugh.

Mark Says:

Fed says ” I would love to carry the Swiss flag again in the Olympics”. Four years later – can he manage that ? The flag pole is rather heavy. Mind that bad back you might have to withdraw !!!

King Federer Says:

You got to love nadlinefans…… and feel sad for their raf@tardness.

get well nadline fans.

Lisa Says:


Yeah, I did considered that, that’s why it’s(draw) easy now, thus anything before quarterfinal, no one would expect him to lose….cheers…:)

courbon Says:

From true Novaks fan:All respect to the best tennis player in history…To all federer fans:Why you worry about if he will win RG or Wimbeldon?He does not have to win anything any more!.And if he wins?(and he can-dificult but he can do it..)?Great bonus!Enjoy the records guys…

madmax Says:

nadalista Says:
You’ve got to love Fedfans…………and laugh.

May 31st, 2012 at 1:49 am

conty, she’s here. she’s there. she’s everywhere.

Steve 27 Says:

madmax, please, what Lopez has done on clay in his career?
He is the worst spaniard in recent times on this surface.
Roddick: are you kiding?

Tennis today has become purely physical and has no place for players with pure elegance and touch like Roger, Nalbandian etc

Each era of tennis that passes it becomes more physical, but would have to ask Mc Enroe, Edberg, Sampras and others. Between now and 5, 10 years will say the same, which is really good, excel and not make excuses, it’s about adapting to changing times.

RZ Says:

courbon, yes, that’s a good point. But as a big Fed fan, I’d love to see him get back to #1, if only for 2 weeks. :-) The way your guy and Rafa are playing, Roger certainly needs to win a major or two for that.

RZ Says:

dc, you’re right. Time to start proclaiming that Fed has the record for holding the most records. :-)

Dave Says:

Hi Brando: I think Roger is waiting for the quarterfinals to have to play at a higher level. After 234 matches and 50 grand slam events, how motivated can he possibly be to wake up for these early matches when he hasn’t lost before the quarterfinals since 2004 French Open? So far at RG, Federer seems to be playing mostly in second gear and, at times, losing his concentration. Against Ungur, instead of stepping on his neck after two sets, I think Roger actually liked the Romanian’s flair in his game and wanted to play more tennis with him, then lost control of the match for a few games – which cost him a set. Despite this, playing a two hour match with Ungur probably benefits Federer’s match fitness more than playing against Nicolas Mahut in the next round – so the extra set against Ungur probably benefits him down the stretch. I think Federer was already prepared by Madrid and Rome, but unless he is having problems with the balls and court at RG, I think we haven’t seen him bring out his best yet. All facets of his game are there, just needs a bit of calibration and focus. In any case, Federer (like Djokovic and Nadal) tend to be self-correcting so whatever issues he has at the start of a tournament tend to be fixed by the semifinal. Of course, Federer is on course to play the toughest quarterfinal(delpo/berdych)-semifinal(Djokovic)-final(Nadal) section, so that’s where he can’t afford to get stuck in four or five set battles.

Steve 27 Says:

Of course, Federer is on course to play the toughest quarterfinal(delpo/berdych)-semifinal(Djokovic)-final(Nadal) section, so that’s where he can’t afford to get stuck in four or five set battles.

So, with your reasoning Nadal had the toughest draw in Australia 2012:
QF Berdych
SF Federer
F Djokovic
is not the same?
What is your point, Dave, show that the Swiss have always more difficult than others? Do not trust your GOAT? or just think the draws are handled?. I hope an objective response.

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