Roger Federer Says Playing Best-Of-3 Sets Over Two Weeks At Slam Would Be A “Holiday”
by Tom Gainey | August 15th, 2012, 10:54 pm

After an easy win tonight in his summer hardcourt debut, Roger Federer was asked about his thoughts on continuing the best-of-3 set format throughout Grand Slam play like the current Masters 1000 and Olympics model. The Swiss jokingly responded, “No problem, but then we should shorten the weeks. We shouldn’t make it a two-week event then, I don’t think, because then it’s like a holiday.”

On a more serious note, the 31-year-old Federer reiterated the possibility of playing the 2016 Rio Olympics with an eye on that elusive gold medal.

“I’m not putting too much thought, to be quite honest,” Federer said Wednesday night. “I don’t think it’s impossible. I definitely think it is feasible. But then again, there are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to get together for this: my personal life, my health, my motivation, everything, you know. It’s a long way. I was joking. After the Wimbledon finals I was asked the question, and I told them I could retire for three years and come back and still get ready for Rio. There is not that much in between, and four years as a tennis player is a very long time. That’s why I don’t think about it too much.”

Tomorrow afternoon Federer will meet young phenom Bernard Tomic in the third round at the Cincinnati Masters 1000.

“Obviously he likes the big stage,” Federer said of the Aussie. “He likes playing against the best players. That’s what gets
him going right now. So it’s going to be a difficult match for me, I do believe. The last time couple of times I played him,
I was able to win. I did have to work hard, and that’s kind of what I expect this time around as well. Obviously this is much faster conditions than the Australian Open, so it will play very different. It’s going to be interesting to see how he comes
out and plays.”

In addition to the title, Federer and rival Novak Djokovic in a battle for the No. 1 ranking and the top seeding at the US Open this week.

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27 Comments for Roger Federer Says Playing Best-Of-3 Sets Over Two Weeks At Slam Would Be A “Holiday”

Steve 27 Says:

Many journalist all around the world are being asked to cut matches best of 5 sets to 3 sets wielding best interest of all stakeholders for tennis: players, broadcasters, the public, sponsors and others. I wonder if 4 tournaments a year is too much to ask for these sports professionals make an extra effort to provide a sight to compete with other sports and all stakeholders are winners increasing popularity of tennis rather than the other.

skeezer Says:

I am all for 3 sets. Watching 6 hours of a tennis match is the slowest of deaths. It is hard enough watching a baseball/football game for 3 hours let alone a 6 hr tennis match, c’mon!! Of course, if they actually penalized the time between points for taking too much time we might see a 3 hour 5setter!

skeezer Says:

No worries Fed about Rio. No expectations dude, u are da man! Enjoy Famiy and the good life, u deserve it!

autoFilter Says:

This is the first I’ve heard of dropping 5 setters. I would be absolutely crushed if the slams were to change to a 3 set format.

jane Says:

NO! I love the 5 set format of slams – the matches can be so thrilling and dramatic, with the arc of theatre. I just don’t think 3 setters are in the same ballpark – or court. NO! I really really hope they keep it best of 3 elsewhere, but slams best of 5. There are only 4 slams and they are the pinnacle. What would set them apart?

Alok Says:

If the slams are changed to 5 sets, they’ll just be another MS tournament, spread over 2 weeks, similar to Miami. If this format is changed, then the ticket prices should be lowered, which will eventually cause cut in prize money.I wish I could make $2 mil for two weeks work.

Margot Says:

What about tie break in 5th?

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I think it would be ridiculous to make the slams toa a 3-setter, unless they would do it for earlier rounds and probably have 5-setters from the quarters. Even then we may miss out on some of the interesting matches like Roger vs Bennet in the earlier rounds.

I would definitely like to see atleast from the quarters, they always keep it as 5-setters.

Nirmal Kumar Says:


I would prefer tie breaker till the finals. Maybe finals they may have a set break. Players don’t have to worry about coming back in next one day to play another 5-setter.

xmike Says:

in the early 80s, shortly after the tie break was created, they would play it only at 8 all in the set, they could do something similar, play it at, say 12-12 until the semis, and keep some of the drama while avoiding the isner-mahut marathons and keep the no tie break rule in the final, because by then you wouldn’t have to worry about coming out the next day and play again.

one thing they should change is the super saturday rule, it’s ridiculous to play five steers two days in a row, either that or make the final a permanent monday night final, i really hope it rains again on the final sunday of the us open to give the players an extra rest day and spoil the sponsors party

jane Says:

” it’s ridiculous to play five steers two days in a row” – most definitely – 1 steer, okay. But five steers!? ;)

xmike Says:

to jane: seters ! i meant seters!! (monty python style desperation glare); nothing gets past you, whenever i write something here i feel like i’m 12 again, checking and double checking the spelling in case there are any errors because there is always a teacher around and she WILL find them :))

steers does have a nice ring to it, though

Polo Says:

thanks for the commercial, skeezer. Roger looks very classy. I like it because he looks happiest when he was turned to look at his daughters (or who ever was in the backseat). Nothing is more precious that your kids. Not even 17 major trophies. But having them helps with the happy look in the other parts of the commercial.

Polo Says:

remove the “was” before “turned” in case somebody is checking on grammar and spelling. :)

skeezer Says:


Ok jane I digress. Its much better having 5 steers than 3, unless you lose them of course.

And a special thank you for never grading my spelling and grammer up here, as I would have been disgraced off the blog along time ago ;)

jane Says:

I make mistakes all the time, but come on! I couldn’t let 5 steers walk onto a tennis court and not comment. Especially because it’s not even grass! What the heck are 5 steers going to do on a hard court? He hee. Unless they are mutant special cows a la:

Margot Says:

Honestly u Americans, *eye roll*
ANY excuse to talk about cows…..

jimmy Says:

A kind of backhanded slap at women’s tennis and their “slams” by Roger.

skeezer Says:

too funny jane.

Hey is seters a word? or setters? I know there is English Setters….doh! Sets is plural for Set, no?

Oh never mind, talking about steers ( cows via margot ) is fun…er.

autoFilter Says:


I clicked your link. I just woke up and am still feeling disoriented after a late night. I’ve barely started my coffee. Or maybe I’m still dreaming? Now I may never know.

conty Says:

personally, i love a 5 cow format.

xmike Says:

hahaha to all you guys, am still laughing, both at the comments, and the cow video: english is not my first language, had no idea that steer was a cow related word, now that i know about it will make a mental note to try and bring that up in conversation, whenever the oportunity arises (does this word has one or to “s”?);

thanks for a nice funny topic for a change, tired of skipping over posts by 14 year old haters calling names to each others mother

xmike Says:

meant: one or TWO “s” in the post above

and i also prefer a 5 cow format, but with a rest day in between, so no super saturday

skeezer Says:


Hope u weren’t offended. All in good fun :)

Ok, so its a consensus for the 5 cow format. Glad we all worked that one out.

Alok Says:

Murray will lose a lot of points, with this loss, but he has enough distance between him and the other guys, Ferrer, Tsonga, so his fans need not worry about his ranking, plus Ferrer and Tsonga are both out, and they can’t gain points. That said,everyone should sleep well in Murrayland.

Gaga Says:

Best-Of-3 Sets Over Two Weeks At Slam Would Be A “Holiday”

Fed is right.

WTA have it so easy.

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