Watch Roger Federer Get Carried Around The Court After Putting Switzerland In Davis Cup Finals [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 14th, 2014, 10:06 am

We don’t see Roger Federer carried often but today he was. After clinching Switzerland’s Davis Cup semifinal win over Italy with a 62, 63, 76(4) victory over Fabio Fognini, Federer’s teammates picked up the 17-time Slam champion and carried him around the court in celebration with the 18,000 fans in Geneva.

Federer and Wawrinka, who led Switzerland to the 3-1 win, now head to France for the Davis Cup final on November 21. For all his accomplishments, Federer has never won the Davis Cup.

This is the first time in 22 years Switzerland had made the Davis Cup final. They are seeking their first Davis Cup title. A very deep French team has won the event nine times.

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39 Comments for Watch Roger Federer Get Carried Around The Court After Putting Switzerland In Davis Cup Finals [Video]

Giles Says:

Hey fed, Rafa has won the DC 4 times in his career and you?? Overjoyed at reaching the final where France will hopefully give the Sui’s a kicking.
Allez France!

didi Says:

Giles… how many WTF has Nadal won or even showed up at? Why do you Rafa fans always have to bring Rafa up when Roger wins something? So immature.

Giles Says:

didi. This is a DC thread not WTF. When Sean opens a WTF thread we can deal with your question.

TGIT Says:

Happy for the Swiss but realistically Fed/Stan can’t take on the whole French team because that is what it is going to take to win the finals. The interesting part is due the French stay on clay for the final? Stan and Fed are as good as or even better than the French team but the French home a deep bench.

skeezer Says:

“This is a DC thread not WTF”
Wrong again. Thus is also a thread about Fed, not Rafa.Rafa has his on thread about some Exho. Go there.
Congrats to the Swiss team, to the finals!

the_mind_reels Says:

The Swiss team wil need to win 3 courts against the French — they don’t need to beat their whole team or even win a doubles match. If Roger and Stan stay fit through the fall, I give at least one of them a good chance to win 2 matches in 3 days.

Brando 2.0 Says:

Congrat’s to the Swiss team but’s comical to see how posters who spent many a year trashing the Davis Cup are now all of a sudden ‘Go Fed!’, ‘Go Swiss’.

Kinda hypocritical and laughable really:

When your fav was getting his backside handed to him in a platter, it’s boo regarding the event. And now that Wawrinka- they guy who has been a constant for Swiss in DC and the REAL reason why they are stepping this year- and Co get essentially a relatively straight forward path to the DC final it’s:

YAY Davis Cup!

Phoniness at it’s finest!

Brando 2.0 Says:


”’Why do you Rafa fans always have to bring Rafa up when Roger wins something?”

Not exclusively Rafa fans. Fed fans too. Let’s face it:

Since 2008 many a observer’s in the game have noted that Fed’s success depends on whether or not he faces Nadal in the main event across the net.

And Fed himself even acknowledged this at the recent USO, calling Rafa’s withdrawal a ‘oppurtunity for someone to take advantage of’.

It stands for reason:

Face Rafa = Likely get a butt whooping

Not face Rafa= possibly good times (RG 09′, Wimby 09′, AO 10′, Wimby 12′ etc etc).

Basically think of a time post 2008 when Rafa has been exited in a event for whatever reason, see the elation of Fed fans- for understandable reason- and it will all soon add up.

Ben Pronin Says:

When did anyone criticize Davis Cup?

How does Nadal have 4 DC titles? Last I checked it’s Spain that has 4 DC titles. Nadal happened to represent Spain along with several other players. And he wasn’t even in the 08 final.

chobbs Says:

hey does anyone know when and on which website official confirmation the location of the final will be – ive heard its lille in the football stadium – come on fed!

madmax Says:

Ben Pronin Says:
When did anyone criticize Davis Cup?

How does Nadal have 4 DC titles? Last I checked it’s Spain that has 4 DC titles. Nadal happened to represent Spain along with several other players. And he wasn’t even in the 08 final.

September 14th, 2014 at 3:06 pm

Ben. Exactly!

Davis Cup is TEAM event. Who has been the strongest Davis Cup Team – we are talking countries here – collaboration, NOT individual. SPAIN. How many PLAYERS (note that won’t you, you know who! PLURAL. I will say it again. HOW MANY PLAYERRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – 9 in Spain! That’s 9.

Switzerland. 3 of any note. Fed, Stan and Chudi.


Davis Cup, in my opinion is NOT important in terms of tournaments. It’s the slams and it’s the masters. I feel D.C. has been downgraded to such an extent, the players feel almost obliged to play.

