Psycho Blogger Apologizes To Roger Federer For Death Threat
by Tom Gainey | October 10th, 2012, 10:18 am

Earlier this week the psycho blogger who nearly turned tennis on its axis came out and issued an apology to Roger Federer for making a death threat against the Swiss.

“I’m terribly sorry. I was arguing with Federer fans and then I wrote something stupid … I hope that the organizers can understand me, forgive me, and if possible send my apologies to Federer and his family,” wrote user “Blue Cat Polytheism” on

The tournament added security, but Federer shrugged off the threat, pointing out that it was just message board banter.

“It was something just very small on a website, nothing clear and concrete, people just debating,” Federer said on Sunday. “That it makes that big news is a bit surprising to me.”

Back on court, Federer moved safely into the third round today at the Shanghai Rolex Masters, beating Yen-Hsun Lu 63, 75. Next is good friend and countryman Stanislas Wawrinka.

Moral of the story: In these times be careful what you post on the internet.

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16 Comments for Psycho Blogger Apologizes To Roger Federer For Death Threat

Brando Says:

Good to hear about the apology.

Humble Rafa Says:

May be it’s the same people that visit tennis-x. Can’t have civil conversations. Someone says The Arrogant One is merely a great player, not the greatest…the Arroturds get their panties in a bunch.

alison Says:

Brando good to hear an apology hmm,i suppose so but i think the guy was lucky that he didnt get found,and his arse thrown in jail.

Humble Rafa Says:

Brando good to hear an apology hmm,i suppose so but i think the guy was lucky that he didnt get found,and his arse thrown in jail.

that’s reserved for people talking about freedom, democracy and the like. Not for threatening non-Chinese sportsmen. Welcome to China.

alison Says:

Humble Rafa but your talking death threats here.

Alok Says:

I’m happy to hear that someone apologized to Fed. Perhaps that will erase some of the tense emotions and relax him so that he can play with a sense of freedom. Go Fed.

Mitzi Heim Says:

I am sorry someone threatened Roger. He does not deserve that but I am sure the person who did it is sorry and won’t do such a thing again. Go Roger and win all the matches that you play.

Ulrike Says:

Let’s hope that this ill guy really appolgys !!!!

Dave Says:

This story has red flags. The truth is that the major news media still does not know whether this psycho blogger actually issued that apology to Roger Federer. The news media do not know whether this is a genuine apology that really came from Blue Cat the serial death threat maker because no news media knows who Blue Cat actually is and no news media has spoken with him/her. Without verifying their sources, several news writers and fans rushed to believe this story because it fit their presumption that Blue Cat the serial death threat maker was simply a harmless internet troll who went overboard.

All Western news articles on the ‘apology’ ultimately trace back to a flimsy article from the unreliable site tennisworlditalia or tennisworldusa, see link.

Tennisworlditalia did not investigate this story in China. Its flimsy article had only one sentence on the ‘apology’ Tennisworlditalia probably copied and embellished this ‘Blue Cat’s apology’ from the one or two sentences in Chinese news reports on the internet. No Chinese or Western news media has verified whether the supposed apology was actually posted by the real ‘Blue Cat’ – or is a fake (planted) or coerced apology to give the appearance of a happy ending.

The rest of the tennisworlditalia article mostly contained speculations such as:

– “he decided to leave his wife and daughters at home, probably because of the threats” (that’s not what Federer said to the Chinese media in his airport interview last Thursday as well as in his first press conference last Sunday)

– ‘Blue Cat’ serial death threat maker was “perhaps sorry for the situation that has arisen” (no news media knows who he is, where he is, and whether or not he is genuinely sorry. This psycho blogger is either arrested or still at large)

– Blue Cat “decided to write to the organizers of the tournament” (This is unlikely because (a) such e-mail/address contact information is not publicly available even on the tournament website, (b) it is difficult to contact and get through to the tournament organizers and (c) it is unlikely his letter would have been read in the middle of the busy Shanghai event which probably received thousands of junk mail. Ask yourselves: how many tennis fans on tennis-x would know how to contact the Shanghai tournament in China with 1.3 billion people? The Shanghai tournament organizers did not confirm any apology was received from Blue Cat. So no news media really knows if the apology is real.)

– “The story appears to have ended in the best way” (this happy ending fails my sniff test)

No news media has interviewed Blue Cat, based on my scans of China’s two biggest news agencies (Xinhua and China News). No news media knows who Blue Cat is, where he is, or what happened to him – or whether Blue Cat is even a man. The Chinese news media has written very little on this ‘Blue Cat’, which is surprising (or maybe not as it wants to give the appearance that China is a ‘safe’ country).

No news media knows whether Blue Cat has been arrested for making several death threats over several days with a picture of decapitated Federer (which is likely). Blue Cat disappeared from for several days after his threats (presumably his account was suspended – the same would probably happen if you posted several death threats over several days on I know because I found the Chinese version of Blue Cat’s name so last weekend got online at hoping to find this apologetic “Blue Cat Polytheism Founder 07” (aka”Blue Cat Polytheistic Leader 07″ or “Blue Cat Polytheistic Religion Founder 07”).

