Has Rafael Nadal Already Been Ruled Out Of Spain’s Davis Cup Match Against The U.S.?
by Tom Gainey | September 2nd, 2012, 11:51 am

According to Spanish press sports paper Marca, Rafael Nadal’s ailing lefty knee will not be healed in time for him to play the upcoming tie against the U.S. in two weekends.

Via Google Translation, the report indicates after Nadal underwent tests on his knee yesterday, the former No. 1 will not be cleared in time for Davis Cup. “After undergoing further medical tests yesterday in Vitoria, and although the improvement is sensitive, has been ruled out for inclusion in the quartet will present the Navy from 14 to 16 September in Gijón against America.”

Spain is scheduled to host the U.S. in Gijon from September 14-16 in the Davis Cup semifinals. Spain willl formally announce their Davis Cup roster in the next few days.

Nadal hasn’t played a match since his stunning loss to Lukas Rosol on June 28 at Wimbledon. Nadal withdrew from the Olympics then all summer hardcourt events including the US Open citing the diagnosis of Hoffa’s Syndrome in his left knee.

This news also further fuels the fire that Nadal may not return at all in 2012.

Roger Federer was asked yesterday about the possibility of Nadal missing the rest of 2012, and he acknowledged it was a possibility, but added he and Rafa don’t talk about injuries.

“He sees me taped up. I see him getting taped up,” Federer said. “We see each other warming up for matches and so forth. You never really talk about that. I think it’s quite personal except if one guy goes up to the other. But we’re both very open and honest, you know. When I ask him how he’s feeling, he’s not feeling well, he’ll tell me, I’m tired, a little injured. There’s no real secrets out there because he knows and I know when we tell each other that stuff it doesn’t leave the room. That’s a nice relationship I have with Rafa. It’s based on a lot of trust. So it’s obviously not great news but one that was a possibility. So I’m not shocked about the news. I’m still hopeful that he’ll be okay for the rest of the year.”

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12 Comments for Has Rafael Nadal Already Been Ruled Out Of Spain’s Davis Cup Match Against The U.S.?

jane Says:

Good luck to Rafa; I am sure his team knows when it’s best to return.

Nadalista Says:

Vamos Rafa!


Addicted Says:

Hold on. I thought Uncle Tony said the knee was fine even before the US Open but just needed rest and conditioning?

Brando Says:

Whatever it takes for rafa to be fully fit and healthy- he should do.

No point rushing his return at all, for possible short term gains.

He’ll be back once he is 100%- which is the right thing to do.

Good luck on your recovery rafa!

dari Says:

If this is true, I hope rafa fans take it as good news. This way he can be fully fit when he does come back. I can surely feel his absence this USO-his tennis as well as the added tension another HUGE name adds- is missed.
Best to Rafa

El Mago Says:

Best thing would be for rafa to comeback only if he can play a fun-attacking game. if he comes back with his ugly-azz game, next time he gets injured, he might not even have a comeback!

not missing nadal one bit! life is sweet. exciting games winning slams! this is how tennis was meant to be. this must be how gotham people feel after batman comes and gets the city rid of evil guys like bane.

Humble Rafa Says:

One of my knees is not well. So is one of my heads (I have two, just in case you are wondering). I will be back soon. Definitely, before the door mat season (clay) starts.

Take care. Thanks for all the love.

Giles Says:

Get well soon Rafa. 11m + fans waiting patiently for your return.

xmike Says:

nadal to miss davis cup


another month goes by without him playing, another week he says he is almost ready but then withdraws at the last moment…

let’s see if, by coincidence, re returns only in dubai 2013, which would give a bit of credibility to those who say he is serving a six month silent ban for doping reasons

if the tennis powers that be agreed to not disclose the problems agassi had in the 90s, then they could be doing the same with nadal, not for nadals sake but to protect the integrity and good name of tennis itself

well see what happens…

Sienna Says:

Great post.

Questions, questions questions need to be asked before they could be answered.

The only thing that is happening ios smoescreen. Every week there is a new development on the knee! How can it be? This was already known to the team but they choose not to reveil it untill now?

What in tennisname is going on?

scineram Says:

It’s in Spain. He is completely irrelevant.

grace sette Says:

hi rafa,
along with so many fans, you have been truly missed at the latest matches, but it is more important to you especially that you are ready to compete again. you are such a terrific player and human being, i am sure god will take care of you in so many ways.

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