It would not matter one iota to me if Fed did NOT play D.C. He has done more for his country than any other player on the planet.

madmax Says:


I actually don’t see anyone forcing Stan to pick Roger up. Do you? Give the guy some intelligence for making his own decisions. Remember when he won the Australian Open this year, Switzerland put him as the No.1 guy in the country, named a road after him and gave him oscar treatment. He was rewarded with interview after interview, TV shows, new attire, the whole sha bang. As well he should. He loves Roger, like a brother. If you look at the way that Roger pats Stan on the back also. It really is touching.

Love the relationship between these two. Pure respect.

And for what it is worth Brando, I think it will be a very tall order for Switzerland to win the finals. Why? Well, a strong, very strong French team for one. What is it? 7 amazingly strong players against the 2 stalwart of switzerland.

Nevertheless miracles do happen.

Amazing stuff from these two. Just fabulous, great.

I love tennis.

Emily Says:

Though DC takes a backseat for some players, I really admire the players who love playing for their country. Watching the French team together after winning was remarkable after watching Monfils and Gasquet play against each other just 10 days before.

The person I’m most happy for is Stan. I’ve got to go with Brando here as Stan has always been there for the Swiss team, through good times and bad. He posted an instagram photo showing how many more people were in the exact same arena from when he played DC a year ago. He knows that this year it was a semi and Roger was there, but he has been the constant player anchoring the team. That’s part of the reason the Swiss captain is always in Stan’s box during the slams.

I have respect for players like Roddick, Hewitt, Cilic (saving Croatia from relegation even though he had just left New York), Ferrero, Rafa, Nole, Berdych, and many others for their love of Davis Cup. This isn’t even including women who play Fed Cup, which is often barely mentioned.

Davis Cup can turn tennis players into heroes and I personally love watching the passion and raw emotion of the ties. This year’s final should be a good one with two driven teams.

kjb Says:


Fed has played more than double the amount of Davis Cup matches that Rafa has and almost double the amount Wawrinka has. What are you talking about man?

Emily Says:

My bad, that instagram photo of stadium in Geneva is from the 2013 1st round against the Czech Republic. The tie where Stan and Chiudinelli lost a 7 hour doubles match! Some crowd support might have helped IMHO.

skeezer Says:

That stuff is rafafanatic language. Typical twisted logic. Please read accordingly. If you want to talk h2h language, then they understand.

Michael Says:

Now Roger is on course to achieve one more milestone that so far surprisingly has eluded him and that is taking his Country to a Davis Cup triumph. So far, but yet no so near with the prospect of facing France in the finals. It is definitely not going to be cake walk and seemingly will be an arduous struggle with France hosting some of the best players which might give any team a run for their money. But, credit is certainly due to Roger for leading his Country to the finals of the Davis Cup. With Wawarinka around, Switzerland has a formidable team and it is surprising that it is yet to register a Davis Cup triumph. May be this is the year, when Roger will run that extra mile and ensure that his Country would feel proud of its true son of the Soil.

Brando Says:

@Emily: Agree fully re Wawrinka. It’s because of him essentially Swiss team is in this position. Lets face it: he’s the Slam winner and MVP player they have at the moment so without him it’s a bit of a powder puff setup. History tells us the rest of the team can’t carry the fight without him. Just hope he gets his deserved dues rather than having a drama queen hogging all the plaudits as usual. Wawa? He was there carrying the fight when Swiss was a meek outfit and had to tough it out in places like Spain. A certain someone was nowhere to be seen in that tie. Probably opted out of a thrashing. Wawa though did not. And now Wawa is carrying the team in a banner year for him: they need him at his best since he’s their best singles player right now- a guy who can hang with Rafole- and also a very talented doubles player. Good luck Stan!

Ben Pronin Says:

^Probably the worst comment Brando has ever posted. Wow. What a load of bs.

Giles Says:

Fed was a late entry to the DC this year and that too after Nole withdrew from playing for Serbia. So, no Rafa no Nole, and the old man seizes his opportunity to try and win DC in their absence. What a wimp!

Brando 2.0 Says:


Fed is Mr Opportunity personified.

Look at his career you’ll see that is the most apparent thing:

– AO:

Beats a tired SAFIN who promptly TKO’s him the following year when fresh. And oh: he beats the mighty BAGHDATIS, GONZALEZ and a slam less MURRAY (who he poked fun of pre final) in his AO wins.

What a tough competition to face in the finals right? LMAO!


Like a true wimp- he strikes when Rafa is out and beats SODERLING.

A case of ‘the mice having fun when the cat’s out’.

Again though: what a opportunistic grab here.

– Wimbledon:

A surface that very few can really play on has seen this Queen beat:

PHILIPPOUSSIS (lol), one slam wonder RODDICK x3 and a slam less MURRAY.

What a minefield right?

Oh- and how can I forget:

He beats NADAL aged 20 and 21. Barely in the 2007 final saying publicly he got lucky. Good on him: since he knew Rafa had his number on his turf at age when Fed did not even make a single Grass final and Rafa already had his lame game figured when Fed was 25- lol!