Yet two Blue Cat posts have temporarily popped up on at convenient times: his apology’ on October 5 (day after Federer’s arrival) and his post yesterday (“I have not been arrested. I took the initiative to contact the relevant people to apologise”) on October 10, just hours before Federer’s first match. The person who wrote these last two posts seems more articulate and rational than the original ‘Blue Cat the serial death threat maker’ (did he magically improve his writing skills or did he hire a publicist?). Even if there’s another ‘Blue Cat post’, the questions we should ask are: what proves the message came from him? Has any news media discovered who he is and spoken with him?

So what really happened to ‘Blue Cat’? He either remains at large or he has been arrested. Anyone who makes serial death threats over several days and posts pictures of his decapitated victim would be arrested/interviewed by police in any country. China is relatively more of a ‘police state’ with tighter controls on internet – so it’s probably easier to electronically track down Blue Cat in China than in Western countries. Does anyone seriously believe that after the commotion Blue Cat caused with his serial death threats that the Chinese police would just let him go with a warning? It’s likely the Chinese authorities found him and arrested him for making serial death threats. It’s also possible the Chinese authorities planted the story about Blue Cat’s apology or forced Blue Cat to post a scripted apology to create the appearance of a happy ending. He deserves it.

Finally, What Federer said was to downplay the situation in order to discourage copycats against tennis players as well as to not distract attention from the Shanghai tournament and from Tennis. It was commendable that Federer did not try to exploit publicity from this situation.

But in reality, Federer took those death threats seriously: Roger cancelled the large entourage of over ten people (including his daughters, Mirka, Mirka’s mother, etc.) that he had planned to bring before the death threats started, as reported by Chinese news media from September 23 to 26. Federer is still followed everywhere by his personal detail of four foreign bodyguards and supplemental security from China, according to Chinese news reports. Security around Federer may have relaxed a bit in the last two days, but there is still a lot more security than usual around Roger.

Colin Says:

Dave, you’re quite right – we shouldn’t be smug about our position in these matters compared to China, no matter what their undoubted failings. Already in the UK people are being taken to court over postings on social media. And quite right too, say I.

Some will make the usual complaint about the “nanny state”, but when I look at the behavior of the human race in general, I reckon most of them NEED a nanny of some kind, and a damned strict one, too!

dari Says:

Dave, you’re freaking me out!

Dave Says:

Dari: in that case, let’s all ‘Freak Out’… come on everybody, get off your lazy butts, put aside your differences, and just FREAK OUT for a few minutes.

It’s guaranteed to remove the psycho blogger gene lurking inside everyone’s body :)

Hi, Dari. Despite what I’ve written to expose the truth, I don’t mean to alarm you. Federer seems to have very tight security around him, so he should be safe from a single potential assailant while he’s in China. If that death threat maker has been arrested, it’s probably a good thing for everyone, including him.

Hi Colin: We Westerners tend to malign China, but for a country of 1.3 billion people it’s human rights record (amnesty international, human rights watch, etc) does not compare to some human rights abuses the West has inflicted on weaker countries whenever we feel threatened. And even in the USA, the FBI has aggressively investigated Americans for posting more harmless comments about the president than that Chinese blogger did to Federer.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Mitzi Heim Says:

“I am sorry someone threatened Roger. He does not deserve that……”

Does anyone DESERVE a death threat?

I’m glad it was no more than a stupid blogger taking it too far, that will definitely put Roger’s mind at rest. It’s a shame he was unable to travel to Shanghai with his family as he had planned.

In the UK, legal proceedings are taken against people who defame, libel, threaten or offend others on twitter, FB and other internet outlets. I hope they do it internationally. It’s badly needed.

Tootie Says:

I thought everybody loved Federer. That is, that’s what Federer says.

Dave Says:

Tootie: Prove your claim that Federer said “everybody loved Federer.”

In any case, the baidu fans said this psycho blogger is an obsessed Nadal fan. Obviously he/she is nothing like the vast majority of normal, rational Nadal fans such as alison and kimberly, but unfortunately fans come in all shades and colors. There will always be a few who go overboard. They’re not a reflection on the majority of fans, just like criminals are not a reflection of the group they’re from.

Only stupid people believe everything they read on the internet without checking it, including a supposed apology from a someone who made several death threats over several days. As long as this psycho blogger remains at large, anonymous/unknown and his intentions unclear, his questionable apology should remain under question. If he makes death threats he doesn’t get to decide what gets him off the hook.

Meanwhile, Federer remains well protected. Despite Federer’s comments to downplay the death threats, he hasn’t called off the several layers of security (men in black, see photo gallery in link): his own security force, the tournament’s security force and local police. Roger’s own private security force consists of four big white guys who follow him whereever he goes. The fact that Federer still keeps the security blanket indicates he would rather be safe than sorry.

jamie Says:

This weirdo is still dangerous. No matter how much you don’t like a celebrity, there’s no reason for death threats. Anyone who dares to post something like this is a potential threat somewhere down the line.

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