– USO:

First time GS finalists DJOKOVIC, MURRAY. An over the hill AGASSI, serve only RODDICK and a weaponless HEWITT.

Colour me unimpressed at him beating such powder puff opposition.

Roger Federer is a prime time opportunist. Always has been and will be.

Had he been the same age as NADAL and co he would routinely get spanked by Rafa and Novak since his Tennis has been surpassed by both.

He’d also get pummeled by MURRAY- a player who since an early age has had Fed’s number- as really barring his own issues (being Slam less, mental pressure) he’s got game to spank el lame O.

Put simply:

Roger Federer is a flat track bully!

A fairy Queen who pummeled and milked a weak field who immediately got spanked on a consistent basis as soon as someone (even at a teenage age) saw that the Swiss Queen was there for the taking as he ain’t as tough as he poses.

He ruled over a feeble crowd (how the hell cares today about one Slam wonder RODDICK, tubby NALBANDIAN, annoyingly erratic SAFIN, change the channel since I am bored HEWITT?) that the likes of NADAL, DJOKOVIC and even MURRAY would have pounded into the crowd had they been gifted such a feeble opposition in their prime years.

His fans suit him and his delusions perfectly:

Ridiculously claiming he is the GOAT when in his own era he get’s routinely by his biggest rival:


Fed should call Rafa Daddy on court since like a obedient child he does everything that Rafa asks of him on court:

Cries on cue, chokes in the pressure moment’s, hit’s wimpy shots, crumbles under pressure and has the pose of a baby when he collects his runner up trophy!

And what’s worse is that there are genuine rumours online of him being a cross dresser! Apparently there are photo’s of him dressed as SCARY SPICE from the SPICE GIRLS in the 90’s!

That explains the caressing of the hair consistently then I guess!

No wonder the likes of SAMPRAS, AGASSI, McENROE, MURRAY etc do not buy the BS of this wimp being a GOAT!

skeezer Says:

^Most probably the worst comment Brando has ever posted. Wow. What a load of bs.”

Results are what matters. Record books don’t care about who you think is wimpy or not.

didi Says:

All-time tournament records
Tournament Since Record accomplished Players matched
Grand Slam 1877 17 men’s Major titles overall Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 3 men’s Major titles per-year 3 times 2004, 2006–07 Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 2 men’s Major titles per-year 5 times 2004–07, 2009 Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 25 men’s Major finals overall Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 36 men’s Major semi-finals overall Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 43 men’s Major quarter-finals overall Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 10 consecutive men’s Major finals Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 23 consecutive men’s Major semi-finals Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 36 consecutive men’s Major quarter-finals Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 60 consecutive men’s Major tournament appearances Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 279 Major match wins overall Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 145 Major hard court wins overall Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 60+ wins at each Major tournament Stands alone- Roger Federer records…
Grand Slam 1877 87.35% 145/21 Major hard court winning percentage overall Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 Reached all 4 Major finals 3 times (2006–07, 2009) Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 Reached all 4 Major semi-finals 5 times (2005–09) Stands alone
Grand Slam 1877 Reached all 4 Major quarter-finals 8 times (2005–12) Stands alone

Brando 2.0 Says:


Relax folks, just fancied a bit of trolling to stir some reaction here, get the mood spiced up around here! To be honest, I enjoy enjoy the rat tat tat back and forth between the fedal fans. Consider the above as some easy going sparring for cheap kicks sake.

For the record:

I respect Fed and his achievement’s. And I recently read that he hope’s to continue for a while yet and I hope he does so also.

The game will be less fun to watch for me when the likes of he and the other big boy’s go since not many of the new guy’s really stir any excitement or buzz for me.

Fed’s actually had a excellent year, just really has not nabbed a big one. A bit unlucky at times in some big matches.

DC could be it: I expect a thriller in SWI v FRA tie!

skeezer Says:

Now that is a post worth reading! Well done!

Stands alone.

RZ Says:

LOL at the idea that Wawrinka is carrying the Swiss team this year. Wawrinka played pretty badly in Kazakhstan in his first singles rubber and in the doubles and put the team in danger of losing in the 2nd round.

However, he does deserve a ton of credit for keeping Switzerland in the main DC draw to give the team an opportunity at the win this year.

Humble Rafa Says:

Unprofessional behavior. It is only the semi final win. Monsters await in the final.

B-man (beneteau), Muhamed Ali, Stupid Simone, Crazy &Stupid Monfils – all can beat the Arrogant One.

madmax Says:


How harsh have you been on a scale!

You should read the following and see the true feelings of Federer for both Stan and his team.

Then perhaps you can pipe down a bit and get off your soap box. You don’t even like the guy. Stick to reading rafa and Spain’s loss in DC right now.

A Davis Cup victory has long been a gap in Federer’s glittering résumé, but until Wawrinka’s rise into the ranks of the elite, winning seemed an improbable goal. Federer alone could not lift Switzerland above heavyweights like France, Spain and Serbia.

“It’s been a team effort,” he said, citing Wawrinka’s victory against Kazakhstan in the quarterfinals, after Switzerland went into the final day trailing by 2-1.

“If Stan hadn’t played against Serbia or Australia last year, maybe we wouldn’t be here.”

Switzerland has never won the Davis Cup. Rosset came close as a player, losing in the 1992 finals to a United States team that included Andre Agassi, Jim Courier and John McEnroe. This time the Swiss will go in as favorites against France in November, though Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Richard Gasquet and Gaël Monfils pose a considerable threat in terms of talent and preparation.

“The last thing we want to do now is get ahead of ourselves,” Federer said.

“But we know we have a chance and we’re eager to find out what surface they’re going to choose.

It’s been a great year for myself personally and also for Stan, so it’s nice that we’ll have an opportunity to do something very special.”

A perfect gentleman, heaps of praise for Stan. What more do you want Brando?

Humble Rafa Says:

It’s been a great year for myself personally and also for Stan, so it’s nice that we’ll have an opportunity to do something very special.”

Best Backhand in Switzerland, I can understand, has accomplished something this year.

Anyone know what the Arrogant One accomplished?

Emily Says:

I just wonder if we would have seen the same headlines if the Swiss had won the doubles and there would have been a different hero.

I think it’s nice that Federer’s giving credit to Stan after all the ties that came before this one, but I still remember that interview in 2012 when he blamed Stan for Switzerland losing to the US. You don’t throw a friend and team-mate under the bus like that.

Turns out there was only one Swiss who could beat Nole at a slam this year, wait, make that win a slam this year.

Purcell Says:

madmax: thank you for continuing to post with such grace. I really don’t know where you find the patience. I hope you managed to read the whole article in Town and Country as there’s an interesting section where Roger talks about his commitment to Davis Cup over fifteen years. I’m glad he’s spoken out about it.
For those doubting Fed’s involvement; of ‘present/top’ players, Berdych has played 27 ties, Roger 24, Stepanek 22 and Djokovich 21(I think). Nadal has played 15 and never travelled outside Europe and Andy, 12. All top players have not participated at some point for various reasons which any understanding tennis fan would recognise and accept.
Slightly off topic but many late congratulations to Cilic, or CilicBang as he’s known in our house, for his US victory. Well done also to Nishikori and Fed for their great runs.
I missed the matches as we were in Mallorca for two weeks. For Nadal fans, it’s a beautiful island, particularly the north east. We didn’t see any evidence of the island’s favourite son other than one photograph in a small restaurant. I did see a local wearing an RF tee on our first day. Too small to draw any conclusions other than the obvious, that fans support players for many reasons other than patriotism.
Finally, Brando: it’s not necessary to ‘get your kicks’, cheap or otherwise, by needlessly insulting players and fans and then countering it with your little ‘For the record…….’.

madmax Says:


Right back at you!

Brando appears to be having a joke, but I thought it was a cheap trick to be honest. So let him know! Brando! You are better than that!

Giles, I thought you said you had changed your ways? (to become even worse?). Don’t get it. Really.

Giles Says:
Fed was a late entry to the DC this year and that too after Nole withdrew from playing for Serbia. So, no Rafa no Nole, and the old man seizes his opportunity to try and win DC in their absence. What a wimp!

September 15th, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Fed? A Wimp? You HAVE to be kidding me. Your comments really are without value or note Giles. Wimp? How many injuries has Rafa “wimped” on about lately? Wrist? Played with it okay in practise. Sometimes I wonder whether he just wimps out because he knows that he can’t play so well on hard courts. Wimp? The biggest wimp ever, being a world no. 1, former world no. 1 and NEVER having won the WTF against the BEST 8 players in the world. Wimp?

Who is the wimp on the tour here Giles. Look no further than your own favourite’s yard.

didi, great to read your post earlier. Enough said really.

Giles Says:

madmax. Now now, don’t get your knickers in a twist. It is common knowledge that your man only entered DC this year after Nole withdrew.

Steve 27 Says:

Davis Cup dont deserve a thread. Please Davis cup is not important anymore, and now is a big deal
like the overvalued WTF, only matters are the Grand Slams, everything is rubish.

skeezer Says:

You’re really trying hard to start a “wimpy” war aren’t ya? LOL You’ll lose that one BIG time.

Purcell Says:

Really Giles…..’common knowledge.’ You’re confusing imagination with information.

madmax Says:


You show your mass of misinformation. You are the one to go to for the rumours, right? Read giles. Read. As Purcell says, you really do have an imagination and love to twist and turn the information to suit you.

No one believes you giles. But you are great for comedy value.

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